Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clinton Responds To Obama Education Speech

From The Clinton Campaign:

In response to Senator Obama's newly announced education plan, Granite State education leaders Karen McDonough, former President of the National Education Association of New Hampshire, and Barbara Doyle, former Director of the National Education Association of New Hampshire and the current President of the New Hampshire Retired Educators Association, gave the following statements praising Senator Clinton's 35-year commitment to improving our education system.

"I trust Hillary to make the real changes our education system needs because she has the experience and leadership to get it done. When it comes to our children's education, we can't take a chance on inexperienced leadership. There is too much at stake. Hillary Clinton has been working on behalf of children her entire life. She didn't just discover this issue," said Barbara Doyle. "There are issues at all levels that must be addressed and it is very clear to me that Senator Clinton is right candidate to tackle the challenges we face."

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