Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vilsack To South Carolina: DROP DEAD!!

Tonight at Saint Anselm College, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack told South Carolina to drop dead. He said, "If I had a choice the primary calendar would be Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina." Although, this would preserve the traditional primary schedule, it would screw over South Carolina.

Other quotes from his speech include:
-Chrissy Vilsack, wife of the Governor, was overheard telling his old college roommate: "we're the underdogs of underdogs."
-"There is a high anxiety in the country that is making Americans feel alone. There are receiving no help from their community."
-"Americans have been made fearful of sharing."
-Governor Vilsack also stressed that the two challenges to America is an economic competitive challenge and a, "challenge with those clashing with our way of life." I am not sure if he was talking about terrorists, the Chinese, Arabs...who was he talking about. There was no strong statements made against terrorists.
-"Solutions are found on Main Street, not K Street."
-"President Bush did not unify the country after 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina."

Those are the highlights of his speech tonight.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Dems Are Coming, The Dems Are Coming

Over the next four days, three potential Democratic presidential candidates will be in New Hampshire. Virginia Governor Warner will in Strafford, while Iowa Governor will be in different towns and Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will be in Manchvegas on Sunday. As usual they will say they are simply supporting Democrat candidates, while they also collect lots of business cards and IOUs.

What About Healey?

Now that Democrat Deval Patrick has won the gobiernatorial nomination, in Massachusetts, and is trumping Healey in the polls, Gov. Romney has decided to make another trip to New Hampshire. He was in Manchester on Monday and he will be in Stratham on Sunday. Now comes word that Mitt will also be in New Hampshire on September 30th, to speak to the state GOP convention. That will make three trips to New Hampshire in two weeks. What about Healey?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

He Really Does Care About College Students

Continuing with the last post, I thought it was appropriate to post this picture. The picture was taken in 2004, during the presidential campaign. It appears that Senator Kerry really does care about college students.

Bottoms Up!!

This photo recently came out of Iowa. I wonder how much Petrus can Kerry jug? FYI Petrus is actually called Petrus Pomerol and is a Merlot wine valued at $1,459. Also, it is a wine that was popular in the Kennedy White House.

Monday, September 18, 2006

McQuaid vs. McCain

In response to Joe McQuaid's criticism of Senator McCain, Sen. McCain recently said, "Mr. McQuaid and I are friendly. He has not supported me in the past. I respect those views. I respect more the views of those who have been in wars and worn the uniform. I believe this has nothing to do with politics. I tell you very frankly, no matter what the political impact is, this is a matter of conscience."