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It's All About The Delegates

The primary system is all about the delegates, here's the breakdown:

In the New Hampshire Democratic primary
CNN estimates:
* Hillary Clinton has won 9 New Hampshire delegates (3 statewide, 6 district-level)
* Barack Obama has won 9 New Hampshire delegates (3 statewide, 6 district-level)
* John Edwards has won 4 New Hampshire delegates (2 statewide, 2 district-level)
* 22 Democratic delegates were at stake in the New Hampshire primary
* There are also 8 Democratic “superdelegates” in New Hampshire. Of those, 2 support Clinton and 3 support Obama, according to a CNN survey.

In the New Hampshire Republican primary
CNN estimates:
* John McCain has won 7 New Hampshire delegates
* Mitt Romney has won 4 New Hampshire delegates
* Mike Huckabee has won 1 New Hampshire delegate
* 12 GOP delegates were at stake in the New Hampshire primary
* All GOP delegates at stake in the New Hampshire primary are statewide

NH Asks Primary Success

From the group NH Asks:

NH Asks program gave candidates a unique opportunity to take substantial and considered positions on important issues. Unlike town-hall meetings, debates and press conferences, candidates could take the time to offer well-considered and consistent answers. The candidates who answered all took full advantage of this opportunity, and where awarded “10-star” STR ratings as a result.

In addition to providing voters with more clarity on candidates’ positions, NH Asks also provided candidates with the opportunity to clarify sometimes contradictory and inconsistent positions to better prepare them for the campaign beyond NH. “We felt that this was an important example of the contribution made by the citizens of NH, who take their civic responsibility in the election process and the nation’s 1st primary very seriously.” Nathaniel Gurien said.

Check out our website: for access to the complete archive of newspaper ads, press releases, candidate answers and ratings, as well as comments from voters from NH and around the country.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Biden Beats Gravel

Even though he dropped out of the presidential contest last week, Delaware Senator Joe Biden achieved a minor victory in the New Hampshire primary.

Biden was able to receive more votes than former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. Gravel is still running for the Democratic nomination.

Biden received 612 votes to Gravel's 396.

GOP Write-Ins Beat Fred Thompson

An interesting note in tonight's election, write-ins did better than former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson.

Total Republican write-ins received 3,987 votes (2%), while Fred Thompson garnered 2,768 votes (1%).

Thompson is apparently not worried about his lackluster performance because tonight, in South Carolina, he told supporters "All of my buddies who are running for president this year are up freezing in New Hampshire tonight. You know, shivering around, walking around, there are snowbanks up to about right here. And I'm in South Carolina. Now who do you think is smart enough to be president?"

PrioritiesNH To Form Into New Group

The group PrioritiesNH has begun to phase down their operations. Over the past year the group has been trying to get candidates to decrease the military budget.

According to an e-mail the group is "in discussions to merge the wonderful PRIORITIES community into a vibrant New Hampshire progressive advocacy organization. Details to be announced soon."

PrioritiesNH became a fixture of this primary season with it's various trucks and the popular "cookie lady."

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Been A Great Ride

After attending countless events, exchanging thousands of e-mails, receiving plenty of spin, and 20 interviews the primary has come to a close.

Over the past week people have asked me whether I'd spill all my secrets in one last post, or perhaps even write a book, don't worry sources my lips are forever sealed. After all private information is private, even if people are moving-on to do other things.

I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped grow the site, has been there when I needed advice or has ever linked to the blog.

I would like to thank James Pindell, Dr. Dante Scala, Bill Siroty, Phil Elliott, Mike Memoli, Beth LaMontagne and Arnie Arnesen. My gratitude for their generosity, professionalism and friendship can not be measured in words.

Finally, I would like to thank "The Chairman." Without his ingenuity and creativity this site would have never been formed. Though I often "throw him under the bus" he was there at the beginning and for that he will always have my respect.

New Hampshire it's been a great ride, thanks for the memories.

Over the coming weeks stay tuned for information about my new endeavor, PolitickerNH.

-Brian "Cosmo" Lawson

Sticking To Your Guns

Sometimes when you make predictions you have to stick to your guns.

Over the past week I've been giving interviews predicting Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney would win their respective primaries.

Well I was half-right.

Tonight, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary and John McCain beat Mitt Romney.

Not sure if it was luck or correctly reading the voters, but it's nice to know I didn't change the prediction in the face of changing poll numbers and an overwhelming media bandwagon affect.

McCain Wins New Hampshire

Arizona Senator John McCain has won the New Hampshire Republican primary.

U.S. Senator John McCain's New Hampshire Chair, Peter Spaulding, issued the following statement on John McCain's New Hampshire Primary victory:

"I proudly congratulate John on his historic victory in today's primary. John McCain never gave up, and the voters of New Hampshire have clearly rallied behind his unique brand of straight talk, leadership and solutions to the biggest problems facing our country. I am confident that, as president, John McCain will root out wasteful spending in Washington and lead the country to victory against those who wish America harm.

"I could not be more proud of the New Hampshire leadership team and the unwavering efforts of our staff and volunteers across the state working on John's behalf. They have proven you can catch lightning in a bottle, twice."

What To Watch For

Dante "GraniteProf" Scala has posted what you should watch for in tonight's results.

"If Mitt Romney pulls this out at the last minute, it's going to happen in the Interstate 93 corridor, home of many Massachusetts transplants."

"McCain's areas of strength form an arc around the I-93 corridor: Keene and Cheshire County; the Hanover/Lebanon area; Merrimack County, especially around Concord; and the Seacoast area."

"If Clinton carries Manchester by a wide margin, expect the results to be closer than expected."

"And if Obama carries Manchester, well, whoa Nelly! The rout is on."

For more of his observations and updates go to:

Who's Who

Here is a slideshow of the various presidential candidates filing for the New Hampshire primary.

Paul To Do Some Last Minute Campaigning

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul will greet voters in Ward 4 of Concord today at 5PM. The Ward 4 polling location is located at St. Peter's Parish Hall on 135 North State Street in Concord, NH.

One of the questions tonight is how well will Paul do? Most polls show the Texas Congressman in a tie with Rudy Giuliani.

Historic Turnout Across The State

It's primary day, we're about halfway through voting and historic turnout numbers are being reported throughout the state.

James Pindell is reporting that "The New Hampshire Secretary of State's office is not fielding requests for Democratic ballots in Portsmouth, Keene, Hudson and Pelham."

We visited two Manchester precints and voting was at a brisk level.

NBC vs. WMUR vs. ABC

This morning Rudy Giuliani attempted to make his case before 30 Manchester citizens.

The former New York Mayor told the group he is running on a "bold vision that will allow America to be the best."

Perhaps the most interesting part of the event was when NBC embed Matt Berger got into a shouting match with a WMUR cameraman.

It appeared that Berger was arguing that the cameraman pushed into him, while Rudy was taking questions from the press. Once the WMUR cameraman started to walk away Berger demanded that the WMUR reporter give Berger the cameraman's name. The WMUR reporter, yet to be identified, walked away refusing to give his name.

After Rudy had left the room Berger continued yelling at the cameraman, who was standing across the room.

Over the past couple of days tensions have been rising has more camera crews join the campaign trail.

**UPDATE: We've been told that in fact it was the ABC embed who the WMUR cameraman bumped into. Berger did ask for his name, however it was the ABC embed who was shouting across the room at the WMUR cameraman. Sorry for the mix-up.**

Monday, January 07, 2008

RCP Average

The Real Clear Politics New Hampshire average...tomorrow we get to see what the voters say.

The GOP: The Dems:
McCain: 33.5% Obama: 36.9%
Romney: 28.7% Clinton: 29.2%
Huckabee: 11.4% Edwards: 18.8%
Giuliani: 8.7% Richardson: 5.9%
Paul: 7.4%

Draft Gore Endorses Edwards

The group Draft Gore New Hampshire has endorsed John Edwards.

Earlier this week the group announced their would be terminating their efforts.

"We came to the unanimous decision that John Edwards has the courage to bring about fundamental changes in the way decisions are made in Washington," said Farrell Seiler, state coordinator for Draft Gore New Hampshire.

Clinton's Primary Day Schedule

Hillary Clinton's primary day schedule

Tuesday, January 8th

6:00 AM
Parker Varney School
223 James Pollock Drive
Manchester, NH

7:45 AM
Fairgrounds Jr. High School
27 Cleveland Street
Nashua, NH

9:30 AM
West Running Brook Middle School
1 West Running Brook Lane
Derry, NH

12:00 PM
Broken Ground School
123 Portsmouth Street
Concord, NH

8:00 PM
Southern New Hampshire University
2500 N. River Road
Manchester, NH

Edwards Primary Day Schedule

The primary day schedule for John Edwards

Tuesday, January 8th

John and Elizabeth Edwards visit Manchester Ward 3 polling location
Manchester, Ward 3
Carol M. Rines Center
1528 Elm St.Manchester, NH

John and Elizabeth Edwards rally volunteers at Manchester HQ
66 Hanover St.
Manchester, NH

John Edwards for President Election Night Site Tower Mills
300 Bedford St.
Manchester, NH

Vermin Supreme offers $100 To Dixville Notch Voters

Today at John McCain's Manchester rally, long-shot presidential candidate Vermin Love Supreme was offering each voter of Dixville Notch $100.

The catch?

In order to receive the money the voter has to vote for Vermin.

Dixville Notch casts the first votes in the New Hampshire primary at the stroke of midnight.

Clinton Releases Letter Attacking Obama's Abortion Votes

This afternoon Hillary Clinton's campaign released a letter from a group New Hampshire pro-choice activists urging pro-choice voters to vote for Senator Clinton because "The difference between Hillary's repeatedly standing up strong on choice and Obama's unwillingness to vote "yes" or "no" is a clear contrast, and we believe the voters in New Hampshire deserve to know this difference."

According to the letter "as a State Senator, Senator Obama voted "present" - instead of "yes" or "no" - seven times on issues related to protecting a women's right to choose. Illinois NOW cited Obama's "present" votes on tough choice issues in the Illinois State Legislature when explaining why they would not endorse him. The difference between Hillary's repeatedly standing up strong on choice and Obama's unwillingness to vote "yes" or "no" is a clear contrast, and we believe the voters in New Hampshire deserve to know this difference."

Clinton's GOTV

From The Clinton Campaign:

With less than 24 hours until the New Hampshire primary, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign’s Get Out the Vote Operation is in full swing. Staff, volunteers, and supporters are working around the clock to ensure that New Hampshire voters know that tomorrow they can help pick a president who can hit the ground running on day one.

In the final hours leading up to the primary, over 6,000 volunteers will fan out across the state, participating in more than 200 canvasses and knocking on tens of thousands of doors. In their efforts to reach out to their friends and neighbors across the state, volunteers and staff will walk close to 400 miles.

More Endorsements for McCain

This morning John McCain's campaign released a list of endorsements from New Hampshire Republicans.

Below is a list of elected officials that were in the release.

Sen. Sheila Roberge, State Senator
Peter Bergin, State Representative
Peter Batula, Merrimack State Representative
Dick Drisko, State Representative
Carolyn Gargasz, State Representative
Irene Messier, State Representative
Saggy Tahir, State Representative, Manchester
Liz Chamberlain, Press Secretary to United States Senator John Sununu

Romney's Closing Argument

From The Romney Campaign:

Tonight, Governor Mitt Romney will air a two-minute television ad, "Tomorrow," in which he speaks directly to the people of New Hampshire about the need for conservative change in Washington if we are to confront a new generation of challenges.

View the ad here: “Tomorrow”

Edwards Two Day Schedule

Sorry I completed forgot to post the Edwards schedule for today and tomorrow.


2:00 AM
Graniteroots event with John and Elizabeth Edwards
Edwards for President Berlin Office
256 Main Street
Berlin, NH

4:00 AM
Graniteroots event with John and Elizabeth Edwards
Miller’s CafĂ©
16 Mill Street
Littleton, NH

6:35 AM
Breakfast with John and Elizabeth at the “DaddyPops Tumble Inn Diner”
DaddyPops Tumble Inn Diner
1 Main Street
Claremont, NH

10:45 AM
Senator Edwards to hold town hall meeting
Sunapee Room, Lake Opechee Inn
62 Doris Ray Court
Lakeport, NH

1:45 PM
House party with John and Elizabeth Edwards
72 Hardy Road
Bedford, NH

3:55 PM
Graniteroots event with Senator John Edwards
Cafeteria, Winnacunnet High School
1 Alumni Dr.
Hampton, NH

7:15 PM
Rally with John and Elizabeth Edwards in Dover
Elks Lodge 184
282 Durham Road
Dover, NH 3820

9:20 PM
Graniteroots event with John and Elizabeth Edwards
The Democracy Factory
65 Green Street
Somersworth, NH

10:15 PM
Graniteroots event with John and Elizabeth EdwardsEdwards for President Rochester Office
One Wakefield Street, Suite 310
Rochester, NH

11:25 PM
House party with John and Elizabeth Edwards
4 Palmer Drive
Durham, NH


12:30 AM
Graniteroots event with John and Elizabeth Edwards
John Edwards for President Portsmouth Office
Parade Mall, 195 Hanover Street, Suite 34,
Portsmouth, NH

Paul Cancels Events Day Before New Hampshire Primary

Ron Paul has cancelled his public events that were scheduled to be held the day before the New Hampshire primary.

Instead, Paul will be flying out to California to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

According to the Paul campaign "Fmr. Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., will be campaigning in-state for Dr. Paul, as will the candidate's son, Dr. Rand Paul."

The Texas Congressman was scheduled to appear at a Windham house party.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Debunking The McCain-Obama Independent Voter Myth

A popular theory that has developed over the past couple of days is that independent voters in New Hampshire are deciding between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Last night, UNH's polling-guru Andrew Smith debunked that theory.

"They're fighting for different block of voters," he told us.

Smith contends that McCain is vying for independents who lean Republican, while Obama wants to gain independents who traditionally vote Democratic.

Dante "GraniteProf" Scala also contends that this theory is fiction.

"New Hampshire voters deciding between Obama and McCain probably is no more than 3 to 4 percent of ALL likely primary voters, at most," he wrote.

Group of Citizens Concerned with GLBT Issues Endorse Obama

A group of New Hampshire citizens, concered with GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) issues have endorsed Barack Obama. An excerpt of the letter is below, only with a list of the people who signed the letter.

Those of us signing this letter have analyzed, as thoroughly as possible, the candidates who are running for President and believe that Barack Obama will best serve the interests of our GLBT communities.

Obama understands discrimination on a gut level. The African American fight for civil rights has been an integral part of his life, his education, his identity. For that reason alone he stands out as the candidate who has the potential to truly understand our own history of striving for recognition and equality.

Representative Ed Butler, Hart’s Location
The Reverend Robert E. Stiefel, Ph. D., Dover
Representative Gail Morrison, Sanbornton
Senator Harold & Betsy Janeway, Webster
Rev. Dr. Leanne McCall Tigert, Concord
Edwin Allard, Laconia
Carol Shull Perkins, Plymouth
David Weber, Exeter
Bill Stelling, Amherst
Roberta Barry, Keene
Carlos Cardona, Laconia
Paul G. Smith, LCMHC, Chichester
Levey Saintil, Portsmouth

Obama's Two Day Schedule

Here is an updated schedule for Barack Obama

Monday, January 7th

Doors Open: 7:30am
Stevens High School
175 Broad St
Claremont, NH
The event is free and open to the public. However, an RSVP is strongly encouraged. To RSVP, please call Will at the Claremont Office 603-543-0820.

Doors Open: 10:30am
Lebanon Opera House
51 N Park Street
The event is free and open to the public. However, an RSVP is strongly encouraged. To RSVP, please call Dave at the Lebanon Office 603-448-1108.

Doors Open: 5:30pm
Rochester Opera House
31 Wakefield Street
Rochester, NH
The event is free and open to the public. However, an RSVP is strongly encouraged. To RSVP, please call Steph at the Rochester Office 603-330-0808.

Doors Open: 10:00pm
Concord High School
170 Warren Street
Concord, NH
The event is free and open to the public. However, an RSVP is strongly encouraged.
To RSVP, please call the Obama for America Concord office at 603-224-8004.

Tuesday, January 8th

Doors Open: 7:45am
Dartmouth College Alumni Gymnasium
West Gym
Hanover, NH
This event is open to Dartmouth students only. Attendees must possess a valid Dartmouth College ID.

Doors Open: 7:30pm
Nashua South High School
36 Riverside St.
Nashua, NH Doors Open: 7:30 PM
The event is free and open to the public. An RSVP is strongly encouraged. To RSVP call Obama for America’s Nashua Office at 603-578-9007.

Mitt's Final Two Days

Here is an updated schedule for Mitt Romney.

Monday, January 7, 2008:

6:50 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Greets Employees at BAE Systems of North America
BAE Systems of North America
95 Canal Street
Nashua, NH

7:50 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Derry Area Voters
Mary Ann's Diner
29 East Broadway Street
Derry, NH

9:00 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Timberland Employees
Timberland Corporate Headquarters
200 Domain Drive
Stratham, NH

12:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Attends the Nashua Rotary Club Luncheon
Nashua Country Club
25 Fairway Street
Nashua, NH

3:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Holds a Salem "Ask Mitt Anything" Town Hall
Derry-Salem Elks Club
39 Shadow Lake Road, Route 111
Salem, NH

6:30 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Holds a Bedford "Ask Mitt Anything" Town Hall
McKelvie Middle School
108 Liberty Hill Road
Bedford, NH

8:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with New Hampshire Volunteers
Romney For President New Hampshire Headquarters
359 Elm Street
Manchester, NH

Tuesday, January 8, 2008:

6:50 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Manchester Area Voters
Brookside Congregational Church
2013 Elm Street
Manchester, NH

7:40 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Bedford Area Voters
Bedford High School
47B Nashua Road
Bedford, NH

8:30 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Nashua Area Voters
Broad Street Elementary School, Gym
390 Broad Street
Nashua, NH

9:35 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Salem Area Voters
Salem Town Hall
33 Geremonty Drive
Salem, NH

10:25 a.m.
Governor Romney Meets with Derry Area Voters
Hood Middle School
6 Hood Road
Derry, NH

7:30 p.m.
Romney For President Election Night Event
CR Sparks Event Center
18 Kilton Road
Bedford, NH

Richardson's Updated Schedule

Here is an updated schedule for Bill Richardson.

Monday, January 7

8:40 AM
Dunkin-Donuts Drop-In
921 Beech Street, Manchester

10:10 AM
Plant Tour and Town Hall Meeting with Goss International Employees*
Goss International, 121 Technology Drive, Durham
*This event is closed to the general public.

11:15 AM
Drop-In at Brickstones at the Mill
10 Main Street, Rochester

12:15 PM
Downtown Portsmouth Drop-Ins with Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand
Begins at Breaking New Ground, 14 Market Square, Portsmouth

2:30 PM (Doors Open at 2:10 PM)
Stratham "Final Presidential Job Interview" with Timberland Factory Employees
Timberland Factory, 200 Domain Drive, Stratham

3:40 PM (Doors Open at 3:10 PM)
Exeter "Final Presidential Job Interview"
Phillips Exeter Academy, 20 Main Street, Exeter

5:45 PM
Puritan Backroom Drop-In
245 Hooksett Road, Manchester

6:00 PM
Manchester "Get Out the Vote Roundup"
Franco-American Centre
52 Concord Street, Manchester

7:30 PM
Portsmouth "Get Out the Vote Roundup"
Portsmouth Gas Light Company, 3rd Floor
64 Market Street, Portsmouth

Richardson Receives Newspaper Endorsement

From The Richardson Campaign:

Today, the Claremont Eagle Times endorsed New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for President, and three key Dodd supporters from the Granite State announced that they will be voting for Bill Richardson on Tuesday, January 8th.

In their endorsement, the Times writes: "Richardson is the most qualified candidate in the areas that will matter the most to our country over the next four years ... Democrats have a variety of choices before them Tuesday. None can match Richardson's experience."

Governor Richardson also has earned the support of three influential backers of Senator Chris Dodd's Presidential bid in the Granite State. State Representative and firefighter Dan Sullivan, State Representative Maureen Nagle, and State Representative David Smith all endorsed Richardson today, citing his unmatched experience and clear plan for getting all of our troops out of Iraq quickly and safely.

Edwards Unveils "Underdog" Ad

From The Edwards Campaign:

Tomorrow, one day before voters go to the polls, the John Edwards for President campaign will begin airing a new 60-second television spot in the Granite State. In “Underdog,” Senator John Edwards says he will never give up on the fight to save the middle class, and he will take this fight all the way to the Democratic Convention and to the White House.

The new television spot can be viewed at

Transcript of “Underdog”

I may be an underdog in this campaign, running against two candidates with $200 million between them.

But the real underdogs are the middle class and the voiceless in this country,

Losing ground while CEOs pocket million dollar bonuses

And corporate lobbyists get their way in Washington.

Exxon Mobil rakes in record profits, gets government handouts, and gas prices go through the roof.

At the same time, 200,000 veterans, men and women who wore America’s uniform,

Will sleep tonight under bridges and on grates.

We cannot simply replace a bunch of corporate Republicans with a bunch of corporate Democrats.

I’ve never taken a dime from Washington lobbyists or PACs.

I know who the underdogs are in this fight.

I know that the fight to save the middle class will be an epic battle, and I will never give up.

We’re going to take the fight to save the middle class all the way to the Convention and the White House.

We’re going to look our children in the eye and tell them “we left you a better life than we had.”

I’m John Edwards and I approve this message.

Obama At Pinkerton Academy

This afternoon in Derry, New Hampshire Senator Barack Obama told voters “in two days time, New Hampshire it is your turn to stand-up and create a different kind of politics.”

Over the past two days, the Illinois Senator has been stressing a message of change. However, voters might have wanted Obama to stress a message of punctuality.

With doors opening at 2:15pm voters wear growing weary of Obama’s lateness, who did not show-up until 3:45.

One voter, who is has already decided to vote for Hillary Clinton, said that being late turned her off because “it makes me feel he doesn’t think we’re important.”

When Obama finally showed-up he was introduced by Derry citizen Roger Defraines. When Defraines took the stage he was booed by a crowd expecting to see Obama.

Former Senate President Endorses McCain

From The McCain Campaign:

U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced that former New Hampshire State Senate President Joseph Delahunty has endorsed John McCain for president.

"During my time in New Hampshire politics I have worked with innumerable politicians and Americans from all walks of life. However, no one that I have met has possessed a record of service to our country as impressive as John McCain. Throughout his life he has put the country's interest before his own. He is a man of principle, judgment and unmatched experience, and I am I am proud to support him."

State Rep Webber Endorses Clinton

From The Clinton Campaign:

State Representative Jim Webber (D-Kensington), a former Senator Joe Biden supporter, today announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Rep. Webber is the third New Hampshire state representative to announce his support of Senator Clinton in recent days, following the endorsement of Biden’s former New Hampshire Campaign Chair Representative Jim Ryan and State Representative Bill Hatch.

“Today, I am proud to announce my support of Hillary Clinton for president. Senator Clinton has the breadth and depth of knowledge on a wide range of issues that will make her an effective president, starting on day one,” Representative Webber said. “At a time when our country faces serious challenges, we need a leader with Hillary’s strength and experience to deliver real change.”

Hatch Endorses Clinton

Former Biden supporter, Berlin State Representative Bill Hatch, has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“As a representative from Berlin , I am especially sensitive to the struggles of middle class families. Hillary Clinton has strong plans to lower taxes and create new, good jobs that will benefit us all,” said Representative Hatch in a press release.

Clinton To Host Monday Night Rally

On the night before the primary, Hillary Clinton will host a Manchester rally.

Monday, January 7th

Executive Health and Sports Center
1 Highlander Way
Manchester, NH

Bill Bradley To Endorse, Campaign for Obama

The AP's Phil Elliott reports that former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley will endorse Barack Obama later today.

Tomorrow, the former New York Knick will campaign for Obama in the Granite State.

Viggo Mortenson Endorses Kucinich

From The Kucinich Campaign:

Acclaimed film actor Viggo Mortenson will be campaigning today in New Hampshire with U. S. Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Known around the world for his portrayal of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Mortenson will be holding a press conference at JW Hill Sports Bar & Grill, 795 Elm St, Manchester, NH to discuss the day's activities and why he has chosen to support a real Democrat for President—Dennis Kucinich.