Sunday, January 06, 2008

Obama At Pinkerton Academy

This afternoon in Derry, New Hampshire Senator Barack Obama told voters “in two days time, New Hampshire it is your turn to stand-up and create a different kind of politics.”

Over the past two days, the Illinois Senator has been stressing a message of change. However, voters might have wanted Obama to stress a message of punctuality.

With doors opening at 2:15pm voters wear growing weary of Obama’s lateness, who did not show-up until 3:45.

One voter, who is has already decided to vote for Hillary Clinton, said that being late turned her off because “it makes me feel he doesn’t think we’re important.”

When Obama finally showed-up he was introduced by Derry citizen Roger Defraines. When Defraines took the stage he was booed by a crowd expecting to see Obama.


Amelia said...

You have to understand that there were 2,000 people in the audience, they had to give everyone enough time to come in. An hour an a half is far too little time to come in after you tell people to be there. They have to assume that everyone is not going to be settled into their seats(or standing). The event was great, i was a supporter standing on stage with the Senetor. I was also a volunteer and it took a long time to get everyone inside, he didn't want to come out and have people still arriving. Also its a matter or security. Secret service had to make sure that it was safe for Barack.

Anonymous said...

I too was at this event, but my perspective is totally different! Most people were waiting in line long before 1:15pm! They opened the doors at 2:15pm and by 3:00 the majority of people were in the gym.
While Sen. Obama may have shown up at 3:45, he did not come on stage at that time.
The biggest issue was that no one from the Obama staff/volunteers was giving the audience any feedback; how long away is he? We appreciate your waiting, Barack's stuck in traffic etc.
By the time he came out, those of us standing on the floor were so tired from standing over 2.5 hours (outside and inside), that getting excited about his "message" took alot of effort! He would have had a more energetic crowd had he not kept us waiting so long.
I am an undecided, undeclared NH citizen, and was hoping to hear something to sway my vote towards Sen. Obama. But after waiting so long, then hearing the same old speech/commercial; I was very disappointed.

BTW: Thanks for this site Cosmo! It's very informative and it's amazing how up to date you keep it!