Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shipping Off To Boston

Sorry for not posting anything this week. Just two updates to report. John Edwards will be in Portsmouth on Friday the 29th. Also, John Cox will be in the state from January 3rd-4th. I will be spending the extended weekend in Beantown, thus there will be no new posts. I will update the site in 2007. Don't forget that there is now only about a year until the primary!!! Happy New Year's, Stay Safe and don't do anything that I would do. See all of you in the Year 2007.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Due to the holiday season, blogging will be light over this week. I will post about Edwards upcoming visit and Romney's expected presidential announcement, later in the week. Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dems Sents Their Thanks

Gov. Tom Vilsack and Barack Obama mailed New Hampshire Democrats "thank you" cards this week. Vilsack wrote handwritten notes thanking people for a reception in early December. While, Obama e-mailed NH Dems with holiday message and sent a card to everyone who attended his rally. (The Union Leader)

McCain Beefs Up NH Staff

John McCain, and likely GOP presidential candidate, has been a busy bee. McCain has recently added two new members to his New Hampshire staff. Former Tom Kean Communications Director, Jill Hazelbaker, will be serving in that same capacity for McCain in the Granite State. The Arizona Senator has also hired Paul Young of Calypso Communications. Mr. Young will be in charge of "coalition outreach." So far, it appears that McCain has the most talented GOP operatives on the ground.

Rudy's Next Trip

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire GOP Annual Meeting. The meeting will be taking place on Saturday January 27th at the Palace Theatre in Manchvegas.

Pataki Sets-up Shop

The Union Leader is reporting that Gov. George Pataki's PAC will be based out of Peekskill, New York. Also, Alicia Preston and Rob Cole will come to New Hampshire on Jan. 4th to finalize a New Hampshire operation. Pataki has visited the state almost a dozen times.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gilmore Jumps In

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore has decided to form a presidential exploratory committee. Gilmore said that "There is just no conservative right now who can mount a national campaign.”

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Edwards: From The Bayou To The Granite State

It appears that former North Carolina Senator will make another visit to our fine state. After announcing his presidential candidacy in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans, Edwards will visit New Hampshire. The Boston Globe is reporting that "Edwards's advance staff has been on the ground in New Hampshire for at least two weeks. He is expected to be in the state on Friday, Dec. 29." Edward's New Hampshire operation is so far the most organized presidential campaign, in the state.

Obama Sends His Best

Senator Barack Obama has been sending postcards to NH Democrats. The card has a picture of Obama in New Hampshire, with a message on the back. Here is an excerpt from the card:

What a day last Sunday was! Thanks so much for joining me in Manchester to celebrate the wonderful success of New Hampshire Democrats in last month’s election. The energy and enthusiasm I encountered gave me great hope that the movement for change that started in the Granite State has the power to sweep across the nation.

The $64,000 question: Will Obama's energy propel him into the Oval Office??

Rudy Hires NH Staff

The Hotline is reporting that "Ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani will announce at the beginning of the new year that he has secured staffs in both Iowa and New Hampshire and planned trips to both states." Rudy was last in New Hampshire for an event with Victory NH and various campaign events.

Romney Makes Secret Trip

Mitt Romney will be in the state tomorrow. However, Romney will be attending small group events. His staff fears that Romney could be "overexposed."

Monday, December 18, 2006

Richardson: I Don't Want To Peak Too Soon

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was in the state this past weekend. In an interview with The Union Leader he said "I know the media's not taking me seriously right now. I know the pundits aren't. And that's fine with me... You've got to peak at the right time. I don't want to peak now." Richardson was referring to his current underdog status. However, with Bayh now out of the race, Richardson's stock has the centrist-Democrat has potentially increased.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Edwards Enters Race

The AP is reporting that former North Carolina senator, and Kerry's 2004 running mate, John Edwards is going to enter the presidential race.

"Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards intends to enter the 2008 race for the White House, two Democratic officials said Saturday.

The former North Carolina senator plans to make the campaign announcement late this month from the New Orleans neighborhood hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina last year and slow to recover from the storm. "

John Edwards was last in the Granite State a couple of weeks ago promoting his new book. He attended a book signing in Manchester.

Richardson's Schedule

Here is a schedule of Bill Richardson's weekend schedule.

Saturday (12/16)
10:30am Speech at NH Dems Winter State Committee Meeting, Manchester
-after speech with Rep. Gil Shattuck at Central Square Empirum, Hillsborough
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM house party for state senator-elect Molly Kelly, Gilsum

Sunday (12/17)
2:00pm-3:00pm House party for state rep. Eileen Elhers, Hooksett

Biden Weekend Schedule

Here is a detailed schedule for Sen. Biden's visit to the state this weekend.

Saturday (12/16)
6:00pm New Hampshire Young Dems Holiday Party, Manchester

Sunday (12/17)
11:00am House Party, Concord
1:00pm Speech at World Affaris Council of NH, SNHU Manchester
5:00pm Merrimack Co Holiday Party, Hopkinton 12/17/2006 1:00 PM

Thompson Files

Tommy Thompson, former governor of Wisconsin and HHS Secretary, has formed a presidential exploratory committee. Thompson field the papers on Wednesday, with the FEC.

Obama Creates Another Victim

Evan Bayh has decided against a presidential run. Bayh released a statement that stated "I concluded that due to circumstances beyond our control the odds were longer than I felt I could responsibly pursue. This path - and these long odds - would have required me to be essentially absent from the Senate for the next year instead of working to help the people of my state and the nation." Bayh's last visit to the state was last weekend. He had visited the state a total of seven times. Looks like Obama has created another victim in the Democratic field.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Romney To Announce on January 8th

The Hotline is reporting that Mitt Romney will announce his presidential ambitions on January 8th. The report states that "Top donors and prominent supporters of Gov. Mitt Romney have been told to expect a formal announcement of his presidential candidacy on the 8th of January. They've also been warned that the date could change."

Draft Obama Begins Ads

The "Draft Obama" movement will begin airing TV ads. The ads will be featured on WMUR starting next week. A couple of weeks ago a "Draft Rudy" group paid for radio spots, while in 2005 a "Draft Condi" group paid for an ad on WMUR. However, the Obama ad is serious because it was was produced by former General Wesley Clark TV gurus Bud Jackson and John Hlinko. Also, the spokeswoman for the Draft Obama is a former executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

Biden's Travels

From the Union Leader: "Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, will speak on Saturday at the New Hampshire Young Democrats Holiday Party in Manchester. On Sunday, he'll address the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire at Southern New Hampshire University, then visit the Merrimack County Democrats' holiday party at the home of Rep. Christine Hamm in Hopkinton."

Romney's Next Visit

Mitt Romney will pay another visit to the state next week. He will have receptions for Commowealth PAC volunteers in Manchester and Exeter.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Richardson To Visit Manchester

Bill Richardson will be in Manchester this Saturday. He will be the guest speaker at the annual New Hampshire Democratic State Committee annual winter meeting. The event is taking place at St. Anselm College at 10:30. Richardson will make additional stops during the weekend, but those plans are being finalized.

O'Brien: Obama A Must See

Late night comedian, and heir to Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien made a joke about Obama's recent visit to the state. O'Brien said "The 2008 presidential race is already underway. ... Over the weekend, Senator Barack Obama visited New Hampshire and thousands of people showed up to hear him speak. The New Hampshire crowds were excited, because apparently, this is the first time they've ever seen an African-American."

Romney's Retribution?

It appears that a crisis is brewing over the Massachusetts College Republicans endorsement of John McCain. A member of the executive board has e-mailed members with the following message (this is an excerpt of the e-mail):

Dear Fellow Massachusetts College Republicans/State Republican Party Leaders:

I write to you today about a very important situation of concern relating to Massachuetts College Republicans. As a member of its Executive Board, I learned with profound dissapointment today that Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans (MACR) State Chairman Michael Miltenberger, a Florida native, unilaterally decided that the MACR should prematurely endorse the presidential aspirations of U.S. Senator John McCain, a decision that was covered in today's edition of "The Hotline," a major national political news website

Endorsing one presumptive GOP presidential candidate over another when the race for our Party's presidential nomination is still more than eighteen months in the future is premature at best. However, the most dissapointing part of this endorsement is its snide tone and the perception it disingenuously offers. While he has not yet officially announced his intentions, many expect our Governor, Mitt Romney, to announce soon that he will seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Governor Romney has faced unfair and unwarranted criticism in recent weeks over the authenticity of his conservative beliefs. So you can imagine why national news outlets picked up on Governor Romney's homestate College Republican federation endorsing a likely presidential nomination opponent, Senator McCain, and noting his "authenticity" and "straight talk" - in a subtle but clear jab at the Governor.

Governor Mitt Romney has been an amazing asset to Massachusetts Republicans of all ages these last four years, and many of our members are excited and eager to assist him with his likely presidential bid. But with Miltenberger's unilateral endorsement of Senator McCain today, I speak on behalf of many MACR members concerned that top Massachusetts Republicans supporting Governor Romney's presidential bid would look unfavorably on MACR members because of the imprudence of the current MACR State Chairman.

For the sake of the future of the MACR, the final straw must be today's imprudent act of profound disrespect towards Governor Romney by Michael Miltenberger. The Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans desperately cries for new leadership. This being the case, I submit the following requests:

*I call upon members of the MACR Executive Board and State Committee to join me in demanding Michael Miltenberger's resignation as State Chairman, effective immediately.

*I urge Massachusetts Republican Party leaders to do whatever is in their power publicly and/or behind the scenes to provide the MACR new statewide leadership.

MACR Executive Board Member (identity withheld due to fear of retribution)

The member must either be someone working for, or planning to work for, Gov. Romney or someone who is looking to become the next Chairman.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Manchester GOP Promotes Christopherson

The head of the Manchester GOP is pushing for a new candidate to enter the race to be chairman of the New Hampshire GOP. Jerry Thibodeau, chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee, is promoting Liz Christopherson. Below is a e-mail he sent out about the race.

"I have in great concern for the New Hampshire Republican Party's future.
The two people that are running for office leave great doubts as to their ability to perform in both areas needed.
They must be a leader and they must be articulate.
Furgus Cullun is articulate, however; from what I have seen, he is not a leader.
Fran Wendelboe has the ability to lead but not the necessary skills to be articulate.
Fran also is entitled to her opinion but is not entitle to create facts.
Living in Hollis is a woman who fits all of the description needed to run the State Committee.
She has character, she is intelligent, she is articulate and she can lead.
Please call Liz Christopherson at *******.
Liz is concerned that she may not be the right person.
A little help from you may make the difference.
Thank you for your consideration for Liz Christopherson.


Jerry Thibodeau "

Biden To Attend Merrimack Party

Senator Joe Biden will the the special guest at the Merrimack County Democrats Holiday Party. The party will be taking place in Hopkinton on Sunday the 17th. Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes will also be attending. Biden will also be with the Manchester Young Dems on Saturday night.

Kucinich: Number Two

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich will announce he is running for president. The announcement will be made tomorrow from Cleveland City Hall. He becomes the second Dem to announce declare his presidential ambitions.

Romney Set To Explore

CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney will form an exploratory committee in early January 2007. Also, Dan Senor, former spokesman for the CPA in Iraq and husband to NBC's Campbell Brown, has signed up to lead Romney's communications department.

McCain Gains In Romney's Backyard

Truth Caucus has learned that "The highest levels of Massachusetts College Republican leadership are set to declare their support for John McCain early this week." In case you don't already know, Mitt Romney is the governor of Massachusetts. The article went on to say that:

"The group of College Republicans—including Massachusetts CR State Chairman Mike Miltenberger—will form a youth advisory committee to assist McCain in Massachusetts and neighboring New Hampshire.

“Conservative College Republicans in Massachusetts appreciate Senator McCain’s authenticity and straight talk,” Miltenberger declares. "

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Obama Came, Saw and Conquered

Freshman Illinois Senator Barack Obama was in the state today. It appears that the media frenzy lived up to its reputation. The NH Dems passed out 150 media credentials for the event in Manchester and several hundred people attended Obama's book signing in Portsmouth. Obama told the Dems that "What we've come to be consumed by is 24-hour, slash-and-burn, negative ad, bickering, small-minded politics." Also, before signing books Obama said that all Americans should have health insurance and the United States should reduce its dependence on oil. All of this came on the news that Obama will decide after the Holidays, whether to enter the race.

Bayh: Let's Work Together

Indiana Senator Even Bayh was in Keene and Cornish today. Bayh told the crowd that energy independence is a major issue "because it affects so many important things and because there's some common ground there." By stressing energy independence, Bayh promoted himself as a moderate Democrat who can work with the GOP and get results. Bayh also commented on the Iraq Study Group. He said "My own belief ... is that we need to put pressure on them and tell them, 'Look - unless you start making these hard decisions, we're not going to stay forever and we're going to begin the process of leaving.' Only by doing that do we maximize the chances of them forging a country."

Monitor Slams Romney

In today's issue, The Concord Monitor slammed Mitt Romney. The Monitor, had an extensive piece that detailed Romney's shift on abortion and same-sex marriages. Here is the opening paragraphs of the article:

"The Mitt Romney who twice ran for statewide office in Massachusetts is a different politician from the Romney who will likely court New Hampshire voters in the 2008 Republican presidential primary.

As a Massachusetts candidate, Romney pledged to keep abortion "safe and legal." He called on the Republican Party to provide "more support" for the gay and lesbian community and won the support of many gay Republicans. In a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1, he painted himself as a social moderate."

The article ended with a quote from Rob Thomas, director of the New Hampshire Coalition of Families, who said that New Hampshire voters are "not going to be any fools."

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Clinton Tops Another List

It's that time of year. Presidential wannabes have been filing their FEC reports. Here are updates for candidates that have filed over the past week. As candidates file, I will post their amounts. Below is the candidate name and cash on hand (CoH). The candidates are ranked in order from most (CoH) to least.

Sen. Clinton $14, 369, 100
Mayor Rudy (PAC) $600, 850
Gov. Romney (PAC) $546, 537
Gov. Pataki (PAC) $429, 173

Senator Hillary Clinton is leading the group. However, Kerry and Bayh have totals above $10 million, but have not filed updated reports. Also, McCain's last report had him leading the GOP field with a cool $1 million.

Huckabee Adds Hurst To Team

Cliff Hurst, former chairman of the Manchester GOP, has signed up with Mike Huckabee. Hurst, will be head of Huckabee's New Hampshire operation.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Richardson Joins The Race...Or Did He

Fox News has learned that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will run for The White House. Richardson is the former UN Ambassador and former energy secretary.

Drudge is now reporting the following:

Local news Albuquerque, NM reports Richarson is denying that he announced running for presidency; says comments were taken out of context...

A Potential Hillary Visit

The Union Leader has learned "that plans are being discussed to bring her [Clinton] to the state." Hillary would be expected to attend the "100 Club" fund-raiser. The event takes place in early February.

Bayh's Schedule

Evan Bayh will be spending this Saturday in Manchester at a party for his PAC. On Sunday, he visits the homes of Peter Burling and Molly Kelly.

Biden Celebrates Holidays With Young Dems

Joe Biden will be celebrating the Christmas season with the New Hampshire Young Democrats. The party will be taking place in Manchester at the home of Kate Vaughn.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Semprini Not Running for GOP Chairman

GOP Chairman Wayne Semprini is stepping down as head of the New Hampshire GOP. Semprini cited his hip replacement as his reason for stepping-down. Below is his is statement:

Eight months ago, I was honored to have been given the trust of the NH Republican State Committee when I was elected as Party Chairman to fill the remainder of Warren Henderson’s term. At that time, it was my full intention to serve an additional complete term of my own through January 2009. My desire was and still is to see the Republican Party grow and prosper.

I am proud of the fact that many of my initial goals have been accomplished. We are now in a stronger financial position than we have been for several years. The recent resolution of the long-standing phone jamming lawsuit has given our Party the opportunity to move forward without the daily uncertainty of potential legal ramifications.

I feel that we are poised to regroup and unite to move forward as a Party. I have looked forward to serving as Chairman during this challenging but exciting time.

However, due to recent complications resulting from my hip replacement surgery, I may be required to spend months in recovery from additional surgery. This would preclude me from giving this job the 100% commitment that I feel would be necessary to move this Party forward. As much as I would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve as Party Chairman, I must regretfully announce that due to these potential health uncertainties, I will not be seeking the Chairmanship of the Republican Party.

I look forward to working with the new Chair to assist the Party in any way possible. I will continue to serve out my term and will do everything I can to ensure a smooth transition.

Cox Opens Office, Hires Staff

GOP underdog has opened a campaign office in Manchester. The office is above the Merrimack Restaurant. The office space was most recently Jim Coburn's office. The office for Cox is located at 788 Elm St. in Manchester, above the historic Merrimack Restaurant. The Cox campaign also announced that Chris Richter is its New Hampshire Field Director. Richter served as the field director for the Coburn campaign.

The Way To Win

Mark Halperin listed three ways a presidential candidate could win in 2008.

1) Don't let your opponent get into your head
2) Don't be afraid to criticize/critique your own party
3) Use the media to destroy your opponent, or you will be destroyed by it.

Halperin also listed the six major presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Al Gore (if he decides to run), John McCain and Mitt Romney. Finally, Halperin said that during a speech in New York, Barack Obama called New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada...Jose Posada.

Halperin: Bloomberg Could Win

Last at St. Anselm College Mark Halperin, ABC News Political Director, suggested that Mayor Mike Bloomberg could win the presidency. He proposed two scenarios. One scenario is that Bloomberg runs as an independent and is able to spend between $500 million and $1 billion to get elected. Also, Jeb Bush could run with Bloomberg, the two are close friends. Halperin also argues that Bloomberg could be a McCain Vice-President candidate. If McCain gets elected, he would serve one-term as the "foreign policy president." Blooomberg than runs in 2012 as the "domestic policy president." In either case, Halperin does not rule out a Bloomberg run.

Obama Sells Out

The Union Leader reported that the New Hampshire Democrats have announced that their victory celebration is sold out. The party has sold all of the 1,5000 tickets that were availiable. Barack Obama will be the keynote speaker. On Sunday, Obama will be at the Frank Jones Center in Portsmouth at 10:00am and at the Center of New Hampshire at 3:30.

Pataki on Iraq

Today George Pataki hosted a lunch for NH GOP lawmakers. At the lunch, Pataki commented on the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Group findings. Pataki agreed with the commission that the number of troops embedded with Iraqi forces should increase to 10,000-20,000. Pataki said "I think that's part of making Iraqis take the lead." He added "We should have more global support, but we also should have the Iraqis themselves taking more of a leadership position. And that recommendation, assuming it means the Iraqi Army will be taking more of a lead, is what matters." Pataki also commented on the elections in New Hampshire. He said the GOP lost " significant part because in Washington, Republicans ended up being the party building bridges to nowhere and increasing spending instead of sticking with our core values."

Granite Staters Prepare Chili For Obama

Barack Obama told The New York Post, "Every year I go to Hawaii. I take my family, and we visit my mother and sister. It's our ritual. And I pitch in on the cooking. I'm pretty good on the cooking. Like I'll do chicken, but my specialty is a mean chili." Perhaps, New Hampshire Dems should make the Senator a bowl of chili. Kathy Sullivan could present it to him. I'm just throwing it out there.

Kucinich Thinking About It

Word on Capitol Hill is that Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)might make another run at the Oval Office. Kucinich released the following statement:

"There is much speculation and rumors about my plans for 2008. Shortly, I
will make my intentions known. In the meantime, I am going to continue to
challenge the Administration and Congress to cut off the funds for the war,
bring all our troops home and end the grave misadventure in Iraq."

Clinton Tips Her Toe In The Water

Rumors have it that Hillary Clinton has picked a campaign manager. Her campaign manager will be Patti Solis Doyle. Solis Doyle has been a longtime adviser to Mrs. Clinton. Team Clinton has also signed up Jonathan Mantz, as finance director and Phil Singer as communications strategist. Finally, the Clintons will be hosting about a dozen Iowan activists for dinner at the D.C. home.

Romney Adds More Meat To The Bones

The Washington Post is reporting Matt Rhoades has signed up with Team Romney. Rhoades is the former research director of the RNC and Bush/Cheney. Rhoades "has a direct line to Matt Drudge". It is expected that will be working in the communications department of the Romney campaign.

Rudy Begins Raising Money

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will host the first fundraiser for his exploratory committee. The fundraiser is taking place in the Big Apple on December 19th, and is expected to be filled with Wall Street supporters. Also, Sandra Pack, former Bush-Cheney CFO is leaving her post at the Treasury Department to sign-up with Rudy.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hillary Graps Hicks

The Union Leader is reporting that activist Karen Hicks is joining Hillary's campaign staff. Hicks is currently at Harvard, but ran Dean's NH 2004 campaign. Also, the Clinton staff has been making phone calls to various New Hamshire powerplayers, including Governor John Lynch.

Halperin Goes on Tour

Mark Halperin, Political Director of ABC News, will be at the NHIOP at St. Anselm College. The event will take place tonight at 7:00. Halperin's recently wrote the book, The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008. The event is free and open to the public.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Brownback: Culture Conservative

Kansas Republican Senator, Sam Brownback, has decided to run for the Republican presidential nomination. He said, "I have decided, after much prayerful consideration, to consider a bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency. There is a real need in our country to rebuild the family and renew our culture and there is a need for genuine conservatism and real compassion in the national discussion." There is doubt that Brownback fills the conservative void. However, it is unclear whether he can compete with Rudy, McCain and Romney.

Biden Returns To State

Joe Biden will be back in the state. He will be a special guest the Merrimack County Holiday Party. The event will be taking place on Saturday, December 16th.

Obamamania Grips Granite State

Barack Obama has added another stop to his New Hampshire tour. In addition to his visit to the "Victory 2006" dinner, Obama will also be doing a book signing. The signing will take place at Frank Jones Center in Porstmouth at 11am. Be sure to arrive early, because the bookstore is expecting a large crowd. Just six days till Obama takes New Hampshire by storm. Can you feel the excitement?

Brownback To File

The Note is reporting that Kansas Senator Sam Brownback "is expected to file a presidential exploratory committee." The announcement could come sometime today. So far, Brownback has visited the state twice. Both visits were to colleges in Manchester, one was to St. Anselm College the other to Southern New Hampshire University.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Daschle Bows Out

Former South Dakota Senator, and Senate leader, Tom Daschle has decided not to persue a presidential run. A senior advisor told CNN, "After many months of looking at a possible run for the presidency, he has decided not to seek that office in 2008. It is a very daunting and difficult process."

Pataki Serves Up Lunch

George Pataki will be in the state on Wednesday. In advance of the swearing-in ceremony in Concord, Pataki will be hosting GOP legislatures in the State House cafeteria. However, Alicia Preston told The Union Leader, "We're not putting up barricades or anything like that. It's going to be loose and fluid and if anyone wants to stop by, that'll be fine." Will the Dems outnumber the GOP at the lunch??

Friday, December 01, 2006

Richardson's Next Visit

I know this is two weeks away, but New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be back in New Hampshire. Richardson will be in New Hampshire on December 16th visiting the Keene area. It will be Richardson's fifth visit to the state.

Bayh's On The Move

Senator Evan Bayh will take the initial steps towards a presential run this week. Bayh is expected to establish a presidential exploratory committee. Also, a visit to New Hampshire next weekend is on tap. He is expected to have host a breakfast event with Senator Elect Kelly in Keene.

Obama's Wife On Board?

The Hotline reports that this past weekend Barack Obama's political advisors held a strategy summit. "Chief among those attending: Michelle Obama, who has in the past expressed reservations about her husband's beginning a presidential bid. Her presence suggests either that reports of her objections were oversold or that she has become much more comfortable about a presidential race." If the wife is on board, does Obama go for it??

Did McCain See The Dinosaurs?

Arizona Senator John McCain acknowledged that he is old. McCain told a gathering "I am older than dirt. More scars than Frankenstein."

Vilsack Goes After McCain

While in New Hampshire Governor Vilsack, and presidential candidate, critized John McCain. Vilsack said of McCain's idea to increase the number of troops in “Senator McCain is a day late and a dollar short. If he wanted to do this idea he needed to it had the beginning when they could have made more of a difference.”

More Problems For Romney

The group Mass Resistance is urgining Gov. Romney to ban same-sex marriage, by issuing an Executive Order. The group e-mailed the following e-mail:

American Conservatives: Do you really want to preserve traditional marriage
- and our Constitutional rights? This is not just a Massachusetts issue!

It's not too late to urge Governor Mitt Romney to correct the errors he made
in 2004, illegally implementing homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts! He
can still issue an Executive Order reversing homosexual "marriage" before he
leaves office on January 2, 2007.

This comes on top of the news that Romney hired a lawncare company that uses illegal immigration, and McCain crashing the RGA gathering in Miami. I'm sure Romney is just happy that it is the weekend. TGIF!!!

Pataki Adds Staff

Outgoing New York Governor, George Pataki, is beefing up his staff before his next New Hampshire visit. Pataki announced that Kara Ahern will be his national finance director. Ahern most recently worked for Kerry Healey's failed campaign and the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign.

Romney's Vetting Problem

Today The Boston Globe is reporting that Romney hired a landscaping company that used illegal immigrants. The story says "For about eight years, Rosales said, he worked on and off landscaping the grounds at Romney's home, occasionally getting a 'buenos dias' from Romney or a drink of water from his wife, Ann." Romney spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom told the Globe "the governor knows nothing about the immigration status of the landscaping workers, and that his dealings were with Saenz, who is a legal immigrant from Colombia." What other dirty laundry does Romney having hiding?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pataki's Next Visit

Governor George Pataki (R-NY) will be paying another visit to the Granite State. He will be in the state on Wednesday December 6th. Pataki will be tied with Mitt Romney, for the most visits by a possible GOP presidential candidate.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another Bites The Dust, Frist Drops Out

The Hotline is reporting that Senator Bill Frist has decided to opt out of a presidential run. The formal announcement will be made this afternoon. Exit Stage Right

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Edwards Takes Lead on Darfur

John Edwards, while on book tour, e-mailed his supporters the following message:

Since I last wrote to you in August about the genocide in Darfur, the conflict has only intensified. Since then, more children have been orphaned, more women and girls have been raped, and more acres of farmland have been destroyed.

The conflict in Darfur broke out in 2003 when small farmers took up arms to fight for a greater share of resources. The Sudanese government backed a militia group, known as the Janjaweed, that has brutally raped, tortured and killed 400,000 people and driven 2.5 million people from their homes. Now, the bloodshed is spilling over into Sudan's neighbors, Chad and the Central African Republic.

You may have heard me talk about the need to recapture America's moral leadership in the world. Once, America was respected and people around the globe looked to us for inspiration to make their lives better. Now, America is associated with the Iraq war, Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay.

Darfur, as tragic as it is, presents America with the opportunity to show the world that we are making changes, care about human rights and still have the moral authority to lead. NATO forces -- if the U.S. stepped up to moral leadership -- could end the conflict immediately. America must also lead the way in getting NATO to establish a no-fly zone over the region to cut off supplies to the brutal Janjaweed militias. Please take one minute to help save a life in Darfur.

Vilsack's NH Visit and Support

Granite Stater, and political activist, Gary Hirshberg has hopped on the Vilsack presidential train. Hirshbery told the Des Moines Register "Clearly, the principal question is: Can he raise the money to be a player? I'm going to do what I can to try to help him to cross that threshold." This Thursday, Vilsack will be joining Governor Lynch at the Merrimack County dinner. He will also be in the state on Friday.

Obama's Coming To New Hampshire: Let The Frenzy Begin!

The New Hampshire Democrats announced that they will sponsor Barack Obama's first visit to the Granite State. Obama will be in Manchester on December 10th for the Dems "2006 Election Celebration." According to CNN, "The freshman senator was the only potential White House hopeful invited to the event." Expect lots of national media and presidential speculation.

Edwards Counters Union Leader

Last night at Barnes & Noble, John Edwards countered The Union Leader editorial criticizing his appearance. Edwards said that Edwards "Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble offers a comprehensive health care plan to even its part-time workers." He also said that "I've never asked anyone not to shop at Wal-Mart. I understand people need to buy inexpensive goods... But there are other companies, like Costco, who can do it and pay a decent wage and provide health care coverage, and I don't think that responsibility should be passed to taxpayers." The Union Leader argued that was hypocritical for Edwards to appear at B&N, when Wal-Mart pays it's employees more than the bookstore does.

Which City Will We Lose?

Last night, former House Speaker New Gingrich was the keynote speaker at the Nackey Loeb First amendment Award dinner. During his speech he said, "We need to get ahead of the curve before we actually lose a city, which I think could happen in the next decade." He added that the United States would need to develop a different set of rules" to reduce the terrorist capability. Newt also said that in Iraq he would "look at an entirely new strategy. We have clearly failed in the last three years to achieve the kind of outcome we want."

Monday, November 27, 2006

Vilsack's Visit

Governor Tom Vilsack will begin his presidential tour this week. The former Iowa executive will be in New Hampshire on Thursday.

Cox Plants His Flag

GOP underdog John Cox has been planting his flag in New Hampshire. Throughout the state, Cox has been putting up signs up in busy intersections. Let the "sign sandwiching" begin!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Edwards Book Tour Visits Manchvegas

Don't forget that former North Carolina Senator John Edwards will be in Manchester tomorrow. Senator Edwards will be at the Barnes & Nobel on South Willow Street promoting his new book HOME: The Blueprints of Our Lives.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, blogging will be light. Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!!

Rudy Goes Federal

According to ABC News, Rudy Giuliani has formed a presidential exploratory committee with the FEC. "The move, which clears the way for Giuliani to begin organizing as he continues to mull over a presidential bid, comes less than two weeks after he first established an exploratory committee in the state of New York and convened a team of potential fundraisers at a midtown Manhattan restaurant to discuss the financial viability of such a run." Rudy is now seriously considering entering the race. The federal committee will have less restrictions than the one who filed with the state of New York.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Newt's Visit

Here are the details for Newt Gingrich's visit to New Hampshire. The former House speaker will be participating in an "Issues & Answers Series" sponsored by the NH GOP. The event will be taking place on Tuesday, November 28th, from 12:00-2:00. It will be at the Bektash Temple in Concord. In the morning, he will also be participating in a "politics & eggs" session. Newt will also be in the state again in a couple of weeks for the Manchester GOP Christmas party.

Hillary Goes On A Spending Spree

New York Senator Hillary Clinton spend more money to get re-elected than any other Senate candidate. However, her efforts has resulted in a depleted campaign war chest. Clinton now has $14 million on had. Compared with Kerry's $13.8 million and Bayh's cool $10.6 million. Hillary's advisors claimed "much of the spending amounted to an investment in voter and fund-raising databases that could form the basis of a presidential campaign. Others said the money went to ensuring as convincing a victory as possible." Women going on spending sprees, that's unthinkable. So much for Hillary going against women stereotypes. Yea, I went there!

Dodd Sents His Turkey Day Greetings

The Hotline is reporting that Senator Chris Dodd mailed a Thanksgiving card to a New Hampshire family. The card reads, "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Its demands are few. The simple purpose of the day is to take time out to be grateful for the joy of family and friends, remember someone no longer here, feel the bliss of a child's laughter, pause for a moment, and despite what's wrong, to be thankful for what is right and good. Jackie, Grace, Christina and I send our warmest wishes and blessings."

Brownback Makes Some Noise

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is starting to make some noise. In an AP interview, Brownback said "I think there's room for a full-scale Ronald Reagan conservative in the field. ... I fully agree that other people have much higher name identification than I do. ... But I think what you have to look at is the policy positions they get out once you have an effective campaign." Is Brownback that Ronald Reagan conservative?? He has visited the Granite State twice. Once at St. Anselm College and another visit to SNHU, both are located in Manchester.

Wendelboe's Ankel Biting

Ankel Biting Pundits conducted an interview with New Hampshire GOP Chairman candidate Fran Wendelboe. In the interview Wendelboe laid out the reasons why the GOP should support her for Chairman:

*the experience, historical perspective, and wide view of the challenges that currently face, and will face, the Republican party in NH and on a national level

* a comprehensive understanding of state legislative issues and the budget

* a demonstrated record of support for the Republican principles and the Republican platform

* a hands on intimate knowledge and understanding of the importance of the grassroots network

* the time and energy that will be required to put in the long hours necessary for success

*wide and extensive experience in being an effective and articulate spokesperson for all types of media

*possesses the background, talents, and skills needed to reach fund-raising goals and to motivate and bring together a team of volunteers to implement a variety of innovative programs to involve potential activists and supporters

The full interview can be found here:

Clark's Chess Match

General Wesley Clark, and 2004 presidential candidate, had an op-ed piece in today's USA Today. The article is entitled, "The Next Move." In it, Clark lays out his plan for Iraq. He writes:

The right approach is a coordinated diplomatic, legal, economic and security campaign drawing upon broader dialogue in the region and intensified political work inside Iraq.

Here is how to do this:

•Establish an effective, sustained shuttle diplomacy within the region.

•Form a high-level interagency diplomatic team, representing the White House and secretaries of State and Defense and led by an experienced, respected diplomat.

•Begin talks within Iraq, and with all its neighbors, based on a clear set of principles outlined by the team. The goal would be to seek the commitments necessary to achieve our aims inside Iraq and also advance U.S. interests in the region.

Romney's Albatross

A Rasmussen polled reveiled that: Forty-three percent (43%) of American voters say they would never even consider voting for a Mormon Presidential candidate. Only 38% say they would consider casting such a vote while 19% are not sure. Half (53%) of all Evangelical Christians say that they would not consider voting for a Mormon candidate. Will Romney's religion continue to hinder his presidential ambititions or will his meetings with Evangelical leaders improve his standing?

Romney: I'm A Conservative Republican

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has labeled himself "a conservative Republican." In an interview with the DC Examiner, Romney said, "I’m a conservative Republican, there’s no question about that.” Romney went on to criticize Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Of the two he said “We’re in a different place on immigration; we’re in a different place on campaign reform; we’re in a different place on same–sex marriage; we’re in a different place on the president’s policy on interrogation of detainees." Romney is clearly positioning himself as the conservative alternative to Rudy and McCain.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dornan: I'll Be Running Against Adulterers

Andrew Cline of The Union Leader reports that former Congressman Bob Dornan is thinking about running for President. Dornan has been contemplating running as a candidate for the Constitution Party. Dornan told Cline, "I can’t stand the thought of my party having as its three front-runners three open adulterers, Newt Gingrich, Giuliani, and McCain. I’ve got one mission left in me, to come up to New Hampshire and tell the truth, and tell the Republicans you better find yourself a fresh face and not Rudy Giuliani who took his mistress around with him and then divorces Donnna who learns she was divorced sitting at home watching TV with her children. We need a fresh face if the Republican Party is going to appeal to an Orthodox Jewish, Evangelical or practicing Catholic.” Dornan/Hunter For President!!! They sure would make the race an entertaining one.

Edwards Encourages Obama

In an interview with the AP, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards encourages Barack Obama to run for President. "I hope he runs. I think he should run. This is such an important job that I would urge anybody who can make a serious contribution to the campaign and the dialogue either in our party or the other party to run." Although, Edwards might be thinking that an Obama run could ruin Hillary and help Edwards gain the nomination. Is an Edwards/Obama ticket possible??

Huckabee: McCain For Veep

This weekend, Governor Mike Huckabee took a swipe at John McCain's campaign finance reforms. Huckabee said "If you're a senator, you can take the money you raise in a Senate campaign and transfer it to a presidential, but you can't take money you raise in a state campaign and transfer that to a federal campaign." When DNC Vice President Lottie Shackelford mentioned a McCain presidential run, Huckabee quipped, "I think McCain would be a wonderful vice president."

McCain's A Federalist

Today Arizona Senator, and presidential wanna-be, said that he is a federalist. McCain's quoted as saying, "Just as I believe that the issue of gay marriage should be decided by the states, so do I believe that we would be better off by having Roe v. Wade return to the states. And I don't believe the Supreme Court should be legislating in the way that they did on Roe v. Wade." McCain's move to the right continues, as Rudy's stock rises.

Newt Hearts Romney

Former House Speaker Newt Gringrinch said that he will not announce his presidential intentions until September 2007. However, Gingrich did say that GOP voters will be looking for a conservative voice that McCain or Rudy does not fill. Besides himself, who does Newt think could fill the conservative void. Gingrich said, "I think Mitt Romney has an opportunity to fill that."

Saturday, November 18, 2006

McCain Stresses Common Sense Conservatism

Last night, John McCains presidential exploratory committee e-mailed supporters. The e-mail was titled, "Common Sense Conservatism." Here is an excerpt of that e-mail:

I believe this truly is a time that we must put self-interest, partisanship and "politics as usual" aside. And that's because I believe that America is genuinely facing some of the gravest and most complex challenges in our history.

That's why we need to elect a leader with strong principles who will begin the presidency by listening - and I mean really listening - to the American people ... a President who will restore trust in the greatness of our democracy and hope for our future.

Everywhere I speak across this great land I try hard to remind Americans that we can no longer afford to play politics with the critical issues that confront our country today.

But beyond any specific policy or program, I believe the American people are looking for a renewed sense of community, a recognition that whatever our differences, we Americans are in this together, that citizenship means service to a cause greater than ourselves.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Santorum Declines Presidential Run

Former Pennsylavania Senator Rick Santorum has announced that he will not run for the White House. Santorum said, "Absolutely, positively not. Absolutely not. My wife would throw me out of the house if I do anything in '08." Some social conservatives were hoping that the author of the book, It Takes A Family, would enter the race and act as an alternative to Romney, McCain and Rudy.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Draft Rudy Airs Ads

The "Draft Rudy Giuliani" movement has begun airing radio ads in New Hampshire. At first, the ad sounds like an official Rudy For President radio spot. The spot promotes Rudy's leadership and bi-partisan approach. So far, it is the only 2008 radio ad airing on New Hampshire airwaves. The ad says:

At times of crisis, Americans look to their leaders for strength, hope, and leadership. Five years ago, Americans looked to our president first, but we also looked to another man to help guide us through the darkness, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He wasn't just the mayor of New York, he was America's mayor . . . Rudy Giuliani has shown us what it takes to lead in the toughest of circumstances.

As America begins to focus on who will be our next president, we want change. We want someone who will rise above partisan politics and get things done . . . Please join us in asking Rudy Giuliani to run for president of the United States. We need his steady hand and his steadfast leadership. Sign a petition to draft Rudy Giuliani for President at

Thompson Courting Supporters

Current Health and Human Services Commissioner John Stephen said he was contacted by a Tommy Thompson supporter. The supporter was wondering if Stephen would meet with Thompson. Stephen said, "I'm going to leave all options open in terms of an endorsement, but I was impressed with his being so available to New Hampshire." Thompson's last trip to the state was in 2004, so expect a trip to be announced within the next couple of days.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

McCain Jumps In The Race

According to Marc Ambinder, John McCain will announce the formation of a presidential exploratory committee tomorrow morning. McCain's website,, will stream a live speech on the future of the GOP. In an e-mail to supporters, McCain wrote "Over the past year, I have traveled the country campaigning with candidates running for local, state, and federal office and I've been constantly proud to stand with Republican candidates in supporting a secure homeland, fiscal responsibility, ethics in government, and common sense conservative principles. With the formation of John McCain 2008 - The Exploratory Committee, I will continue my conversation with the American people over the direction of the Republican Party and the future of our country." McCain joins Rudy and Tommy Thompson, as the only Republicans who have entered the presidential race. Expect Romney, and others, to announce the formation of his exploratory committee after Turkey Day. If they annouce now, it will look like that they are simply trying to play catch-up with Rudy and McCain.

Tommy Thompson Forms Committee

According to the Des Moines Register, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson plans to run for the Oval Office. Gov. Thompson will establish his presidential exploratory committee early next year. His two main policies will be health care and energy.

It's Game Time!!

"It's Game Time!!" Those were the opening words of Jennifer Donahue, at a post-election panel discussion. Tonight at St. Anselm College, Ms. Donahue moderated a panel talk with Professors Dante Scala, Dean Spiliotes, Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report, Scott Spradling of WMUR and Anne Kornblut from The New York Times. Each politico had a different take on the election. Scala described it as a "tsunami," while Walter said it was more like a tornado. All the analysts said that it is to early to calculate the impact of the Dems sweep and whether this is a permanent realignment of the country. They also agreed that the election was not a mandate for the Democrats, rather it was a vote against the GOP. The funniest part of the night was when Ms. Walter said, "Bernie Sanders now has a filibuster power...think about that" and compared the chairmans of the Congressional committees to the cast of "That 70's Show." Also, a student urged the panelists to call George Bush, "President Bush, not Bush."

Pataki's Not Running...Yet

After giving a speech at Harvard, George Pataki said "he's not running for anything "yet" but wouldn't say whether he'd form a presidential exploratory committee." He went on to say, "Republicans didn't have an optimistic vision. (Democrats) came across as the party that was broad-minded and more inclusive. The Republicans came across as the party that was looking again to polarize."

Go To The Website!!

Last on The Daily Show, John Edwards said "I actually do have an announcement, just between us. If people go to my website,, in the next few weeks, they may see something new and exciting." New and exciting like a presidential announcement or more blog entries?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rudy, Clinton Still Lead

Here are the latest results from the latest Gallup poll

Giuliani 28
McCain 26
Rice 13
Gingrich 7
Romney 5
Frist 4
Allen 2
Pataki 1
Huckabee 1
Hagel 1
Brownback 1

Clinton 31
Obama 19
Edwards 10
Gore 9
Kerry 7
Biden 4
Clark 3
Richardson 2
Bayh 2
Vilsack 2
Feingold 1
Daschle 1
Dodd 1

Obama Courts Religious Figures

Barack Obama has begun to court prominate Christian figures. On World AIDS Day, Obama will appear at an event at Rick Warren's church. Obama will be on stage with Warren, Bono and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback. Warren is the author of best-seller The Purpose Driven Life and a rising figure in evangelical circles. Obama and Warren continue to have a "dialogue."

Hillary Clears Her Plate

Hillary Clinton is quitting her job as chairwoman of the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee. Clinton's spokesman said, "Sen. Clinton indicated months ago to Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) that she'd like to focus on the work of her four committees." With the Dems now controlling the Senate, if Hillary was sticking around than, now would be the opportunity to gain a leadership post. However, by stepping down this is probably an example of Hillary's intentions to run for the Oval Office.

Frist: We Have Big Issues

Last night, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist appearead on Hannity & Colmes. On speculation that he might form an exploratory committee, Frist said "Everybody is moving very quickly, and I think for good reason. Right now, we have big issues out there, things like health care and entitlement reform, the war on terror itself, reducing our dependence on energy." Asked again he responded "I'll go back home. I'll think about it"

Edwards on Letterman

This morning, Elizabeth Edwards e-mailed supporters with a very important message. She wanted to announce that this Friday, John Edwards will be David Letterman. He will be promoting his new book. Thanks Elizabeth for the heads-up!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tancredo Bows Out

Today, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo bowed out of the presidential race. He said that, “I get the feeling that I will not have to do this. This issue [immigration], it’s got legs, and they’re not necessarily mine anymore.” Tancredo feels that running as the immigration candidate is no longer meaniful, because the immigration issue is being debated nationwide. Plus, he was polling somewhere between Duncan Hunter and John Cox and had raised almost no money.

Rudy Runs For President

The AP has learned that Rudy Giuliani has taken the first steps towards a presidential run. Rudy has filed papers to create the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee, Inc. The panel would allow him to raise money for a possible candidacy. So far, Rudy, McCain and Vilsack has filed exploratory committee reports. Biden has announced that he still intends to run for president, but will not take any formal steps until early next year.

Edwards New Book: New Hampshire: Blueprint For Victory

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards will be back in New Hampshire. Edwards will visit Manchester, November 27th. He will be promoting his new book at the Barnes & Noble on South Willow Street. John Edwards new book is labeled, HOME: The Blueprints of our Lives. Edwards website says that "In Home, John Edwards has collected nearly sixty moving stories that reflect how these places, in many ways, are the blueprints of our lives. Home features uplifting, touching, and engaging narratives from all kinds of people across the country—everyday Americans with deeply inspiring stories share the pages with well-known figures from entertainment and religion, from politics and sports." Also, his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, was in Portsmouth promoting her book. Let the presidential book tours begin!

Thompson Is "Very Interested"

Former HHS Secretary and governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson has increased speculation that he might make a presidential run. Thompson recently said "There's no question I'm very interested." He has already established a fundraising PAC and will "probably set up an exploratory committee after the first of year."

CPAC: No Rinos

The Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, is an annual gathering of conservative political groups and their supporters. The conference is from March 1-3, 2007. However, out of the major Republican presidential contenders only Newt Gingrich has been scheduled to speak. Senator Frist and Gov. Huckabee have also been invited to speak. So far though, none of the major Republican contenders have been invited to speak. No Romney, McCain or Rudy.

DNC Attacks McCain

The DNC has already begun to attack John McCain. They released a statement that said “If the reports are correct, we welcome John McCain to the race. The question is, which McCain is running: the McCain who called right-wing extremists like Jerry Falwell an evil influence, or the McCain who spoke at Liberty University as he attempted to cater to the far right in advance of a presidential run...As an opportunist who supports the Bush Administration’s failed policy in Iraq and changed his mind on tax cuts, a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her health care, and campaign finance reform, it’s hard to tell which John McCain will enter the race.” Is the DNC doing the dirty work for Romney and Rudy?

Feingold: Gore/Obama in '08

A after dropping out of the presidential race, Russ Feingold said that Barack Obama and Al Gore are two candidates to look out for. He said that both potential candidates initially opposed the war. However, he his not endorsing either one...yet. What about a Gore/Obama ticket in 2008?

Romney Goes To McCain's Backyard

Most political pundits are predicting that John McCain would do well in the western half of the nation. However, Mitt Romney could also do well in McCain's backyard. Today, he is attending events in Colorado and Arizona. Not to mention, the significant Mormon population in Utah, Arizona and Nevada could potentially favor Romney.

McCain Begins To Court Conservatives

This week, Senator John McCain will give major speeches to the Federalist Society and to GOPAC. The courting of conservatives and other groups who might be weary of a McCain run has begun.

McCain Endorses Nevada Ahead of New Hampshire

This past weekend The Union Leader had an interesting article. In it, it appears that a John McCain supporter is endorsing have the Nevada caucuses before the New Hamshire primary. Former Republican State Representative Keith Hirschmann said he expects John McCain will benefit from the fact that the Nevada caucuses have been added between Iowa and New Hampshire, adding that Arizona is right next to Nevada. "Between New Hampshire and Nevada, John McCain will do very well." Thus, McCain would presumably win in Iowa and Nevada then come into the primary with huge momentum.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ford Beats Reagan...Again

Today former President Gerald Ford became the longest living president in history at 93 years and 121 days old, surpassing former President Ronald Reagan. Gerry Ford has beaten Ronald Reagan in another competition. Ford beat Reagan in the 1976 GOP primary, and today he surpassed Reagan's record on being the longest living president. Keep Truckin' President Ford!!!

Feingold Steps Out of Race

This afternoon the Dems presidential field got smaller. Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold said that he will not be seeking the presidential nomination. Feingold said, "I never got to that point where I’d rather be running around the country, running for president, than being a senator from Wisconsin. It would have required the craziest combination of things in the history of American politics to make it work." As one Democrat announces, Vilsack, another one declines, Feingold. When will someone on the GOP side start to make some noise?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Obama Challenges Baby Boomers

The author of The Pentagon's New Map and Bluepring For Action, Thomas P.M. Barnett, argues that Senator Barack Obama should run for president. Barnett takes a unique view on a possible candidacy. He writes "Barack Obama should run for president in 2008 for all the tactical reasons cited by pundits, but primarily because the baby boomers need serious competition from "below" on the vision thing. It's unhealthy to have so much of our political and strategic discourse dominated by the '60s generation...Looking ahead to the prospective field of 2008 presidential candidates, we see it chock full of that '60s mindset, and that's just not good enough given our current strategic situation - namely, too many new enemies and not enough new friends. Iraq is not Vietnam, and the Long War against extremism is not a rerun of the Cold War against communism." For the full article and more information on Barnett visit his weblog:

Richardson: A Blue Guy In A Red State

Add New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to your list of potential Democrats for President. On Fox News, Bill Richardson said "I'm going to make a decision in January, but I was encouraged. I got a good victory -- 69% ... in a red state. We won a majority of governorships. ... I personally invested a lot of time and resources in leading the Democratic Governors' Association." Unlike the RGA, which Romney headed-up, the DGA won races and now have a majority of the governorships in the nation. Richardson's victory in New Mexico and ability to lead the DGA to victory, could increase his reputation in Democratic circles.

Presidential Primary Project

The Presidential Primary Project will be launched at the Democracy in Action 2006 conference on Saturday, November 18 at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord , New Hampshire from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. The conference will include workshops on ten key issues, plus training on how to "bird-dog" the candidates and other skills. The keynote speaker will be long-time activist and former California State Senator Tom Hayden. For more information go to This would be a good time for anyone who wants to learn more abour grassroots activism.

Draft Gilmore For President

A "Draft Jim Gilmore For President" group that has formed. Jim Gilmore is the former Republican governor of Virginia and RNC Chairman. The group e-mailed the following statement:

On November 7, 2006 Republicans suffered their largest setback in years. Despite the jubilant declarations of Nancy Pelosi and Co., this is not the result of a wave of Democratic support. This is the American people voicing their opposition to the Republicans who have turned away from their principles.

Already, armchair-pundits have crowned Republican presidential frontrunners as those responsible for the increasing deficits, pork-barrel spending, and Republican loses across the nation. Republican Party faithfuls have also joined in the finger pointing. It is time for the Republican Party to nominate someone detached from the catastrophe. It is time we nominate someone who can unite the Party under conservative ideals once again.

Governor James S. Gilmore of Virginia is the sole candidate who can step up to the plate and lead the Republican Party back to their core principles. Governor Gilmore will stand strong against pork-barrel spending, higher taxes, and government corruption. Governor Gilmore will enact true immigration reform and secure our borders.

Please join us in our call for Governor James S. Gilmore to run for President.

Friday, November 10, 2006

McCain To Set Up Exploratory Committee

According to ABC News, Senator John McCain decided last Wednesday to procede with a presidential candidancy. McCain would set up a presidential exploratory committee next week. However, no formal announcement will be made until after the Christmas Holidays.

Triumph of Arrogance Over Democracy

Yesterday, the Massachusetts legislature blocked an amendment to allow for a statewide ballot question in 2008. In response to the legislature's action, Romney said that "there are hundreds of thousands of our citizens that hope something can be done to protect their constitutional right to vote on a matter of this significance. Of course, the only sure redress is through the ballot box. TodayÂ’s action was cynically timed to fall two days after they were safely re-elected." Romney will undoubtedlyy use this as another way to gain favor with social conservatives.

Obama's Numero Uno

Recently, Illinois Senator Barack Obama has been promoting his new book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. It appears that all of the presidential speculation and Oprah's praise has made an impact. Obama's book will debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. He is now considered to be Clinton's main rival for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Bayh Planning Trips To NH

In a memo entitled "Moderate Heartland Democrats Gave Democrats Their Victory in 2006," Evan Bayh laid out his future plans. He told the AP that he would wait until after the holidays to announce his presidential intentions. However, he then said that he would "continue to aggressively travel the country and with visits to Iowa and New Hampshire planned before the end of the year."

Brownback Considering Run

Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) said "'We'll be making the mechanical steps within the next few weeks to move forward." Brownback was referring to a possible presidential run.

Hirshberg Supports Vilsack

A day after announcing his presidential candidancy, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, has gained an important endorsement. Gary Hirshberg, CEO of the Londonderry based Stonyfield Farms said "I am absolutely a supporter and I've already written my check for $2,100. We need to move this country back toward the middle and we need a two-party system. This is a guy who has governed in a Republican state for eight years after being elected the first Democratic governor in his state in 30 years." Hirshberg is a progressive Democrat with ties to business community in the state. His endorsement should help Vilsack with fundraising and making in-roads with New Hampshire business leaders.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cox Plans NH Visit

Republican presidential underdog John Cox will be in the state this weekend. On Friday, Cox will speak at Café 324 in Manchester. Then on Saturday, Cox will greet patrons at Robie’s Country Store in Hooksett. Free food will be offered at both events.

Todd's Warning

Chuck Todd of The National Journal wrote the following "Is anyone aware of how liberal Iowa and New Hampshire have apparently become? The four new members of Congress from these two very important '08 states indicate that a moderate Democrat may have a tougher time in the primaries than in years past." Could this spell trouble for moderate Dems who might be contemplating a White House run?

Vilsack Staff

Below is a list of major staff for Gov. Vilsack's presidential campaign.

Craig Varoga, National Campaign Manager
Shari Yost-Gold, National Finance Advisor
Michael Hayden, National Finance Director
Cheryl Parker Rose, Senior Policy Advisor
Jeff Link, Senior Communications Strategist
Alice Parker, Director of Scheduling
Dusky Terry, Iowa State Director
Roy Behr, Behr Communications will serve as media consultant
Teresa Vilmain, Advisor (statement)

Bayh Staffers

Thanks to Rob from "Confessions of a Hoosier Democrat." Here is a list of all the Bayh staffers who worked in New Hampshire. Torey Collins was the only staffer who worked on an actual campaign.

Torey Collins – Paul Hodes – NH-2 Won
Nicole Miller - NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Seren Orgel - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Aliza Pain - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Nina Kauffman - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Morgan Pinnell - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Steven Randazzo - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Lori Bryant - Committee to Elect House Democrats
Sarah Seipelt - Committee to Elect House Democrats
Danielle Serratore - New Hampshire Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Chester DiBari - Manchester City Democratic Committee
Maggie Leuzarder - Manchester City Democratic Committee
Scott Stephanou - Franklin City Democratic Committee
Beth Swickard - Nashua City Democratic Committee

Rudy on Mehlman

In response to speculation that RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman might be joining Rudy's team, Rudy said "Right now, we haven’t talked to anybody about that. Now Ken Mehlman is the best, so I think anybody would love to have him working with them. I mean, Ken has done a great job, both in getting the President re-elected. And however this all turns out, Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove, and…they’ve done an absolutely great job." Rumors have it that Mehlman might make the announcement as early as this morning. Michael Steele is contemplating a run for RNC Chairman.

Vilsack First To Join The Fight

Iowa Governor is expected to announce that he is running for President. In a statement received by the AP, Vilsack is expected to say "Americans sent a clear message on Tuesday. They want leaders who share their values, understand their needs and respect their intelligence. That's what I've done as governor of Iowa and that's what I intend to do as president."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Romney Crunches The Numbers

Gov. Mitt Romney PAC send out the an e-mail with the following numbers.

-Romney has raised $8.75 million and distributed nearly $1.4million, across 36 states.
-Romney campaigned for more than 55 attended over 75 different campaign events for federal and gubernatorial candidates alone. In addition, Romney participated in 23 state and county GOP events.
-Romney sent out more than 400,000 mail pieces to help support the Republican effort.
-Romney helped the RGA raise $26 million and distributed $24million.

Someone Buy Scala A Beer

St. Anselm College professor Dante Scala was almost exact, with his election predictions. Scala predicted:

GOV: Lynch wins, Coburn 25-27%
Congress: Bradley wins, 8-10%
Hodes wins, 3-4%
NH Legislature:
Dems gain 40 seats in House
Dems end the night with 11-13 seats in Senate

Hodes ended up winning by 12 and Shea-Porter pulled out the upset by 2%. Kudos to Scala. Visit his site at:

Just The Facts

According to The Straight Talk American PAC, Senator John McCain has made the following contributions to Republicans.

Senator McCain's Totals for the 2006 Election Cycle

Total money raised: Approximately $10,506,866
Total money donated to campaigns: $1,448,848
Total events attended: 346
Total miles flown : 137,747 - enough miles to fly 5.29 times around the globe
Total direct mail pieces sent: 610,500
Total phone calls made: Approximately 11,864,581
Total emails sent : 792,377

"I have done what I can to promote the conservative cause and help hard-working candidates earn victories across our nation," Senator McCain said.

Biden: I Respect Rummy

Delaware Senator Joe Biden issued the following statement on Rumsfeld's resignation. "Secretary Rumsfeld did the right thing in stepping down. Despite our differences, I have profound respect for him and his public service. A change in leadership at the Pentagon matters substantively and symbolically. We need a fresh pair of eyes looking at Iraq. And we needed to send a message to the American people, to the Iraqis and to the world that we are serious about changing course."

Biden also said that, "“Yesterday, the American people rejected the Bush administration’s failed policy in Iraq...I urge my colleagues in the Senate and House to join me in putting the election year rhetoric aside and working towards a bipartisan consensus on a way forward in Iraq.”

Bayh's Influence In Iowa

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh's PAC paid 25 staffers to help in Iowa state legislature races. The GOP credits those staffers with helping the Dems victory. No word yet on how much Bayh's staffers helped in New Hampshire.

The Indiana Senator also released the following statement, “Tonight, the American people sent a strong message to Washington that they are sick of the partisanship, the ideological extremism, and the corruption that has impeded our path to national greatness. The results give us hope for a better direction for the country and a better future for the Democratic Party."

Obama Increases Speculation

In an e-mail to supporters, Senator Barack Obama wrote, "...we now have to work even harder to turn last night's results into tomorrow's progress. I'll be asking you to help me do this in the days and months to come, and I can't wait to get to work." I'm sure these comments will only increase speculation on Obama's plans

08'ers Batting Average

Here is a list of potential presidential candidates batting averages. It lists the number of candidates who the presidential wannabe campaigned with. These numbers were on assembled by The Hotline.

FRIST: 15 Wins, 31 Losses
GIULIANI: 7 Wins, 26 Losses
MCCAIN: 11 Wins, 27 Losses
PATAKI: 17 Wins, 18 Losses
ROMNEY: 13 Wins, 21 Losses

BAYH: 13 Wins, 11 Losses
BIDEN: 20 Wins, 6 Losses
CLARK: 12 Wins, 16 Losses
HILLARY: 28 Wins, 12 Losses
DODD: 17 Wins, 8 Losses
EDWARDS: 44 Wins, 14 Losses
FEINGOLD: 11 Wins, 5 Losses
KERRY: 58 Wins, 23 Losses
OBAMA: 37 Wins, 9 Losses
RICHARDSON: 24 Wins, 18 Losses
VILSACK: 14 Wins, 10 Losses

Clark Influence in NH

Former General Wes Clark served as a key to the Dems wave in NH. Clark was the first to give Shea-Porter money and Shea-Porter was a volunteer for Clark in '04. Dana Houle, former Clark state director in Minnesota, was Hodes campaign manager.

Romney, Edwards on Election

Romney on the 2006 election: Americans spoke last night and Republicans are listening. Americans have not become less conservative, but they believe some Republicans have. As a party, we need to remember who we are and the principles that have always led our party and our country to success.

John Edwards: This election was about nothing less than the future of the world, and the American people spoke loud and clear: America is better than what we've seen under George Bush and his Republican allies. It's time to clean up the mess in Iraq; restore our moral authority to lead in the world; put the needs of ordinary families ahead of wealthy special interests; and begin to address the issues that George Bush has ignored or made worse during his six years in office.

Let The Games Begin!!

Enought about the 2006 elections, let the presidential games begin!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NH Turns Blue

Jeb Bradley and Charlie Bass both lost their Congressional seats. Also, the Dems now control the Governorship, State Senate and Executive Council. This election shows that a party can not have a candidate on the top of the ticket that only garners 25% of the vote. A stronger candidate might not have saved Bass, but it would have saved Bradley and a couple of the state senators. The NH GOP is in disarray and in shock. Let the finger pointing begin!

Dems Sweep NH

Bass has conceded to Paul Hodes and it looks like Bradley will also lose. McCain was just on the air saying that the GOP needs to return to it's conservative values: fiscal discipline. Although, it appears that the conservatives in the GOP got exactly what they wanted: to rid the party of any moderates.

Election Day

Election Day

Remember To VOTE!!!
There will be plenty of posts tomorrow

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dante's Crystal Ball

Dante Scala, professor at St. Anselm College, has come out with his predictions for the New Hampshire elections.

GOV: Lynch wins, Coburn 25-27%
Congress: Bradley wins, 8-10%
Hodes wins, 3-4%
NH Legislature:
Dems gain 40 seats in House
Dems end the night with 11-13 seats in Senate

In other words, Scala is predicting a Democrat sweep throughout New Hampshire and the country.

Rocking Out With Newt

Here are some more details for the Manchester Christmas party with Newt. For $200 you can attend a VIP event with the former House Speaker. This $200 ticket will get you personal time, and a photo, with the speaker. However, there will be no photo opportunities at the dinner. I hope for that amount Newt will also give tips on how you can avoid getting caught with your mistress.

Clinton, McCain still lead field

A poll conducted for the Concord Monitor, found that 31 percent of likely voters named Clinton from potential Democratic candidates and 26 percent name McCain from possible Republican candidates. It also showed that in the GOP field Rudy had 18% and Romney had 12%. Also, for the Dems it went Edwards with 19%, Gore at 12%, Obama 8% and finally Kerry with 7 percent.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election Predictions

For whatever it is worth, here are my election predictions:

-Dems win House, 225-210
-GOP keeps Senate, 52-48
-Chafee, Santorum, Dewine and Talent all lose
-Steele, Allen, Corker and Burns win
-Bass and Bradley win in close races:
-Bass, 52-48
-Bradley, 55-45
-Romney or Bayh will announce they are running for President on either Thursday or Friday.

Rudy Hearts Alito, Roberts

Rudy Giuliani was a guest blogger at Real Clear Politics. The former Mayor of New York City wrote, "Finally, let's look at the Republican record on judges. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito are models of what judges should be in this country. They are principled individuals who can be trusted to defend the original intent of the Constitution rather than trying to legislate their own political beliefs from the bench. The successful appointments of Justices Roberts and Alito are signs of promises kept." It appears that Rudy is getting closer to saying that he would appoint judges like Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court. This might help him in calming down social conservatives who are worried about his pro-choice positions.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pataki's Visit and GOTV Operations

Today, George Pataki visited New Hampshire. He went to Nadeau's with Jeb Bradley and went ward walking with Charlie Bass in Concord. Later Saturday night, Pataki attended a "Victory Party" with Bass, Bradley and Coburn. Pataki argued that Republicans should focus on the economy and security. He also said, "They’ve [Dems] got the billionaires and the Barbra Streisand and Hollywood celebrities bankrolling the negative ads and we’ve got the best ground game money can’t buy. People act like this 72-hour campaign to get out the vote is something magical that’s come down from Mars. It’s not. It’s the back-breaking work of the volunteers that will win this election for Charlie Bass and Jeb Bradley.’’ At the ending of the event Pataki, Bass, Bradley and Coburn went on stage and recited "God Bless America." The literature drive, organized by the NH GOP and Pataki's PAC, featured 250 volunteers, knocking on 12,000 doors with brochures helping over 80 Republican candidates.

Romney Helps Bass

Mitt Romney will make an appearance in the Granite State. Tomorrow Romney will attend a spagehetti dinner with Chuck Morse and Charlie Bass.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Rudy Preaches Compromise

Today, Rudy Giuliani addressed a town hall forum on leadership. The forum was sponsored by Victory New Hampshire. At the event was about 120 people and an additional 60 college students. The students were given complimentary tickets. Rudy stressed the importance of compromise. He said, "We have to figure out how to work together. Maybe it's a bad time to be talking about that, a few days before an election ... but the day after it's over, we've got to return to the spirit of 'We're all Americans.'" Mayor Giuliani also cited Ronald Reagan as his political hero. Moreover, Giuliani said that the the United States can not pull out of Iraq and praised the Patriot Act. He also mentioned that character was important during a time of crisis. After the town hall forum, Rudy attended a rally at Manchester City Hall. There was about 25 people there, almost all were either staff members of Jim Coburn or Jeb Bradley.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sabato Predictions

University of Virginia professor, and political guru, Larry Sabato announced his predictions today. Sabato predicts that the Dems will gain control of both houses of Congress. The Democrats will take the Senate with 6 six seats (VA, MO, MT, OH, PA and RI), they will also pick-up 27 seats in the House. I will post predictions of other political scientists once they become avaliable.

UNH Poll: See Ya Charlie, Hello Paul

A new UNH poll has some bad news for the New Hampshire Congressional delegation. In the poll, Charlie Bass is down by 8 points to Paul Hodes. While, Shea-Porter has pulled within 5 points of Jeb. I wonder if this is the Jim Coburn effect? Coburn will be lucky to get 25%. It was noted earlier in the week that Bass is only polling at about 80% with Republican voters. Meanwhile, Hodes is polling at 90% with Democrats.

Gravel at the NHIOP

Last night, former Alasaka Senator Mike Gravel spoke at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College. In his speech he laid out three main tenants of his foreign policy. He stressed that the United States "should immediately withdraw from Iraq, eliminate most of its nuclear stockpiles, and repudiate a growing culture of militarism in favor of more diplomacy." Gravel also added that the U.S. is "not the world leader in terms of education, health care, and compensation of workers." Gravel is running for Democrat presidential nomination.

Kerry Cancels Hodes Event

Due to the controversy, surrounding his recent remarks, John Kerry has canceled an event planned for Sunday. Kerry was suppose to appear with Second Congressional District Democratic candidate Paul Hodes in Nashua. Also, Kerry has canceled campaign appearances in Iowa, Pennsylvania and a number of other states.

George Phillies: A Serious Man for Serious Times

George Phillies, 2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate, addressed the New Hampshire Libertarian Party's state convention in Concord on Saturday. Democratic candidate Mike Gravel also addressed the group. Here are some of the main points from Phillies speech:

-The National Debt climbs a half trillion dollars a year.
-The Trade deficit is twice that.
-I'm George Phillies. My trust theme is 'a serious man for serious times'. 'As trustworthy as your grandmother's banker'. My physics doctorate is from MIT. I pay my taxes. Open my closets, and no skeletons will fall out.
-End the war on Iraq
-Reverse Kelo. Repeal No Child Left Behind.
-Save the Republic: End warrantless wiretaps. End torture without trial.

The full speech can be found here:

CNN Poll: Clinton, Rudy Lead Fields

A new CNN poll was released today. It shows that Rudy and Clinton lead their respective presidential fields.

Hillary Clinton- 28%
Barack Obama- 17%
John Edwards- 13%
John Kerry- 12%,
Al Gore- 13%

Rudolph Giuliani- 29%
John McCain- 27%
Newt Gingrich- 12%
Mitt Romney- 7%
Bill Frist- 6%
George Pataki- 5%

Perhaps the two surprises in this poll. Obama is now second and McCain is only down by 2%.

Will: Romney's Gain, Allen's Lost

Today, conservative columnist George Will wrote that Mitt Romney is the politician that has the most to gain from a fumbled George Allen presidential bid. Will writes, "Yet with Allen much diminished and perhaps out of contention, and with Rudy Giuliani not yet doing serious groundwork for a national campaign, the Republican field is already down to two. That is good for only one of them: Romney." Will also argues that McCain might not be able to replicate his 2000 New Hampshire win.

Rudy's Trip

Tomorrow, Rudy Giuliani will be speaking before Victory New Hampshire's "First in the Nation Forum on Leadership." He will also be taking a bus tour of New Hampshire visiting Manchvegas, Laconia, Rochester and New Castle. Comments from the forum will be posted here as soon as the event is finished.

For more information check out this press release:

Mitt Meeting Evangelical Leaders

The Boston Globe reported that Mitt Romney has privately been meeting with evangelical leaders.

"Governor Mitt Romney is convening meetings with small groups of evangelical leaders to seek guidance for his possible presidential run, as Romney and Mormon supporters intensify efforts to allay concerns about his faith.

Romney, who is ramping up preparations for a 2008 campaign, huddled privately at his Belmont home last Thursday with about a dozen evangelicals, including conservative activist Gary Bauer, president of the group American Values, and Richard Land, a prominent leader in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Two weeks earlier, Romney met with about a dozen Baptist pastors at a private club in Columbia, S.C. Today, he is set to meet with more Christian leaders at an activist's home in Greenville, S.C."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry: I'm A Distraction

While appearing on Imus, John Kerry said "I'm coming back to Washington today because I don't want to be a distraction to these campaigns." Candidates throughout the country have been cancelling campaign visits with Senator Kerry. Does anyone else think he just lost any shot he had at being the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008?

McCain on Kerry

In response to Senator Kerry's recent comments, Senator McCain made the following statement, "The suggestion that only the least educated Americans would agree to serve in the military and fight in Iraq, is an insult to every soldier serving in combat, and should deeply offend any American with an ounce of appreciation for what they suffer and risk so that the rest of us can sleep more comfortably at night. Without them, we wouldn't live in a country where people securely possess all their God-given rights, including the right to express insensitive, ill-considered and uninformed remarks."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hunter's Already Been To The State

Congressman, and declared presidential candidate, Duncan Hunter has already been to the state. Hunter visited New Hampshire last week to campaign with Charlie Bass. Hunter took part in the dinner with Bill Frist and visited BAE Systems. There was no press coverage at the time of his visit.

Herald Slams Mitt...Again

It now seems that almost everyday The Boston Herald or The Boston Globe will run a critical article about Mitt Romney. Today The Herald released a report which argues that Massachusetts is not prepared for a large emergency or disaster. Among the report findings:

-The state’s police and fire departments have lost more than 1,100 employees Sept. 11, 2001

-Just 9 percent of police departments and 18 percent of fire departments have equipment that lets them communicate with federal, state and municipal partners.

-Regional homeland security councils are not addressing the needs of localities, and the state is funding regional projects without adequately assessing usefulness.

I should note that the report was conducted by the Democrat controlled Senate Post Audit and Oversight Committee. The Romney administration accused the committee of politics and trying to affect the governor's race.

Pataki on Iraq

New York Governor George Pataki was in Portsmouth yesterday. Speaking before the editorial board of the The Portsmouth Herald, Pataki voiced opposition to an Iraqi timetable of withdrawl. He said "We can't simply decide tomorrow we're going to go home and allow a safe haven for people who've attacked us before and who want to attack us again." Pataki also stressed that the United States should make it clear to the Iraqis that they need to "handle much more of their own security and not allow them to indefinitely rely on the sacrifice of brave American soldiers." Unlike McCain, Pataki does not favor more American troops in Iraq. Instead, the United States and the Iraqi government should appeal to the international community for help.

Another Newt Visit

On November 28th, Newt Gingrich will speak at the Politics and Eggs issues forum. The event will be taking place in Concord. So far Newt will be making two visits to the state, after the mid-term elections. In addition to being in the state on the 28th, New will be in Manchester on December 15th. Two trips in three weeks? Sounds like a presidential schedule to me. These events will mark his fourth and fifth visits to the state.

Rudy Catches The Big Fish?

According to the The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker, RNC Chair Ken Mehlman “is going to be leaving the National Republican Committee, possibly heading over to the Giuliani camp.” If this is true then Rudy has caught the biggest fish in the campaign. Mehlman was a part of the 2000 and 2004 Bush victories. He also was instrumental in the 2002 GOP mid-term success and has led the party's GOTV efforts this fall. Next to Karl Rove, Mehlman is the brightest Republican political operative.

Presidential Race Breakdown

Since I have nothing to do, I have broken down the presidential race into various tiers of candidates.

Serious- Romney, McCain, Pataki, Rudy
Flirting- Newt, Frist, Huckabee
Still Thinking- Tommy Thompson, James Gilmore
No Chance- Duncan Hunter, Tancredo, John Cox

Serious- Clinton, Kerry, Edwards, Biden
Flirting- Bayh, Richardson, Obama
Still Thinking- Gore, Vilsack
No Chance- Mike Gravel

Any comments or critiques are welcomed.

Invasion of New Yorkers

This weekend both Rudy and Pataki will be in the state. On Friday, Rudy will be at a town hall forum with Victory NH. He will then take part in a bus tour of the state. On Saturday, George Pataki's PAC is organizing a statewide lit drop. The Governor will pay a visit to volunteers in the afternoon. How many New Yorkers does it take to campaign in NH? Apparently Two.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Bush In NH...It Was The Popular One

First Lady Laura Bush paid a visit to Manchvegas today. She shared the stage with Gregg, Coburn, Sununu, Bass and Bradley. Bradley, Bass and Coburn all gave speeches before Bush. The NH GOP said that about 230 people showed up, others say it was closer to 150. Mrs. Bush saved her ammunition for Democrats who question the War in Iraq. She said, "Responsible candidates understand that the men and women of our military are risking their lives for us overseas, and we must conduct our debate here at home in a way that does not jeopardize our troops." I am not sure how her message was received by the media. A group of students were asked whether or not they could tell if Mrs. Bush was wearing pearls.

New York Surplus Grows

This news may help New York Governor George Pataki with fiscal conservatives. Reports out of New York report that the state " is on track for an over $1 billion surplus for the 2006-2007 fiscal year. The mid-year report is due out Monday. It points to better than expected economic growth and lower spending levels for the surplus. The extra money will head to several funds, including the state's Rainy Day Reserve fund.The surplus also gives state reserves a boost. The Governor's office reports over $3 billion in total reserves."

Romney/Bush '08

This morning The Boston Herald claimed that Mitt Romney is considering Governor Jeb Bush, as a running mate. "There has been substantive talk between the two of them. Everyone in Florida is expecting an endorsement by Gov. Bush (of) Romney.” Also, Romney has been tapping some of Bush's top staffers and campaigned with Bush in Florida last week. You can already hear the 2008 Democrat Convention rallying cry: GOP-Back Into The Bushes!! If Jeb Bush is elected Vice-President in 2008 and serves eight years. It would mean that there would be a Bushie in the White House for 28 out of last 36 years.

GHW Bush: 1981-1993 (VP/POTUS)=12 years
GW 2001-2009 (POTUS)=8 years
JB 2009-2017 (VP)=8 years.
Jeb President 20017-2025?

Hunter Goes Hunting

It was announced today House Armed Services Committee Chair Duncan Hunter (R-CA) plans to announce today that he is forming an exploratory committee to seek the Republican nomination for President in 2008. To consider his candidacy a long-shot, must be an understatement. The Duncan Hunter-John Cox debates should be pretty interesting.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Legendary Boston Celtics coach "Red" Auerbach died yesterday. During his coaching career, Red won 938 games and nine championship titles. Moreover, under Auerbach’s guidance as coach, general manager and team president the Celtics won 16 titles. Red also was the first NBA coach to hire a black player, Chuck Cooper, and a black coach, Bill Russell. In his honor smoke a cigar and visit his a life-sized sculpture at Fanueil Hall.

Newt Back in NH

The Manchester GOP recently announced that former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich will attend their annual Christmas & Holiday Dinner. The dinner will take place on Friday, Dec. 15. Will he announce his candidancy at the dinner? Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bayh Should Be More Discreet

Recently, it was noted that driving around the Manchester area was a car with an Indiana license plate and a "John Lynch for Governor" bumper sticker. It was probably one of the staffers that Bayh hired to work for various Democrats. However, perhaps the campaign workers should be a bit more discreet. After all, it was often noted that former Manchester Mayor Bob Baines used to drive around in a car with a Massachusetts license plate.

Richardson: I Like To Get My Hands Dirty

Responding to a New York Times article on candidates using hand sanitizers, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said, "I just won’t use the sanitizer. I’ve been offered it, but I’ve turned it down. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty." Since Warner's departure, Richardson's stock has not increased at all. However, has a prominent hispanic, and former UN Ambassador, he might make an interesting choice for Vice-President. Clinton/Richardson or Obama/Richardson?

GOP Candidates Lack Coattails

To be considered a serious presidential candidate, Governors must help elect their successor to the post. This demonstrates that the candidate is popular in their state. Right now, the three GOP Governors, Pataki, Romney and Huckabee, considering a presidential run are an albatross for the candidates in their states. Here are the results of some data that I collected this afternoon.

Arkansas: Mike Huckabee is term-limited
Hutchinson (R): 40%
Bebe (D): 52%

Massachusetts: Mitt Romney decided not to run for re-election
Healey (R): 29%
Patrick (D): 54%

New York: George Pataki decided not to run for a fourth term
Fazo (R): 21%
Spitzer (D): 61%

Also, in all three of these states it appears that the Democrats will gain seats in the state legislatures. I guarantee we will see countless stories in The Globe and The Herald on Romney's inability to carry Healy into the Corner office. How much will the Republican Governors Association, Romney is head of the group, waste in Massachusetts?

South Carolina Poll: Rudy Tops Favorable Rating

Below is a poll released by the University of South Carolina. It shows that Rudy Giuliani has the highest favorable rating and George Pataki has the lowest. My gut says that, like most polls, it's mostly based on named ID. Will Southerns be in favor of a pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-gay marriage New Yorker?

Candidate Heard of Favorable Unfavorable
John McCain 96% 65% 23%
Newt Gingrich 95% 53% 31%
Rudy Giuliani 93% 78% 10%
George Pataki 69% 35% 18%
Bill Frist 66% 43% 21%
Mitt Romney 40% 41% 11%
George Allen 37% 38% 11%
Mike Huckabee 16% — —

Obama Hurts Edwards

Robert Novak argues that a potential Barack Obama presidential run would hurt John Edwards, not Hillary Clinton. He explains, "Former Sen. Edwards's campaign strategy is focused on the South Carolina primary, but Obama figures to do well with African-American voters comprising about 40 percent of that state's Democratic primary vote. Obama also could threaten Edwards in the tip-off Iowa caucuses, where polls have shown Edwards leading Clinton." Not to mention, that Obama's life story is more compelling than Edwards. So much for that "Two Americas" stump speech.

Will It Help Romney?

The Boston Globe reported today that the Massachusetts economy is growing faster than the national economy.

"The Massachusetts economy, boosted by demand for technology products, grew twice as fast as the national economy in the third quarter, according to figures released yesterday by the US Department of Commerce and the University of Massachusetts.

The state's economy expanded at an estimated 3.4 percent annual rate in the three-month period ended Sept. 30, compared with 1.6 percent nationally, UMass said. In the previous quarter, the state economy grew at a 3.6 percent annual rate, compared with 2.6 percent nationally."

Governor Romney will probably use this report to demonstrate his effective management of the economy. Also, he will put it in his list of accomplishments as governor of the Commonwealth.

Friday, October 27, 2006

McCain: Add 20,000 Troops

While in Lancaster this evening Senator John McCain said that the United States should sent another 20,000 troops to Iraq. However, he also said, "It's not just a set number." McCain has been calling for more troops since the insurgency started in 2003. Senator McCain's trump card is that as a former Vietnam POW, and member of the Armed Services committee, no one can question his foreign policy credentials.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Working The Phones

Interesting tidbit in the Union Leader, "Also, volunteers at New York Gov. George Pataki's 21st Century Freedom PAC office in downtown Manchester are working the phones as a well." Pataki's people are the only Republican Presidential PAC staff working on behalf of local GOP candidates. Also, those who wish to attend the Laura Bush event must promise to help phone-banking for the NH GOP.

Gravel Travels To The Hill

Former Alaska Senator, and declared Presidential candidate, Mike Gravel will be in New Hampshire on Wednesday November 1st. Senator Gravel will be speaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College at 7:00pm. The event is free and open to the public. Senator Gravel became known in the 1970s because he chaired the Senate committee that released The Pentagon Papers.

I Hope It's On Sparknotes

Don't forget about the Karyn Frist book signing. She will be in Nashua tomorrow night at the Barnes & Noble. Her book is entitled, "Love You, Daddy Boy: Daughters Honor the Fathers They Love." Unlike Elizabeth Edwards and Barack Obama there is no planned appearance on Oprah.

Bayh's Visit

While campaigning in the state yesterday, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh made the following comments:

"It starts right here. If we don't change, then we would be the first generation in America to not give our children a more prosperous America."

"We need liberty and justice, not for just a few but for all of us"

"We aren't Democrat or Republican first. We are Americans."

He gave his endorsement to Paul Hodes and Deb Reynolds.

McCain Adds Supporters Before Visit

Today Straight Talk will announce the names of 51 state legislators who are supporting him, more than double the 22 lawmakers who joined McCain in 2000. There are over 400 state legislators in New Hampshire. Thus, McCain is gaining the endorsement of about 12% of the legislature. Senator McCain will be also Dixville Notch tonight and will meet up Congressman Charlie Bass for a series of town hall meetings in Lancaster, Berlin and a spaghetti dinner in Nashua.

Romney appoints 3 minority women

The Boston Globe, a.k.a The New Time's step-child, wrote that, "Governor Mitt Romney yesterday nominated four candidates, including three minority women, to Massachusetts courts.

Romney has faced criticism that he has not nominated enough women or minorities to be judges. In 2005, the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts chastised the Republican governor. During his first two years, 17 of Romney's 19 nominations were men and only two were minorities."

The question now becomes if the judges are conservative? Would a President Romney appoint a David Souter? If Romney does not list Scalia, Thomas, Roberts or Alito has his favorite Supreme Court justices, Romney could be in trouble.