Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ron Paul Wins CNHT Straw Poll

Dr. Rand Paul, son of Dr. Ron Paul, addresses the crowd. -- Photo courtesy of Lou Eastman

This is an official press release from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers. Here is the story:

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers held its 9th Annual Taxpayer Reunion Picnic at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 7th, 2007. The event was a great success.

Among almost 30 local organizations present were the NH Carbon Coalition, NH GOP, Second Amendment Sisters, Fix Our Flag, and many presidential campaigns.

Candidates present to make speeches were John Cox, Mike Huckabee, Daniel Gilbert, and Robert Haines.

Duncan Hunter made a voice appearance by phone, and the Sam Brownback, Rudy Giuliani, Tommy Thompson, and Mitt Romney campaigns were represented as well. James Gilmore had planned to attend but was recuperating from recent emergency eye surgery.

Dr. Rand Paul, opthamologist and son of Candidate US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul made an appearance in his father's place.

A straw poll was taken. The day belonged to Dr. Paul who garnered 65% of the vote. Rand will meet the public at the Warren Old Home Day in Warren NH on Sunday July 8th.


Pierre said...

Where's the media coverage of this huge win for Dr. Paul? If the media doesn't catch up to the will of the people, you are going to see a huge drop in television revenue as people start to transition to different forms of receiving straight forward news. Congrats Dr. Ron Paul!

Anonymous said...

The fact that this lunatc fringe candidate won the straw poll means that this event is totally irrelevent.

Anonymous said...

In 1999, Pat Buchanan won this straw poll with 656 votes, and that was only 58% of the more than 1100 who voted. Comparatively very few people participated this year, and many of them were apparently Libertarian extremists, not conservative Family Values Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Everything about Ron Paul makes him a family values man. Why exactly do you call him a lunatic and extremist? Ron Paul is simply an upright american citizen who has served his country all his life and has always treated people fairly.

Slanderers should not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

here here.

Anonymous said...

Of course Ron Paul is a lunatic! The guy believes in following the Constitution and the rule of law!

Doesn't he know that freedom is a tired, outdated idea that went out with border security?

We need Neo-cons who will follow the CFR's idea of erasing our borders and creating a "European Union" style merger between the US, Mexico and Canada.

Fortunately, the other 3 Republican front runners (Giuliani, Thompson, Romney), as well as Obama and Clinton, are all dedicated to the CFR vision of a "North American Union".

Just go back to sleep, keep paying your graduated income tax, FICA, etc, and you'll soon be helping to raise the standard of living for many mexicans, who'll be living on our welfare system.

We'll all be one big happy Socialist State.

(do a youtube search for Lou Dobbs and NAU to learn more)

Anonymous said...

Of course Ron Paul is a lunatic! The guy believes in following the Constitution and the rule of law!

I am all for the lunatic!