Saturday, July 14, 2007

Clintons Woo Manchester Crowd

The following campaign event summary was submitted by Lance Kuntzman. Mr. Kuntzman attended the Manchester rally for Hillary Clinton. Here is his report:

The Clinton staff, by far,is one of the best with organization and attention to detail. Tons of volunteers, huge signs and a festive atmosphere. My wife and I had front row seats, and Hillary definitely has become a MUCH better speaker over time ... especially compared to earlier this year. She was passionate, forceful and very funny as well. My two favorites were saying she will be as tough with federal finances as her father was with the family budget and that as a woman she is ready to"clean up" the mess in Washington. Bill spoke beforehand, and he was fantastic. I can see why he is considered to be the best candidate of his generation. He was gracious in speaking about all the Dems running, saying they are all quite good. However, his wife (surprise!) is the best qualified to be elected. He also said he would volunteer for the campaign even if he was not married to Hillary, and that she is the best non incumbent candidate he has seen in his 40 years of voting.

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