Saturday, September 01, 2007

Huckabee To Attend Nonprofit Primary Project Education Event

From the group, "The New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits."
On Thursday, September 6th we invite you, as a nonprofit leader and supporter, to attend an educational session with Presidential Candidate Governor Mike Hukabee of Arkansas. This will be an opportunity for you to engage with one of our presidential candidates in a discussion about the needs, challenges and impact of the nonprofit sector.

You Are Invited

The Event: Presidential Candidates Educational Session with Gov. Mike Hukabee
Theme: The Impact, Needs, and Viability of the Nonprofit Sector
Where: The McConnell Center Cafeteria, 61 Locust Street, Dover, NH
Time: 1:30-3:00 p.m.
Who Should Attend: Nonprofit Leaders, Board Members, Nonprofit Supporters, Community Members, Students, Nonprofit Staff, Program Participants, Business Supporters, Media.

This event is hosted by The New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits and is part of a national initiative called the Nonprofit Primary Project, sponsored by the Nonprofit Congress. This project is a nonpartisan educational project designed to elevate the status of the nonprofit sector and engage presidential candidates in a national dialogue about the importance, needs, and impact of the nonprofit sector.

The purpose of the Nonprofit Primary Project is not to tell voters which candidate to support or oppose, but rather to educate the presidential candidates, inform the public, engage a national debate and improve the quality of the dialogue on nonprofit issues in New Hampshire and across the nation.

Please join us on Tuesday, September 6th.

To reserve your seat e-mail Trinka at,or call us at 225-1947.

Dems Sign "Four State Pledge"

All of the major Democratic presidential candidates have signed the “Four State Pledge.” The pledge is sponsored by the State Democratic Parties in South Carolina, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire. Candidates who sign the pledge agree not to campaign in any state that schedules a caucus or primary before February 5th, 2008.

Here is an excerpt from each statement:

Biden: "It is time to end all the maneuvering around the dates of the early primaries and caucuses. We intend not only to sign the pledge, but to honor our pledge to Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina to respect their primacy to the process."

Clinton: "We believe Iowa , New Hampshire , Nevada and South Carolina play a unique and special role in the nominating process. And we believe the DNC’s rules and its calendar provide the necessary structure to respect and honor that role. Thus, we will be signing the pledge to adhere to the DNC approved nominating calendar."

Dodd: "I believe that Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada offer a cross section of America and allow for voters to probe the experience and vision of candidates in a meaningful way."

Edwards: "Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina need to be first because in these states ideas count, not just money. These are places where voters get to look the candidate in the eye and measure their policies, ideas, and integrity. That’s why I am signing this pledge. This tried-and-true nominating system is the only way for voters to judge the field based on the quality of the candidate, not the depth of their war chest."

Obama: "I look forward to continuing the dialogue with voters and building the kind of grassroots movement in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina and the rest of the country that will send a clear signal to Washington that the American people are ready for change."

Richardson: "This process is completely out of control and only an agreement by the candidates can restore sanity. I hope no candidate tries to manipulate this situation for his or her own purposes. The DNC rules were established for a purpose – to allow retail campaigning in a few early states and choose those states based on geographic and demographic diversity. Each candidate for President should do whatever possible to preserve the established rules. Anarchy in the nominating process does nothing to further the cause of changing America."

Chris Dodd/IAFF Event Summary

Here is a summary of the Chris Dodd/IAFF rally at Manchester's Station 7. The summary was submitted by Luke Vargas of

At a rally Friday morning in Manchester, Senator Dodd articulated what his recent endorsement by the IAFF's truly signifies by underscoring the amount of respect and heroism we associate with firefighters. If I didn't have access to the news, I'm confident I would trust a firefighter to tell me who the best candidate was. It's that level of deference to the firefighter's profession that makes the IAFF endorsement so important for Dodd.

In most cases, whenever a campaigning politician mentions or his or her legislative accomplishments or has their career summarized by someone else, audiences don't often get too excited. When Chris Dodd's resume of protecting firefighters in his 26 years in the Senate was explained by Harold Schaitberger the audience notably began nodding in anticipation and approval before the words "SAFER Act" and "FIRE Act" were mentioned. So little is communicated from the television screen; the emotions of a crowd are only palpable when you're there in person. Being surrounded by the mass of firefighters drove home the level of sincere agreement and respect for Dodd's bills and career that the audience felt.

After seeing Dodd on three prior occasions, I agreed with those who were critical of his often-bureaucratic manner of speech, but Dodd is markedly new man now. With a fresh haircut, a raspy voice (no doubt from two consecutive days of IAFF rallies), and a throng of cheering supporters, I can now visualize a different Chris Dodd. Where I previously saw little more than a Washington politician--a kind one, but far from charismatic--I now see Dodd as a candidate capable of both succeeding in his legislative role, but also someone with the spark to lead and inspire the people who hear him.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Rudy Strategy Director: NH Is A Two-Way race, McCain Still Strong

In an e-mail to supporters, Rudy Giuliani's Strategy Director, Brent Seaborn, concluded the following:

"New Hampshire is slowly developing in to a two-way race between Mitt Romney and Mayor Giuliani and our internal average of public polls shows that Mayor Giuliani is beginning to narrow the race. Senator McCain continues to be strong in New Hampshire though."

The e-mail was entitled "LABOR DAY POLLING UPDATE" and gave an update to Rudy's polling numbers in various primary states and the general election.

Edwards To Formally Announce Carpenters' Endorsement in NH

On September 8th, John Edwards will formally announce the endorsement of The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Edwards will make the announcement in New Hampshire where the union has over 2, 100 members.

Brownback To Hold Social Security Forums

On Tuesday, September 4th, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is scheduled to host a series of Social Security forums.

Here is his public schedule:

Tuesday, September 4

Sen. Brownback Hosts Social Security Forum with Noted Expert William Shipman
10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Bonhoeffer's Cafe
8 Franklin Street
Nashua, NH
Note: Jeff Nelson, president of Thomas More College, will introduce Shipman and Sen. Brownback. Students for Saving Social Security, the nation's largest youth organization dedicated to Social Security reform, will provide coffee and refreshments.

Sen. Brownback Hosts Social Security Forum with Noted Expert William Shipman
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
New Hampshire Institute of Politics
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH

Sen. Brownback Greets Supporters at Christian Bookstore
4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
DeColores Bookstore
471 S Broadway
Salem, NH

Sen. Brownback Hosts Social Security Forum with Noted Expert William Shipman
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Strafford Room
Memorial Union Building
University of New Hampshire
83 Main Street
Durham, NH
Note: The UNH College Republicans are jointly hosting the event with Students for Saving Social Security, the nation's largest youth organization dedicated to Social Security reform.

Thompson To Visit Portsmouth, Manchester, Nashua

Marc Ambinder has a copy of a Fred Thompson memo which lays out Thompson's New Hampshire schedule:

Saturday, September 8th
Evening Portsmouth, NH

Sunday, September 9
Afternoon Manchester, NH
Evening Nashua, NH

McCain To Speak At National Leaders Forum

John McCain will be in Nashua for breakfast on September 4th. He will be speaking at National Leaders Forum sponsored by the New Hampshire Political Library and the BIA.

For more information, go here:
National Leaders Forum presents John McCain

Thursday, August 30, 2007

ARG: Clinton, Romney Continue To Lead

A new American Research Group poll shows Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney leading their perspective fields. The poll also shows Mike Huckabee beating Fred Thompson. While on the Democratic side, John Edwards and Barack Obama in a close battle for second.

Here are the results:


Clinton: 37
Obama: 17
Edwards: 14
Richardson: 7
Biden: 4
Dodd: 2
Kucinich: 2
Gravel: 1
Undecided: 16


Romney: 27
Giuliani: 23
McCain: 12
Huckabee: 9
Thompson: 8
Gingrich: 4
Paul: 3
Brownback: 1
Undecided: 15

NH Fredheads Get Ready

The Politico's Jonathan Martin is reporting that Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson is set to announce his presidential candidacy on Thursday, September 6th. This means that Thompson will not be participating in the September 5th UNH/Fox News Republican debate.

However, Granite State Fredheads will be able to see Thompson shortly after his announcement because the former Tennessee Senator will be conducting "a "grass-roots tour" of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina."

Thompson will be in New Hampshire on September 8th and the 9th.

Obama Campaign Organized More Than 400 Summer Events

From the Obama Campaign:

Barack Obama made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to run a different kind of campaign—a grassroots movement that would allow regular people to take organizing into their own hands to change the country. From issue forums to book clubs to "eating meetings," that vision has become a reality in New Hampshire this summer.

As we head into the fall, here's a sampling of some of the more than 400 activities from the summer:

Local issue forums: 33
Participants: more than 400
Faith forums: 9
Child advocacy forums: 7
Small business forums: 4
Environment forums: 7
Senior citizen forums: 6

From Doubt to Hope Book Clubs: 48
Four sessions each 12 towns
Participants: more than 300

New Hampshire Users: 801

Hoops.Action.Change basketball tournament
Regional brackets: 4 (Portsmouth, Keene, Nashua, and Lebanon)
Participants: 75
Games played: 58

Independence Day Events: More than 50
Debate Watch Parties: 27
Women for Obama events: 12
Coffees with the Campaign: 46
General organizational meetings: 82

Dodd's Labor Day Schedule

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd will be in New Hampshire on Sunday, September 2nd and Monday, September 3rd. Dodd will be attending several BBQs, speak at the AFL-CIO breakfast and march in the Milford parade.

Here is his public schedule:

SUNDAY, September 2nd

11:45 am
Labor Day BBQ in Somersworth
The Home of Muriel Ring
96 West High St.
Somersworth, NH

4:00 pm
Labor Day BBQ in New London
Mike and Liz Meller
142 Job Seamans Acres
New London, NH

MONDAY, September 3rd

9:00 am
AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast
Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
650 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH

12:30 pm
Milford Labor Day Parade
Start: Milford High School
100 West St.
Milford, NH

3:30 pm
Amherst Democrats Labor Day BBQ
Amherst Country Club
72 Ponemah Road
Amherst, NH

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Updated Richardson Schedule

Governor Bill Richardson returns to the Granite State this week for "Presidential Job Interviews" in Londonderry, Milford, Plymouth, Canterbury and Dover. The Governor's stops will also include the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, Oktoberfest in Danbury and the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Since July 1 st, Governor Richardson has held forty-two "Presidential Job Interviews" and other public meetings across New Hampshire, with another seven scheduled for this visit.

Saturday, September 1st

When: 2:15 PM
What: Londonderry "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Pam Jorgensen, 6 Rolling Ridge Road, Londonderry

When: 4:00 PM
What: Milford "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Harley-Sanford VFW Post 4368, 14 Perkins Street, Milford

When: 7:05 PM
What: Boston Red Sox game
Where: Fenway Park

Sunday, September 2nd

When: 9:00 AM
What: Red Arrow Diner
Where: 61 Lowell Street, Manchester

When: 10:30 AM
What: Plymouth "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Rodger & Eva Ellsworth, 18 Thurlow Street, Plymouth

When: 12:45 PM
What: Oktoberfest
Where: Inn at Danbury, 67 NH Route 104, Danbury

When: 2:30 PM
What: Canterbury "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Bill and Claire Anderson, 2 Baptist Road, Canterbury

When: 5:45 PM
What: Dover "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Waldron Towers, 3 Green Street, Dover

Updated Obama Schedule

Senator Barack Obama will be participating in an AFL-CIO breakfast, holding a Manchester rally, marching in the Milford parade and attending a Hudson ice cream social.

Monday, September 3rd

AFL-CIO Breakfast
Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
650 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH
Details: Tickets: 603 623 7302 ext 10

Veterans Memorial Park
737 Elm Street
Manchester , NH 03101
***Please RSVP to Lenora Fisher: (603) 668-2008

Come and join us as we march for change with Barack and his family
Line up at 100 West Street (Milford High School)
Milford , NH
Interested in marching or requiring more details, click here:

Hudson Ice Cream Social
Dr. H.O. Smith School
33 School Street
Hudson, NH

Paul Gains Another Endorsement

Ron Paul's campaign recently announced that it has gained the endorsement of Dr. Stephen King. Dr. King is the past president of Gun Owners of New Hampshire. In a campaign press release, King said that he was supporting Paul because "Considering all of the 2008 Presidential candidates, Democrat or Republican, Dr. Ron Paul is the only one I trust to protect our right to keep and bear arms without compromise."

Romney To Begin Airing "Leadership" Ad

Mitt Romney is scheduled to begin airing a new television ad. The ad is entitled "Leadership" and concentrates on his time at the Winter Olympics and being the Governor of Massachusetts. Here is a transcript of the ad and the ad itself:

ANNCR: An Olympics hit by scandal and deficits… he rescued them.

He turned around dozens of companies… and became a business legend.

A state losing jobs, with huge deficits…

Governor Mitt Romney turned it around - cutting spending, instead of raising taxes.

At every step, he's met extraordinary challenges.

Mitt Romney.

The energy and experience to turnaround Washington.

WMR: I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message.

Clintons To Visit Concord, Portsmouth

Bill and Hillary Clinton will be in Concord and Portsmouth on Sunday, September 2nd.

Here is the event information:

Sunday, September 2

Fall Kick-Off Rally with Hillary and Bill Clinton in Concord
Concord State House Lawn
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH
Gates Open at 12:45 p.m.
Print online tickets:

Fall Kick-Off Rally with Hillary and Bill Clinton in Portsmouth
Pleasant Street at Market Square
Portsmouth, NH
Gates Open at 6:00 p.m.
Print online tickets:

Kucinich Staff Changes

Dennis Kucinich's New Hampshire campaign has undergone a staff change. Their New Hampshire spokesperson, Chris Collier, has left campaign.

Susan Bruce, Kucinich's New Hampshire State Coordinator, told us that "Chris left to pursue other opportunities. We are sorry to see him go, but but wish him all the best, and we're very grateful to him for all of his work on the campaign."

Pat Frisella will be taking over media operations. Frisella used to be the events coordinator.

Obama To Attend AFL-CIO Breakfast, Hudson Ice Cream Social

Senator Barack Obama will be participating in an AFL-CIO breakfast and a Hudson ice cream social. Additional events are yet to be released.

Monday, September 3rd

AFL-CIO Breakfast
Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
650 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH
Details: Tickets: 603 623 7302 ext 10

Hudson Ice Cream Social
Dr. H.O. Smith School
33 School Street
Hudson, NH

Romney To Spend Labor Day In The Granite State

Former Bay State Governor Mitt Romney will be in New Hampshire on Labor Day. Events include a "Meet The Candidate" event in Moultonborough, marching in the Milford parade and Nashua "Ask Mitt Anything" forum.

Here is his public schedule:

Monday, September 3rd

"Meet The Candidate"
734 Whittier Highway
Moultonborough, NH

"Ashland Community Meet and Greet"
Home of Marion Merrill
60 Highland Street
Ashland, NH

"Operation Old Glory"
The State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH

"March With The Romneys"
Milford Labor Day Parade
100 West Street
Milford, NH

"Salem GOP Labord Day Picnic"
Derry/Salem Elks Club
Shadow Lake Rd./Rte. 111
Salem, NH

"Ask Mitt Anything Town Hall Meeting"
Nashua VFQ Post 483
2 Quincy Street
Nashua, NH

Richardson To Visit Londonderry, Milford, Derry

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be back in the Granite State on September 1st and 2nd. He will be visiting Londonderry, Milford and Derry.

Here is his public schedule:

Saturday, September 1

"Presidential Job Interview"
Home of Pam and Don Jorgensen
6 Rolling Ridge Road
RSVP: Megan Partridge 505 270 2328 or or Pam Jorgensen at 603 432 6684

"Presidential Job Interview"
Harley-Sanford VFW Post 4368
Milford, NH

Sunday, September 2

"Presidential Job Interview"
Waldron Towers
Dover, NH

Romney Back Up With NH Ads

Mitt Romney is set to begin another round of New Hampshire television ads.

The Politico's Jonathan Martin is reporting that the ad buy will be "250 points on New Hampshire's sole broadcast station, WMUR, and another 150 on the Vermont and Maine affiliates that reach over into the Granite State. These numbers mean, very broadly, that the average television viewer in Iowa and New Hampshire will see the new Romney ad only a small handful of times."

Marc Ambinder breaks down the point system here: Romney Returns To The Air

Manchester IAFF Endorsement Rally For Chris Dodd

The IAFF will be holding an endorsement rally for Chris Dodd this Friday, 31 August 2007 at 10:00am. The event will be taking place at Manchester's Station 7 at 679 Somerville Street.

Dodd will be joined by IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger.

Hillary Brings Bill Back To The Granite State

On her next trip to New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton will be allowing Bill to tag along. The Clintons will spend Sunday, September 2nd in New Hampshire. Additional Details will be announced at a later time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dodd Gains IAFF Endorsement

Tomorrow in DC, Chris Dodd will be receiving the endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters. Dodd will be joined by IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger. After the announcement, Dodd and Schaitberger will begin a three day tour through Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

This is an important national endorsement, and a critical New Hampshire pick-up. Need evidence? Almost every article written today highlights the fact that the IAFF helped boost Kerry over Dean in '04. A Fox News article said "Firefighters turned out in force to campaign for Kerry in early voting states such as New Hampshire, providing a burst of momentum that helped him win the party's nomination in 2004." Remember those yellow t-shirts that were everywhere in the lead-up to the primary, those were IAFF members out in force.

Once we find out the schedule, we'll post it.

Elizabeth Edwards Returns To The Granite State

Elizabeth Edwards returns to New Hampshire on Thursday, August 30th. Here is her public schedule:

Thursday, August 30th

Bow Coffee and House Party
Home of Ignatius and Eleanor MacLellan
11 Longview Dr., Bow

Beech Street School Supply Drop Off
Beech Street Elementary School
625 Beech St., Manchester

Teachers Round Table
Beech Street Elementary School
625 Beech St., Manchester

Mount Vernon House Party
4 Blood Rd., Mount Vernon, NH

Rudy Announces Support From NH Business Leaders

Today Rudy Giuliani's New Hampshire campaign announced the formation of their "New Hampshire Business Leaders for Rudy." According to a campaign press release "The team will help spread Rudy’s commitment to cutting wasteful government spending, restoring fiscal discipline and lowering taxes."

Here are some names from the list and a link to the full list:

-Steven A. Belair, Bel-Air Homes Inc., Manchester
-George Carlisle, Old Port Properties, Portsmouth
-Ronald H. Gagnon, Ronald H. Gagnon, CPA, Manchester
-Chris Thompson, Catch 22 Solutions, Manchester

New Hampshire Business Leaders Join Team Rudy

Obama Returns To NH for Labor Day

Barack Obama will return New Hampshire on September 3rd for a two day visit. Obama will be in Manchester, Milford, Hudson, and Nashua. Further details will be announced shortly.

Richardson To Hold Londonderry "Presidential Job Interview"

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be back in New Hampshire this upcoming Labor Day weekend. On Saturday, he will be holding a "Presidential Job Interview" in Londonderry.

Here is the information:

WHEN: Saturday September 1, 2007
from 2:00 - 3:30pm

WHERE: at the home of
Pam and Don Jorgensen
6 Rolling Ridge Road
Londonderry NH 03053

RSVP to: Megan Partridge 505 270 2328 or
or: Pam Jorgensen 603 432 6684

Tancredo To Hold Merrimack Town Hall

On Thursday, September 6th, Tom Tancredo will be holding a town hall meeting in Merrimack. The event is scheduled to take place between 7:00pm and 8:30pm.

Here are the details:

Merrimack Town Hall Courtroom.
6 Baboosic Lake Road
Merrimack, NH

Contact Phone: (603) 622-0044

Brownback To Appear on "The Exchange"

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is going to be on NHPR’s “The Exchange” on Tuesday, Sept. 4 from 9-10 am.

Rudy Buys Small Radio Time

The Politico's Ben Smith reported today that Rudy Giuliani has bought $10,000 in New Hampshire radio ads.

For the story, go here: Media buying notes: National Rudy

Dodd To Celebrate Labor Day In The Granite State

Senator Chris Dodd will be celebrating Labor Day in New Hampshire. He will be in the state on Sunday, September 2nd and Monday, September 3rd. Here is his public schedule, additional events will be announced later.

Members of the public should RSVP to the New Hampshire campaign headquarters for all events by calling (603) 668-3633, as space is limited.

Sunday, September 2nd

11:45 AM
Labor Day BBQ in Somersworth
The Home of Muriel Ring
96 West High St.
Somersworth, NH

4:00 PM
Labor Day BBQ in New London
Mike and Liz Meller
142 Job Seamans Acres
New London, NH

Monday, September 3rd

12:30 PM
Milford Labor Day Parade
Start: Milford High School
100 West St.
Milford, NH

Is Ron Paul Gaining The Big Mo?

According to an article, Texas Congressman Ron Paul is in the midst of building a competitive campaign in New Hampshire. The Free Market News article states that his Granite State campaign now has five staffers and is organizing "MeetUp" volunteers.

Here's the article: Ron Paul Builds NH & Goldwater Rump

Over the next couple of days, we're hoping to do a story on Ron Paul and whether or not he can pull a primary surprise.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bedford GOP Breakfast Includes Romney, Huckabee, McCain

The Bedford Republican Committee Annual Breakfast will be held on Monday, September 17th from 7:00am to 8:30am at CR Sparks. Tentative attendees include Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and John McCain.

Here is the event information:

Tickets are $30.00 per person; we prefer checks made out to "BRC".
You can mail them to me at 101 Powder Hill Road, Bedford, NH 03110.
Contact: Ray Chadwick
(603) 566-9129

Craig and Mary Romney Interview

On Saturday, Craig Romney and his wife Mary sat down for an interview.

Here is a transcript of that interview:

Q: Highlights of the trip so far?
Craig: “We’re looking forward to “Geronimo.” (Reference to the waterslide at Water Country.) Everything is yet to come but I liked the ice chocolate at Burdyck's and I’m looking forward to the water stops.”
Mary: “I’m looking forward to visiting the North Country because I’ve never been there.”

Q: Why should New Hampshire voters support Governor Romney?
Craig: “The same reasons that voters in Iowa or Florida should. He has a unique combination of qualities, experience and ideas. He’s dedicated to a strong family, a strong military and a strong economy.”

Q: What is one thing that people do not know about Governor Romney that they should?
Craig: “How hard he works. During out vacations he’s always doing something, always working.”
Mary: “He’s always thinking. When he was thinking about healthcare in Massachusetts, he was on vacation with us and he was thinking things through and asking questions. He is also an avid reader. He probably goes through a book every two days.”

Q: What has it been like driving the “Mitt Mobile?”
Craig: (Laughs) “So far I’ve managed to stay on the road.”

The Mitt Mobile Travels To All Ten NH Counties

Joined by his wife Mary and son Parker, Craig Romney spent the past four days visiting all 10 New Hampshire counties.

Building upon the “Five Brothers” tour of Iowa, Mitt Romney’s youngest son drove “The Mitt Mobile” to various events.

Their day on Saturday started with a walk through the Gilford Old Home Day parade, with 20 Romney volunteers.

Cheered on by chats of “Keep America Great, Romney ‘08” Romney supporters passed out candy to a crowd that at times was three people deep.

Next on the docket was a stop at Water Country, where Craig found time to go down their well-known “Geronimo” waterslide. At the event, he also chatted with a man about custody rights for fathers.

On the Seacoast, Craig and Mary Romney ordered seafood at Petey’s and met with a group of 15 Romney supporters at North Hampton’s “The Beach Plum” ice cream stand.

More on "The Mitt Mobile" and the "Five Brothers" tour can be found at: Five Brothers

Upcoming McCain Events

Here are some upcoming John McCain events. McCain will be back in New Hampshire on September 4th for a town hall event in Bow and for the GOP debate on the 5th.

"John McCain: Courageous Service" - Sneak Preview Video Premiere!
Be the first to see our new campaign video highlighting John McCain's heroic life story.
Thursday, August 30th
5:30 pm
John McCain 2008 NH Headquarters
250 Commercial Street, Suite 3007
Manchester, NH 03101
RSVP: 603-369-4944

Bow Town Hall Meeting with John McCain
September 4th
Bow Fire Station
2 Knox Road
RSVP: 603-369-4945

September 5th
Pre-Debate Rally with Sen. McCain
Libby's Bar and Grill
47 Main Street
Durham, NH
RSVP: 603-369-4946

Dodd Announces Rockingham County Co-Chair

Richard Ingram, former President of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, has endorsed Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd. Ingram will serve as the Co-Chair of Rockingham County.

In a campaign press release, Ingram said he was supporting Dodd because "We need leadership from our next President that will transform America, and Senator Dodd has a proven record of offering bold leadership throughout his career. His achievements over three decades of national service demonstrate his forward thinking vision and the skills and perseverance required to lead us toward real change. His accomplishments prove he can forge relationships that make better days not just possible, but inevitable. I look forward to doing all I can to spread his message of proven leadership when it matters most to the people of New Hampshire."

Brownback To Particiate in Social Security Event

On September 4th, Sam Brownback will be doing a Social Security event with students in Nashua at 10am at Bonhoeffer's coffee shop. The event is co-sponsored by Thomas More College and Students for Saving Social Security.

1,000 Rally For Edwards

From The Edwards Campaign:

The Edwards family wound up their four-day bus tour of New Hampshire last night by rallying an energized, excited crowd of over 1000 at Prescott Park in Portsmouth. Edwards took questions ranging from health care to Iraq to restoring America’s moral responsibility in the world while his children Emma Claire and Jack darted on and off the stage.

Among the crowd was Nancy Schuster, a breast cancer survivor and single mother of four who has struggled to afford her treatment while putting her children through college. As she told the crowd her story and thanked Elizabeth for an inspirational hospital room phone call earlier this year, Elizabeth walked into the crowd to hug her. Watch this moving moment and see John Edwards tell Nancy that he is running for President because of her and that when he is President, her voice and the millions of voices like hers will be heard:

Christie Vilsack To Campaign For Clinton

Christie Vilsack, former first lady of Iowa, will be campaigning in New Hampshire on behalf of Senator Clinton. Mrs. Vilsack will be discussing Clinton's education policies.

Here is her public schedule:

Tuesday, August 28th

6:30 pm
Educator House Party in Londonderry
Home of Londonderry Teacher Katie Wolff1
Lancaster Drive
Londonderry, NH

Wednesday, August 29th

2:00 pm
Educator Roundtable in Manchester
Manchester Public Library
405 Pine Street
Manchester, NH

4:30 pm
Educator Roundtable in Nashua
Nashua Public Library
Theatre Room, Midlevel
2 Court St
Nashua NH

6:00 pm
NH for Hillary Nashua Office Open House
NH for Hillary Nashua Office
23 Elm Street
Nashua, NH

Tancredo To Participate In Londonderry Town Hall Forum

On September 4th from 7pm-8pm, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo will be participating in a town hall forum in Londonderry.

Here's all the information you will need:

Lions Club
256 Mammoth Rd.
Londonderry, NH

Contact Person: Team Tancredo
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone: (603) 622-0044

Students for Saving Social Security Forms In NH

The group Students for Saving Social Security has formed in New Hampshire. According to their website they "represent the interests of our generation by advocating for genuine Social Security reform through personal ownership." The group has an office in New Hampshire and is planning to have chapters at every college in the state. They are also a sponsor of the upcoming Fox News/GOP debate on September 5th.

For more information visit their website at:

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Edwards Critical of Democratic Congress

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards began the fourth day of his Granite State bus tour with a shot at the Democratic Congress.

Speaking before nearly 200 people at Manchester’s City Hall plaza, Edwards said that the Democrats in Congress should support a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq. He argued that the 2006 election was a “mandate for change” and that “Bush must be made to change course.”

Edwards even went has far as to argue that Democrats “should filibuster bills with no timetable (for withdrawal).”

Building upon his appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Edwards told the crowd that when General Petraeus submits his September report Americans must ask, “has Iraq made progress toward a political solution and how long will troops be deployed if there is no progress?”

He also laid out his Iraq policy that would pull out all combat troops out by nine months and immediately remove 50,000 troops.

In addition to Iraq, Edwards spend his stump speech arguing that the “system is rigged and broken” and in 2008 Americans must “decide whether to go backwards or forward.”

Richardson Lays Out First Six Days

Before a crowded Exeter kitchen, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson laid out his plan for his first six days in office.

Richardson said on the first day he would deal with the war in Iraq. To a thunderous round of applause, the former United Nations ambassador said that he would bring all troops home within six months. Though when later pressed on the issue, he suggested that the logistics of a six month timetable might be difficult.

He would use the leverage of a troop withdrawal to form a coalition Iraqi government, develop an Arabic peacekeeping force and engage with Iran and Syria.

Richardson would also redirect U.S. policy foreign policy to combat global warming, preventing nuclear prevention and combating threats from terrorism.

His other five days would be dedicated to transforming the education system, revitalizing the economy to benefit the middle-class, providing healthcare, becoming energy independent and finally helping Americans “remember what America used to be like before the Bush administration took over”

Richardson also was not afraid to take swipes at his Democratic rivals. In a critique of the competing messages of Clinton (experience) and Obama (change), Richardson told the crowd “What I bring is change and experience.”

The New Mexico Governor also weighed in on the debate over using nuclear weapons. In an Associated Press interview, Barack Obama said that he would not use nuclear weapons. Hillary Clinton who argued that a president should leave all options on the table later rebuffed his comment. Richardson took a tough line on the nuclear issue and said, “I would never use nuclear weapons…As President you have to stand for something.”

Huckabee Gains NH Endorsements

Earlier this week former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee picked-up the endorsement of five State Representatives, two former Senators and the former Commissioner of Transportation.

Here is the list of endorsers:

-Former Senator and Executive Council Candidate Russell Prescott: New Hampshire Huckabee Leadership Committee and serve as the Rockingham County Co-Chair
-Former Executive Councilor, State Senator and State Representative Dave Wheeler: statewide leadership committee, chair Huckabee's "New Hampshire Homeschoolers for Huckabee Coalition," and serve on his 2nd Amendment Advisory Committee.
-Former Commissioner of Transportation Carol Murray, who will advise the Governor's campaign on transportation issues.
-State Representative Jason Bedrick from Windham: Windham/Salem Town Chair
-John Castelot, Vice Chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee: Manchester Ward 4 Chair
-Cheryl Cataldo: Farmington Town Chair
-State Representative Dan Dumaine: will serve as the Rockingham County Co-Chair and Auburn Town Chair
-State Representative Frank Emiro: Londonderry Town Chair
-State Representative Ryan Hansen: Milford Town Chair
-Dick & Linda Jazowski: Rochester City Committee Chairs
-State Representative Connie Soucy: Manchester City Committee Co-Chair
-Former State Representative Rep. Nancy Wall: Hollis Town Chair.