Monday, August 27, 2007

The Mitt Mobile Travels To All Ten NH Counties

Joined by his wife Mary and son Parker, Craig Romney spent the past four days visiting all 10 New Hampshire counties.

Building upon the “Five Brothers” tour of Iowa, Mitt Romney’s youngest son drove “The Mitt Mobile” to various events.

Their day on Saturday started with a walk through the Gilford Old Home Day parade, with 20 Romney volunteers.

Cheered on by chats of “Keep America Great, Romney ‘08” Romney supporters passed out candy to a crowd that at times was three people deep.

Next on the docket was a stop at Water Country, where Craig found time to go down their well-known “Geronimo” waterslide. At the event, he also chatted with a man about custody rights for fathers.

On the Seacoast, Craig and Mary Romney ordered seafood at Petey’s and met with a group of 15 Romney supporters at North Hampton’s “The Beach Plum” ice cream stand.

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