Monday, January 07, 2008

Draft Gore Endorses Edwards

The group Draft Gore New Hampshire has endorsed John Edwards.

Earlier this week the group announced their would be terminating their efforts.

"We came to the unanimous decision that John Edwards has the courage to bring about fundamental changes in the way decisions are made in Washington," said Farrell Seiler, state coordinator for Draft Gore New Hampshire.


Linda in SFNM said...

Excellent and in agreement!

GO JOHN GO! said...

Where was the Media on this one?! I haven't heard a thing about it. Was it covered on any local NH news?

johngirl said...

I only heard about this because I "Googled" to see if Gore had endorsed Edwards, and I found this...because I know that environmentalists online endorse Edwards...but nothing has been on the news. NOTHING! It makes me sick. I am about to give up - when you are against the corporations - and the corporations run the media, what can you do? Please, John, come up with a brilliant idea or an endorsement. We need a miracle!