Sunday, January 06, 2008

Group of Citizens Concerned with GLBT Issues Endorse Obama

A group of New Hampshire citizens, concered with GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) issues have endorsed Barack Obama. An excerpt of the letter is below, only with a list of the people who signed the letter.

Those of us signing this letter have analyzed, as thoroughly as possible, the candidates who are running for President and believe that Barack Obama will best serve the interests of our GLBT communities.

Obama understands discrimination on a gut level. The African American fight for civil rights has been an integral part of his life, his education, his identity. For that reason alone he stands out as the candidate who has the potential to truly understand our own history of striving for recognition and equality.

Representative Ed Butler, Hart’s Location
The Reverend Robert E. Stiefel, Ph. D., Dover
Representative Gail Morrison, Sanbornton
Senator Harold & Betsy Janeway, Webster
Rev. Dr. Leanne McCall Tigert, Concord
Edwin Allard, Laconia
Carol Shull Perkins, Plymouth
David Weber, Exeter
Bill Stelling, Amherst
Roberta Barry, Keene
Carlos Cardona, Laconia
Paul G. Smith, LCMHC, Chichester
Levey Saintil, Portsmouth


Anonymous said...

That is so sad

Skip Bogard said...

On top of the the incident with "The Reverend" in the YouTube video above, there are these disturbing inconsistent words from Obama himself...

I don't think Barack understands that he can't share a story to one group & a different story to a 2nd group and get away with inconsistencies in the Internet Age.

Perhaps he thinks the Internet is just about Facebook & kids sharing music. It's almost like he doesn't understand how much analysis goes on as his words are captured digitally & forever.

At an emotional level, I am so "Martin Luther Kinged-out" from hearing Barack Obama's "I feel good, you can feel good too" messages. It's like he's high on his own endorphins.

It would be revealing to see how Barack behaves under ~real~ being 10+ percentage points behind John Edwards & Hillary after New Hampshire. I bet he'd revert to his former anxious, desperate real-self we saw when Hillary was forecasted to be ahead of him in Iowa. It wasn't that long ago...about two weeks!

He's just so pliable & plastic, especially when he over uses the word "hope". He dances on the line of 'false hope' when it comes to all a president can do domestically.

Skip Bogard