Monday, January 07, 2008

Paul Cancels Events Day Before New Hampshire Primary

Ron Paul has cancelled his public events that were scheduled to be held the day before the New Hampshire primary.

Instead, Paul will be flying out to California to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

According to the Paul campaign "Fmr. Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., will be campaigning in-state for Dr. Paul, as will the candidate's son, Dr. Rand Paul."

The Texas Congressman was scheduled to appear at a Windham house party.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame him. The media keeps trying to ignore this guy. He needs all the national exposure he can get. Romney and Giuliani were off the mark in responding to Paul in the debate, acting like know-it-alls. Paul is right about why we were attacked. If Canada had bases and was trying to influence different Middle Eastern countries, and, by the way, had pulled some of the absolutely unconscionable tricks it pulled over the last 25 years -- it would have been Canada instead of us - no doubt about it. He makes them talk, and FOX News ought to be ashamed of themselves for not including him in the debate. Some of us want to hear how the other candidates respond to what Paul says, even if you don't intend to vote for him. Frankly, he makes the other candidates all look like politicians and he comes off looking like an actual THINKING human being who can lead us in a new direction. I normally vote Democratic, but he makes more sense than most of those candidates, too.

The Presidential Candidates said...

I think this is a good idea. Jay Leno is a way to reach a *LOT* of voters all at once. A lot of people who aren't very curious about politics watch that show and it may be one of the first times they are even hearing his name. Hopefully they will then go and learn more about him. When you learn about Ron Paul you almost always want to support him because he's so honest and so right on all of the issues. The so called "mainstream" candidates are nothing but empty suits and lies.

Everyone should know that JOHN MCCAIN wants to stay in Iraq for 100 more years! McCain is insane. DO NOT VOTE FOR MCCAIN.