Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Romney: We Will Know In Months If Troop Surge Is Working

Bickford's, a place usually known for its buttermilk pancakes, was the site of Mitt Romney's most recent trip to New Hampshire. Before a crowd of 75 supporters and curious voters, Romney touched upon topics ranging from illegal immigration, the economy and healthcare.

The most contested part of the evening was when State Representative Bob Elliott, challenged Romney on Iraq. Representative Elliott was arguing that the Iraq War is the predominant issue on the minds of New Hampshire voters, when Romney, and others in the crowd, urged Elliot to "ask the question already." Elliot then asked if Romney supported the President's troop surge plan. Romney said that he supported the plan and, perhaps in a jab at Rudy Giuliani, said that "we will know if months if the Iraq surge is working." Yesterday, at NEC, Rudy said that he could not judge the progress of the Iraq surge.

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