Saturday, January 06, 2007

Buckley Out, Craig In

Ray Buckley has dropped out of the race to be the head of the New Hampshire Dems. Buckley dropped out after it was revealed the he is under criminal investigation for possession of child porn. Jim Craig has jumped in the race and has the backing of Gov. Lynch. More details in the coming days.

Hunter Makes Surprise Visit

James "The Primary Source" Pindell is reporting that Duncan Hunter will be in the state this weekend. Hunter will be here from Friday night until Monday night. However, no one in the NH GOP knew about his trip and admitted that he "didn't have much of a schedule." This will be Duncan Hunter's first trip to New Hampshire, since announcing in October that he was running for president.

Biden To File By End of Month

Joe Biden told CNN that he will file the appropriate presidential papers by the end of this month. Biden is now the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and will begin holding hearings on Iraq, this week.

Brownback Joins Race

Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback has decided to enter the presidential race. Brownback will announce his presidential intentions on Jan. 20th from Topeka. His spokesman said: "The senator will be announcing his candidacy to be president of the United States on January 20, and then will be traveling to Washington to participate in the annual "March for Life." Brownback has visited New Hampshire twice.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

McCain's Manager Moves In

Senator McCain's state campaign manager, Jim Martin, has moved into an apartment in downtown Manchvegas. Martin also told The Union Leader that the campaign is "close to securing a rental of about 5,600 square feet of space in Manchester's Waumbec Mill for a headquarters."

Rudy: Give Me Your Sons

This past weekend Rudy was seen schmoozing with the sons of Wayne Semprini, outgoing GOP Chairman, and Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek. The sons and other GOP activists attended a New Year's Eve party in the Big Apple. Others who attended the party were David Tille, former Bradley staffer, Charlie Reynolds and Tom Christo.

Thursday Summary

Here are some bulletin points:

-Romney has officially filed presidential papers with the FEC. He also has opened an office in the North End of Boston.
-Both Edwards and Cox have visited the state
-Rudy has an upcoming visit on the 27th
-Kucinich will be in the state Feb. 1st-3rd