Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pataki's Visit and GOTV Operations

Today, George Pataki visited New Hampshire. He went to Nadeau's with Jeb Bradley and went ward walking with Charlie Bass in Concord. Later Saturday night, Pataki attended a "Victory Party" with Bass, Bradley and Coburn. Pataki argued that Republicans should focus on the economy and security. He also said, "They’ve [Dems] got the billionaires and the Barbra Streisand and Hollywood celebrities bankrolling the negative ads and we’ve got the best ground game money can’t buy. People act like this 72-hour campaign to get out the vote is something magical that’s come down from Mars. It’s not. It’s the back-breaking work of the volunteers that will win this election for Charlie Bass and Jeb Bradley.’’ At the ending of the event Pataki, Bass, Bradley and Coburn went on stage and recited "God Bless America." The literature drive, organized by the NH GOP and Pataki's PAC, featured 250 volunteers, knocking on 12,000 doors with brochures helping over 80 Republican candidates.

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