Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gilmore Drops Out of Race

Former Virginia Governor, and Republican presidential candidate, Jim Gilmore has announced that he is suspending his presidential candidacy. Gilmore told The Politico's Mike Allen that he is dropping out of the race "Because of the front-loading of the primaries, I would have basically had to stop campaigning and spend full time organizing hundreds of people to raise money for me." Gilmore said that he will now establish a PAC and focus on electing Republicans to the Virginia legislature. Gilmore had visited New Hampshire three times and was polling at near zero percent.

The Allen story can be read here: Gilmore drops out of race

Clintons Woo Manchester Crowd

The following campaign event summary was submitted by Lance Kuntzman. Mr. Kuntzman attended the Manchester rally for Hillary Clinton. Here is his report:

The Clinton staff, by far,is one of the best with organization and attention to detail. Tons of volunteers, huge signs and a festive atmosphere. My wife and I had front row seats, and Hillary definitely has become a MUCH better speaker over time ... especially compared to earlier this year. She was passionate, forceful and very funny as well. My two favorites were saying she will be as tough with federal finances as her father was with the family budget and that as a woman she is ready to"clean up" the mess in Washington. Bill spoke beforehand, and he was fantastic. I can see why he is considered to be the best candidate of his generation. He was gracious in speaking about all the Dems running, saying they are all quite good. However, his wife (surprise!) is the best qualified to be elected. He also said he would volunteer for the campaign even if he was not married to Hillary, and that she is the best non incumbent candidate he has seen in his 40 years of voting.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dartmouth To Hold Primary Reporting Panel

On Wednesday July 18, Dartmouth will sponsor a panel discussing entitled "Reporting on the Primaries: There Has to Be A Better Way to Pick a President." The discussion is sponsored by the Office of Public Affairs and will be moderated by author Ron Suskind. The event will take place from 5:00 to 6:00pm and is open to the public. The panel will feature the following journalists:

-Jonathan Alter, Newsweek magazine
-Jackie Calmes, Wall Street Journal;
-David Chalian, ABC News;
-David Mark, The Politico
-Walter Shapiro, Salon
-Karen Tumulty, Time magazine
-Russ Walker,

State Representative Endorses Fred Thompson

We learned today that Bedford Republican State Representative Mark Clark has endorsed Fred Thompson. Representative Clark is the first New Hampshire elected official to endorse Fred Thompson.

Also, the Fred Thompson draft movement has established a New Hampshire website at:

Obama's Grassroots Endorsements

Barack Obama continues racking up New Hampshire endorsements. This week his campaign released the names of various "grassroots leaders" who have endorsed the Senator. In a campaign press release, Obama said that "Whether it’s hundreds coming out to canvass, or community leaders coming down to our offices to make phone calls, this grassroots movement is strong and growing.” Here is a list of the endorsements for this week:

Grassroots Leaders in Cheshire County
Dan Carr, Ashuelot – Co-Chair of the Ashuelot Democrats
Julia Ferrari, Ashuelot – Co-Chair of the Ashuelot Democrats
Ann Heffernon, Swanzey – Secretary of the Cheshire County Democratic Executive Committee
Gene Pokorny, Jaffrey – President of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation; Board Member, Council for a Livable World

Hillsborough County Grassroots Leaders
Gerald (Jerry) Hanauer, Bedford Don Johnson; Deering Peter Von Sneidern, Temple; Bruce and Francesca Cobb, Peterborough; Joan Jones, Milford; Nolan Jones, Milford; Cornelis Pieterse, Wilton; Marion Noble, Antrim; Terry Reeves, Peterborough; David Baum, Peterborough

Grassroots Leaders in Southeastern New Hampshire
Chip Moynihan, Hampton – New Hampshire Democratic Party State Committee Member; Rockingham County Democratic Executive Committee member
Joanne Dowdell, Portsmouth – Vice President for Corporate Responsibility for Citizens Advisors Inc.
Jerry Slagle, Alton – Democratic activist
John Barriere, Durham – Membership Coordinator of the College Democrats of New Hampshire (UNH student)

Obama was also endorsed by the following people: Rep. David Borden of New Castle; Cheshire County Treasurer Stuart West; Paul O'Connor, state Democratic Party Labor Caucus co-chair; Douglas Micklon, former American Legion state commander, and his wife, former state Rep. Stephanie Micklon, both of Salem.

McCain: I Am Responsible For Campaign

While campaigning in New Hampshire, John McCain spend a half-hour on a "blogger" conference call. During the discussion, McCain admitted that he his responsible for the problems with his campaign and the campaign allowed spending to get out of control. On the other hand, McCain said that he now feels the campaign is "back on track" and he is "sorry" that he had to "part company with people I am dear friends with." The Arizona Senator also said he had received an ethusaistic response in Concord and will be doing more town-hall meetings and face-to-face events, with voters. In response to a question on campaign debts, McCain said "there are debts, I don’t have specifics because I have not seen it. Our folks are still working on it."

McCain took most of his time to answer questions on Iraq. Here are some highlights:

On the Lugar/Warner authorization amendments:
"once you authorize a nation to go to war you either win the war or lose the war. We have not lost the war."

Iraqi Government:
"Not making political progress, the government is not functioning has it needs too"

Public Sentiment on Iraq/withdrawal:
"Americans (from the media) don’t get complete big picture…withdrawal options are not thoroughly discussed"

McCain: Iraqi Government Not Working

Speaking before the Concord Chamber of Commerce, John McCain said

"Now that the military effort in Iraq is showing some signs of progress, the space is opening for political progress. Yet rather than seizing the opportunity, the government of Prime Minister Maliki is not functioning as it must. We see little evidence of reconciliation and little progress toward meeting the benchmarks laid out by the President. The Iraqi government can function; the question is whether it will. If there is to be hope of a sustainable end to the violence that so plagues that country, Iraqi political leaders must seize this opportunity. It will not come around again."

McCain also purposed increasing the Marines from 750,000 troops to 900,000 and forming an "Army Advisor Corps" that would work with friendly militaries aboard.

Edwards To Appear At Hampton Democratic Picnic

On August 24th, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards will be the guest speaker at the Hampton Democratic Committee annual summer picnic. The picnic will be taking place at the Pitlochry Farm in Hampton Falls. Details will be announced at a later date.

Clinton In Keene: Tax Code Should Value Hard Work

While campaigning in Keene, Hillary Clinton purposed closing a tax loophole "tax loophole that allows some Wall Street investment managers to pay dramatically lower tax rates on their income than those paid by average working Americans." The New York Senator said “Our tax code should be valuing hard work and helping middle class and working families get ahead.”

NOTE: The quotes were provided by a Clinton press release

Richardson Back To NH on July 16th-17th

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be back in New Hampshire on Monday July 16th. Richardson will help kick-off the "Women for Richardson" group, walk through downtown Portsmouth and visit the home of former Dover Mayor William Boc. Here is his public schedule:

New Hampshire Campaign Schedule for Monday, July 16th

When: 9:00 AM
What: Appearance on NHPR's "The Exchange"
Please call in (1-800-892-6477) to ask the Governor questions.

When: 12:00 PM
What: "Women for Richardson" National Kickoff Event
Where: Concord City Auditorium - Main Lobby
2 Prince Street, Concord
Please RSVP to Rebecca Logan,

When: 4:15 PM
What: Walk Down Main Street
Where: Main Street, Portsmouth

When: 5:15 PM
What: Dover "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: home of former Dover Mayor William Boc
8 Arch St., Dover

When: 7:00 PM
What: Rochester "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: home of Dr. Walter Hoerman
4 Conifer Circle, Rochester

Tuesday, July 17th

When: 9:30am
What: "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Fred and Vivian Isaacson
25 North keeneY Shore, Wolfeboro

When: 11:20am
What: Conway, "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Gibson Center, Conway

When: 1:30pm
What: Ossipee "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Old Ossipee Courthouse, Ossipee

Rudy Criticizes Hillary's Position on Iraq

In this weeke's WKXL 1450's "On the Campaign Trail" radio segment, Rudy Giuliani criticizes Hillary Clinton's position on Iraq. In an interview, the former New York Mayor said,

"If you look at the leading candidate on the democratic side, she first voted for this war. She applauded the downfall of Sadaam Hussein. Then she was never going to vote for a timetable for retreat, because it was irresponsible to vote for a timetable for retreat. Then she voted for a timetable for retreat. Then she said she would never vote to defund the troops and then she voted to defund the troops. There I count three or four different positions on a matter of war and peace."

Romney Launches New Radio Ad, "Ann On Family."

Today, Mitt Romney's campaign launched a new radio ad. The ad is entitled "Ann On Family" and features Ann Romney discussing her family. The 60-second ad began airing in New Hampshire on Thursday.

Script For "Ann On Family" (Radio:60):

ANN ROMNEY: "The most common question I get is 'How did you guys meet?' It's always so fun to tell that story."

ANNOUNCER: "Ann Romney talks about her husband Mitt Romney."

ANN ROMNEY: "We met in high school at a party, and we've been going steady ever since.

"We've been married 38 years. We have five sons, lovely sons, and ten grandchildren.

"I was always looking for that girl. I had to wait until my first granddaughter. Finally, I get to buy pink!

"Mitt says his greatest success is being able to say 'I've been a good father, and a good husband.'

"Sometimes, I'd be home with those five boys, and it was rough. They were, they were pretty crazy boys. And they were wild.

"He'd call home and remind me that what I was doing was much more important than what he was doing.

"Mitt says there's no work more important than what goes on within the four walls of the American home. And that's the way it was in our home.

"I'm Ann Romney, and if you see us on the campaign trail, please come up and say hello. Or, you can get on the website at"

Chuck Morse Endorses Romney

Former Republican State Senator Chuck Morse has endorsed Mitt Romney. Morse decided to endorse Romney because "We need to stop the out of control pork barrel spending in Washington. Our leaders need to exercise fiscal responsibility. Our next president must be a person who has executive experience in reducing waste, who can make tough decisions, who can balance the books, and who doesn't mind using his veto pen."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Clinton Cancels Saturday Events In Salem and Rochester

From The Clinton Campaign:

Due to the unfortunate passing of the Honorable Lady Bird Johnson, the Clinton family will attend her funeral Saturday in Austin, TX. The previously scheduled “Ready for Change, Ready to Lead” events in Rochester and Salem have been cancelled.

Dodd Visits Granite State

This weekend Senator Chris Dodd will be visiting the Granite State. Here is his public schedule:

Sunday, July 15th

11:30 am
Salem House Party
Location: Home of Beth Roth
103 Corinthian Drive
Salem, NH

3:00 pm
Barbeque with Plymouth Area Democrats
Location: Riverfront Park
Plymouth, NH

6:00 pm
House Party with State Rep. Bill Hatch
Location: Home of State Rep. Bill Hatch
79 Promenade Street
Gorham, NH

Monday, July 16th

9:00 am
Walk in Downtown Berlin
Location: Berlin, NH

3:00 pm
Meeting with the New Hampshire Sierra Club
Location: New Hampshire Sierra Club Office
Concord, NH

5:30 pm
Grantham House Party
Location: Home of Bob and Kathy Champagne
19 Roland Street
Grantham, NH

This Week On The Campaign Trail

This week's "On the Campaign Trail" will feature interviews with Rudy Giuliani and Elizabeth Edwards. They will also cover McCain's visit to Concord and the Clintons in Manchvegas. The show "is a look at the campaigning week that was with a focus on in-depth interviews, candidate speeches and expert commentary. It airs on WKXL 1450 on Saturday from Noon-1PM and is catalogued on"

McCain To Deliver Concord Speech

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce with the NH Business and Industry Association invite you to "Meet the Candidate"

Featuring Senator John McCain

Friday, July 13th at 12:15pm

The Grappone Conference Center located at the Courtyard Marriott in Concord.

MUST CALL (603) 224-2508 to RSVP

Free Lunch Will Be Served!

In lieu of a registration fee, the sponsor suggests a donation of $10 to the
Concord Boys and Girls Club or the Concord YMCA.

Edwards Congratulates ONE

John Edwards' New Hampshire campaign released a statement announcing that:

"Senator John Edwards today congratulated ONEVote08 on its office opening in Concord and praised its work to make global poverty a bigger issue in the 2008 presidential campaign.

"Every day, billions of people around the world struggle to survive on less than $2 per day,” said Edwards. “This sad fact is unacceptable. Fighting poverty is the cause of my life, and I hope every person will join me in working to end poverty here at home and around the world. ONEVote08 is bringing much needed attention to this issue and I look forward to working with its advocates in New Hampshire throughout their campaign."

Cosmo: Former Clinton press secretary, Mike McCurry, and GOP strategist, Jack Oliver, participated in the office opening.

Rudy Talks Tough on Terror

Photo Is: ©Chris Fitzgerald/
Rudy Giuliani, during a photo op event, is surrounded by a gaggle of press photographers and reporters while sitting at a corner table and eating lunch with patrons at Robie's General Store, a traditional presidential campaign stop in Hookset. Minutes later, he shook some hands elsewhere in the establishment and purchased some bananas that he brought on to his campaign bus.
At a Concord town hall meeting, the former New York Mayor said that Iraq is a part of the battle against terrorism. He also said that the United States must be prepared to face terrorism for a "very, very long time."
The Nashua Telegraph has more: Giuliani talks tough on terrorism

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Campaigns In The Granite State

From a Edwards press release:

Today, July 10th, Elizabeth Edwards attended three house parties in Bedford, Hopkinton, and Keene where she discussed Senator Edwards' bold plans to change America. While spending time and talking to regular people in New Hampshire, Mrs. Edwards heard first-hand about the need for change in our country.

“John is the candidate of bold change and has laid out a plan to end the war in Iraq, the only truly universal health care plan and a vision of how we are going to end our dependence on foreign oil and create a new energy economy in America,” Elizabeth concluded.

Rudy Cancels Manchester Event

From the Giuliani campaign:

Due to scheduling changes the event below has been cancelled

Please join Rudy for a Meet and Greet with Campaign Volunteers on Wednesday, July 11th at 12:00 pm.

Rudy Giuliani New Hampshire Headquarters
1850 North Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03104

McCain To Appear on The Exchange

Senator John McCain is scheduled to appear on The Exchange this Friday, 7/13 at 9 am.

Details at

Monday, July 09, 2007

Clintons Trip Details

The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced additional details of Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton’s trip to the Granite State at the end of this week. This trip marks the Senator’s 10th visit to New Hampshire and the first time the Clintons have traveled to the state together for the campaign.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Attend Keene Rally for Change
Gates open at 9:30 a.m. EDT
Alumni Field at Keene High School
43 Arch Street
Keene , NH
Print online tickets at:
Keene Rally Ticket Pick Up Location:
Brewbakers’ Cafe
97 Main Street
Keene, NH
Tickets will be available for pick up Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT and 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 pm. EDT.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Attend Nashua Rally for Change
Doors open at 3:00 p.m. EDT
Vagge Gym at Daniel Webster College
20 University Drive
Nashua, NH
Print online tickets at:
Nashua Rally Ticket Pick Up Location:
NH for Hillary Regional Office
23A Elm Street
Nashua, NH
Tickets will be available for pick up on Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT and 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. EDT.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Attend Manchester Rally for Change
Gates open at 6:00 p.m. EDT
Victory Park
119 Concord Street
Manchester, NH
Print online tickets at
Manchester Rally Ticket Pick Up Location:
NH for Hillary Headquarters
34 Fir Street
Manchester , NH
Tickets will be available for pickup Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. EDT and on Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. EDT.

Further details on this weekend’s events, including Salem and Rochester, are forthcoming

McCain To Hold Claremont Town Hall Meeting

In addition to delivering an Iraq War speech in Concord. John McCain will be holding a Claremont town hall meeting on Saturday, July 14th.

Saturday, July 14th, 2007
8:30 am
American Legion Post
119 Broad St.
Claremont, NH

For More Information Or To RSVP,
Please Call (603) 369-4946
Or Email

Who To Know In The NH Primary

The Boston Globe's James Pindell recently listed some of the most important players in the New Hampshire Primary. Check out the impartial list here:

We're told the list will be updated throughout the primary and people can list additional names on the discussion board.

McCain To Deliver War Speech In Concord

On the same day that 'Billary' is schedule to visit New Hampshire, The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder has learned that John McCcain will also be in the state.

Ambinder is reporting that on Friday, McCain will deliver a speech to the Concord Chamber of Commerce. The speech will focus on the Iraq war and terrorism.

Hirshbergs Endorse Obama

Today, Gary and Meg Hirshberg endorsed Barack Obama. Gary Hirshberg is Chairman, President, and CEO of Stonyfield Farm Yogurt in Londonderry, while Meg is a writer. In a campaign press release, Gary Hirshberg said:

"America is badly divided and in desperate need of new solutions, new ideas, and a new way of conducting politics. Barack Obama is the candidate who can best help Americans focus on our common strengths and dreams, rather than our differences. We must move forward into the 21 st Century and not back to old divisions and Barack will catalyze the change we need—in our disastrous policies, but also in the way the world sees us, and how we see ourselves. Meg and I are thrilled to get to work for Barack here in NH and across the US."

Dodd: "Where Have You Gone Ted Williams"

At an Iowa campaign stop, Chris Dodd asked musician Paul Simon to update the lyrics to "Mrs. Robinson." Simon, friend and supporter of Dodd, updated the iconic song to include the line "Where have you gone Ted Williams"

The lyrics read:
Where have you gone, Ted Williams,
Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you

The song can be viewed here:

It remains to be seen, whether or not Democratic voters will turn their 'lonely eyes' to Dodd.

Brownback Opens NH Office

Kansas Senator has opened a New Hampshire office in Manchester. Here is the address and phone number:

New Hampshire Brownback for President
114 Carroll St. #2
Manchester, NH 03102
Phone: (603) 703-4943

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Richardson Opens New Hampshire Office

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has opened a New Hampshire office. Here is the office address and phone number:

Bill Richardson New Hampshire Office
545 Hooksett Road
Unit #17
Manchester, NH 03104
Phone: (603) 296-9670

Chris Dodd To Appear At Continental Breakfast

On Sunday, July 15 Chris Dodd will be appearing at a Continental Breakfast hosted by Beth Roth. Here are the details:

Sunday, July 15

11:30 am
Continental Breakfast with Sen. Chris Dodd
Hosted by Beth Roth
103 Corinthian Drive

Space limited; please RSVP 894-5931 or

For more info about the campaign, please contact regional field director Kyle Gott at or 668-DODD (3633).

Ron Paul Wins CNHT Straw Poll

Dr. Rand Paul, son of Dr. Ron Paul, addresses the crowd. -- Photo courtesy of Lou Eastman

This is an official press release from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers. Here is the story:

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers held its 9th Annual Taxpayer Reunion Picnic at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 7th, 2007. The event was a great success.

Among almost 30 local organizations present were the NH Carbon Coalition, NH GOP, Second Amendment Sisters, Fix Our Flag, and many presidential campaigns.

Candidates present to make speeches were John Cox, Mike Huckabee, Daniel Gilbert, and Robert Haines.

Duncan Hunter made a voice appearance by phone, and the Sam Brownback, Rudy Giuliani, Tommy Thompson, and Mitt Romney campaigns were represented as well. James Gilmore had planned to attend but was recuperating from recent emergency eye surgery.

Dr. Rand Paul, opthamologist and son of Candidate US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul made an appearance in his father's place.

A straw poll was taken. The day belonged to Dr. Paul who garnered 65% of the vote. Rand will meet the public at the Warren Old Home Day in Warren NH on Sunday July 8th.

Huckabee Dedicates "Free Bird" To The Granite State

Photo is: ©Chris Fitzgerald/

Republican Presidential Candidate and bass player Mike Huckabee and his band, 'Capital Offense,' performed a medley of classic rock and roll songs during a Support the Troops rally in Nashua and at a campaign picnic (as seen in photo) on the grounds of Delta Dental in Concord.

At the Nashua event, he dedicated the song, Free bird, to New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die State. During the concert, he wore on his shirt a button with a photo of a soldier from New Hampshire serving in Iraq. The button had been presented to him by a parent.

At the concert in Concord, he invited Fred Bramate, his NH Campaign Co-chairman, up to the stage. The band performed and Bramate sang the song 'Louie, Louie.' Minutes later, a deluge of rain struck during the performance of the song, Free Bird. The band, playing in the open, did not stop until the song was finished. After that, Huckabee and his band mates scrambled to move their instruments and sound equipment into cases. He then moved to a large tent and shook hands.
Between concerts, he delivered a speech and shook hands at the annual Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers picnic in Hopkinton.

McCain Staffers Reduced

The Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan has learned that three McCain staffers have been cut. The cuts include coalitions worker Aaron Goulette, veterans outreach Dave Welch and spokeswoman Crystal Benton. Also, an unnamed office manager was let go.

More can be read here: Lobbyists capitalize on buzz in Concord