Sunday, January 06, 2008

Richardson Receives Newspaper Endorsement

From The Richardson Campaign:

Today, the Claremont Eagle Times endorsed New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for President, and three key Dodd supporters from the Granite State announced that they will be voting for Bill Richardson on Tuesday, January 8th.

In their endorsement, the Times writes: "Richardson is the most qualified candidate in the areas that will matter the most to our country over the next four years ... Democrats have a variety of choices before them Tuesday. None can match Richardson's experience."

Governor Richardson also has earned the support of three influential backers of Senator Chris Dodd's Presidential bid in the Granite State. State Representative and firefighter Dan Sullivan, State Representative Maureen Nagle, and State Representative David Smith all endorsed Richardson today, citing his unmatched experience and clear plan for getting all of our troops out of Iraq quickly and safely.

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