Saturday, November 24, 2007

Updated Clinton Schedule

Here is an updated schedule for Hillary Clinton's upcoming visit. Please note that two of the events are "open only to invited guests."

Monday, November 26

Hillary attends campaign event
**This event is open only to invited guests.

Hillary attends health care roundtable
**This event is open only to invited guests.

Hillary attends potluck dinner with NH for Hillary volunteers
IUPAT Council #35
34 Commercial Street
Brentwood, NH

Granite State Gun Owners Endorse Fred

Today the Fred Thompson campaign announced its Sportsmen for Fred Thompson leadership and steering committee. Iowa State Representative and NRA Board Member Clel Baudler, Gerald Stoudemire, Michael Bane, Bill Bunting, and Lee Ann Tarducci will serve as Co-Chairs of Sportsmen for Fred Thompson.

Here are the New Hampshire members:

-Stephen Lee, Endowment Member of the NRA (18+ years) and member of Gun Owners of America
-Paul Erhardt, Firearm Industry Executive

McCains Donate Money To UL/Salvation Army "Santa Fund"

Senator John McCain and his wife donated $500 to The Union Leader's/Salvation Army "Santa Fund" drive. Not to be outdone by her son, Roberta McCain gave $1,000 to the fund.

Their names were listed among those who, so far, have given to the annual Christmas fund.

A couple weeks ago, the McCains also took part in a luncheon that launched the fundraising effort.

The "Santa Fund" helps fund programs sponsored by The Salvation Army, especially one of our favorites Kids Cafe.

Giunta Endorses Rudy

Today at Manchester City Hall Plaza, Mayor Frank Giunta endorsed Rudy Giuliani for President.

In an interview with The Union Leader, Giunta said he was supporting the former New York City Mayor because "I can identify with him on those things that are most important to people, making the city safer and stronger and continuing a vibrant economy. That record is what we need in the White House, and he is the individual who is most capable," of winning the general election.

Earlier this month, Giunta won re-election to the corner office with 54 percent of the vote and originally hails from New Jersey.

Kucinich To Hold Impeachment Event

Dennis Kucinich, Democratic nominee for president, wants the public to know the history, process and procedure of impeachment and the need to enforce Constitutional law.

Monday, November 26, 2007

10:00 AM
Book signing Toadstool Bookstore
586 Nashua Street, Lordon plaza
Milford, New Hampshire

12:00 Noon
Dennis Kucinich to address Nashua Rotary Club
Nashua, New Hampshire

5:00 PM
Book signing at Dartmouth Bookstore
33 South Main Street
Hanover, New Hampshire

7:00 PM
Impeachment Teach-In (a public event – no admission)
Moore Hall – Filene Auditorium on the campus of Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire

Friday, November 23, 2007

Updated Clinton Schedule

Updated Clinton schedule for her visit on Monday, November 26th

Monday, November 26

12:00 p.m. EST
Clinton Attends Campaign Event
Kimball-Jenkins Estate
Concord, NH

7:45 p.m. EST
Clinton Visits with Volunteers at IUPAT Hall
IUPAT Council #35
Brentwood, NH

Barack To Visit Berlin, Littleton, Portsmouth

Senator Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign announced today that Senator Obama will return to New Hampshire for a three-day visit from Sunday, November 25 th through Tuesday November 27th.

Sunday, November 25

Berlin Junior High School Gymnasium
200 State St .
Berlin, NH 03570

This event is free and open to the public. To RSVP, please call Shayna Cherry at (603) 752-2208

Monday, November 26

This event is by invitation only.

Littleton High School
105 School Street
Littleton, NH 03561

This event is free and open to the public. To RSVP, please call Alex Hughes at (603) 444-0808.

Tuesday, November 27

This event is by invitation only.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

ABC/WMUR To Host Debates

ABC and WMUR have announced that they will host debates on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008.

Candidates from both the Democratic and Republican fields will take part in the event.

The 7pm debates will be hosted by Scott Spradling and Charles Gibson.

Further details will be released later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

They Love The Primary...They Really Do

Here's a collection of statements from presidential candidates voicing their support of Bill Gardner's decision.

Statement from New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley:
"I'm very happy to hear that we have a date for our primary. Now we can all enjoy our holiday and the campaigns can make their final preparations."

Governor Bill Richardson:
"I congratulate Bill Gardner for successfully defending New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary and preserving the very special role played by discerning New Hampshire voters."

Senator John Edwards:
“I am pleased that New Hampshire will retain its rightful place as the first-in-the-nation primary. I applaud Bill Gardner's work to protect New Hampshire's significance in our nominating process. The New Hampshire primary is critical because voters in New Hampshire take their responsibility seriously: they listen to the candidates, look them in the eye, ask them tough questions and size them up. In New Hampshire, ideas truly matter more than money and that is precisely why this is anyone's race."

Governor Mitt Romney:
"It is good news that New Hampshire's traditional role in the process has been maintained. I will work to ensure that all New Hampshire's delegates are seated at the Convention."

Senator Hillary Clinton:
"I support New Hampshire's special role in the primary process, and I look forward to discussing the important issues in this race with Granite State voters over the next 47 days."

Senator Barack Obama:
“The New Hampshire Primary plays a vital role in our Democracy. It allows voters to get to know the candidates up close—to ask tough questions and see who is trustworthy to lead this country forward. We’ve built an unmatched grassroots organization in New Hampshire, and we’re looking forward to sending a clear message on Primary Day that the American people want change they can believe in.”

Senator Chris Dodd:
"By setting January 8th as the date of New Hampshire's Primary, Secretary Gardner has provided certainty for voters and maintained New Hampshire's traditional role as the first in the nation primary. I'm looking forward to a vigorous campaign and presenting my record of results to the people of New Hampshire."

Clinton Events for Monday

Clinton campaign events for Monday, November 26th

Monday, November 26

11:00 a.m. EST
Clinton Attends Campaign Event
Kimball-Jenkins Estate
Concord, NH
Additional Details TBA

6:30 p.m. EST
Clinton Visits with Volunteers at IUPAT Hall
IUPAT Council #35
Brentwood, NH
Additional Details TBA

January 8th, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

Granite State Secretary of State Bill Gardner announced this afternoon that the New Hampshire primary will be held on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008.

Gardner was able to make the announcement after the Michigan State Supreme Court ruled that the Michigan primary can be held on January 15th.

The New Hampshire primary will held 5 days after the Iowa caucuses and a week before the New Hampshire Primary.

Obama Returns for Three-Day Visit

Senator Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign announced today that Senator Obama will return to New Hampshire for a three-day visit from Sunday, November 25th through Tuesday November 27th.

On Monday Barack will be in Littleton to host a roundtable discussion with Independent voters. Tuesday in Portsmouth, as part of his ongoing commitment to openness with the American people on foreign policy, Senator Obama will host a foreign policy forum with New Hampshire residents. At the forum, Obama will discuss his agenda with some of his top foreign policy advisors in an open, transparent, and participatory format.

Other events include a Meet the Candidate event in Berlin on Sunday and a rally in Littleton on Monday.

More details to follow

Fred To Make Another NH Visit

You're Invited to Meet Fred Thompson this Friday, November 23rd!

12:45 PM
Skip's Gun and Sport Shop
637 Lake Street
Bristol, NH

3:00 PM
Laconia VFW Post 1670
143 Court Street
Laconia, NH

Haircut, Tan...Massage?

The Concord barber who is making headlines offering a $400 haircut to presidential candidates is now offering the White House wannabes additional services. David Holden says that he now will also give candidates a $400 tanning session or a $400 massage!

Check out the full article here:

McCain Airs Radio Ad on Climate Change

U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced a new radio ad to run statewide in New Hampshire. The new ad highlights John McCain's leadership in working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our national security through decreasing America's dependence on foreign oil. The 60-second ad is entitled "I Listened."


Script for "I Listened" (:60-Radio)

John McCain: "Eight years ago, I hadn't thought much about climate change. But the people of New Hampshire had."

Announcer: "John McCain talks about climate change."

John McCain: "And in every town hall I heard from you that climate change was real and was a serious threat to our environment and national security.

"I think the time is past when we argue about whether climate change is real or not. We have an obligation to future generations to take action and fix it.

"Not everyone heard you, but I did.

"And since then I've worked hard to find free market solutions to the problem because I know like you know: there's no problem too tough for the American people to tackle.

"One of those solutions is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil because it's not just a greenhouse gas issue; it's a national security issue.

"You were right New Hampshire, and I'm glad I listened to you.

"And I'm still listening.

John McCain: "I'm John McCain and I approved this message."

Announcer: "Paid for by John McCain 2008. John"

Victoria Rowell To Campaign For Hillary

From The Clinton Campaign:

The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced that Victoria Rowell, Emmy-nominated actress from The Young and the Restless and longtime children’s advocate, will travel to the Granite State next week to campaign for Senator Clinton. Rowell will be traveling around the state, including to Concord, Upper Valley, and Bedford, to speak about her support for Senator Clinton, as well as issues important to the women’s, African-American, child advocacy and arts communities.

Updated Romney Schedule

Governor Romney's New Hampshire Schedule

Saturday, November 24, 2007:

8:45 a.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Holds a "Strategy for a Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint to Restrain Government Spending" Ask Mitt Anything
Souhegan High School
412 Boston Post Road
Amherst, NH

12:30 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Holds a Media Availability
Adams Memorial Opera House
29 West Broadway
Derry, NH

12:45 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Participates in the Derry Holiday Parade
Adams Memorial Opera House
29 West Broadway
Derry, NH

3:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Goffstown Area Residents
Goffstown Hardware
24 Main Street
Goffstown, NH

4:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Holds a "Strategy for a Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint to Restrain Government Spending" Ask Mitt Anything
Bow Community Center
2 Knox Road
Bow, NH

6:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney will Participate in the Nashua Downtown Stroll
Mustering Point
Nashua City Hall
229 Main St
Nashua, NH

Sunday, November, 25, 2007:

1:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Meets Concord Area Voters
French's Toy Shop
10 North State Street
Concord, NH

2:45 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Hosts a "Strategy for a Stronger America: Strengthening the American Family" Ask Mitt Anything
Newport Senior Center
76 South Main Street
Newport, NH

6:00 p.m.
Governor Mitt Romney Hosts a "Strategy for a Stronger America: Strengthening the American Family" Ask Mitt Anything
Keene Recreational Center
312 Washington Street
Keene, NH

Rudy Begins Airing Third Ad

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee announced the launch of a new television ad entitled "Challenges." The ad is airing in New Hampshire and Boston.

Script for "Challenges":

Voice Over: "The world's 17th largest economy. Swimming in red ink. Record crime. Runaway taxes. A million on welfare. That was New York. Until Rudy. He cut taxes 9 billion. Welfare 60 percent. Crime in half. The most successful conservative turnaround in 50 years. In America's most liberal city, Rudy delivered. And he can do it again, in a place called Washington, D.C."

Mayor Giuliani: "I'm Rudy Giuliani, and I approved this message."

Romney Airs Radio Ad Featuring Judd Gregg

Today, Romney for President launched its newest radio ad, "New Leadership." The ad highlights Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) discussing his belief that Governor Mitt Romney has the experience needed to lead America today.

The ad will begin airing as part of the campaign's rotation today in New Hampshire. Script and viewing links are below.

Script For "New Leadership" (Radio:60):

SENATOR JUDD GREGG: "As I travel around the state, it is obvious that New Hampshire and America are hungry for a new kind of leadership.

"Hi, this is Judd Gregg and I'm strongly supporting Mitt Romney for President.

"Listening to Mitt speak to the people of New Hampshire, I've been impressed.

"Two things stand out: He's not from Washington , and Mitt Romney has accomplished so much. And he stands for even more.

"Mitt has successfully led. He built small and large businesses. His leadership saved the Olympics, and as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt turned that state around.

"Mitt understands the big problems confronting us: the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and ensuring that the Baby Boom generation can retire without bankrupting our children's future.
"As President, Mitt will bring that 'can-do, get-it-done, let's-solve-the-problem' optimism America needs today.

"Mitt Romney embodies New Hampshire 's values-the values you and I want in a leader.

"For a strong America , I hope you'll join me in supporting Mitt Romney for President. He's the right choice for us."

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message."

ANNOUNCER: "Paid for by Romney for President."

To listen to "New Leadership," please see:

Updated Kucinich Schedule

Updated Dennis Kucinich schedule

Friday, November 23, 2007

7:00-8:00 PM
Town Hall
Jackson Old Town Hall
Jackson, NH

Saturday, November 24, 2007

10:30 AM
Coffee Shop Drop-in
Tea Birds
Downtown, Berlin NH

1:00 PM
House Party
The public and press invited to meet Congressman Kucinich in the home of Molly Tobin
58 Middle Street, Lancaster, NH

Town Hall Meeting
Littleton Senior Center
77 Riverglen Lane, Littleton

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Town Hall Meeting
Westmoreland Town Hall
Route 63, Westmoreland, NH

Town Hall Meeting
Unitarian Universalist Church
69 Washington Street, Keene, NH

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flake, Huntsman Give A Helping Hand To McCain

This past weekend, John McCain was joined by campaign surrogates Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

To our knowledge, this was Flake's first trip to New Hampshire. Huntsman was in the state back in January, when he attended the NH GOP convention.

Bringing prominent supporters to the Granite State, appears to be an ongoing strategy for the McCain campaign.

Earlier this month, McCain was joined on the trail by former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty have also appeared in the Granite State stumping for McCain. Pawlenty and Graham are often considered to be candidates for potential cabinet positions in future Republican administrations.

WMUR Poll: Richardson Gains

Marc Ambinder has the results of the new WMUR poll:

HRC: 36% (was 43)
Obama: 22% (was 20)
Edwards 13% (was 12)
Richardson 12% (was 6)

That's a margin drop from 23 to 14 points for Clinton....

No appreciable gains for any candidate but Bill Richardson....

Dodd Campaign Attacks Clinton's New Ad

Chris Dodd's campaign released a statement critical of Hillary Clinton's most recent New Hampshire ad. Clinton's ad is entitled "Machine," and in it the announcer says "The strength to fight. The experience to lead."

Hari Sevugan, Communications Director for the Dodd for President campaign, release a statement that said, "It's an interesting admission from Senator Clinton - that if she's elected we're headed for 4 more years of the partisan warfare, Washington dysfunction, bitter divisiveness and gridlock that have marked the last 15 years, at a time when all Americans are desperate for real solutions to real problems."

Rudy's New Hampshire Bus Tour

This weekend, Rudy Giuliani will be taking a bus tour of New Hampshire. Below is his public schedule.

Saturday, November 24th

Doors open 10:15AM
VFW Post 1670
143 Court Street
Laconia, NH
RSVP to Dan Auger at (603) 369-7921 or

12:00 PM
Appletree Nursery
22 Daniel Webster Hwy
Winnisquam, NH

1:00 PM
Corner View Restaurant
80 South St.
Concord, NH

2:30 PM
City Hall Plaza
Elm St.
Manchester, NH

Doors open 3:30PM
Town Hall Meeting
Radisson Hotel Nashua
Nashua North Ballroom
11 Tara Blvd.
Nashua, NH
RSVP to Megan Robertson at (603) 369-8702 or

5:45 PM
Nashua Winter Holiday Stroll
Main St.
Nashua, NH

Sunday, November 25th

10:00 AM
Suzie's Diner
76 Lowell St.
Hudson, NH

11:00 AM
House PartyWindham Chair Al Letizio, Jr.
5 Woodvue Rd.
Windham, NH
RSVP to Matt Murphy at (603) 369-9181 or

1:00 PM
Salem Holiday Parade
Salem, NH
RSVP to Matt Murphy at (603) 369-9181 or

Doors open 3:00PM
Town Hall Meeting
Winnacunnet High School
1 Alumni Drive
Hampston, NH
RSVP to Jeff Semprini at (603) 369-8136 or

Clinton Returns for 21st Trip To New Hampshire

The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced that Senator Hillary Clinton will make her 21st trip to the Granite State next Monday, November 26.

Additional details of the trip will follow. For more information on the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign, please visit .

Edwards Releases Ad on Thanksgiving

Today, as American families begin to gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, the John Edwards for President campaign announced a new television spot, entitled "Thanksgiving," which will go up on the air Wednesday in New Hampshire and two other early primary states.

A full transcript of the spot is included below, and the full spot can be viewed here:

Full Transcript of "Thanksgiving":

For two parents who worked so hard to give us a better life.

For thirty years with one amazing woman.

And for four wonderful children.

For 231 years of America.

For the hopes and determination of a nation filled with the most optimistic people on Earth.

And for all of you, who have welcomed us into your homes and hearts.

Thank you.

I'm John Edwards, and I approved this message.

Clinton Responds To Obama Education Speech

From The Clinton Campaign:

In response to Senator Obama's newly announced education plan, Granite State education leaders Karen McDonough, former President of the National Education Association of New Hampshire, and Barbara Doyle, former Director of the National Education Association of New Hampshire and the current President of the New Hampshire Retired Educators Association, gave the following statements praising Senator Clinton's 35-year commitment to improving our education system.

"I trust Hillary to make the real changes our education system needs because she has the experience and leadership to get it done. When it comes to our children's education, we can't take a chance on inexperienced leadership. There is too much at stake. Hillary Clinton has been working on behalf of children her entire life. She didn't just discover this issue," said Barbara Doyle. "There are issues at all levels that must be addressed and it is very clear to me that Senator Clinton is right candidate to tackle the challenges we face."

Obama Delivers "Our Kids, Our Future" Policy Address

Senator Barack Obama today announced his comprehensive plan to provide a world-class education for all Americans in a major policy address, "Our Kids, Our Future," at Manchester Central High School in Manchester, NH.

Barack Obama's comprehensive plan to provide a world-class education for all Americans will:

-Reform No Child Left Behind.
-Ensure access to high-quality early childhood education programs and child care opportunities so children enter kindergarten ready to learn.
-Work to place effective teachers in every classroom in America, especially those in high-poverty, high-minority areas.
-Reward effective teachers for taking on challenging assignments and helping children succeed.
-Support highly-effective principals and school leaders.
-Make science and math education a national priority.
-Reduce the high school dropout rate by focusing on proven methods to improve student achievement and enhance graduation and higher education opportunities.
-Close the achievement gap and invest in what works.
-Empower parents to raise healthy and successful children by taking a greater role in their child's education at home and at school.

Obama's plan to provide a world-class education for all Americans can be viewed in full HERE.

Clinton Releases Ad on "the Republican Attack Machine"

The Clinton campaign today launched a new ad in New Hampshire outlining why Hillary is the most qualified candidate to take on the Republican attack machine.

The new 30-second spot, entitled, “Machine,” discusses the strength and experience Hillary has to end the war in Iraq , her commitment to cutting the Republican deficit and her plan to make the government work again for the middle class.

Watch the ad here:

Following is the script for the ad.

TV: 30

ANNCR: Here they go again—the same old Republican attack machine is back. Why?

ANNCR: Maybe it’s because they know that there’s one candidate with the strength and
experience to get us out of Iraq .

ANNCR: One candidate who will end tax giveaways for the big corporations.

ANNCR: One candidate committed to cutting the huge Republican deficit.

ANNCR: And one candidate who will put government back to work for the middle class.

ANNCR: The strength to fight. The experience to lead.

CLINTON : I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.

Kucinich Endorsed By State Rep. Betty Hall

From The Kucinich Campaign:

Congressman Kucinich will be accompanied by long time New Hampshire State Representative Betty Hall who will endorse Kucinich for President. Hall will introduce a 'petition to commence impeachment proceedings in the U. S. Congress' in the upcoming NH legislative session specifically naming President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Both will be available to take questions from the media.

Updated Kucinich Schedule

On Wednesday and Friday candidate for Democratic nominee for president Dennis Kucinich will meet the press in New Hampshire, hear from voters and let them know where he stands.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1:00 pm
University of New Hampshire Town Hall meeting with students and area voters
Memorial Union Building Theater 1
83 Main Street, Durham

3:30 pm
Book signing at Riverrun Bookstore
20 Congress Street, Portsmouth

4:30 pm
Visit businesses in Portsmouth

5:30 pm
Town Hall Meeting Somersworth Democracy Factory
65 Green Street, Somersworth

7:00 pm
Town Hall Meeting Café on the Corner
478 Central Avenue, Dover

Friday, November 23, 2007

10:30 am
Book signing at White Birch Books
2568 Main Street, N. Conway

3:00 pm
Mocha Rizing
Congressman Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth visit with area voters and view the work of local craftspeople.
25 Main Street, Center Sandwich

4:00 pm
Town Hall Meeting
Benz Community Center
18 Heard Street, Sandwich

New Hampshire News Links for November 20th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links November 20th, 2007
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We will return on Monday, November 26th unless there is important breaking news. Happy Thanksgiving!
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NEWS: Mandated kindergarten: countdown in works

PEOPLE/CANDIDATES: Tobin phone jamming case heads to Concord court for 2nd time / Sununu, NHIOP

NH POLLS: The CNN / WMUR NH Primary Poll: Rudy Slips To Third In NH

OP-ED: Editorial: Electric agendas

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: In Iowa, Democrats Focus on Economy and Experience / The Field, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kerry, Obama, Richardson

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: Gregg, Cellucci Duke It Out Over NH GOP Delegates / The Field, Giuliani, Huckabee, Hunter, McCain, Romney, Tancredo, Thompson

FIRST PRIMARY: In New Hampshire, the swing voters who count first / Michigan Appeals Primary Date Decision To State Supreme Court

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: Panel Picks 4 Debate Sites, Angering Excluded New Orleans

NATIONAL POLLS: For Democrats, Iowa Still Up for Grabs

WAR: U.S. will not have to order diplomats to Iraq

OTHER NEWS AND VIEWS: Hate crimes against gays, Hispanics, Muslims spike in '06

ARTICLES: Conway Daily Sun: Obama to talk education at Kennett High Tuesday

Monday, November 19, 2007

Video of Chynoweth Endorsing Clinton

Here's a video of the Gray Chynoweth endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Chynoweth was the president of the New Hampshire Young Dems. When making the announcement, he was greeted with applause and some booing.

Gregg, Cellucci Duke It Out Over NH GOP Delegates

Here’s an interesting exchange between Romney supporter New Hampshire Senator Gregg and Giuliani supporter former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci. The two are discussing the seating of New Hampshire’s Republicans delegates.

Biden Preparing To Accept Federal Matching Funds

In an e-mail to supporters, Delaware Senator Joe Biden announced that his campaign is preparing to accept federal matching funds. Biden is urging supporters to donate money so he can compete in the Iowa caucuses. Biden wrote, "one of these steps includes the campaign preparing a submission in order to qualify for matching funds."

Here is the full e-mail:

As you know, we are taking every necessary step in order to compete during the final weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses on Janurary 3rd. One of these steps includes the campaign preparing a submission in order to qualify for matching funds. What this means is public financing will MATCH every individual contribution up to $250.

So, those that contribute up to $250, through matching funds, will see their contribution doubled. $10 becomes $20. $50 becomes $100. $250 becomes $500.

I understand you haven't made an online contribution to the campaign yet. This campaign is creating real political buzz on the ground as Iowans begin to choose their candidates. By contributing $10, $25, $50 -- up to $250 today -- you can double the impact your support will have in Iowa for staff, advertising, and additional outreach to Iowa caucus-goers.

Thank you for supporting our efforts. We are making real progress in this campaign and I could not do this without you.

Joe Biden

CNN/WMUR Poll: Giuliani Falls to Third, Paul in Fourth

CNN/WMUR/UNH has completed a new poll of Granite State Republicans. The poll shows Mitt Romney is leading the field. However, it also has Giuliani slipping to third and Ron Paul now in a solid fourth place.

Here are the results:

Romney: 33%
McCain: 18%
Giuliani: 16%
Paul: 8%
Huckabee: 5%
Thompson: 4%
Tancredo: 1%
Hunter: 1%

In an "e-briefing," Romney's national spokesman, Kevin Madden, argues that "the Giuliani campaigns abrupt decision to hit the airwaves in New Hampshire has to be seen as a push on the panic button."

Madden also wrote, "there is very little doubt that rival campaigns will view these numbers as evidence that they need to attack Governor Romney with negative advertising in an effort to try tear him down. With Governor Romney in a competitive position, other campaigns will start to show signs of desperation, taking direct aim at the governor and predictably resorting to distortions."

Obama To Begin Showing Health Care Video at Events

From The Obama Campaign:

The three-part video features stories from Granite Staters who have suffered from Washington's failure to reform health care, a comprehensive explanation of Sen. Obama's health care policy from New Hampshire experts and national campaign advisors, and testimonials about why Obama is the one candidate who can stand up to the special interests and bring people together for real progress on health care reform.

The video will be shown at health care forums and house parties across the state.

Edwards Returns on Nov. 25th, 26th

On Sunday, November 25th and Monday, November 26th, Senator John Edwards will be returning to New Hampshire for two days of Graniteroots campaigning.

More details to be announced shortly.

Sunday, November 25th

Rochester Town Hall with John Edwards
The Governor’s Inn
78 Wakefield St., Rochester, NH

Meredith Town Hall with John Edwards
Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant
233 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith

Monday, November 26th

NHPR’s ‘The Exchange’

Bow Town Hall with John Edwards
Bow Old Town Hall
91 Bow Center Rd., Bow.

Dropping Off Food Donations Collected by New Hampshire State Staff & Volunteers
New Horizons Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen
199 Manchester St., Manchester

Roundtable with Manchester Teachers
Location TBD

Nashua Town Hall with John Edwards
Daniel Webster College
“Common Thread” in the Student Union
20 University Dr., Nashua

Manchester Town Hall with John Edwards
Millyard Museum
129 Amherst St., Manchester

Obama Staffers Volunteering At Community Service Projects

From The Obama Campaign:

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, every member of the Obama campaign's New Hampshire staff will participate in a community service project this week.

Obama's New Hampshire staff began their service projects on Saturday, and by Thursday, the campaign will have completed more than 250 hours at local food pantries, churches, senior homes, and other locations around the state.

Obama Begins Mailing 13-Page Mailer To Granite Staters

First Read is reporting that Barack Obama has mailed a 13-page piece.

The piece begins with "You can tell a lot about a person by the life they have lived ... and the choices they have made," and ends with ""Real change. New Hampshire change."

Here is their story:


Romney Schedule for Next Visit

Romney to campaign in New Hampshire on November 24th, 25th.

Further details/events TBA.

Saturday, November 24th

Souhegan High School
412 Boston Post Road
Amherst, NH

12:30 pm
Derry Holiday Parade
Adams Memorial Opera House
29 West Broadway Street
Derry, NH

3:00 pm
Meet and Greet
Goffstown Hardware
Goffstown, NH

Ask Mitt Anything
Bow Community Building
2 Knox Road
Bow, NH

5:45 pm
Nashua Winter Holiday Stroll
Nashua, NH

Sunday, November 25th

Ask Mitt Anything
Newport Senior Center
76 South Main Street
Newport, NH

Ask Mitt Anything
Keene Recreational Center
312 Washington Street
Keene, NH

Kucinich Updated Schedule

Congressman Kucinich will be here from Nov. 20-28. Here is his schedule for the first two days.

Tuesday Afternoon and Evening, November 20

Events are open to the public unless otherwise stated. This schedule is subject to change.

12:00 – 1:00
Book Signing Gibson’s Book Store,
27 South Main St., Concord
Dennis will be signing copies of his new book, “The Courage to Survive.”

1:45 - 2:45
Town Hall Meeting (sorry, this is closed to the public)
Concord High School, 170 Warren St.

3:30 – 4:30
$400 Haircut for Autism Hair Biz Salon
4 N. Main St., Concord. Join us for this historic haircut!

6:30 -7:30
Town Hall Meeting with NH’s LGBT community (and allies), hosted by NH Freedom to Marry, at 18 Low St., Concord.

Wednesday, November 21

11:00 am
Press Conference on Impeachment with State Representative Betty Hall
The Coolidge Room at the Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm St. Manchester

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Town Hall Meeting at UNHMUB Theater 1, 83 Main St., Durham

3:30 pm -4:30 pm
Book Signing
Riverrun Bookstore, 20 Congress St., Portsmouth

4:30 -5:00 pm
Retail politics in downtown Portsmouth

5:30 – 6:30 pm
Town Hall Meeting in Somersworth
The Democracy Factory, 65 Green St.

7:00 – 8:30
Town Hall Meeting in Dover
Café on the Corner, 478 Central Ave

Candidates on The Edge

"It's not just Clintons and Obamas and McCains who want to be president."

Check out this Associated Press slideshow by Jim Cole and Beverley Wang.

The slideshow features photos of some lesser-known candidates filing for the New Hampshire primary.

Candidates on The Edge: Some Presidential Candidates You May NOT Know

Clinton Airs "Joe Ward" Ad

Today, Hillary Clinton became the fourth presidential candidate to announce that they are airing a new television ad.

Clinton's new ad, titled "Joe Ward," "features the story of a father who called on Senator Clinton for help when insurance companies refused to pay for life-saving medical treatment for his son."

“Joe Ward”

WARD: Let me tell you a little story. My son Joel had a terrible illness. He needed a bone marrow transplant that our insurance wouldn’t cover and we couldn’t afford.

WARD: We called Senator Clinton and asked for help. Her office called the next day letting us know the hospital was going to absorb the cost of the transplant.

WARD: Now, her opponents are saying that Hillary can’t be trusted. I trusted this woman to save my son’s life. And she did.

CLINTON: I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message.

Hunter Hires New Hampshire Director

California Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter has hired a New Hampshire campaign director.

Pittsfield native Bernie Dolan will take the reigns of the campaign.

Dolan can be reached at

CORRECTION: Dolan is a volunteer, not a paid staffer

Edwards Airs Ad on Health Care

Today, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards will begin airing a new ad. The ad features Edwards speaking to a crowd on his "to hold Congress accountable for passing universal health care within six months after he takes office as President."

"When I'm president I'm going to say to members of Congress and members of my administration, including my cabinet: I'm glad that you have health care coverage and your family has health care coverage. But if you don't pass universal health care by July of 2009 – in six months – I'm going to use my power as president to take your health care away from you. [Applause] There's no excuse for politicians in Washington having health care when you don't have health care. I'm John Edwards and I approve this message."

Giuliani Airs "Leadership" Ad

Today, Rudy Giuliani launched his second television ad. The ad entitled, "Leadership," shows Rudy, alone, speaking directly into a campaign. According to the campaign, "The ad is airing in New Hampshire and Boston."

Script for "Leadership":

"I believe I've had the most leadership experience of anyone that's running. It's not just holding executive positions, like Mayor of New York, or United States Attorney, or 3rd ranking official in the Reagan Justice Department. It's having held those positions in time of crisis. I've been tested in a way in which the American people can look to me. They're not going to find perfection, but they're going to find somebody who has dealt with crisis almost on a regular basis and has had results. And in many cases, exceptional results. Results people thought weren't possible. I'm Rudy Giuliani and I approve this message."

Romney Airs "American Family" Ad

Today, Mitt Romney's campaign launched another TV ad. The ad, entitled "American Family," shows Mitt and his wife Ann discussing "the importance of strengthening families in America."

Script For "American Family" (TV:30):

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.
"The future of this country is more affected by the work that goes on within the four walls of the home than anything else.

"You teach kids about what TV to watch. You teach them how to read."

ANN ROMNEY: "And that's how we raised our boys, is knowing that they were the focus."

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "It's just essential to have a home where faith, where love of country, where determination, where all of these features that are so much a part of America's culture are tied to our kids.

"And without that, I don't see how a society continues to lead the world."

New Hampshire News Links for November 19th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links November 19th, 2007
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NEWS: Should 17-Year-Olds Be Adults? Hanover Cheating Scandal Raises Question in Prosecutions

POLITICAL COLUMNS: Capital Beat, Fahey, Dornin, Rothenberg, Portside, Meet the New Press

OP-ED: Editorial: NH 'transformed': This is what 'blue' means?

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: Democrats gather in Manchester for strategy session / The Field, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Gore, Kucinich, Obama, Richardson

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: N.H. Probes Anti-Romney 'Poll' Calls / Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Paul, Romney, Tancredo

FIRST PRIMARY: Gardner says NH will preserve its first-in-nation tradition

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: Immigration Is the Question: How '08 Hopefuls Answer Could Take Them Far, Perhaps

WAR: Life returns to Baghdad's streets as violence falls; Residents start recalling what normalcy is like

OTHER NEWS AND VIEWS: For Bush, Fortunes Finally Improve

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rudy To Visit Laconia

Rudy Giuliani Town Hall Event

Saturday, November 24, 2007

10:30 am
Rudy Town Hall
Laconia VFW
Laconia, NH

McCain Visits Dartmouth

This report from the New Hampshire College Republicans:

Senator John McCain held a town hall yesterday at Dartmouth, packing Alumni Hall at the Hopkins Center. It was standing room only with people filling in every available space. My estimate would peg attendance around 450.

McCain was greeted with thunderous applause after being introduced by Rep. Jeff Flake. The Senator was completely at ease on the stage. He first provided a concise look at a few of his positions, including on global warming and the Iraq War. During the Q&A portion, he started by gallantly addressing an emotional question concerning medicinal marijuana. His responses on issues from nuclear power to education to foreign policy showed a complete grasp of the issues.

After the program, Senator McCain stuck around to shake hands, answer questions, and pose for pictures. He came across as incredibly experienced and entirely genuine, impressing in particular when he jumped off the stage on several occasions to hand a questioner the mic.

I also had the opportunity to ride down with Senator McCain from his town hall in North Haverhill, spending about an hour sitting next to him. I'll be writing up a story on the Senator for The Dartmouth Review and will post that link when it's up. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits: McCain's musical preferences include the Beatles and Elvis Presley, his favorite film is 1952's Viva Zapata! (directed by Elia Kazan), and he would pick Abraham Lincoln if he could have dinner with a historical figure.Also, I highly recommend Senator McCain's book Faith of My Fathers. It's a must-read, and you can get it autographed next time the Senator is in New Hampshire.

The original post can be found at:

Edwards To Visit Meredith

Senator John Edwards in Meredith

November 25, 2007

Town Hall Forum with Senator John Edwards in
Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant
233 Daniel Website Highway
Meredith, NH