Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vilsack To South Carolina: DROP DEAD!!

Tonight at Saint Anselm College, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack told South Carolina to drop dead. He said, "If I had a choice the primary calendar would be Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina." Although, this would preserve the traditional primary schedule, it would screw over South Carolina.

Other quotes from his speech include:
-Chrissy Vilsack, wife of the Governor, was overheard telling his old college roommate: "we're the underdogs of underdogs."
-"There is a high anxiety in the country that is making Americans feel alone. There are receiving no help from their community."
-"Americans have been made fearful of sharing."
-Governor Vilsack also stressed that the two challenges to America is an economic competitive challenge and a, "challenge with those clashing with our way of life." I am not sure if he was talking about terrorists, the Chinese, Arabs...who was he talking about. There was no strong statements made against terrorists.
-"Solutions are found on Main Street, not K Street."
-"President Bush did not unify the country after 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina."

Those are the highlights of his speech tonight.

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