Saturday, December 29, 2007

Concord Monitor To Endorse Clinton

Tomorrow The Concord Monitor will endorse Hillary Clinton.

In an excerpt the editorial board writes "Clinton's ambitious to-do list for her first few weeks in office gives us confidence that her priorities are right and that she would act swiftly to make a positive difference. She is the Monitor's choice in the Jan. 8 Democratic primary."

After calling Barack Obama "a serious candidate with sober ideas" they endorsed the New York Senator because "Clinton's unique combination of smarts, experience and toughness makes her the best choice to win the November election and truly get things done."

Did Clinton Copy Edwards?

The other day Hillary Clinton's campaign released information about their election night plans. The release sounded similar to something we've read before. The Clinton release is erily similar to the release the Edwards campaign sent out on December 13th. It appears that the Clinton campaign copied and pasted the language from the Edwards election, right down to the punctuation. Specifically they copied the billing and credentialing language.

Edwards release: Billing – The campaign will coordinate and arrange for technical installation and the costs will be billed back to your organization. The total costs will vary depending on the needs you are requesting and the number of outlets that participate. Approximate costs will be given to you as soon as details are worked out.

Clinton's release: The campaign will coordinate and arrange for technical installation and the costs will be billed back to your organization. The total costs will vary depending on the needs you are requesting and the number of outlets that participate. Approximate costs will be given to you as soon as details are finalized.

Edwards release: TOTAL number of credentials requested (This includes ALL people from your outlet who will be attending. Note – we will make every effort to accommodate the number requested but cannot guarantee all credentials until details are finalized. Credentials will be picked up on-site at the credentialing table; time will be provided when finalized):

Clinton's release/website: This number includes ALL people from your outlet who will be attending. Please note – we will make every effort to accommodate the number requested but cannot guarantee all credentials until details are finalized. Credentials will be picked up on-site at the credentialing table; time will be provided when finalized.

Monitor Endorses McCain

This morning The Concord Monitor endorsed John McCain.

The Monitor wrote "McCain's willingness to break with his party on issues like climate change and immigration, his honesty and his refusal to pander make him the Monitor's choice in the Jan. 8 Republican presidential primary."

"When McCain approaches a decision, his first battle is with his own conscience. He doesn't put his finger into the political wind but runs against it if need be to do what he thinks is right," The Monitor added.

Last weekend, The Monitor published an anti-endorsement of Mitt Romney calling Romney a "phony."

Granny D Campaigns for Edwards

From The Edwards Campaign:

This morning at 10:00am, grassroots icon and John Edwards endorser Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock joined Graniteroots volunteers for a canvass kickoff in Swanzey to help spread Edwards’ bold message of change.

“In my 97 years, I have seen many politicians come and go,” said Granny D. “Now more than ever, we need a leader who has the courage, the backbone and the integrity to stand up to the corporations and special interests in Washington, to deliver universal health care and energy independence, to fight for the middle class, and to finally bring about public financing of our elections. John Edwards is that man, and I’m proud to support him in this campaign.”

Friday, December 28, 2007

Rudy To Make New Hampshire Day Trip

Rudy Giuliani will be in New Hampshire on Sunday, December 30th.

Sunday, December 30th

Plymouth Regional Senior Center
8 Dept Street
Plymouth, NH

Loon Mountain Governor Adams Lodge
60 Loon Mountain Road
Lincoln, NH

Kennett High School Cafeteria
409 Eagles Way
North Conway, NH

Kucinich In New Hampshire Through Primary Day

From The Kucinich Campaign:

Ohio Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich will be in New Hampshire all the way through to Primary Day on January 8, 2008, meeting with residents and talking about the issues that matter: health care costs and availability, ending the war in Iraq and developing alternative energy sources to protect America's future.

McCain Airs Anti-Romney Ad

U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today launched a new television ad in New Hampshire, entitled "Consider," responding to Mitt Romney's negative attack ad. "Consider" will run on New Hampshire and Boston television.


Script for "Consider" (:30-TV)

JOHN MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

ANNCR: As you hear Mitt Romney attack John McCain, consider these words from New Hampshire newspapers.

The Union Leader says John McCain has "conviction" and "Granite Staters want a candidate who will look them in the eye and tell them the truth."

"John McCain has done that."

"Mitt Romney has not."

The Concord Monitor writes, "If a candidate is a phony ... we'll know it."

"Mitt Romney is such a candidate."

That's why Romney's hometown newspaper says the "choice is clear:" John McCain.

Bill Clinton To Visit Nashua, Dover, Portsmouth

The New Hampshire for Hillary Campaign today announced new details about President Bill Clinton’s return to the Granite State to kick off a “Big Challenges, Real Solutions – Time To Pick A President" Tour this Saturday, December 29, 2007.

Saturday, December 29th

President Clinton Kicks-off “Time to Pick a President” Canvass
10:30 AM
VFW Post 483
2 Quincy Street
Nashua, NH

President Clinton Attends “Time to Pick a President” Event
3:45 PM
Salmon Falls Stoneware
75 Oak Street
Dover, NH

President Clinton Attends “Time to Pick a President” Event
5:15 PM
85 Middle Street
Portsmouth, NH

Paul Visits Saturday, December 29th

Congressman Ron Paul will make the following public appearances on Saturday, December 29th:

8:30 - 9:15 am
Breakfast at the Red Arrow Diner
61 Lowell Street, Manchester

9:30 - 10:30 am
Meeting with undecided voters
Private Residence

11:15 - 11:45 am
Downtown Business Walk, Derry
AJ's Pizza - 21 Birch Street
All-American Barber Shop - 11 E. Broadway
The Blackberry Bakery - 14B E. Broadway

12:30 - 1:30 pm
Lunch at the Early Bird Cafe
160 Plaistow Road, Plaistow

Further stops TBA.

Richardson Announces Coalition of Independents

From The Richardson Campaign:

The New Hampshire for Richardson campaign today launched the Granite State Independents for Richardson steering committee. The coalition of independents will help grow the campaign’s strong grassroots organization in New Hampshire.

Hilary Cleveland, a professor at Colby-Sawyer College, will chair the Granite State Independents for Richardson steering committee. Cleveland was an active leader in Republican politics for many years. She is the widow of James Cleveland, the nine-term Republican Congressman from New Hampshire’s 2nd District. In 2004, she changed her political affiliation from Republican to “Undeclared” and voted in the Democratic primary.

Granite State Independents for Richardson Steering Committee:
Hilary Cleveland- New London (Chair)
Dave Berman- Rumney
D. Wright Downs- Springfield
Kristine Stollar - Lee
Dave Littlefield - Somersworth
Patrick Haggerty - Franconia
Ken McNeill - Washington
Wil Brassard - Peterborough
Charmaine Bertrand - Hudson
David Rosen - Temple
Betty Moore - Hampton
Linda Fernald - Nottingham
Jaclyn Haubach - Portsmouth
Jean Lavin - Gilford
Brad Taylor - Canterbury
Robin McBrearty - Concord
Dr. Carla Kirsh - Marlow

Gale Thomson Endorses Romney

From The Romney Campaign:

Today, former New Hampshire First Lady Gale Thomson announced her endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney. Mrs. Thomson is the wife of late New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson Jr., who's "Ax the Tax" platform inspired future state and national candidates to take a pledge against raising taxes. She joins her son, anti-tax advocate Tom Thomson, who had previously announced his support of Governor Romney.

"Governor Romney strongly believes that through fiscally conservative policies, we can grow the economy, create better jobs and build a stronger America for future generations. He fought for those principles as Governor and he'll do the same as our nation's president. My husband always said, 'low taxes are the result of low spending,' and Mitt Romney embodies this vital conservative principle. I would encourage all Granite Staters to join me in supporting Governor Romney's campaign," said Gale Thomson.

McCain Airs Ad on Newspaper Endorsements

From The McCain Campaign:

U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced a new television ad to run in New Hampshire. The ad, entitled "Endorsed," highlights John McCain's endorsements by over 20 newspapers all across New Hampshire. Granite State editorial boards spanning the ideological spectrum -- from the New Hampshire Union Leader to the Portsmouth Herald -- recognize that John McCain is the only candidate with the experience, credibility and character to lead as commander in chief from day one.

"Endorsed" will run on New Hampshire and Boston television.


Script for "Endorsed" (:30-TV)

ANNCR 1: After taking a close look,

20 newspapers all across New Hampshire endorse John McCain.

Here's what they're saying:

ANNCR 2: McCain campaigns with decency

ANNCR 1: The right stuff ...

ANNCR 2: To become among our greatest presidents

ANNCR 1: Principled

ANNCR 2: Character

ANNCR 1: Integrity and honor

ANNCR 2: Impeccable national security credentials

ANNCR 1: McCain transcends partisanship

ANNCR 2: Most trustworthy

ANNCR 1: The man to lead America

ANNCR 2: All across New Hampshire newspapers agree

ANNCR 1: The choice is clear. For President: John McCain

JOHN MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I approve this message


Edwards' "Born For"

Today, 11 days before the New Hampshire primary, the John Edwards for President campaign began airing a new television spot in New Hampshire. In the ad, entitled “Born For,” Edwards tells voters that standing up to powerful interests on behalf of the middle class is the fight he was born for.

Full Transcript of “Born For” (30 seconds):

I’m John Edwards and I approve this message.

For 25 years, corporate greed has gotten its way in Washington

Destroying American jobs and the middle class -

While the establishment did nothing.

Insurance giants killed health care.

Energy giants make billions from insane gas prices.

And more jobs were lost.

As much as we like to think so, good intentions won’t change a thing.

Corporate greed won’t be stopped without a president who fights for you.

Saving the middle class will be an epic battle,

And that’s a fight I was born for.

Obama Airs "Unify" Ad

From The Obama Campaign:

Senator Barack Obama’s New Hampshire campaign will begin airing a new TV ad tomorrow highlighting Obama’s ability to unify the country and restore trust in our government. The thirty-second spot, entitled “Unify,” features quotes from four newspapers that have endorsed Obama in the New Hampshire primary: the Boston Globe, the Nashua Telegraph, the Portsmouth Herald, and the Valley News.

Script – “Unify”

America is listening…

Not just Democrats, but Republicans, and Independents…

Who’ve lost trust in their government,

But want to believe again.

[Onscreen: “best chance to break… partisan gridlock” Portsmouth Herald 12/20/0]

I am in this race, to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda…

In Washington are over.

[Onscreen: “independence” Boston Globe 12/16/07 Onscreen: He’s “taken on lobbyists” Valley News 12/20/07]

We have a chance to bring the country together.

A nation healed…

[Onscreen: “Obama can end decades of division” Nashua Telegraph 12/23/07]

A world repaired.

An America that believes again.

Romney Airs Ad Attacking McCain

From The Romney Campaign:

Today, Romney for President launched its newest television ad, "Future." The ad highlights the choice Republicans will have to make when it comes to strengthening our country. Senator McCain opposed strengthening our economy through lower taxes. He has pushed legislation allowing every illegal immigrant to stay in the United States. Governor Romney took a different course. He cut taxes and spending in Massachusetts. He has consistently opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants. On election day, Republicans will have a choice between two very different records and visions for our future.

Script For "Future" (TV:30):

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message."

ANNOUNCER: "John McCain, an honorable man. But is he the right Republican for the future?

"McCain opposes repeal of the death tax, and voted against the Bush tax cuts twice.

"McCain pushed to let every illegal immigrant stay here permanently.

"Even voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security.

"And Mitt Romney? Mitt Romney cut taxes and spending as Governor.

"He opposes amnesty for illegals.

"Mitt Romney. John McCain. There is a difference."

To watch "Future," please see:

New Hampshire News Links for December 28th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links December 28th, 2007
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We should be updated frequently this New Years Weekend – Happy New Years!

NEWS: Couples are ready: Civil-union countdown is on

PEOPLE/CANDIDATES: Political novice thrives in new role: Shea-Porter works to stay true to roots / Gregg-Sununu, Streeter, Blatsos

POLITICAL COLUMNS: Political Chowder

NH POLLS: Obama, Clinton even in key states: A new Times/Bloomberg Poll finds them statistically tied in New Hampshire and in a three-way race with Edwards in Iowa. GOP's Huckabee has a big lead in Iowa but trails Romney by a wide margin up north.

OP-ED: Editorial: Sex offender limits to have little impact

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: Clinton, Obama Seize on Killing; Reactions Illustrate Their Key Differences / The Field, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Gravel, Obama, Richardson

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: Slaying may boost Giuliani, McCain / The Field, The Debate, Guiliani, Huckabee, Hunter, McCain, Paul, Romney, Thompson


FIRST PRIMARY: Iowa Saturated by Political Ads

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: Cashing In From the Outside; Unlimited Donations Boost Political Clout Of Independent Groups

NATIONAL POLLS: Latest Polls Show Democrats in Dead Heat in Iowa

WAR: Benazir Bhutto: 2008, New Hampshire, and other News and Views

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rather To Report Live From The Palace Theatre

On the night of the New Hampshire primary Dan Rather will be reporting live from Manchester's historic Palace Theatre. Joining Rather will be strategists Mike Murphy, Donnie Fowler and yours truly...Cosmo. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, check below.

"DAN RATHER REPORTS" to Broadcast Coverage of the New Hampshire Primary- LIVE from the Palace Theatre!

Dan Rather will be headed to the historic Palace Theatre in Manchester to host live broadcast coverage of the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, January 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

This program will air live, nationwide on HDNet and is open to the public.

Rather will be joined on the broadcast by veteran campaign strategists Republican Mike Murphy and Democrat Donnie Fowler - both providing additional analysis and commentary on the primary results as they come in.

Tickets are free to the public on a first come first served basis. To reserve your tickets call the Palace Box Office at (603) 668 – 5588.

For more information on the Palace Theatre:

For full press release on Dan Rather Reports in New Hampshire:

Here is the palace theatre's event listing:

Bill Clinton Returns To New Hampshire

The New Hampshire for Hillary Campaign today announced President Bill Clinton will return to the Granite State to kick off a “Big Challenges, Real Solutions – Time To Pick A President" Tour this Saturday, December 29, 2007.

Additional details of the trip will follow. For information on the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign please visit

SEIU Launches New Hampshire Billboard Ads

The SEIU has announced that will launch a series of billboard ads in New Hampshire. The ads will appear on mobile billboards, on highways and in airports. The billboard will feature a social worker from the Granite State.

In addition to New Hampshire, the ads will appear in Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.

According to a press release, "The billboards urge voters and caucus goers to go to the polls next month to choose a presidential candidate who will stand up for workers and make health care a top priority."

You can view the billboards at and

Clinton Gains Cabinet Press Endorsement

From The Clinton Campaign:

The Cabinet Press, which includes four weekly newspapers with a circulation of 31,000 in nine towns across southern New Hampshire , today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

In their endorsement editorial, the Cabinet Press wrote that “Sen. Clinton, as President Hillary Clinton, will ensure that those who most need a health care boost will get it,” adding that “Hillary Clinton is a tough, smart, courageous, compassionate and sometimes blunt senator who will be a good president in a time that requires the kind of backbone she possesses.”

The four Cabinet Press newspapers include: the Milford Cabinet, Bedford Journal, Hollis Brookline Journal and Merrimack Journal. The weeklies endorsed John Kerry in 2004.

Blue Hampshire Co-Founder Endorses Dodd

From The Dodd Campaign:

Last night, Mike Caulfield, one of the three founding members and managing editors of the online community Blue Hampshire endorsed Chris Dodd for President. Blue Hampshire is the most prominent Democratic blog in the state. Caulfield joins fellow Blue Hampshire co-founder Dean Barker in support of Dodd. Barker endorsed Dodd on September 5th of this year.

"You could choose those that stood back, and waited until history was on their side before they moved bold agendas forward. You could hope that their theories of change were correct," Caulfield wrote. "Or you could choose the person, who, against all odds, advanced the progressive agenda through every means at his disposal. I've seen Dodd sailing against the wind and been amazed. I can only imagine what he will do with the wind at his back."

Gravel Announces RV Tour of New Hampshire

Senator Mike Gravel will be embarking upon a statewide tour of New Hampshire between now and the January 8th primary. His "Stop and Think" tour will be conducted with the Gravel campaign RV, and starts with a slate of events in northeast NH. The RV will be unveiled just after the New Year, it will not be included in this leg of the tour.

More events to follow shortly:

Friday 12/28

10:00 AM
Town Hall Meeting
VFW George J Maxfield of 1772
43 Highland St.
Rochester, NH

1:30 PM
Town Hall Meeting
Ossipee Town Hall

3:30 PM
Editorial Board with The Conway Daily Sun
64 Seavey Street
North Conway, NH

5:00 PM
Town Hall Meeting
The Metropolitan Coffee House
2680 Main St.
North Conway, NH

Saturday 12/29

10 AM
Town Hall Meeting
Jackson Village, NH

11 - 11:30 AM
Lunchtime Meet & Greet at J-Town Deli
174 Main St.
Jackson Village, NH

1 PM
Town Hall Meeting
Berlin VFW
1107 Main St.
Berlin, NH

Meet & Greet at Tea Birds Cafe
101 Main St. Berlin, NH

Meet & Greet at the Littleton Diner
145 Main St. Littleton, NH

**The Gravel Campaign RV will be unveiled at First Night Wolfeboro, where the Senator and supporters will march in a parade starting at 5:15 PM. Gravel and the RV may swing by First Night Portsmouth as well, before returning to campaign HQ, where the Gravel campaign will be holding a New Year's Party. All supporters are welcome to attend.
Where: 195 Heather St. Manchester, NH 03104 When: starting around 8 PM
(Please RSVP @ 603-624-0052 if you're planning to attend so we know how many people to expect)

Romney Announces Legislative Leadership Team

Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the New Hampshire Romney for President Legislative Leadership Team. The team is comprised of 40 Republican legislators.

New Hampshire Romney For President Legislative Leadership Team:

Belknap County:
Rep. William Tobin, Sanbornton
House Republican Leader Mike Whalley, Alton

Carroll County:
Rep. Christopher Ahlgren, Wolfeboro
Rep. William Denley, Wakefield
Rep. Harry Merrow, Ossippee
Rep. Betsey Patten, Moultonborough
Rep. Stanley Stevens, Wolfeboro

Cheshire County:
Rep. Stephen Pelkey, Jaffrey

Grafton County:
Rep. Vernon Dingman, Haverhill

Hillsborough County:
Rep. Larry Emerton, Goffstown
Rep. Richard Fletcher, Goffstown
Rep. Ken Hawkins, Bedford
Rep. William Infantine, Manchester
Rep. Shawn Jasper, Hudson
Rep. Pamela Manney, Goffstown
Rep. Pamela Price, Nashua
Rep. Maurice Villeneuve, Bedford

Merrimack County:
Rep. Eric Anderson, Bow
Rep. David Boutin, Hooksett
Rep. Charlie Humphries, Hooksett

Rockingham County:
Rep. Ronald Belanger, Salem
Rep. David Bettencourt, Salem
Rep. David Dalrymple, Salem
Rep. Anthony DiFruscia, Windham
Rep. Marilinda Garcia, Salem
Rep. Mary Griffin, Windham
Rep. James Headd, Auburn
Rep. Paul Hopfgarten, Derry
Rep. George Katsakiores, Derry
Rep. Phyllis Katsakiores, Derry
Sen. Bob Letourneau, Derry
Rep. Norm Major, Plaistow
Rep. Charles McMahon, Windham
Rep. Ronald Nowe, Epping
Rep. Mark Pearson, Salem
Rep. James Rausch, Derry
Rep. Everett Weare, Seabrook
Rep. David Welch, Kingston
Rep. Rick Wickson, Derry

Sullivan County:
Rep. Beverly Rodeschin, Newport

Rudy Begins Airing "Freedom" Ad

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced the launch of a new television ad, entitled “Freedom.” The ad will begin airing nationally on FOX News and in Florida and New Hampshire on Friday.

Visit to view the ad. The script is below.

Script for “Freedom”:

MAYOR GIULIANI: “Right before September 11 and months before I had read this book about the greatest generation written by Tom Brokaw.

And the book explains how brave, and how persistent, and how courageous the people were in the generation that won the second world war.

And during the day of September 11 living through the things that I saw and observed.

Immediately, when I saw people helping each other.

I saw the picture of the firefighters putting the flag up at ground zero.

I said these are the children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren of the greatest generation.

They have the same resolve. The same understanding.

When you challenge Americans, there’s no country that stands up stronger and better than the United States of America.

When you try and take something away from us like freedom, my goodness, Americans are going to be one in resisting you.

So, the Islamic terrorists would make a terrible mistake if they confuse our democracy for weakness.

Our democracy means we disagree with each other, but when you come and try and take away from us our freedom.

When you try and come here and kill our people.

We’re one and we’re going to stand up to you and we’re going to prevail.

I’m Rudy Giuliani and I approved this message.”

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Straight Talk Express Tour

Here is the public schedule of John McCain's "Straight Talk Express" bus tour from Friday, December 28, 2007 through Wednesday, January 2, 2008.

Friday, December 28th

Health Care Town Hall Forum
Elliot Hospital
The Conference Center
1 Elliot Way
Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester Young Professionals Town Hall Meeting
Event Room
20 Market Street
Manchester, New Hampshire

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Town Hall Meeting
The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
93 Locust Street
Dover, New Hampshire

Town Hall Meeting
Merrimack VFW Post 8641
282 Daniel Webster Highway
Merrimack, New Hampshire

House Party Hosted
20 Greeley Hill Road
Bedford, New Hampshire

Town Hall Meeting
Londonderry Lions Club Hall
259 Mammoth Road
Londonderry, New Hampshire

Sunday, December 30, 2007

House Party
31 Hillcrest Drive
Lebanon, New Hampshire

Town Hall Meeting
Newport Opera House
20 Main Street
Newport, New Hampshire

Monday, December 31, 2007

House Party
119 Antrim Road
Hancock, New Hampshire

House Party
9 Premier Drive
Londonderry, New Hampshire

House Party
30 Sea Road
Rye, New Hampshire

House Party
205 East Side Drive
Concord, New Hampshire

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Town Hall Meeting
Laconia VFW
143 Court Street
Laconia, New Hampshire

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Town Hall Meeting
Pembroke Academy
209 Academy Ave.
Pembroke, New Hampshire

Paul's Latest New Hampshire Ad

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has launched a new television ad that will begin airing in New Hampshire. The thirty-second ad is titled "Defender of Freedom." The script and ad is below.

Narrator: “He defends our freedom, and his record shows it… Ron Paul.

“Answering our country’s call, Ron Paul became a flight surgeon in the Air Force.

“As a doctor, Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies and is a leading defender of life.

“In Congress, Ron Paul never voted to raise taxes, never voted for an unbalanced budget, never voted to restrict gun rights or raise congressional pay.

“Protecting our God-given freedom… Ron Paul for President.”

Congressman Paul: “I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.”

Clinton's "Stakes"

Today Hillary Clinton's campaign began airing a new television ad. The thirty-second ad, titled "Stakes," features images with text.

Ad text in bold. Images in brackets.

A nation at war
[Soldier’s helmet]

Troubles at home
[Foreclosure sign]

America at a crossroads
[National debt calculator]

Demands a leader
[Hillary supporters with signs]

With a steady hand
[Hillary Clinton]

Who will weather the storms
[Damaged house- spray painted with “Katrina Was Here”]

Solve our problems
[Baby being treated by doctor]

Rebuild our middle class
[Person welding]

And renew our greatness
[Child with American flag]
[Hillary Clinton]

Hillary Clinton
A New Beginning
[Hillary Clinton]

HRC VO: I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message

Edwards Airs "Power" Ad

John Edwards has begun airing his eight New Hampshire ad. The thirty-second ad is entitled "Power" and features Edwards saying that he will "restore America’s moral authority in the world."

Below is the ad and script.

What will our next president do with the enormous power that comes with the office?

I will restore America’s moral authority in the world, confront people who exploit their power for personal advantage, stand up for people whose voices are ignored – just like I’ve done all my life – be honest about the challenges we face and the choices we have, keep the promises I make, work every day to restore the American Dream.

Because I know that the power that comes with the presidency comes from you.

I’m John Edwards, and I approved this message.

Bayh To Campaign for Clinton

From the Clinton Campaign (the events are closed to the public):

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will talk to undecided New Hampshire voters about Senator Hillary Clinton’s 35-year record of making change happen in stops across the Granite State Thursday. Having repeatedly won elections in a red state, Senator Bayh will also address why Hillary Clinton is the Democrat best suited to win a general election in November 2008.

Senator Bayh was first elected to the Senate in 1998. Prior to that, he served two terms as Governor of Indiana. He has worked in the Senate to strengthen national security, create more jobs through the growth of small businesses, encourage responsible fatherhood, and help families better afford college tuition, retirement, and long-term care.

New Hampshire News Links for December 26th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links December 26th, 2007
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NEWS: New Year to bring same-sex unions; N.H. officials prepare for upcoming law

PEOPLE/CANDIDATES: Hodes, Coffey, Laplante

NH POLLS: N.H. Democrats, GOP sharply divided on healthcare; Differences stark on government's role, poll finds

OP-ED: Editorials: Judge Coffey should heed call to resign

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: Democrats hustle to get Iowa voters to polls / The Field, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kerry, Kucinich, Obama, Richardson

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: Same Party, Different Style; Romney, Huckabee Present a Stark Choice For Iowa Republicans / The Field, Guiliani, Huckabee, McCain, Paul, Romney

FIRST PRIMARY: Many NH undecideds are waiting to choose: More than 40% say they haven't made up their mind

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: When Private Struggles Become Public Displays

WAR: Kean says CIA is parsing words on interrogation tapes

OTHER NEWS AND VIEWS: Freshmen Padding Their Independence; Procedural Votes Become Safe Nays

ARTICLES: Conway Daily Sun: Paul delivers his message of individual liberty, limited government in Conway visit / Paul attracting wide swath of voters to libertarian platform

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

McCain To Hold Pembroke Town Hall

On Wednesday, January 2nd John McCain will hold a town hall meeting at Pembroke Academy.

Wednesday, January 2nd

8:30am – 9:30am
Town Hall Meeting
Pembroke Academy
209 Academy Road
Pembroke, NH

McCain's Tentative Schedule

John McCain's tentative schedule for Friday, December 28th-Sunday, December 30th.

Friday, December 28th

Town Hall Meeting
20 Market St.
Manchester, NH

Saturday, December 29th

Town Hall Meeting
93 Locust Ave.
Dover, NH

Town Hall Meeting
Merrimack VFW Post 8641
Merrimack, NH

Town Hall Meeting
Londonderry Lions Club Hall
Londonderry, NH

Sunday, December 30th

Town Hall Meeting
Newport Opera House
Newport, NH

Kucinich in New Hampshire

From the first to vote to the first of a New Year through the first in the nation primary Kucinich campaigns in New Hampshire. Democratic candidate for President Dennis Kucinich continues his push to reach voters looking for "a totally new direction for America."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Manchester, New Hampshire
"The Real Democratic Debates."
LIVE on MCAM TV23 and streamed live on

Friday, December 28, 2007

Milford, New Hampshire
8:00PM - 9:00PM
House Party
102 Elm St (Hwy 101A),
Milford, NH

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Concord, New Hampshire
2:00PM - 4:00PM
Open House
Kucinich for President Concord Office
33 S. Main Street
Concord, NH

Monday, December 31, 2007

Manchester, New Hampshire
9:00PM to 11:00PM
'Resolution for Peace: A New Year's Concert for the Community'
Dennis Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth will be ringing in 2008 with music, merriment, and a message of optimism at a special New Year's Eve party and concert
MCAM Studios
540 N Commercial Street
Manchester, NH

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Romney Returns After Christmas

On Wednesday, Governor Mitt Romney will return to New Hampshire for two days of events in the Granite State.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007:

2:15 p.m.
Meets with Henniker Area Voters
Pat's Peak Ski Area
686 Flanders Road
Henniker, NH

3:45 p.m.
Meets with Hooksett Area Voters
Robie's General Store
9 Riverside Street
Hooksett, NH

6:15 p.m.
Merrimack "Ask Mitt Anything" Town Hall
Thomas More College
6 Manchester Street
Merrimack, NH

Thursday, December 27, 2007:

9:00 a.m.
Meets with Nashua Area Voters
Norton's Classic Restaurant
223 Main Street
Nashua, NH

9:45 a.m.
Meets with Nashua Area Voters
Jackie's Diner
168 Main Street
Nashua, NH

11:00 a.m.
Meets with Manchester Area Voters
City Flame Smokehouse
363 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH

11:45 a.m.
Speaks with Manchester Area Voters
American Credit Union Museum
418 Notre Dame Avenue
Manchester, NH

2:15 p.m.
Meets with Bedford Area Voters
RiverWalk of Bedford
Hawthorne Drive
Bedford, NH

Happy Festivus!

Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way...

Happy Festivus!!

Don't forget to put-up your festivus pole, air your grievances, preform the feats of strength and wait for a festivus miracle.

Nashua Telegraph Endorses Obama

Saying "he best represents what Democrats are looking for this year: a change from the status quo, a genuine and authentic voice for hope and healing during difficult and divisive times," The Nashua Telegraph endorsed Barack Obama.

"What's lacking is inspired leadership that can speak directly to the people over the heads of the partisan politicians and craft a national consensus not seen in decades," The Telegraph added.