Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NBC vs. WMUR vs. ABC

This morning Rudy Giuliani attempted to make his case before 30 Manchester citizens.

The former New York Mayor told the group he is running on a "bold vision that will allow America to be the best."

Perhaps the most interesting part of the event was when NBC embed Matt Berger got into a shouting match with a WMUR cameraman.

It appeared that Berger was arguing that the cameraman pushed into him, while Rudy was taking questions from the press. Once the WMUR cameraman started to walk away Berger demanded that the WMUR reporter give Berger the cameraman's name. The WMUR reporter, yet to be identified, walked away refusing to give his name.

After Rudy had left the room Berger continued yelling at the cameraman, who was standing across the room.

Over the past couple of days tensions have been rising has more camera crews join the campaign trail.

**UPDATE: We've been told that in fact it was the ABC embed who the WMUR cameraman bumped into. Berger did ask for his name, however it was the ABC embed who was shouting across the room at the WMUR cameraman. Sorry for the mix-up.**

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