Friday, August 10, 2007

Kucinich To Hold 'I-93 North Tour' and Seacoast Tour

On Wednesday, August 15th and Thursday August 16th, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be in New Hampshire. This upcoming visit is being billed has " Kucinich and Retail Politics in NH."
On Wednesday Kucinich will take on 'I-93 North Tour' and Thursday he will tour the Seacoast. Below is his public schedule:

Wednesday August 15th

'I-93 North Tour'

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 11:00 AM
Type of event: Press Conference – Notable residents of NH, including state legislators, endorse Dennis Kucinich for President
Location of the event: Manchester, Merrimack Restaurant 786 Elm St. across from Veterans Park
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: Following Press Conference – 12:00
Type of event: Meet and Greet
Location of the event: Red Arrow Restaurant 61 Lowell Street (8 blocks down Elm street) Thank waitress Michele Griffin for holding candidates accountable for their proposed Health Care plans, shake hands with Dennis. Say hello to patrons and owner / manager of diner. Meet people on Elm Street in Manchester as we walk from the press conference to the diner.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 2:00 PM
Type of event: Public awareness and the need for change; highlight Kucinich policies that would help change. Visit to Social Support Center. Community needs provided, communities strengthened, families helped.
Location of the event: Families in Transition, Manchester, 122 Market St 603-641-9441
Topics to be addressed: The growing problem of the homeless in America and to highlight the domino effect of poverty in America as the classes of rich and poor continues to grow further apart.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722
The Public is invited to meet Dennis and hear how his plans as president address affordable housing; reducing domestic violence; returning good jobs to NH; and health care HR 676 (would impact state, county, community budgets) etc.

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 3:30
Type of event: Meet and Greet
Location of the event: Concord Cooperative Market, 24 S. Main Street, Concord, NH • 603.225.6840
Topics to be addressed: Dennis can talk about a healthy life style to match a health care system (and answer bread and butter issue questions from resident voters in the Co-Op)
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Type of event: Press Conference
Location of the event: Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, on the campus of New Hampshire Technical College. Take Interstate 93 to exit 15E in Concord, 603 -271-7831
Topics to be addressed: Kucinich commitment to US Space programs and other efforts that keep US technology in the lead; that keep Americans safe and enjoying a high quality of life; Education; these are the types of issues he works for that demonstrate America has the capacity to reconnect with the heart of the world; an America which proceeds in the world optimistically and courageously. An America which understands that the world is interdependent, that it is inter-connected, and that what we do today impacts future generations.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722
Public welcome. Take exit 1 off of I-393. There are Planetarium signs marking the exit. Take a left off the exit headed towards the New Hampshire Technical College. Planetarium is located on the campus.

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 6:15 – 7:00
Type of event: Main Street Meet and Greet. Address crowd on Town Common prior to Concert in the Park on general campaign issues.
Location of the event: Plymouth NH
Topics to be addressed: Open. The people will decide.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Time Scheduled for Kucinich 7:15 – 7:45
Type of event: Monthly meeting of Plymouth Area Democrats.
Location of the event: Plymouth Senior Center – 8 Depot St Plymouth, NH (603) 536-1204. Across the street (and down the little hill) from Town Common
Sponsor of the event and cell phone: Martha Richards 536-2279 Plymouth Area Democrats
Topics to be addressed: Dennis will address Area Democrats. Campaign topics, issues as they come up.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603-254-3722

Thursday, August 16th
Dennis on the Seacoast

Date of the event: Thursday, August 16th
Time of the Event: 10 AM – 11:30 AM
Type of event: Meet w/ Captain Jonathan Iverson 10-10:15
10:15 – 11:30 Meet with Paul O'Connor Metal Trades Council President at PNS and other Metal Trades representatives, walk to Union Hall and address union workers.
Location of the event: Portsmouth Navel Shipyard
Topics to be addressed: Dennis is going to show his support of the many civilian union members employed at the Shipyard who worked very hard to keep their jobs from being lost during the BRAC hearings, and to reconfirm his commitment to the Department of DEFENSE. And address other labor concerns.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 254-3722

Date of the event: Thursday, August 16th
Time of the Event: Music to start 12:00.
Time of the event for Kucinich: 12:30 – 1:00
Type of event: Public Town Hall meeting in the Town Park; an outdoor town hall meeting with Seacoast voters
Location of the event: Town Park across from Dover Kucinich campaign office – Intersection of Washington and Central streets in Downtown Dover.
Topics to be addressed: Opening remarks at the discretion of Kucinich. All questions will be answered.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Thursday, August 16th
Time of the Event: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Type of event: Open House at Kucinich for President Campaign Headquarters in Dover, NH with Dennis Kucinich
Location of the event: Second floor 83 Dover Place – Corner of Washington and Central
Topics to be addressed: Meet with Congressman Kucinich one on one.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254 3722

Romney To Host Londonderry "Ask Mitt Anything" Forum

Governor Romney is coming back to New Hampshire next week.

The details are as follows:

What: Ask Mitt Anything Town Hall Meeting
Where: The Tupelo Music Hall
2 Young Road
Londonderry, NH
When: Thursday, August 16th – guests please arrive at 5:45pm

Biden To Visit With Granite State Veterans

On Monday, August 13th, Delaware Senator Joe Biden will be making stops in the Granite State. During his visit, Biden will visit veterans at the Liberty House and at the New Hampshire Veterans Home. He will also speak at the Nashua Rotary Club.

Here is his schedule:

Monday August 13, 2007

10:15 AM
New Hampshire Veterans Home
139 Winter Street
Tilton , NH

12:15 PM
Nashua Country Club
25 Fairway St .
Nashua, NH

2:00 PM
Visit with Veterans
Liberty House
75 West Baker Street
Manchester, NH

3:15 PM
Visit with Veterans
Manchester Veterans Hospital
Manchester, NH

Biden's Sister, National Campaign Chair To Campaign In NH

Joe Biden's National Campaign Chair and sister, Valerie Biden Owens will campaign in New Hampshire this weekend. On Sunday August 12th, she will speak at the Sullivan County Democrats Annual Picnic and visit the Belknap County 4H Fair.

Here are the details:


12:00 PM
Home of Rep. Arthur Gillette
80 Brickyard Rd.
Goshen, NH

1:45 PM
Mt. Sunapee State Park
Newbury, NH

3:30 PM
Mile Hill Road
Belmont, NH

Obama To Visit Hanover, Keene, Nashua on Monday The 13th

Barack Obama will visit New Hampshire on Monday, August 13th. Obama is scheduled to visit Hanover, Keene and Nashua. According to the Obama campaign, the Illinois Senator will "discuss the consequences that Americans face as a result of the special interests' influence over federal policymaking."

Here is his public schedule:


Hanover, NH
Jesse's Restaurant
224 Lebanon St.
Hanover, NH

This event is by invitation only

Doors Open: 1:30PM
Keene, NH
Keene Recreation Center
312 Washington St.
Keene, NH

This event is free and open to the public. We encourage those wishing to attend to RSVP by calling Brandon at 603-355-2008 or by visiting .

Gates Open: 5:00PM
Nashua, NH
5 Merrit Parkway
Nashua, NH

This event is free and open to the public. We encourage those wishing to attend to RSVP by calling Emily at 603-578-9007 or by visiting .

McCain's New NH Press Secretary

New Hampshire Presidential Watch has learned that Crystal Benton, former John McCain Deputy New Hampshire Press Secretary, is still working for the Arizona Senator. Ms. Benton has now been tasked with handling media operations in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina.

Jill Hazelbaker, former McCain New Hampshire Press Secretary, is now his national press secretary.

McCain says 'Stay the Course' in Iraq and Look to Nuclear Power For Energy Independence

This campaign event summary was written by Joe Briggs. Mr. Briggs is the host of “PolicyWatch”- an apolitical foreign and domestic policy talk show aired on channel 23 in Manchester. He can be reached at 603.493.2386.

Manchester NH, July 25, 2007

Arizona's Senior Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain appeared before a town-hall style gathering in a restored post-office in downtown Manchester; now the law offices of the State's largest law firm of Devine Millimet.

He opened up the meeting with remarks detailing the growing threat of Al Queda in Iraq, the need to succeed in the military effort, and the growing threat of Iran as it exports its deadly armor-piercing IED road-side explosives to the insurgents opposing the US forces now occupying that country. He stated that he had been blessed with the ability to know what is in the best interest of our country, and the fortitude to act on it. McCain also stated that he would make energy-independence a strategic security objective of the country, and, citing the success of the French nuclear power industry, emphasize the role of that technology and fuel recycling.

Upon opening up for questions, he was first asked if he supported former British Prime-Minister Tony Blair's statement last week of the critical importance of moving forward to end the long suffering of the Palestinians and establish their own independent, contiguous, and democratic state. McCain responded that he was in principle, but that he was more interested in the threats that the Israeli government was facing in the region, namely from Iran, and that it was essential that Hamas political party acknowledge the right of the Jewish State to exist first. When asked in the post-discussion press session if he would press the Israeli government to offer the same acknowledgment of the right of a Palestinian state to exist, he declined.

A orthopedic surgeon and member of the influential American Medical Association who qualified himself as not supporting a single-payer national health-care system asked how McCain would help pay for those who could not afford care. The senator replied that he acknowledged that health-care is one of the key domestic issues, and one in which he is still familiarizing himself with the details. He wanted to follow-up with future single-topic meetings to increase his awareness of the issue and solution options, but stated that the Canadian model was not in the cards.

One mother had professed that she has lost faith in the government to protect her family and the country, and felt ashamed that she couldn't honestly answer her teenager's questions on the issue. A young girl of about eight years old asked him what he was going to do about Iran. He responded that despite the trouble that he got into earlier this year by responding to the same question by singing “Bomb, bomb, Iran” to the tune of “Barbara Ann”, he said he still liked the Beach Boys.

McCain's appearance was the 2nd in a series of candidate appearances jointly sponsored by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the Law Firm of Devine Millimet.

Hunter To Appear At Devin Millimet

On Wednesday, August 15th, Congressman Duncan Hunter at the law office of Devine Millimet at 8:00 AM.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SC Primary Moves Up, NH Likely To Vote In Early January

Photo Is From: Protect Our Primary

Today, South Carolina's Republican Chairman announced that they will hold their primary on January 19th. As a result, we now know two things about the New Hampshire primary. One, the primary will be held no later than January 12th. Two, besides that we don't know anything.

Here is a collection of articles about the move:

-S.C. pushes up primary; Iowa, N.H. likely to go earlier, too

-S.C. Republicans move up their primary

-N.H. Officials Urge National Parties to Sew Up Primary Calendar

-Race to be first unsettles campaign

Dodd Unveils Edcuation Plan For K-12, Higher Ed

From The Dodd Campaign:

Yesterday, Dodd unveiled the higher education portion of his plan at New Hampshire Community Technical College in Manchester, NH. Today, in a speech to the National Education Association of New Hampshire, Dodd explained the remainder of his plan - specifically, how he would ensure that every American will graduate from high school prepared to go to college or enter the workforce.

"When hard-working, middle class Americans head off to their jobs each morning, they should rest assured that their children are receiving a quality education at a good school," said Dodd. "By creating universal preschool, enacting desperately needed reforms to NCLB, and providing free community college, I will make sure that American students, regardless of their backgrounds, are receiving the best education in the world."

Dodd's K-12 plan would:
* Provide for universal preschool so that every parent has access to high-quality, affordable preschool
* Reform No Child Left Behind by providing states with the flexibility to use multiple measures to calculate student achievement and allowing schools to target resources such as tutoring to the students who need them most.
* Put experienced, quality teachers In Every School by doubling the number of nationally board certified teachers and incentivizing them to go where they are needed most - low performing, high poverty schools.

Dodd's higher education plan would:
* Reform the student loan system to ensure federal dollars go to student aid instead of corporate profits.
* Raise Pell Grants and reduce the cost of college student loans.
* Provide an opportunity for free community college to every American.

The full plan can be read on

Edwards Plans To Tour State In 'Fighting for One America' bus tour

From The Edwards Campaign:

From Thursday, August 23rd, to Sunday, August 26th, Senator John Edwards will bring his bold policies and message of change all across New Hampshire as part of his ‘Fighting for One America’ bus tour.

"Elizabeth and I are very excited to bring our family back to New Hampshire and talk directly to New Hampshire voters about our fight to build the One America we all believe in," Edwards said. "From the Southern Tier, all the way up through the North Country , we look forward to meeting with Granite Staters all across the state."

Obama Announces Support from 23 Grassroots Leaders

Today, the Barack Obama campaign announced that "More than twenty new Democratic grassroots leaders have joined Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign this week. The endorsers include state Representatives, religious and community leaders, and grassroots activists ready to bring fundamental change to our country."

Here is a list of the endorsements:

Ed Butler, Hart's Location – State Representative
Nickolas Levasseur, Manchester – State Representative
Tara Sad, Walpole – State Representative
Lucy Weber, Walpole – State Representative
Maggie Porter, Merrimack – State Representative
Betsy Shultis, Portsmouth – former State Representative
Reverend Art Hilson, Portsmouth
Reverend Bertha Perkins, Nashua
Sharon Spivak, Nashua – Jewish Community Leader
Reverend Dr. Leanne Tigert, Concord – GLBT Activist
Andru Volinsky, Concord – Attorney
Fred Ross, Dover – Civil Rights Activist
Chris O'Connor, Hillsborough – Grassroots Activist
Karen Primiano, Hancock – Activist
Mary Maguire, Nashua – Activist
Mark Brockmeier, Windham – Activist
Andy Mack, Sr., Londonderry – Activist
Sandy McKenzie, Nelson – Activist
Joan Reische, Manchester – Activist
Chuck Hotchkiss, Durham – Activist
Valerie Cunningham, Portsmouth – Activist
Paul Remus, Bedford – Activist
Ann Remus, Bedford – Activist

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dodd Purposes Free Community College For Every American

Today in New Hampshire, Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd proposed a "comprehensive plan to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable higher education."

Dodd said that "A strong middle class depends on access to higher education, but soaring tuition rates have put college out of reach for too many hardworking families. By making student loans more affordable and providing for free community college for all, we can help middle class families and strengthen America."

Dodd's plan would:
* Reform the student loan system to ensure federal dollars go to student aid instead of corporate profits.
* Raise Pell Grants and reduce the cost of college student loans.
* Provide an opportunity for free community college to every American.

The full plan can be read on

Clinton Annouces Plan To "Rebuild America"

Today in Rochester, Hillary Clinton laid out a plan titled "Rebuild America Plan for a 21st Century Infrastructure." In the speech Clinton said, "Something is very, very wrong when, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, in the richest country on earth, people are actually nervous about driving over bridges for fear that they’ll collapse. Or they’re worried that their levees may burst, or their highways may buckle. And let’s be clear: the degradation of our infrastructure isn’t just a serious threat to our safety – it is also a grave threat to our economy."

Clinton's plan includes establishing a $10 billion “Emergency Repair Fund” to address the backlog of critical infrastructure repairs and providing states with $250 million to conduct safety reviews of high-priority infrastructure areas. The New York Senator would also like too:

-Increase federal funding for public transit by $1.5 billion per year
-Invest an additional $1 billion in intercity passenger rail systems
-Increase the budget for the Department of Transportation’s congestion reduction programs by approximately 50% to $600 million annually

Rudy Begins "Granite State Update"

Rudy Giuliani's campaign has begun a "Granite State Update." Here is this week's installment:

"What a great time to be a Rudy Giuliani supporter in New Hampshire! We kicked off last week with a visit from the Mayor. We started Monday with 6 scheduled stops, but he wanted to do more. All told, Rudy visited 11 places in Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough, West Ossipee, Wolfeboro, Laconia, Rochester and Dover. Excitement was in the air everywhere we went.

We just added a new member to the Rudy New Hampshire staff, Communications Director Jeff Grappone. A Concord native with experience working for Senator Sununu, Jeff is a great addition to the team."

McCain's Updated Schedule

U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced that McCain will return to New Hampshire to campaign through the state on Thursday, August 9th, Friday, August 10th, and Saturday, August 11th.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


WHO: John McCain
WHAT: Town Hall Meeting
WHEN: Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. EDT
WHERE: John O'Leary Adult Community Center
4 Church Street
Merrimack, NH 03054


WHO: John McCain
WHAT: Business Leaders Breakfast
WHEN: Friday, August 10, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. EDT
WHERE: John Lyons Law Offices, P.A.
One New Hampshire Avenue, Suite #300
Portsmouth, NH 03801


WHO: John McCain
WHAT: Meet & Greet
WHEN: Friday, August 10, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. EDT
WHERE: Packy Campbell's Real Estate Office
10 Farmington Road
Rochester, NH 03867


WHO: John McCain
WHAT: Town Hall Meeting
WHEN: Friday, August 10, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. EDT
Press Set Up Time: 5:45 p.m. EDT
WHERE: The Wright Museum
77 Center Street
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Saturday, August 11, 2007


WHO: John McCain
WHAT: Town Hall Meeting
WHEN: Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 9:15 a.m. EDT
WHERE: American Legion Post 46
Banquet Room
47 Tasker Hill Road
Conway, NH 03838


WHO: John McCain
WHAT: House Party
WHEN: Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 12:00 p.m. EDT
WHERE: Home of Dan and Linda Steinbach
75 Evergreen Valley Road
Milton, NH 03851

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Edwards To Headline Hampton Dems Picnic

On Sunday August 26th, Democratic presidential candidate, and former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards will appear at the Hampton Democratic Committee annual summer picnic. Edwards will be joined by his wife and two children. Here are the details:

Sunday, August 26th

1:00 to 3:30 p.m.
Pitlochry Farm, 18th Century home owned by Elaine and David Ahearn
195 Exeter Road
Hampton Falls, NH

Reservations for the event purchased in advance are priced at only $10.00 each for adults and $5.00 each for children under 12. (Admission at the door will be more - $15.00 each.)

Dodd: Clinton Needs More Than Campaign Rhetoric

In response to Hillary Clinton's speech on mortgage lending, Chris Dodd's spokeswoman released the following statement:

"We're glad that Mrs. Clinton is concerned about this important issue that Sen. Dodd has already taken leadership on. But addressing the crisis will require more than rhetoric on the campaign trail. That is why as Banking Chairman, Sen. Dodd has taken the reigns on this issue and plans to continue ensuring that American homeowners are not taken advantage of."

The full release can be read here:

Clinton: Help A Derry Family Protect The American Dream

Building upon the story of Derry's Kristi Scholfield, Senator Hillary Clinton is urging New Hampshire citizens to help Kristi "protect the American dream of homeownership."

Today in Derry, Clinton told the crowd that "Just seven days ago, on July 31, Kristi and her husband received word that the bank bought their home of eight years, and that they were going to receive a final eviction notice giving them 17 days to move out."

The New York Senator would like Granite Staters too:
-Go to my website to read my plan to curb unfair lending practices, expand affordable housing, help reduce foreclosures -- and hold brokers and lenders accountable to protect every American family's dream.
-If you have a story about how your American Dream of home ownership is at risk, please share it with me:

Rudy To Appear At Amherst House Party

Rudy Giuliani will be appearing at a house party on Friday, August 17th. Here are the details:

Friday, August 17th

Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Home of Brad and Shannon Galinson
13 Carriage Rd
Amherst Village, NH.
All are welcome from 6:30pm - 8:00pm
$10 donation includes food and drink.

Clinton Promotes Plan To Curb Mortage Lending Abuses

Photo Is: ©Chris Fitzgerald/

From The Clinton Campaign:

With foreclosure rates continuing to skyrocket across the country, Senator Hillary Clinton in Derry, NH today laid out a plan to preserve the American dream of home ownership that would crack down on unscrupulous brokers, curb mortgage lending abuses, assist families facing foreclosure and expand affordable housing options.

“Today, we have a choice. We can look at the statistics, wring our hands, and continue to do nothing, or we can do what America has always done in times of difficulty: acknowledge that we face a real challenge, and confront it head-on with real solutions,” said Clinton. “I think the choice is clear. I think we need to act now, with smart, practical solutions to strengthen our housing and mortgage markets. If I were President, I would address abuses across the mortgage industry with a plan to curb unfair lending practices and hold brokers and lenders accountable, give families the support they need to avoid foreclosure, and increase the supply of affordable housing.”

Dodd In State From August 8th-11th

Senator Chris Dodd returns to the Granite State for various campaign events. He will be in the state from August 8th-11th. Here is his public schedule:

Wednesday, August 8th

12:30 PM
Roundtable Discussion on Higher Education
Location: New Hampshire Community Technical College
Manchester Library
1066 Front Street
Manchester, NH

5:00 PM
House Party at the Home of Pam Tarbell
Location: 236 Hopkinton Road
Concord, NH

Thursday, August 9th

8:00 AM
Unveil K-12 Education Policy
Location: National Education Association of New Hampshire Summer Learning Conference
Attitash Grand Summit Hotel
Grand Ballroom
Route 302
Bartlett, NH

11:45 AM
Meet and Greet at the Tilt'n Diner
Location: Tilt'n Diner
61 Laconia Road
Tilton, NH

5:30 PM
An Evening at Greengate with Cheshire County Voters
Location: 110 Greengate
Nelson, NH
*Parking available at 112 Brickyard Road*

Friday, August 10th

4:45 PM
Greeting Voters in Manchester
Location: Puritan Backroom Restaurant
245 Hooksett Road
Manchester, NH

Saturday, August 11th

9:45 AM
Portsmouth Farmer's Market
Location: Portsmouth City Hall
1 Junkins Avenue
Portsmouth, NH

11:45 AM
Newmarket Downtown Walk
Location: Beginning at Joyce's Kitchen
13 Water Street
Newmarket, NH

1:30 PM
Exeter House Party
The Home of Joe and Sarah Pace
Location: 20 Pleasant View Drive
Exeter, NH

Monday, August 06, 2007

Obama Launches 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Today, Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign announced the creation of "Hoops. Action. Change." This new program is a statewide three-on-three basketball tournament.

Here is the rest of the information you will need to know:

Hoops. Action. Change. is an opportunity for Granite Staters to get involved in their communities, to participate with Obama's campaign to change our country, and to have some summer fun on the basketball court. All participants in the tournament are required to complete a community organizing activity. Participants will be canvassing, phone banking, and hosting house parties across the state.

The top two teams from each region will advance to the finals on Saturday, August 11th in Manchester, with special guest Craig Robinson, Obama's brother-in-law and Head Coach of Brown University's Men's Basketball Team.

The tournament is free and open to the public. Players must be 18 or older.

Players may register their team by calling (603) 433-7001 or by visiting us on the web at

Edwards: Trade Policies Have Increased New Hampshire Childhood Poverty

From The Edwards Campaign:

Today, Senator John Edwards proposed his plan for “smart and safe” trade policies that will benefit working and middle class families instead of just big multinational corporations.

“Corporation-first trade policies have hit New Hampshire families hard,” said Edwards. “The Granite State has lost over 25,000 manufacturing jobs since 2001, and has suffered the fastest increase in childhood poverty in the nation. We need new trade policies in America that put workers, wages and families first. My main measure of a trade deal is simple – after considering the impact on jobs, wages and prices, will most families be better off?”

Bay State Congressman To Campaign For Hillary

Bay State Congressman Jim McGovern will campaign for Hillary Clinton on Thursday, August 9th. McGovern will attend events in Portsmouth and Concord. Here is his public schedule:

Thursday, August 9

Rep. Jim McGovern to Discuss Hillary Clinton Iraq Exit Plan
Portsmouth Office Open House
30 Mirona Road Ext
Portsmouth, NH

Rep. Jim McGovern to Discuss Hillary Clinton Iraq Exit Plan
Concord Office Open House
24 Hammond Street
Concord, NH

Kucinich In NH on August 15th and 16th

Democratic Presidential candidate and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be in New Hampshire on August 15th and 16th. His itinerary is still being worked out.

Dodd Endorses Donovan, For Mayor of Manchester

From The Dodd Campaign:

Presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Chris Dodd announced today that he is endorsing Tom Donovan's campaign to become the next Mayor of Manchester. Donovan, former Chair of the School Board Finance Committee, filed as a candidate for mayor two weeks ago.

"As I've campaigned here in Manchester, it has become clear to me that Tom Donovan and I share the same commitment to offering bold solutions to strengthen our middle class and our communities," said Dodd. "He has served the people of Manchester before and knows how to bring people together to achieve real results on the issues facing this great city. I'm proud to stand with Tom and I look forward to doing all that I can to support his campaign."

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Clinton Adds More Events, Extra Day Too Upcoming Trip

The New Hampshire for Hillary Campaign today announced that in addition to her policy speech in Derry on Tuesday, Senator Hillary Clinton will tour the Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth and attend an event in Rochester on Wednesday. This marks her 12th visit to New Hampshire .

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

9:30 a.m. EDT
Clinton Delivers Major Policy Address in New Hampshire
Ernest P. Barka Elementary School
Gymnasium21 Eastgate Road
Derry , NH

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

11:00 a.m. EDT
Clinton tours Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Portsmouth, NH

2:30 p.m. EDT
Clinton attends event in Rochester
Rochester Opera House
31 Wakefield Street
Rochester , NH

For more information please visit the New Hampshire for Hillary webpage at

Rath: Romney Demonstrates Leadership Ability

In response to today's Republican debate, Romney's campaign released the following statement from Tom Rath:

"Governor Romney once again demonstrated his leadership ability, depth of policy knowledge, and vision for a strong America during today's debate. Time and time again, in town after town across New Hampshire and across the country, Governor Romney has proven he is the candidate most qualified, most capable, and most able to turn Washington around. Governor Romney is the candidate who can keep our nation's military, economy, and families strong and we need him in the White House."

Clinton Congratulates NH Poet Laureate

From The Clinton Campaign:

Senator Hillary Clinton made the following statement congratulating New Hampshire Poet Charles Simic on being named U.S. Poet Laureate by the Library of Congress.

“Artists like Charles inspire us all to see the world differently,” said Senator Clinton. “As an outstanding poet, essayist, translator, editor and professor, he is an invaluable contributor to the arts in New Hampshire, and across the country. I congratulate Charles Simic on his new and richly deserved role as U.S. Poet Laureate.”