Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Updated Richardson Schedule

Governor Bill Richardson returns to the Granite State this week for "Presidential Job Interviews" in Londonderry, Milford, Plymouth, Canterbury and Dover. The Governor's stops will also include the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, Oktoberfest in Danbury and the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Since July 1 st, Governor Richardson has held forty-two "Presidential Job Interviews" and other public meetings across New Hampshire, with another seven scheduled for this visit.

Saturday, September 1st

When: 2:15 PM
What: Londonderry "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Pam Jorgensen, 6 Rolling Ridge Road, Londonderry

When: 4:00 PM
What: Milford "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Harley-Sanford VFW Post 4368, 14 Perkins Street, Milford

When: 7:05 PM
What: Boston Red Sox game
Where: Fenway Park

Sunday, September 2nd

When: 9:00 AM
What: Red Arrow Diner
Where: 61 Lowell Street, Manchester

When: 10:30 AM
What: Plymouth "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Rodger & Eva Ellsworth, 18 Thurlow Street, Plymouth

When: 12:45 PM
What: Oktoberfest
Where: Inn at Danbury, 67 NH Route 104, Danbury

When: 2:30 PM
What: Canterbury "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Bill and Claire Anderson, 2 Baptist Road, Canterbury

When: 5:45 PM
What: Dover "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Waldron Towers, 3 Green Street, Dover