Friday, December 28, 2007

New Hampshire News Links for December 28th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links December 28th, 2007
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NEWS: Couples are ready: Civil-union countdown is on

PEOPLE/CANDIDATES: Political novice thrives in new role: Shea-Porter works to stay true to roots / Gregg-Sununu, Streeter, Blatsos

POLITICAL COLUMNS: Political Chowder

NH POLLS: Obama, Clinton even in key states: A new Times/Bloomberg Poll finds them statistically tied in New Hampshire and in a three-way race with Edwards in Iowa. GOP's Huckabee has a big lead in Iowa but trails Romney by a wide margin up north.

OP-ED: Editorial: Sex offender limits to have little impact

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: Clinton, Obama Seize on Killing; Reactions Illustrate Their Key Differences / The Field, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Gravel, Obama, Richardson

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: Slaying may boost Giuliani, McCain / The Field, The Debate, Guiliani, Huckabee, Hunter, McCain, Paul, Romney, Thompson


FIRST PRIMARY: Iowa Saturated by Political Ads

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: Cashing In From the Outside; Unlimited Donations Boost Political Clout Of Independent Groups

NATIONAL POLLS: Latest Polls Show Democrats in Dead Heat in Iowa

WAR: Benazir Bhutto: 2008, New Hampshire, and other News and Views

ARTICLES: Milne: Tough challenges are ahead for New Hampshire / Conway Daily Sun: Edwards: Corporate greed is killing the American dream / Edwards touts middle class as 'engine' of economic growth / Edwards can't recall student journalist whose story top aides tried to 'squelch'

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