Monday, April 23, 2007

Tancredo Speaks On VT Tragedy

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Yesterday, Tom Tancredo participated in his first New Hampshire town hall forum. Congressman Tancredo spoke before a group of 25 people in Wakefield.

Rep. Tancredo's opening remarks focused on the shoting at Virginia Tech. He said that he is familiar with a tragedy, like VT, because he is a congressman from Colorado, the location of Columbine High School, the site of another mass student shooting. He then described a goodwill trip he made to the town of Beslan, Russia after Chechen terrorists had massacred school children there. He described the emotional reception he received after the officials in that Russian community found out he was visiting on behalf of the parents of the Columbine students.

After those introductory remarks, he delivered his stump speech that emphasized immigration policy, a topic that defines his campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Build a Fence Around This, Tom:
I wagered that global warming would be a topic in Monday's SC debates - instead it was whittled to 1 question, and that to Tancredo. He doubts the science, but at least he's willing to look at GW through a lens familiar to him: national security. Maybe we'll see a bit more attention on June 5; after all, a Decemember 2006 poll of likely NH R primary voters said global warming was a serious issue, likely caused by humans and needed attention. And if many if not most of the 160 + towns that passed a climate change resolution in March lean right (most voted for Sununu in 2002 and Bush in 2004), the candidates stand to gain points by paying attention and offering their solutions.