Saturday, July 07, 2007

Obama To Open Portsmouth, Rochester Offices

Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign is preparing to open offices in Portsmouth and Rochester. The Portsmouth office will officially open on Sunday, while the Rochester office will open on Monday. The Rochester office will be Obama's sixth Granite State office. According to the campaign, "Both events are potlucks, and guests are encouraged to bring along their favorite snack." Here are the office details:

Sunday, July 8
4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Obama for America Portsmouth Office
75 Congress St. (Entrance on Fleet St.)
Portsmouth, NH

Monday, July 9
4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
20 N. Main St.
Rochester, NH

"ArtsVoteNH" Begins To Organize

A group called "The ArtsVoteNH" was recently created to mobilize citizens in an attempt to show presidential candidates the importance of supporting the arts. This goup is partnership between NH Citizens for the Arts, and the national, Americans for the Arts Action Fund. For more information go to:

Richardson Speaks At Divin Millimet

This event summary was submitted by Joe Briggs. Briggs is the Briggs is the host of PolicyWatch ­an issue based policy program that airs on channel­23 in Manchester, and can be reached at .

NM Governor and democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson spoke today to a public gathering at Manchester law firm Devine Millimet. Richardson, who was the Clinton administration's 'goto' man for diplomatic solutions to sensitive international situations such as North Korean nuclear ambitions and Saddam Hussein's taking of hostages, is generally regarded as the 'resume' candidate for the 2008 presidential race. He served as congressman from New Mexico, Energy Secretary, and US Ambassador to the United Nations. While his past experience implementing the foreign policies of others has gained him entrance into the race, he has yet to distinguish himself with his own policies, and did little today in his remarks to convince the crowd that we are facing urgent problems, what those problems are, and what exactly he would do to solve them.

When asked if he accepted 'Sicko' film­maker Michael Moore's commitment to support free, single­ payer health­care (HR676) and refuse campaign financing from forprofit healthcare interests, he said 'no' on both. Instead he favors offering the same heath plan that Congress has for purchase by anyone. He wants Medicare eligibility lowered to age 55, and wants states to handle the health­care needs of Low ­income families and children.

When asked about carbon reduction, he stated that he supported a 90% reduction by 2020 via carbon credits, but made no mention about the role of nuclear power to replace the highCO2 producing coal plants that currently supply 50% of our current electrical generation. He looks to wind, solar, and innovation to achieve greater energy independence.

He said that as president he would seek a balanced budget amendment, yet he would take the $100B+ annual budget currently spent on Iraq and move it to the general budget for domestic spending. He favors national service as a way to pay for an enhanced student loan program.

Regarding the war in Iraq, the Governor says we should pull out immediately and work toward an all-Muslim regional force supplied by Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and others, to provide peace­keeping roles. He further stated that he would use diplomacy to a much higher level than the current administration, and would engage Syria, Iran, and North Korea directly.

The event was co­sponsored by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and was the first in a series to include all candidates.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Rudy To Appear In NH July 10th and 11th

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will appear in New Hampshire from Tuesday, July 10th and Wednesday, July 11th. Here is his public schedule:

Tuesday, July 10th
Policy Announcement
Doors open 10:00 am
New Hampshire Technical Institute
31 College Drive
RSVP to Taylor Landin at (603) 369-9181 or

Tuesday, July 10th
Town Hall Meeting
Doors open 6:30 pm
Crowne Plaza
2 Somerset Parkway
RSVP to Megan Robertson at (603) 369-8702 or

Wednesday, July 11th
Meet and Greet with Campaign Volunteers
Rudy Giuliani New Hampshire HQ
1850 Elm Street
RSVP to Jim Wieczorek at (603) 369-8150 or

Clintons Bring "Ready for Change, Ready to Lead" Tour To NH

Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign has announced that Senator Clinton and President Clinton will campaign together on Friday, July 13th. The Clintons will appear at campaign events in Keene, Nashua and Manchester. Then on Saturday, July 14th Senator Clinton will be in Salem and Rochester. This visit is Clinton's tenth visit to the state and a part of her "Ready for Change, Ready to Lead" tour.

Biden Presses GOP, While Campaigning In NH

According, To A Biden Press Release:

Today Sen. Joe Biden is campaigning in New Hampshire, making stops in Manchester, Durham, and Kensington. With key Iraq votes coming up in the Senate next week, Sen. Biden will continue to press his Republican colleagues to abandon President Bush's failed policy in Iraq and force the White House to change course

"I understand that this is a tough political decision for my colleagues, but Pete Domenici and others have stepped up to acknowledge that they cannot in good conscious support this failed strategy," said Sen. Biden. "The fact is we need a total of 17 Republican votes in the Senate to force this president to change course. Until then, we will continue to put our troops in the middle of a civil war with no exit strategy. This President's policies are brain dead. "

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Biden To Visit Red Arrow, House Party, Campaign Kick-off

From The Biden Campaign:

Senator Joe Biden will return to New Hampshire TOMORROW Friday, July 6, 2007 to make campaign stops in Manchester, Durham and Kensington. During the trip, Biden will greet customers at the Red Arrow Diner, be hosted at a house party by State Representative Marjorie Smith, Chair of the House Finance Committee and speak at a campaign kick-off for State Representative special election candidate Jim Webber.

Friday, July 6, 2007

1:30 PM

Red Arrow Diner
61 Lowell St.
Manchester, NH

3:00 PM

Home of State Rep. Marjorie Smith and Peter Smith
100 Piscataqua Road
Durham, NH

5:00 PM

Home of Jim Webber
5 Wild Pasture Road
Kensington, NH

Dodd Names Rous As Chair of Educators For Chris Dodd

From The Dodd Campaign:

U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd's campaign announced today that State Representative Emma Rous has endorsed Chris Dodd for President. Rous, a lifelong educator and current Chair of the House Education Committee, will serve as the Chair of New Hampshire Educators for Chris Dodd.

Dodd's New Hampshire campaign has also announced the following additions to the New Hampshire for Chris Dodd Steering Committee including Gail and Mark Mitchell who will serve as the Chairs of Strafford County for Chris Dodd.

Rolf Bremer - Chair, Brookline Democratic Committee (Brookline)
Shannon Chandley - Democratic Activist (Amherst)
Matt Conley - Democratic Activist (Merrimack)
Larry Finkelstein, Ph.D. - Democratic Activist (Nashua)
John Hattan - Secretary, Concord City Democratic Committee (Concord)
Gail Mitchell - Early leading organizer and volunteer campaign aide for Carol Shea-Porter for Congress, 2006 (Barrington)
Mark Mitchell - Retired 23-year veteran NH State Police Detective, Barrington Town Democratic Chair (Barrington)
Erika Thorsell - Chair, Concord City Democrats (Concord)
Tom Silvia - Democratic Activist (Amherst)

Obama, Dodd Endorsements

According to John "The Granite Status" DiStaso, "Obama's campaign is expected to announce endorsements by state Reps. Liz Blanchard of Penacook and Ed Butler of Hart's Location as well as Paul LeBlanc, the president of Southern New Hampshire University, and his wife, Pat Findlen." Also, Chris Dodd will announce the support of Concord Democrat Erika Thorsell, Durham State Representative Emma Rous and a slew of others.

Edwards To Vacation In NH

The Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan is reporting that John Edwards will spend this weekend on vacation at the home of Nashua State Senator Dave Gottesman. The Edwards family has no public events scheduled. Here is an excerpt of the story and a link:

"Sen. David Gottesman, D-Nashua, said he was surprised but delighted when campaign aides asked if the Edwards family could stay at the Gottesman family lakefront home in Moultonborough from Friday through Sunday."

Rasmussen: Romney Leading In Granite State

According to a Rasmussen poll:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has the lead in the first Rasmussen Reports poll of New Hampshire's Republican Presidential Primary. Romney currently attracts support from 26% of Likely Primary Voters, nine points more than his nearest competitor.

Three candidates-former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, and Arizona Senator John McCain-are essentially tied for second. Giuliani and Thompson each earn 17% support while McCain is at the 15% level.

Romney Holds Nine-Point Lead in New Hampshire

Pappas Endorses Clinton

Chris Pappas, the Chairman of the Manchester Democratic Party, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. In a Clinton press release, Pappas said “Hillary Clinton speaks strongly and clearly and has a tremendous grasp on the issues. The first thing the next president has to do is to get us out of Iraq swiftly and reengage the world community. I know no one will take up that task more aggressively and more successfully than Sen. Clinton. Her vast experience will enable her to be successful from the moment she steps into the White House.”

Pappas belongs to the family that owns the Purtian Restaurant.

Romney Announces NH Veterans Leadership Team

From The Romney Campaign:

Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the Romney for President New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team comprised of 41 veterans representing all ten counties in the State. The New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team will play an important role in helping to spread Governor Romney's message of strong, conservative values throughout the State.

Leading Governor Romney's New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team is Mike Moffett. A Marine infantry officer during Desert Storm in 1991, he is a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. From 2001-2002, Moffett served on General Franks’ Central Command Operations Staff.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Amherst Fourth of July Parade

This summary, and picture, is brought to you by New Hampshire News Links Dr. Bill Siroty

As they say, "It never rains on the Amherst Fourth of July Parade" and today was no exception. It is starting to get cloudy now.

Let's forget about the 2004 Parade when five Democratic candidates marched.

Today we had only Richardson and Hunter marching. Hillary, Dodd, Edwards and Kucinich had tables on the Dem side and only Rudy and Mitt for the Republicans.

Marchers included supporters for Richardson, Hillary, Dodd, Edwards,Kucinich, Obama (the largest contingent), Biden (the smallest of the Dems marching), Rudy, McCain, Mitt, Tancredo, and Hunter (the smallest of the Republicans). It's hard to say who had the largest Republican contingent marching.

There was also a 'Draft Gore' group marching.

Katrina and Dick Swett marched with a group, Buckey had four people marching, and no Marchand or 'Draft Shaheen' groups marched. None of them had tables.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dodd's Campaign To March In Merrimack and Amherst Parades

From The Dodd campaign:

U.S Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd's New Hampshire campaign will celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow in Merrimack and Amherst. Campaign volunteers will march in both towns' annual 4th of July parades.

Fred Heads Meet Thompson At Airport

My apologies for putting this up so late.

This event summary was submitted by Gregory Boguslavsky, the Chairman of the New Hampshire College Republicans:

Several members of the College Republicans joined a group of politicians and local Fred Thompson supporters to welcome the Senator and his wife Jeri Kehn as they arrived in Manchester. The so-called FredHeads sported printed and homemade signs, as well as American flags and "FDT 08" buttons. Some of the signs read "Run Fred Run," "The Hunt 4 Fred November," and "Law & Order at the Border." Thompson spent some time greeting all of those assembled, taking pictures, and signing autographs. He seemed particularly impressed by a supporter who brought an original copy of Barry Goldwater's The Conscience of a Conservative, which he gladly autographed.

Many were impressed by Senator Thompson's imposing physical presence, relaxed and good-natured demeanor, and by his charming wife.

Obama's Camp Participates In 33 Independence Day Events

Supporters of Barack Obama will be taking part in 33 events in all 10 counties for Independence day.

The list of events can be found here:
Obama's Fourth of July Events

Clinton Supporters To March In Parades

From The Clinton Campaign:

New Hampshire for Hillary campaign supporters will be participating in several Fourth of July parades including the Amherst and Merrimack parades. NH for Hillary interns, in a collaborative and creative effort, designed a Fourth of July Hillary for President float that can be seen in the Amherst and Merrimack parades tomorrow. Supporters will also march in parades in Gorham, Hanover and New Boston.

Romney Family To March In Wolfeboro 4th of July Parade

On Wednesday, July 4, Tagg Romney along with other members of the Romney family will be in Wolfeboro, NH, to participate in events celebrating the Fourth of July.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007:

7:45 a.m.
Tagg Romney Attends the Wolfeboro/Tuftonboro GOP Breakfast
Wolfeboro Inn
90 N Main St.
Wolfeboro, NH

10:00 a.m.
Tagg Romney Marches in Wolfeboro Fourth of July Parade Wolfeboro, NH

Cox, Brownback, Huckabee, Hunter To Attend CNHT Picnic

This Saturday, July 7th, is the 9th Annual CNHT Family Reunion Picnic. Here is a list of presidential candidates that will be appearing, along with a list of groups that will be there. More information can be found here:

John Cox
Senator Sam Brownback
Daniel Gilbert
Governor Mike Huckabee
Congressman Duncan Hunter
Dr. Rand Paul (Ron Paul's son)
Mayor Rudy Giuliani for President Campaign (but not Rudy?)

CNHT - Famous 'Wall of Shame'
Ron Paul HQ
Carbon Coalition
Priorities NH (Van)
It's Your NH
Freedom Force International
2nd Amendment Sisters
NH Parents for Educational Freedom
Fix Our Flag
John Birch Society
Candidate Bob Kingsbury
Church of the LDS
H-C Taxpayers Assn
NH Liberty Alliance
Gun Owners of NH
NH Pink Pistols
NH Right To Life
Victory NH
Assessing Standards Board
NH Adavantage Coalition
Libertarian Party of NH
Mass College of Liberal Arts Conservative Union
NH Center for Constitutional Studies(RV)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Returns To Granite State

Elizabeth Edwards will return to New Hampshire on July 10th, for a series of house parties. The party will be held in Bedford at Beth Saltzman's House from 1:45-3:00pm. From there, Edwards will go to Hopkinton to visit the house of Representative Christine Hamm. This party will go from 3:45-5:30. Elizabeth Edwards will finish the day at Keene home of Kathy O'Donnell.

More information can be found here:

ARG: Clinton Leads, Obama Gains

A new American Research Group poll has Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic presidential field. Clinton is leading in the Granite State with 34%, followed by Obama with 25% and John Edwards with 11%. The poll also has Bill Richardson gaining 6%, Joe Biden with 4% and Chris Dodd and Dennis Kucinich tied with 3%.

Since May, Barack Obama has increased his support from 15% to 25%. While, Hillary Clinton's support has remained leveled at 34%.

ARG: Romney Leads, McCain and Rudy Tied

An American Resource Group poll conducted between June 27th and June 30th, shows Mitt Romney leading the New Hampshire Republican field. Romney is leading with 27%, followed by McCain at 21% and Rudy comes in at 19%. Potential Republican candidate Fred Thompson is at 10%.

The poll also shows that John McCain's Granite State support has dropped from 30% in May to the current level of 21%.

Lillye Ramos Spooner To Serve on Clinton's Hispanic Council

From The Clinton camp:

The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced that Lillye Ramos Spooner of Epsom, NH will serve on the campaign’s National Hispanic Leadership Council and its Executive Committee, demonstrating the Senator’s growing support among the Hispanic community in New Hampshire.

“I am proud to be a part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign here in New Hampshire. She has continued to demonstrate a deep understanding of issues that directly impact the Hispanic community,” said Ramos Spooner, who will also serve on the New Hampshire for Hillary Latino Steering Committee. “I am eager to share Senator Clinton’s vision for the future of our country.”

Romney Announces "New Hampshire Women's Leadership Team"

From The Romney campaign:

Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the Romney for President New Hampshire Women's Leadership Team comprised of 109 women representing all ten counties in the State. The New Hampshire Women's Leadership Team will play a pivotal role in providing Governor Romney with information and guidance throughout the Granite State.

Leading Governor Romney's New Hampshire Women's Leadership Team are five Co-Chairs representing various geographical regions of the State. The five New Hampshire Women's Leadership Team Co-Chairs are Nancy Dwight, Carol Holden, Jane Keough, Betty Maiola, and Sharon Sykas.

Hunter To Appear on The Exchange

Congressman Duncan Hunter will be on The Exchange this Thursday, July 5th, from 9-10 am.

Details are at the website:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Biden Gains Endorsements

The Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan writes that Delaware Senator Joe Biden has gained some important New Hampshire endorsements. Among the names are Eileen Foley, a former Portsmouth mayor and former state Senate Minority Leader Robert Preston of Hampton.

Read more on Biden and other political news at: Romney campaign gets backing from women