Thursday, April 26, 2007

Random Observations on McCain's NH Announcements

Here are some random observations from various politicos:

-"As at the Portsmouth event, there were a handful of anti-war protestors at the evening rally in Manchester. But it was the presence of another sign-waver that drew my attention. Greg Salts of Manchester stood in the rain bearing a placard that read, "Illegals for McCain." To top it off, Salts sported a sombrero (which, according to the small lettering, he apparently got from Margarita's Mexican Restaurant)."-Jonathan Martin

-"Thanks to an extensive turnout operation, Sen. John McCain is now announcing his candidacy before hundreds of supporters gathered together in a waterfront park here...Said one of the senator's Washington-based friends in town for the event, "I thought the crowd would be bigger."-Jonathan Martin

-Wayne Semprini, Chairman of Rudy's NH campaign, attended the McCain announcement:

-"Well, the written announcement speech was great, but McCain’s delivery of it was wanting. He hadn’t internalized the speech, and he kept looking down at his notes to read it. Unfortunately that hindered his delivery, which had moments but tended to be weak. As he was leaving the stage, the C-SPAN microphone picked him up saying that he couldn’t read the teleprompter. A very bad development for one of the most important speeches of your campaign."- Andrew Cline,

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