Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Amherst Fourth of July Parade

This summary, and picture, is brought to you by New Hampshire News Links Dr. Bill Siroty

As they say, "It never rains on the Amherst Fourth of July Parade" and today was no exception. It is starting to get cloudy now.

Let's forget about the 2004 Parade when five Democratic candidates marched.

Today we had only Richardson and Hunter marching. Hillary, Dodd, Edwards and Kucinich had tables on the Dem side and only Rudy and Mitt for the Republicans.

Marchers included supporters for Richardson, Hillary, Dodd, Edwards,Kucinich, Obama (the largest contingent), Biden (the smallest of the Dems marching), Rudy, McCain, Mitt, Tancredo, and Hunter (the smallest of the Republicans). It's hard to say who had the largest Republican contingent marching.

There was also a 'Draft Gore' group marching.

Katrina and Dick Swett marched with a group, Buckey had four people marching, and no Marchand or 'Draft Shaheen' groups marched. None of them had tables.


Anonymous said...

Great day for a parade! I was there too. Obama did have the largest group ... they even had a musical quartet ... horns and drums I am pretty sure. I wonder how Dodd got to the front of the pack? Was it draw straws?


Anonymous said...


But it figures Sirotty would leave out the 15 people who had a table for Ron Paul, the most popular candidate on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I was marching in the parade and saw a surprisingly high number of individuals wearing Romney stickers in the crowd. While I'm unsure if his team was the largest in Amherst, they certainly had the most people slapping stickers on the parade-watchers.

Farrell S. Seiler said...

Judging by the applause from onlookers during the Amherst July 4 parade, there is significant sentiment for Al Gore to enter the presidential primary in New Hampshire.

Draft Gore New Hampshire, based in Littleton, is organizing a petition drive to show that there is more support for Al Gore than is indicated by the polls.

More than 100 people signed the petition during the Amherst event.

Learn more about the petition drive at: or Draft Gore NH, PO Box 693, Littleton, NH 03561.

--Farrell S. Seiler, Chairman
Draft Gore New Hampshire

Gavin Brown said...

I was one of the four people marching for Buckey. We couldn't have asked for a better day, sunny but not too hot. Farell, we were one group behind you, and I'll say that there were a number of people excited about what you were doing. I couldn't really say how it compares to other candidates because we were in the parade and only saw our little part of it. The McCain and Kucinich folks behind and in front of us were also very friendly.

We mostly were answering the question "who's this Buckey guy, anyway?" which is how any campaign has to start out.

Unlike the presidentials, we got to spend the whole day thinking about what we could do better next year -- item #1, bring more stickers!