Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain Receives Small Crowds In NH...Or Did He?

We're receiving word that John McCain had smaller-then-expected crowds at his two rallies. In Portsmouth, McCain spoke before 250-300 people and his Manchester rally had around 200 supporters. The rain in Manchester might have driven some people away. Though, the Ron Paul protesters at the Manchvegas rally was not deterred by the rain.

***We're being told that some estimates put the Portsmouth crowd at 600 people and the Manchester the crowd was 500***


Anonymous said...

McCain had about 600 in Portsmouth and 350 in the rain in Manchester.

Anonymous said...

either way, thats a ton less than obama/hillary/edwards pull EVERYTIME they are in NH.

Edwards pulled 600+ in Hanover at Dartmouth for an event a couple months ago.

Obama and Hillary do 1000+ consistently.

You would think that McCain's people could do better than 600+ for his most important event so far in New Hampshire, one which had a huge national press following and a great deal of national tv exposure.

Whats the deal?

Anonymous said...

The deal is, Ron Paul is second in popularity in NH and has raised the most money except for Mitt Romney. There is little support for the 'top three'.

Anonymous said...

No one knows who Ron Paul is, the money he raised here is about all he has to spend. There is no way the Republicans would nominate a weird libertarian with no national name id over a war hero like McCain or a national treasure like Giuliani.

Republicans do not get large crowds because they have jobs and families to tend to, Democrats usually do not. I think the weather cut the crowds in half for McCain.