Monday, April 23, 2007

Clinton Scoops DeVries From Dodd

Hillary Clinton's campaign has released the names of 500 New Hampshire women who are supporting the New York Senator. Among the names was Manchester freshman state senator Betsie DeVries. Senator DeVries is the first state Senator to support Mrs. Clinton. This is a tough break for Dodd because last Thursday, the Connecticut Senator hosted fundraiser for Betsie DeVries. The Clinton press release said:

"On the day before Equal Pay Day 2007, State Senator Betsi DeVries, who was the first woman firefighter in Manchester, today announced that she and over 500 New Hampshire women have decided to support Senator Hillary Clinton for President. Citing Clinton’s leadership and experience, Devries is the first New Hampshire State Senator to endorse Senator Clinton and will serve as a Co-Chair of “Women for Hillary” in New Hampshire".

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