Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pawlenty: My Hands Are Already Full

Today, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty participated in the official opening of John McCain's New Hampshire headquarters. Before a crowd of 60 "McCainiacs," Pawlenty said that he is supporting Senator McCain because he is a "leader for our times" and he has "uncommon courage and patriotism." After his opening remarks, the Republican Governor met supporters and signed a blank wall that will be filled with signatures of McCain supporters and volunteers.

In an interview with "New Hampshire Presidential Watch," Pawlenty said that so far he has rarely campaigned for McCain, but once the Minnesota legislative session concludes he plans to do more stumping for McCain. As he was leaving, I said "you would make an interesting VP pick" to which Pawlenty laughed and said "I already have my hands full."

For more on Tim Pawlenty and his support of John McCain, check out this link:

Friday, April 27, 2007

McCain, Romney Trade Barbs on Finding bin Laden

The battle between Mitt Romney and John McCain continues for the second day. This time it is over Mitt Romney's comments in an Associated Press interview. In the interview, Governor Mitt Romney argued that the United States would see "a very insignificant increase in safety" if Osama bin Laden was captured. Romney said "It's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person."

On a conference call with "bloggers" Senator John McCain took aim at Romney. In response to a question, McCain said "this is a national security issue," and that he "disagrees in the strongest terms." He also criticized Romney by saying "it takes a degree of naiveté to think he's [bin Laden] is not an element in the struggle against radical Islam."

In response to McCain's comments the Romney campaign responded that, "The answer was in response to a question from the reporter if it was a failure of the Bush Administration that bin Laden was still at large. Governor Romney believes that the terrorism threat posed by radical jihadists is larger than just one person. Governor Romney believes—and has stated time and time again—that in order to confront these threats we have to focus on the larger problem of the global jihad and break down entire regional and global terror networks of al-Qaeda and others.

This is a position that is consistent with many counterterrorism experts and the majority of Americans."

I wonder what day 3 will bring??

CNN: NH Debates Are Important

It appears that CNN and The Union Leader are beginning to pressure Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, into participating in the first New Hampshire presidential debates. The Union Leader wrote an editorial criticizing the Democratic front runners and now CNN has a story on the two Senators. Here's the CNN story:

"Over the past several months, presidential candidates have been visiting New Hampshire to deliver speeches or to meet privately in relatively safe settings in an effort to court the state's influential electorate.

But in June the White House hopefuls will take the stage to answer questions directly from New Hampshire voters and the state's two largest media organizations in the first debates of the 2008 presidential contest held in the Granite State."

Gardner Protects Primary

Campaigns & Elections Beth LaMontagne has the story on Bill Gardner and the New Hampshire Primary.

"Secretary of State Bill Gardner holds the fate of the first-in-the-nation primary in his hands. According to New Hampshire law, the Secretary of State can decide when to schedule the state's primary, as long as it is at least seven days before any similar contest. Now that the Democratic Party has scheduled the Nevada caucus between Iowa and the New Hampshire primary, and there is a the large number of states creeping closer and closer to the Granite State's tentative Jan. 22 date, all eyes are on Gardner, wondering if he will thumb his nose at the national party leaders and schedule the election whenever he deems necessary."

McCain, Romney Spar on Campaign Finance

The Concord Monitor writes-up a story on Mitt Romney attacking McCain-Feingold.

"On the day Arizona Sen. John McCain formally announced his presidential candidacy, fellow Republican candidate Mitt Romney wrote a column for a conservative website in which he sharply criticized McCain's signature legislative act - the campaign-finance reform measure known as McCain-Feingold."

Rudy Dedicated To NH Primary

The Portsmouth Herald's Shir Haberman has the story on Rudy Giuliani's dedication to the New Hampshire primary. Here's his story:

"In a telephone conference call with New Hampshire media Thursday, staff members of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Republican presidential campaign reaffirmed their candidate's commitment to the New Hampshire primary and announced the state campaign team."

Clinton Applauds New Hampshire Civil Unions

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton released a press release that applauded the passage of civil unions. The release said:

“I applaud the New Hampshire legislature and Governor John Lynch for their support of the civil rights of gays and lesbians,” said Senator Clinton. “New Hampshire continues to lead the country in preserving the rights and freedom of all of its citizens.”

Union Leader Aims For Clinton, Obama

In a scathing editorial, The Union Leader is taking direct aim at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for not agreeing to participate in the first New Hampshire presidential debates. The editorial argues that the two major presidential contenders are taking New Hampshire for granted. In case you were wondering, the first debates are being sponsored by The Union Leader, CNN and WMUR. Here is a sample of their editorial and a link:

"That two major candidates for President have refused the invitation to take part in this process that is so important to New Hampshire and, because of the New Hampshire primary, the country, indicates that perhaps they take the democratic process here, and the New Hampshire primary itself, for granted."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

House Party For Dodd With Ned Lamont

House Party in Portsmouth
Guest: Ned Lamont, (2006 U.S. Senate Candidate in Connecticut) Speaking for Chris Dodd for President
When: April 29, 2007 from 5:30 to 7:30PM
Cost: Attendance is free but space is limited. All are welcome. Please register and get directions from Tom Slater at 603-418-8796 or email:

Romney Asked About Energy

The folks over at Carbon Coalition had the chance to ask Mitt Romney his position on energy. Read about their encounter:

"Romney easily made the rounds of the filled but not crowded restaurant, and when he came over to my table to shake hands I had the chance to ask him how he plans to address the issue of global warming. I was impressed with his ability–almost like a trained ventriliquist–to hold a smile for the camera, while at the same time addressing my question. He laughed, pointed to my “Stop Global Warming” lapel sticker and said “I had a feeling you might ask me that.”

Wieczorek, Scamman Endorse Rudy

This afternoon, Rudy Giuliani's New Hampshire campaign released a press release that announced the support of Executive Council Ray Wieczorek and former House Speaker Doug Scamman. The release also listed various County and Town Chairmen. Here's a snippet of the release:

"The New Hampshire statewide team will be led by former Manchester Mayor and Executive Council Member Raymond Wieczorek, former State House Speaker Douglas Scamman, Tom Christo and Georgi Hippauf."

Elected officials include:
-Carroll County Chair, Rep. Carolyn Brown
-Cheshire County Co-Chair, Rep. Susan Emerson
-Coos County Chair, Mayor Bob Danderson

We reported the endorsement on March 24th. Here it is:

Romney: I Pay $50 For A Haircut

©Chris Fitzgerald/

Today at the Redhook Brewery a person in the audience asked Mitt Romney how much he pays for his haircuts. Romney replied that he visits a unisex salon in his hometown in Massachusetts and pays fifty dollars per cut. Then he added, "You know I think John Edwards was right. There are two Americas. There is the America where people pay $400 for a haircut and then there is everybody else."

Pawlenty To Open McCain HQ

From the McCain camp:

"This Saturday McCain 2008 will officially open the New Hampshire headquarters with special guest Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Gov. Pawlenty serves as National Co-chair for McCain 2008 and is the incoming Republican Governors Association Chair and National Governors Association Vice-Chair."

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and McCain 2008 NH Staff

Opening of New Hampshire Headquarters

Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 10:00AM - 11:30AM

McCain 2008 Manchester HQ
250 Commercial St. Suite 3007
Manchester, N.H. 03101

Obama Supporters Also Gathering

Tonight, Barack Obama supporters will be hosting a "debate watch gathering" at their Manchester headquarters. The Obama campaign will also be having a phone bank from 4:00 until the South Carolina debate starts.

Edwards on Civil Unions and Minimum Wage

This afternoon John Edwards released two press releases. One was about the passage of the civil unions bill and the other was on a minimum wage increase.

On Civil Unions:
"Today, Gov. Lynch and the state of New Hampshire showed us that the idea of America -- fairness, justice and equal opportunity -- can become a reality when we have the courage to stand up for what is right. New Hampshire's decision to recognize civil unions and grant gay and lesbian couples the same rights granted to heterosexual married couples is an important step in the fight for justice. This is an issue of fundamental fairness, and by passing this law, New Hampshire's leaders chose fairness over discrimination."

On Minimum Wage Increase
"The New Hampshire State Senate has taken an important step today in the fight to end poverty in this country and reward the hard work of struggling New Hampshire families. By raising the minimum wage to $7.25 and ensuring that tipped workers, the backbone of the service industry, see a raise for the hard work they do day in and day out, New Hampshire leaders have made an unquestionable commitment to justice and increased prosperity for New Hampshire's workers."

Clinton Supporters Gather For Debate

New Hampshire Clinton supporters gather to watch the first Democratic candidates’ debate

TONIGHT, April 26 at 6:45 p.m. EST (debate begins at 7:00 p.m. EST)

Manchester, NH
Clinton NH Headquarters
34 Fir Street
Special Guest: NH Campaign Co-Chair Bill Shaheen

McCain Leads In NH Endorsements

Michael Goot of Foster's has the story on John McCain's New Hamshire endorsements.

"U.S. Sen. John McCain leads the top-tier Republican presidential candidates in racking up endorsements from prominent Granite Staters as his campaign officially began Wednesday."

Is Rudy "Just Right, or All Wrong?"

Ari Richter of The Concord Monitor tries to answer that question.

"I didn't hear much, if any, pandering when Rudy Giuliani did 50 minutes of Q&A at New England College Tuesday. He made clear the things he wants to do as president. He also made clear what he's not interested in doing as president. Many of his questioners left unsatisfied."

Elizabeth Edwards To Open HQ, Attend Forums

From the Edwards campaign:

On Monday, April 30th, Elizabeth Edwards will attend six events across New Hampshire. She will be joined throughout the day by Kate Michelman. The details of the events are:


10:00 AM
Mrs. Edwards to open the John Edwards for President New Hampshire Headquarters
John Edwards for President
66 Hanover Street, Suite 101C
Manchester, New Hampshire

11:30 AM
Mrs. Edwards to hold a conversation with Southern New Hampshire University students and community
SNHU Robert Frost Center
2500 North River Rd.
Manchester, New Hampshire

1:00 PM
Mrs. Edwards to attend a meeting with community choice activists
Rath, Young & Pignatelli
One Capital Plaza
Concord, New Hampshire

3:45 PM
Mrs. Edwards to have coffee with Portsmouth activists
River Run Bookstore
20 Congress St.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

4:45 PM
Mrs. Edwards to attend a house party at the home of Marjorie Smith
100 Piscataqua Rd.
Durham, New Hampshire

6:00 PM
Mrs. Edwards to attend a Save Darfur rally
University of New Hampshire
Murkland Auditorium, Room 115
15 Library Way
Durham, New Hampshire

Random Observations on McCain's NH Announcements

Here are some random observations from various politicos:

-"As at the Portsmouth event, there were a handful of anti-war protestors at the evening rally in Manchester. But it was the presence of another sign-waver that drew my attention. Greg Salts of Manchester stood in the rain bearing a placard that read, "Illegals for McCain." To top it off, Salts sported a sombrero (which, according to the small lettering, he apparently got from Margarita's Mexican Restaurant)."-Jonathan Martin

-"Thanks to an extensive turnout operation, Sen. John McCain is now announcing his candidacy before hundreds of supporters gathered together in a waterfront park here...Said one of the senator's Washington-based friends in town for the event, "I thought the crowd would be bigger."-Jonathan Martin

-Wayne Semprini, Chairman of Rudy's NH campaign, attended the McCain announcement:

-"Well, the written announcement speech was great, but McCain’s delivery of it was wanting. He hadn’t internalized the speech, and he kept looking down at his notes to read it. Unfortunately that hindered his delivery, which had moments but tended to be weak. As he was leaving the stage, the C-SPAN microphone picked him up saying that he couldn’t read the teleprompter. A very bad development for one of the most important speeches of your campaign."- Andrew Cline,

More will be posted later...

McCain Attends Rainy Manchester Rally

©Chris Fitzgerald/

Amist a rainy afternoon, John McCain attended a campaign rally in Manchester's Veterans Park. The rally was a follow-up of his official presidential announcement in Portsmouth. The Union Leader's Benjamin Kepple has the story:

"According to the prevailing conventional wisdom, U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., came to New Hampshire this week needing to put some nitro into the tank of his sputtering presidential campaign."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain Receives Small Crowds In NH...Or Did He?

We're receiving word that John McCain had smaller-then-expected crowds at his two rallies. In Portsmouth, McCain spoke before 250-300 people and his Manchester rally had around 200 supporters. The rain in Manchester might have driven some people away. Though, the Ron Paul protesters at the Manchvegas rally was not deterred by the rain.

***We're being told that some estimates put the Portsmouth crowd at 600 people and the Manchester the crowd was 500***

Romney: We Will Know In Months If Troop Surge Is Working

Bickford's, a place usually known for its buttermilk pancakes, was the site of Mitt Romney's most recent trip to New Hampshire. Before a crowd of 75 supporters and curious voters, Romney touched upon topics ranging from illegal immigration, the economy and healthcare.

The most contested part of the evening was when State Representative Bob Elliott, challenged Romney on Iraq. Representative Elliott was arguing that the Iraq War is the predominant issue on the minds of New Hampshire voters, when Romney, and others in the crowd, urged Elliot to "ask the question already." Elliot then asked if Romney supported the President's troop surge plan. Romney said that he supported the plan and, perhaps in a jab at Rudy Giuliani, said that "we will know if months if the Iraq surge is working." Yesterday, at NEC, Rudy said that he could not judge the progress of the Iraq surge.

Ovid Lamontagne Joins Romney's Campaign

Former Republican Gubernatorial nominee, Ovide Lamontagne, has joined Mitt Romney's campaign. Here is the press release:

"Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the endorsement of 1996 Republican nominee for Governor, Ovide Lamontagne. Lamontagne will provide support and insight to the Romney campaign, assisting the campaign in its efforts to reach out to the business community and conservatives in the State and the region.

"I am proud to welcome Ovide to our team. He has had an impressive career of service to his community and standing up time and again for sound conservative principles. I know he will be a tremendous addition to our campaign," said Governor Romney."

Elizabeth Edwards To Open Campaign Headquarters, attend Darfur Forum

On Monday, April 30th, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, will be in the state. Mrs. Edwards will be attending the grand opening of the Edwards campaign headquarters. The Edwards camp will be located in Manchester at 66 Hanover St., Suite 201C. The opening will begin at 10:00am. Mrs. Edwards will also be the guest speaker at the "Global Days for Darfur Forum." Here's the information:

Global Days for Darfur Forum
Monday, April 30th @ 6 p.m.

Guest Speaker Elizabeth Edwards
The NH premiere of the documentary
The Devil Came on Horseback
Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival

University of New Hampshire
Murkland Hall Richards Auditorium (Room 115)
15 Library Way
Durham , NH 03824
To RSVP please e-mail

Rudy Takes Part In First Town Hall Forum

©Chris Fitzgerald/

Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani participated in his first New Hampshire town hall meeting. At New England College the former New York Mayor was questioned by students and visitors on topics including abortion, gun control, terrorism, and the Patriot Act. The AP's Liz Sidoti has more:

"Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani defended his positions on a late-term abortion procedure and gun control Tuesday as he faced skeptical GOP voters who questioned his sincerity."

McCain Excerpt

This afternoon, John McCain will announce his presidential candidacy in Portsmouth. Here is an excerpt:

"Today, I announce my candidacy for President of the United States . I do so grateful for the privileges this country has already given me; mindful that I must seek this responsibility for reasons greater than self-interest; and determined to use every lesson I’ve learned through hard experience and the history I’ve witnessed, every inspiration I’ve drawn from the patriots I’ve known and the faith that guides me to meet the challenges of our time, and strengthen this great and good nation upon whom all mankind depends."

We Scooped The UL (And Everyone Else)

The Union Leader is reporting that the first New Hampshire presidential debates will be held on June 3rd and June 5th. If they had read this blog, the UL's reporters would have noticed that we had the dates back on April 17th. Here's our story:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

GraniteProf: McCain Improving Among NH Conservatives

The ever-wise GraniteProf recently evaluated, his soon to be UNH colleague, Andy Smith's most recent New Hampshire poll. According to the GraniteProf, John McCain's standing among New Hampshire conservatives is on the rise. Check out his analysis:

"Yes, McCain remains at the top of the Republican field in the Granite State, but that' s not the really good news. What leaps out from Smith's copious crosstabs is how well McCain is doing among New Hampshire's conservative Republicans."

Obama To Participate In Pre-Canvass Kick-Off Rally

On Saturday May 19th, in addition to delivering the SNHU commencement address, Barack Obama will be participating in a pre-canvass kick-off rally. Here's the details and the press release:

"On May 19th, Barack will be in Manchester for a pre-canvass kick-off rally and canvass. This will be the official kick-off of our New Hampshire campaign and an opportunity to share Barack's vision with neighbors and friends. Barack will speak, and then, with your help, we will fan out across the state to share his vision for responsibly ending the war in Iraq and restoring America's moral leadership in the world. "

McCain Faces A "New" New Hampshire

The Politico's Jonathan Martin has the must-read story of John McCain's presidential announcement.

"Arriving back in New Hampshire on Wednesday to formally declare his long-planned intentions to seek the presidency, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) will find a state that even his supporters acknowledge is politically very different than the place that dramatically -- if briefly -- raised his Oval Office hopes in 2000."

Romney's Schedule

Mitt Romney will be in the state tomorrow and Thursday. Here is his schedule.

Wednesday, April 25:

5:30 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Hosts "Meet & Greet"
Bickford's Family Restaurants
3 Veteran's Memorial Highway
Salem, NH

Thursday, April 26:

10:20 a.m.
Governor Romney Visits with Area Voters
Stratham Agway
57 Portsmouth Ave.
Stratham , NH

11:20 a.m.
Governor Romney Visits with Local Residents
Geno's Chowder and Sandwich Shop
177 Mechanic Street
Portsmouth , NH

12:00 p.m.
Governor Romney Keynotes the Portsmouth Rotary Luncheon
Redhook Brewery
35 Corporate Drive
Portsmouth , NH

Lamont To Speak AT NH College Dems Convention

I know this is not a primary story, but people might be interested to know that Ned Lamont and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter will be speaking at the College Democrats Convention. This Sunday, April 29th, the New Hampshire College Democrats will be hosting their convention at the Manchester City Dems Headquarters.

Edwards Supporters To Gather

A press release from the John Edwards campaign:

On Thursday, April 26th, New Hampshire voters will show their support for Senator Edwards at a debate watch party in Cornish, NH.

WHO: State Senator Peter Burling, New Hampshire activists and supporters.
WHAT: Debate Watch Party
WHEN: 7:00pm
WHERE:Home of Senator Burling, 20 Lang Rd., Cornish, NH 03745

Romney Names NH Finance Committee

From a Romney press release:

"Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced seven members of his New Hampshire Statewide Finance Committee. These New Hampshire community and business leaders will help Governor Romney expand his base of support in the state and raise the resources needed to be competitive throughout the election process."

Background On Governor Romney's New Hampshire Statewide Finance Committee Co-Chairs:

Jackie Eastwood ( Durham ) is the Founder and CEO of TissueLink Medical Inc. in Dover , NH . Now retired, she provided executive leadership for 30 years from the start up and led multi-national medical device companies. She was the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 for New England and finalist for NH High Tech Council Entrepreneur of the Year 2006.

Gary Levy ( Portsmouth ) is a Portsmouth businessman and Newmarket resident. He has served on the Governor's Efficiency Committee and holds a seat on the Pease Development Authority Board.

Background On Governor Romney's New Hampshire Statewide Finance Committee Members:

Karl Norwood ( Amherst ) is President of NAI Norwood Group. He is the past chairman of the State Republican Finance Committee. He also serves on the Elliot Hospital Board of Trustees and is a Director of Amoskeag Industries.

Rob Prunier (Hollis) is a Principal of a commercial construction business and has been politically involved in New Hampshire for many years. He also serves as Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Nashua, on the Committee at St. Joseph Hospital and at Bishop Guertin High School. He is a member of the Nashua Rotary West and lives in New Hampshire with his wife and four children.

Michael Kane ( Newcastle ) is a Principal of The Kane Company, the seacoast region's leading commercial real estate brokerage services company founded in 1981. He began working on political campaigns when he helped with Ronald Reagan's primary bid. Kane has worked on behalf of many campaigns including Steve Forbes and Senator John Sununu.

David Vicinanzo ( Concord ) is a Partner with Nixon Peabody LLP, a national law firm with an office in Manchester. A long-time federal prosecutor, he was formerly the first Assistant U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire. Vicinanzo, his wife Mary and their children live in Concord .

Robert A. Cruess ( Amherst ) is President and CEO of TFMoran Inc., an engineering firm in Bedford , NH. He serves on numerous boards and committees, including the NH Board of Professional Engineers, a director of Hampshire First Bank, and is a commissioner of New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission. In 2006, The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce named Cruess "Small Business Person of the Year."

D'Allesandro Not LIkely To Support Edwards

The Concord Monitor wonders why Senator Lou D'Allesandro's name was missing from the Edwards "leadership committee."

"The absence of D'Allesandro, who is considered one of the state's top political fundraisers, is notable. D'Allesandro is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He has said he won't likely support Edwards again, but he won't say who will get his endorsement until after negotiations over the state budget are done.

"I'm taking my time looking everybody over and trying to do my work in the state."

New Hampshire Primary More Important Than Ever

Michael Chaney, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Political Library, has an op-ed piece in today's Union Leader arguing that the primary is more important than ever.

"WITH ALL of the media coverage around the presidential primary, as state after state vies to be amongst the early primaries, you might be asking yourself, "Is New Hampshire important to the Presidential primary process anymore? Does it matter that New Hampshire voters get the opportunity to be the first to cast their votes?" The short answer to these questions is yes. In fact, the New Hampshire first-in-the nation primary -- and the role of our citizens in the process -- is more important now than ever.",+and+participatory,+than+ever&articleId=7ecf0a05-1125-43e7-a43d-4ee2d4c4f428

Dodd, Brownback Discuss Religion

©Chris Fitzgerald/

Last night, Senators Chris Dodd and Sam Brownback discussed the influence of their Catholic faith on their political beliefs. The Boston Globe has the write-up:

"Presidential contenders Chris Dodd and Sam Brownback, stepping beyond the traditional bounds of their respective parties, outlined a series of political differences Monday rooted in their varying interpretations of their shared Catholic faith.

The two, appearing jointly at a Boston College forum on faith and politics, differed on abortion rights, civil unions for gay couples and embryonic stem cell research. Nonetheless, they used modest tones to suggest both Democrats and Republicans could bridge such gaps with more tolerance for their respective positions."

McCain Team Ready For Presidential Launch

According to a McCain press release, "U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today announced its New Hampshire leadership team is organized, active, and prepared for the campaign’s official launch on Wednesday, April 25th."
How "organized, active, and prepared" they are will be determined by the success of the rallies in Manchester and Portsmouth

Monday, April 23, 2007

Richardson Ads

Bill Richardson's ads are up on WMUR. Here is a copy of one and a link to both ads.

Clinton Scoops DeVries From Dodd

Hillary Clinton's campaign has released the names of 500 New Hampshire women who are supporting the New York Senator. Among the names was Manchester freshman state senator Betsie DeVries. Senator DeVries is the first state Senator to support Mrs. Clinton. This is a tough break for Dodd because last Thursday, the Connecticut Senator hosted fundraiser for Betsie DeVries. The Clinton press release said:

"On the day before Equal Pay Day 2007, State Senator Betsi DeVries, who was the first woman firefighter in Manchester, today announced that she and over 500 New Hampshire women have decided to support Senator Hillary Clinton for President. Citing Clinton’s leadership and experience, Devries is the first New Hampshire State Senator to endorse Senator Clinton and will serve as a Co-Chair of “Women for Hillary” in New Hampshire".

NH Insider: Comstock Leaving Romney, For Thompson

NH Insider is reporting that Barbara Comstock is planning to leave Mitt Romney for Fred Thompson. Here is the rumor and a link to their story.

"NH Insider sources tell us that Barbara Comstock, who currently serves as senior advisor to Romney, is all but ready to jump to Thompson if and when he jumps into the race."

The Romney camp response:

New Hampshire Leaders For Edwards

This afternoon, the John Edwards campaign released a set of New Hampshire endorsements. In the press release, Edwards said "I am honored to have the support of so many great New Hampshire leaders. I plan to continue to campaign hard in New Hampshire and look forward to working with these leaders to strengthen our grassroots campaign here in New Hampshire, so every voter knows my plans for big, bold change for America." Here is the list

The following New Hampshire leaders endorsed Edwards for President:

Sen. Peter Burling, NH Senate Deputy Majority Leader
Sen. Joe Foster, NH Senate Majority Leader
Sen. David Gottesman, NH Senate Deputy Democratic Whip
Rep. Linda Foster, NH House Deputy Speaker
Rep. Sharon Nordgren, NH House Finance Committee Chair (Div III)
Caroline McCarley, Former NH State Senator
Laurie McCray, Prominent Seacoast Progressive Activist
Paul Robitaille, Coos County Democratic Chair
Chris Sullivan, Concord Activist & Former US DOJ official
Rep. Don Brueggeman, NH State Representative
Rep. Jackie Cali-Pitts, NH State Representative
Rep. Claudia Chase, NH State Representative
Rep. Steve Destefano, NH State Representative
Rep. David Essex, NH State Representative
Rep. Patrick Garrity, NH State Representative, Firefighter
Rep. Joe Miller, M.D., NH State Representative, Doctor
Rep. Gary Richardson, NH State Representative
Rep. Rob Theberge, NH State Representative
Rep. Chuck Weed, NH State Representative, Professor at Keene State College
Bill Barry, Prominent Nashua activist & attorney
Elaine Belanger, Prominent North Country Activist
Will Boc, Former Dover Mayor and City Councilor
Jon Bresler, Concord Democratic Activist
Tenley & Peter Callaghan, Concord Democratic Activists & Attorneys
Chris Coates, Keene School Board, Former NH State Representative
Tim Decker, Immediate Past President, SEA NH, Juvenile Probation Officer in Manchester
Joe Donahue, Derry Town Chair & NE Carpenters Organizer
Lucy Hodder, Prominent activist, attorney, and advocate
Helen Honorow, Prominent activist and member of the State Board of Education
Harry Judd, Prominent Concord activist & attorney
Leo Lessard, Former State Senator
Chris Miller, Prominent Concord activist, psychologist
Jon and Sandy Mucci, Prominent Lakes Region Activists
Deb Nelson, Educator & Upper Valley Democratic Activist
Scott Pauls, Educator, Lebanon Planning Board
Maureen Raiche Manning, Prominent Manchester Activist, Former Vice Chair of the NH Democratic Party
Karen Ryan, Grantham Town Chair
Chris Seufert, Prominent Activist & Attorney
Elissa Stone, Prominent Environmental Activist, Small Business Owner
Kristin Sullivan, Prominent Activist
Tom Watson, Prominent Activist & Attorney
Rob Werner, Merrimack County Democratic Chair

Lobsterman Runs For President

Jeff "The Lobsterman" Costa has decided to run for president in 2008. Mr. Costa appears at events wearing lobster claws and a red leotard. This past weekend, The Lobsterman posted on his website that he is running because "we need something to add to the plate. The candidates are all lining up like spoiled vegetables at a cheap buffet getting ready for the long line waiting for the Great food shown on the Ads on TV and in the Media showing Great food!!" More information can be found at his side:

An astute friend e-mailed us the link. Thanks for the heads-up!!

The Other Barack

Meet The Younger Barack. Lauren Dorgan of The Concord Monitor has the story:

"On March 11, 1994, the day his friends' first child was due to be born, David Frydman faxed a yearbook page from his legal aid office in Portsmouth. His friends had been looking for a good "B" name for their baby, and Frydman said he'd met a good namesake in law school."

Rudy To Speak At Rockingham Lincoln Day Dinner; National Leaders Forum

Here is Rudy Giuliani's schedule for his visit on Tuesday, April 24th.

Nat'l Leaders Forum w/Giuliani
Date: 24 April 2007
Event Description: Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani will address business leaders as part of the Business and Industry Association and the NH Political Library's National Leaders Forum, sponsored by Lincoln Financial Group. Advance registration is required.
Where: Sheraton Hotel, 11 Tara Boulevard, Nashua
When: Tuesday, April 24th from 7:30 - 9am
Cost: $30 per person
Contact: To register, call 603-224-5388 or visit

Town Hall style meeting

April 24, 2007
2:45 pm

New England College
Simon Center
98 Bridge St.
Henniker, NH

RSVP to 625-4393 or

The Rockingham County 2007 Lincoln Day Dinner
Special Guest: Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
The Yard Restaurant / Function Facility(Located on the Londonderry / Manchester Town Line)

Ticket Information
VIP Reception & Photo: 6:30 pm
$100 per person
Tickets are strictly limited to the first 50 people - dinner ticket not included.
Dinner Tickets: 7:00 pm $35 per person
Call Dinner Committee for Table Sponsorship
You can reserve your VIP Reception or Dinner Tickets by sending an email to to: RocGOPEvents@msn.comor by contacting one of the Dinner Committee members listed below. VIP tickets are nearly sold out as of this announcement - call now.

Tancredo Speaks On VT Tragedy

©Chris Fitzgerald/

Yesterday, Tom Tancredo participated in his first New Hampshire town hall forum. Congressman Tancredo spoke before a group of 25 people in Wakefield.

Rep. Tancredo's opening remarks focused on the shoting at Virginia Tech. He said that he is familiar with a tragedy, like VT, because he is a congressman from Colorado, the location of Columbine High School, the site of another mass student shooting. He then described a goodwill trip he made to the town of Beslan, Russia after Chechen terrorists had massacred school children there. He described the emotional reception he received after the officials in that Russian community found out he was visiting on behalf of the parents of the Columbine students.

After those introductory remarks, he delivered his stump speech that emphasized immigration policy, a topic that defines his campaign.

Nashua Leaders Endorse McCain

John McCain's presidential campaign released its "Nashua Leadership Team." Here is an excerpt of the press release.

"U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today announced that Alderman Dave MacLaughlin and former State Representative Paul LaFlamme will join Mayor Bernie Streeter as co-chairs of the Nashua leadership team.

Republican leaders joining the team include Aldermen-at-Large David Deane and Brian McCarthy, Alderman Robert Dion, Alderman Mark Cookson, Nashua Treasurer Dave Fredette, former state Representative Nelson Allen, former state Representative William Mosher, and grassroots activist Dot Nice.

Additionally, former Alderman Scott Cote and Nashua Commuter Rail Advisory Committee Chair Wayne Gagne, both registered Independents, will join Senator McCain’s Nashua leadership team."

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gardner: NH Primary Is No Tourist Attraction

The Boston Globe's Sarah Schweitzer writes an article on Bill Gardner's refusal to allow the New Hampshire Primary to become a tourist attraction.

"Come to New Hampshire to do some candidate-watching! "Sort of like moose-spotting except you don't have to get up so early."

So goes the pitch on the state's tourism website, part of a campaign to draw political junkies to the Granite State with the promise of an up-close-and-personal view of the presidential primary."

Bill Shaheen's Profile

Foster's Online reporter Robert Cook has a profile of Bill Shaheen. Here is a link and a teaser:

"Political observers took notice when Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire presidential campaign headquarters announced in March that Bill Shaheen would serve her co-chairman in the state.

Shaheen, a Dover native and second-generation Lebanese American, is the husband of former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen."