Saturday, October 20, 2007

Walking Across New Hampshire for Social Security Reform

An ostrich walks into a presidential campaign office…

This might sound like the beginning of a bad primary story or a John McCain joke. However, last Friday, an ostrich visited the presidential campaign offices in Manchester.

Wearing neon green t-shirt and an ostrich outfit, Evan Dent from the group “Students for Saving Social Security,” spend this week walking across New Hampshire. She began in Keene and will end in Portsmouth.

The group, a part of Secure Our Future, has over 300 campus chapters throughout the United States. Currently Dent, is joined by Executive Director Jo Jensen and the two attend various primary events advocating for changing the Social Security system.

Stopping for lunch at the Merrimack Restaurant, Dent ran into Senator Chris Dodd. The Connecticut Senator told Dent he thought what was doing was great and wished her the best of luck.

Walking down Elm St., Dent was greeted by cars honking and curious drivers. Along the way to Mitt Romney’s office, she was stopped by several people who asked about the ostrich outfit and Social Security reform.

At Romney’s office, the ostrich was welcomed by press secretary Craig Stevens and other Romney staffers. The staffers asked Dent about her experiences and the response she was receiving.

Unfortunately, the Romney office was the only office we had the time to visit, but we are told that the ostrich made it to all the offices she had targeted.

Why an ostrich outfit? Dent said, “the ostrich is telling presidential candidates to get their head out of the sand and fix the problem.”

The Ostrich Greeted By Romney Press Spokesman Craig Stevens

The Ostrich Walking Down Elm St.

Paul Launches "Real GOP" Radio Ad

Ron Paul has begun airing a sixty-second radio ad titled, “Real GOP”

Here is the ad script:

What do these so called Republican frontrunners for President support?

Amnesty for illegal aliens? Like liberals?

Out of control spending? Like the Democrats?

Nation building overseas…..wasn’t that Bill Clinton’s policy?

Flip Flopping on the issues?

What’s Republican about any of that?

The real Republican is Ron Paul!

Ron Paul:
“The Republicans are losing because they did not keep their promise to end big government at home and nation building overseas. My record is different.”


Yes, Ron Paul’s record is different.

Ron Paul has never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget

Ron Paul voted against amnesty for illegal ailiens.

Ron Paul voted against nation building overseas.

Ron Paul follows the constitution, not the lawyers, not the lobbyists, not the latest poll.

Learn more about Ron Paul, the real Republican running for president. Go to That’s

This is Ron Paul, candidate for President, and I approve this message.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dodd, Huckabee, Richardson Endorsements

We've learned that tomorrow Jim Craig will endorse Chris Dodd. Craig is a former Manchester state representative, who served four-terms. He also lost to Carol Shea-Porter in the 2006 Democratic congressional primary.

James Pindell reports that Mike Huckabee received the endorsement of former Executive Councilor Ruth Griffin.

"Griffin, long viewed as the patriarch of Seacoast Republicans, retired form the council last year. Campaign finance records from the third quarter show she wrote Huckabee a check from a Concord fund-raiser she attended in the summer."

While, John DiStaso writes "Former Ambassador George Bruno of Manchester lauded Richardson's resume of government service and his ability to bring a "civil tone" to the nation's capital."

Edwards Will Discuss Education Policy at Merrimack High School

On Tuesday, October 23rd, Senator John Edwards will return to New Hampshire to discuss his bold education policies with teachers and students at Merrimack High School.

Following his remarks he will answer questions from the students.

12:45pm – Education Roundtable
Merrimack High School
38 McElwain St., Merrimack

Falling For Hillary

From The Clinton Campaign:

Fall has arrived in New Hampshire, and Hillary has been covering some serious ground. Watch as Hillary blazes the Primary campaign trail, earning the support of New Hampshire voters!

Updated Obama Schedule

Here is Barack Obama's updated schedule:

Monday, October 22


The event is by invitation only.

Secretary of State's Office

**This event is hosted by the Secretary of State. Please direct inquiries to (603) 271-3242.

New Hampshire State House
107 North Main Street Concord, NH

Gates Open: 12:30 PM

The event is free and open to the public. However, due to space limitations an RSVP is required. To RSVP please call 603-224-8004 or visit

Tuesday, October 23

Home of Patricia and Arthur Ansdel

The event is by invitation only.

Wednesday, October 24

McConnell Center
61 Locust St
Dover, NH 03820

The event is free and open to the public. Members of the public can RSVP to Courtney at 603-740-0008.

Clinton Airs New Ad Titled "Trapdoor"

From The Clinton Campaign:

The Clinton Campaign launched a new television ad in Iowa and New Hampshire today, underscoring Hillary’s commitment to strengthen the middle class and chart a new course in Iraq , on health care and on the economy.

The new 30-second spot, entitled “Trapdoor,” features Hillary at a townhall discussing the anxieties facing middle class families, many of whom are only a pink slip or a medical emergency away from falling through the trapdoor of the Bush economy.

Following is the script for the ad:



CLINTON: We have to change course on the economy, just as we have to change course in Iraq and on healthcare.

CLINTON: The Bush economy is like a trapdoor. Too many families are one pink slip, one missed mortgage payment, one medical diagnosis away from falling through and losing everything.

ANNCR: If you're ready for change…she's ready to lead.

CLINTON: We’ve got to build a strong and prosperous middle class to have a strong and prosperous America again.

CLINTON: I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.

Myra George Is A HillStar

The New Hampshire for Hillary Campaign today announced Myra George as the campaign’s HillStar of the Week. George, a Dover resident, regularly phone banks on the campaign’s behalf.

“I am supporting Hillary because she is a strong woman and a strong leader,” said George. “I believe she has the experience needed to be our next president.”

Paul Airs Radio Ad on Iraq

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is airing a new radio ad, in New Hampshire.

The end highlight's Paul's opposition to the war in Iraq and his votes against "nation-building."

I'll try to get a full script and post it later.

Dodd To Announce "Major NH Endorsement"

Tomorrow at Manchester's Chez Vachon Restaurant, Chris Dodd will announce a "major New Hampshire endorsement."

Later that day, Dodd will be joined by Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter for a "Strengthen America - End the War Day of Action."

The Trifecta: Huckabee's Rising Stock

On the same day it was reported that Sam Brownback was dropping out of the presidential race, Mike Huckabee filed for the New Hampshire primary.

The Huckster also received the endorsement of former Seacoast Executive Councilor Ruth Griffin. Griffin is a close friend of President Bush and continues to be seen has an influential player.

Yet, we're not sure how much of a ground game Huckabee can develop, when his field staffers seem to be just waiting to join Jeb Bradley's campaign.


-With almost all of the Republican candidates pulling out, the Divided We Fail organization has decided to change the format of the upcoming forum. (Sioux City Journal)
-An Iowan blogger, who has endorsed Obama, asks "If HRC is at 50% in the national polls, as constantly hyped by her own campaign, shouldn't she get 50% in Iowa (or at least close!), where she has been campaigning for months and months and months?"

New Hampshire:

-According to The Union Leader, "Gardner plays it cagey on primary date."
-In taped phone call with a supporter, Ed Brown said "He swarmed us. I had the opportunity to stop Dutch, real quick and real brief. You know I'm really fast." (Concord Monitor)

South Carolina:

-"several students who serve as volunteers on Obama’s presidential campaign tell FITSNews that they were coerced into holding Clinton signs and standing behind State Sen. John Matthews, who unveiled Clinton’s higher education plan at a press conference."
-Thompson names S.C. steering committee

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Obama To Visit NH for Three Days

From The Obama Campaign:

Senator Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign announced today that Senator Obama will be returning to New Hampshire on Monday to continue his dialogue with voters about the type of character, conviction, and experience it will take to bring about real change in Washington. Senator Obama will visit Nashua to hold a roundtable discussion on economic fairness, and will officially file as a candidate and hold a rally at the State House in Concord.

Obama will also hold events on Tuesday and Wednesday. Details will be made available shortly.

Monday, October 22

Nashua, NH
The event is by invitation only.

Secretary of State's Office
**This event is hosted by the Secretary of State. Please direct inquiries to (603) 271-3242.

12:30 pm
New Hampshire State House
107 North Main Street Concord, NH

The event is free and open to the public. However, due to space limitations an RSVP is required. To RSVP please call 603-224-8004 or visit

McCain Issues Statement on New Hampshire Primary

U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement on the New Hampshire primary:

"I understand the value and purpose of New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary and realize the influence candidates can wield to ensure it is respected and maintained. That's why I will continue to be an ardent and vocal defender of New Hampshire's unique role in the presidential nominating process. Unfortunately, Michigan Democrats are playing politics with the primary calendar, threatening to upset the careful balance of interests that has served the nominating process so well. I support a January 15 Michigan primary that respects New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation tradition. But make no mistake, I will do everything in my power to protect New Hampshire's unique and traditional first-in-the-nation primary, and I call on all candidates to use their influence to do the same."

Dodd, Shea-Porter To Hold "End the War Day of Action"

Presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Chris Dodd will hold a Strengthen America - End the War Day of Action in his Manchester campaign headquarters on Saturday, October 20th. Senator Dodd and New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter will speak to participants and urge them to spend the day pressuring President Bush to end the war in Iraq.

The event is free and open to the public.

Saturday, October 20, 2007
11:30 AM
Strengthen America - End the War Day of Action
With Senator Chris Dodd and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter
Location: Chris Dodd for President Headquarters
379 Elm Street
Manchester, NH

Michelle Obama To Visit NH

From The Obama Campaign:

Senator Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign announced today that Michelle Obama will return to the state on Saturday. The Obamas' daughters, Sasha and Malia, will join Mrs. Obama at the children's fair.

Saturday, October 20

11:00 AM
Mack' Apples, Lot #2
230 Mammoth Road
Londonderry, NH 03053

The event is free and open to the public. However, an RSVP is strongly encouraged. To RSVP please call Julia Kurnik at (603) 668-2008 , or visit .

This event is by invitation only.

4:30 PM
Radisson Manchester
700 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03101

Obama To Hold Concord Rally

On Monday, October 22nd, Barack Obama will be holding a rally in Concord. Below are the details.

Please Join
Barack Obama
for a lunchtime rally on the State House steps

Monday, October 22 at 12:30 PM

New Hampshire State House
107 North Main Street, Concord

This event is free and open to the public

Please RSVP at 603-224-8004 or online at

Upcoming McCain Schedule

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coffee at the Eagle Square Deli
5 Eagle Square, Concord
Meet Senator McCain and show him your support by meeting him for coffee and then walking him to the State House to file ballot paperwork.
To RSVP email

Hampton Town Hall Meeting
The Hampton Academy Middle School
29 Academy Ave.
Hampton, NH
RSVP: 603-369-4947 or email

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dan Hughes Drops Thompson

Photo Courtesy of: Political Lunch

Dan Hughes, a former New Hampshire State Representative who was pegged to be a Fred Thompson staffer, told CNN today that he is "shopping for another candidate." Over the summer, Hughes helped organize Thompson's field operations, but recently he had a failing out with the national campaign.

Below is the CNN video:

Obama Announces Support From Grassroots Activists

From The Obama Campaign:

More than 60 grassroots activists from the Manchester area and around the state announced this week that they've joined Barack Obama's movement for change. The endorsements come as voters begin to focus in earnest on the kind of leadership that can bring about real change in Washington.

"Barack Obama recognizes that we need to change Washington in a fundamental way if we're going to make progress on pressing issues like health care and energy independence—and he's the only candidate in this race who can do it," Jack Resch said. "As he always says, we don't need a candidate who's good at playing the Washington game—we need a candidate who can put an end to the game-playing and focus on results."

Manchester Area
Tim Baines, Manchester – Activist
Marilyn Brock, Bedford – Activist
Dan Callaghan, Manchester – Former Democratic State Committee Treasurer
Jed Callen, New Boston – Activist
Barbara Carbonneau, Goffstown – Activist
Tracey Carrier, Bedford – Activist
Charles Carrier, M.D., Bedford – Doctor
Frank Catano, Goffstown – Activist, Professor of Psychology at SNHU
Alan Chuckran, Merrimack – Activist
Charlotte Daley, Bedford – Activist
Christina D'Allesandro, Manchester – Community Leader, Activist
Kathy Erskine, Manchester – Activist
Dick Erskine, Manchester – Activist
Susan Fischer, Amherst – Activist
Tim Fischer, Amherst – Activist
Jessica Fisher, Manchester – Activist
Bill Gillet, Manchester – Activist
Kathy Gillet, Manchester – Activist
Ray Iannuzzelli, Amherst – Activist
Susannah Jonas, Francestown – Activist
Katie Kiernan, Manchester – Former Field Director for the Gephardt campaign
Maryann Lehman, Raymond – Activist
Jeanne Ludt, Amherst – Activist
Jesse Martineau, Manchester – State Representative
Keith McCrea, Manchester – Activist
Barbara Miles, Manchester – Former Community Organizer
Michelle O'Rourke, Bedford – Activist
Joseph O'Rourke, Bedford – Activist
Jack Resch, Manchester – Former State Representative, President of the Board of Trustees of Child & Family Services, President of Board of Directors of World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, Professor of History at UNH
Steve Solomon, Manchester – Activist, Senior Partner at Backus, Meyer, Solomon, and Branch Law Firm
Richard Sowa, Auburn – Activist
Nan Stearns, Amherst – Activist
Peter Stearns, Amherst – Activist
Jim Townsend, Manchester – Activist
Sandy Townsend, Manchester – Activist
Julia Westcott, Auburn – Activist
Mervin Weston, Manchester – Veteran presidential campaign media consultant

Seacoast Area
Dennis Abbott, Newmarket – State Representative
Burt Cohen, Portsmouth – UNH Professor, Activist
Eileen Flockhart, Exeter – State Representative
Francine Hall, Exeter – Activist, Professor Emeritus at UNH Business School
Frank Heffron, Exeter – Activist
John Henson, Exeter – State Representative
Walter Hoerman, Rochester – Town Chair, Former Mayor
Sarah Hutz, Dover – State Representative
Patty McKenzie, Hampton – Activist
Karen Prior, Exeter – Activist
Bob Prior, Exeter – Activist
Ned Raynolds, Portsmouth – City Councilor
Mike Schwartz, Rye – Town Chair

Concord Area
Alan M. Cantor, Concord – Activist, Non-profit leader
Cathy Green, Dunbarton – Attorney
Marty Van Oot, Concord – Attorney
Peter Sabin, Warner – Activist

Lakes Region
Dave Eastman, Tamworth – Activist, Founder of NH Lakes Association
Alex Ray, Holderness – Owner, Common Man Restaurant
Mike Warmington, Gilford – Activist

Southern Tier
Philip Nugent, Danville – Activist
Don Petterson, Brentwood – Former Ambassador

Keene/Monadnock Area
Truman Breshears, Alstead – Vice Chair, Alstead Democrats
Linda Cates, Nelson – Cheshire County Democrats Vice Chair, Nelson Town Democrats Vice Chair
Harriet Charland, Winchester – Winchester Town Democratic Co-Chair
Kathleen Richards, Keene – Activist
Nathaniel Stout, Keene – City Councilor

North Country
Theresa Kennett, Conway – Activist, Police Commissioner
Sally Sherrard, Littleton – Activist, Former Educator

Now Posting For "Off The Bus"

Hello All,

You can now read my two posts for The Huffington Post's OffTheBus project.

Here's a link to the articles and my profile:

Here's a snippet of the two pieces:

New Hampshire: McCain, Romney Trade Barbs over Appearance With Democratic Governor
This weekend, New Hampshire Democratic Governor John Lynch greeted McCain at a Hopkinton town hall forum.

Candidates Participate In Bipartisan Climate Change Panel In NH
For two days, 500 activists gathered to participate in a conference on global warming. The participants of the "Global Warming & Energy Solutions" conference heard energy policies from New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Arizona Senator John McCain, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Dodd's Upcoming New Hampshire Trip

Senator Chris Dodd will be in New Hampshire this weekend.

Here is his public schedule:

Friday, October 19th

9:00 AM
Guest on New Hampshire Public Radio's The Exchange
Location: New Hampshire Public Radio
207 North Main Street
Concord, NH

10:15 AM
New Hampshire Presidential Primary Filing
Location: New Hampshire State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH

1:00 PM
Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board Interview
Location: Nashua High School South
36 Riverside Drive
Nashua, NH
**Note: This event is can be viewed live at

6:00 PM
AARP-NH "Divided We Fail" Issues Forum featuring Chris Dodd
Location: Holiday Inn Concord
Webster Room
172 North Main Street
Concord, NH
** Note: This event is not open to the public.

Saturday, October 20th

9:45 AM
Meet and Greet with Voters
Location: Chez Vachon Restaurant
136 Kelley Street
Manchester, NH

11:00 AM
Meet and Greet with Voters
Location: Red Arrow Diner
61 Lowell Street
Manchester, NH

4:30 PM
IAFF Pre-Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Party
Location: Center of New Hampshire Radisson Hotel
Expo Center
700 Elm Street
Manchester, NH

6:30 PM
Stop-by at the NHDP Annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner
Location: Center of New Hampshire Radisson Hotel
700 Elm Street
Manchester, NH

Allenstown Selectman Endorses Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Campaign proudly announced today the endorsement of Allenstown Selectman Tom Gilligan.

"I wholeheartedly support Dr. Ron Paul for President of the United States because he is our best hope for preserving the liberties that our state and country were founded on," said Mr. Gilligan. "As a student of the Constitution, Dr. Paul has strong positions on important issues that the other candidates won't even address—like habeas corpus, civil liberties, and the rule of law. And his voting record completely supports his stated views. There is no doubt that he is the man to bring back true conservative principles, and to restore America's reputation in the world."

Tom Gilligan is in his second term on the Select Board of Allenstown, where he and his family have lived since 2002. Mr. Gilligan is a Project Management Professional, serves on the Board of Directors of Compassionate Care ALS, and also as a leader in Troop 97 of the Boy Scouts of America.

Romney, Obama Raise Most Money In Granite State

During the third quarter, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama raised the most money in New Hampshire. In an interesting tidbit, Obama, Romney, Paul, McCain and Giuliani were all able to raise more money than Hillary Clinton.

Below are the totals:


Romney $85,400
Paul $46,146
McCain $33,167
Giuliani $31,706
Huckabee $10,825
Thompson $9,450
Brownback $2,762
Tancredo $555
Hunter $60


Obama $125,538
Clinton $28,170
Richardson $24,745
Biden $19,500
Edwards $13,555
Dodd $3,200
Kucinich $3,035

Candidates Get In Line To File for Primary

The Concord Monitor has the list of candidates filing for the primary.

Here's what the have so far:

Friday, October 19th: Chris Dodd
Monday, October 22nd: Barack Obama
Tuesday, October 23rd: John McCain
Monday, October 29th: Mitt Romney
Thursday, November 1st: Joe Biben

The Trifecta: The Primary Dance Continues

The primary calendar dance continues to go around-and-around.

Last night in an interview with Roger Simon, Bill Gardner admitted that a December primary date "is a possibility." Also, last night the Iowa Republicans voted to hold their caucus on January 3rd. The Dems are expected to pick either the 3rd or the 5th. Adding to this uncertainty is that the South Carolina Democrats will ask the DNC permission to host the primary on January 26th. In case you were wondering, the Republicans will be competing in the Palmetto state on January 19th.

What does this all mean? It means we really don't know anything, until Gardner picks a date.


-John Edwards told a crowd of Iowans “I could care less whether you think I’m a great politician." (IowaPolitics)
-Speaking of Edwards, an supporter of his argues that Edwards can win the rural vote. (Bleeding Heartland)

New Hampshire:

-At a Clinton event in Salem, former ABC News anchorwoman Carole Simpson told the New York Senator that "I think you are the woman, and I think this is the time." (UL)
-"Sullivan County continues to hemorrhage taxpayer dollars at a rate of more than $8,000 per day." (Eagle Times)

South Carolina:

-Senator Lindsey Graham has $4.22 million cash on hand. (The Shot)
-"Bob Jones III, the retired president of fundamentalist Bob Jones University, endorsed Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney Tuesday." (The State)

New Hampshire News Links for October 17th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links October 17th, 2007

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NEWS: New Hampshire has serious water pollution for a small state

PEOPLE/CANDIDATES: Stephen, Sununu, Wallis

POLITICAL COLUMNS: Capital Beat, Chowder in the Morning, Portside, Meet the New Press

OP-ED: Editorial: Numbers and turnpike safety in N.H.

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: The Field, Clinton, Edwards, Gore, Gravel, Kerry, Obama, Richardson

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: The Field, Brownback, Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Romney, Tancredo, F. Thompson

FIRST PRIMARY: Primary puzzle coming together / Simon: N.H. inches toward December primary

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: Details of Candidates' Spending Are Released

NATIONAL POLLS: CNN Poll: Thompson fades, Clinton rises

WAR: Verizon Says It Turned Over Data Without Court Orders

OTHER NEWS AND VIEWS: Tsongas wins in Fifth District / Mukasey's Confirmation Prospects Good

ARTICLES: Conway Daily Sun: New Hampshire has serious water pollution for a small state

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gardner: December Primary "Is A Possibility."

In an interview with The Politico's Roger Simon, New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner said that a December primary is possible.

"December is a possibility. It is not my preference. But it could become my preference," Gardner told Simon.

Gardner also told Simon that the Granite State will be "no later than Jan. 8."

Here's the full article: N.H. inches toward December primary

Richardson To Campaign With Wife

From The Richardson Campaign:

Governor Bill Richardson and First Lady Barbara Richardson will campaign together in New Hampshire this weekend, with joint events in North Hampton on Saturday and Bedford on Sunday.

Governor Richardson will also campaign in Durham, Manchester, Pelham, Hollis, Rindge and Keene. Barbara Richardson will hold events in Exeter, Salem, Concord and Manchester.

Saturday, October 20th

When: 10:00 AM (Doors Open 9:30 AM)
What: Durham "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Denise Sassaman, 2 Emerson Road, Durham

When: 1:15 PM (Doors Open 12:45 PM)
What: North Hampton "Presidential Job Interview" with First Lady Barbara Richardson Where: Home of Patty O'Connor, 10 Mill Road, North Hampton

When: 5:00 PM (Doors Open 4:30 PM)
What: Meet and Greet
Where: J.W. Hill Restaurant, 795 Elm St., Manchester

Sunday, October 21st

When: 8:30 AM
What: Alicia's Diner
Where: 116 Bridge St., Pelham

When: 12:00 PM (Doors Open 11:30 AM)
What: Bedford "Presidential Job Interview" with First Lady Barbara Richardson
Where: Home of Carolyn Richmond, 37 Pebble Beach Dr, Bedford

When: 1:30 PM (Doors Open 2:00 PM)
What: Hollis "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Home of Dr. Robert Oot and Dr. Carol Robey, 9 Mendelssohn Dr., Hollis

When: 4:00 PM (Doors Open 3:30)
What: Franklin Pierce University "Presidential Job Interview"
Where: Pierce Hall, 40 University Drive, Rindge

When: 6:00 PM (Doors Open 5:30)
What: Set America Free "Primary Energy: '08 Series"
Where: Mabel Brown Room, Keene State College, 229 Main St., Keene

Barbara Richardson

Saturday, October 20th

When: 10:00 AM
What: Retirement Community Visit
Where: 7 Riverwoods Dr., Exeter

When: 1:15 PM (Doors Open 12:45 PM)
What: North Hampton "Presidential Job Interview" with Governor Richardson
Where: Home of Patty O'Connor, 10 Mill Road, North Hampton

When: 4:00 PM (Doors Open 3:30 PM)
What: Meet and Greet
Where: Home of Lexi Roth, 103 Corinthian Dr, Salem

Sunday, October 21th

When: 12:00 PM (Doors Open 11:30 AM)
What: Bedford "Presidential Job Interview" with Governor Richardson
Where: Home of Carolyn Richmond, 37 Pebble Beach Dr, Bedford

When: 2:00 PM (Doors Open 1:30 PM)
What: Women's Advocacy Reception
Where: 18 Low Ave., Concord – 2nd Floor Lobby

When: 4:30 PM (Doors Open 4:00 PM)
What: Meet and Greet
Where: Franco-American Centre, 52 Concord St, Manchester

Clinton Announces Plan To Help Working Families

From The Clinton Campaign:

Today in New Hampshire , Hillary Clinton announced an agenda to help parents balance work and family and ensure that Americans aren’t faced with a choice between keeping their job and caring for a newborn baby.

Hillary’s plan would set an ambitious goal for all states to implement a paid family leave program by the year 2016, and offer $1 billion per year in grants to encourage innovative paid family leave programs at the state level. Hillary would also extend the Family Medical Leave Act to cover 13 million additional workers across the country, and guarantee every American worker seven days of paid sick leave to help them deal with a health crisis faced by themselves or their children.

Hillary’s work-family agenda will:

-Expand paid leave across the country through a new State Family Leave Innovation Fund;
-Extend the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to cover 13 million additional American workers and guarantee workers at least 7 paid sick days per year;
-Promote model workplaces with grants to support new workplace flexibility programs and a federal telecommuting initiative;
-Ensure better access to affordable, high quality child care; and
-Prevent parents from being discriminated against because of pregnancy or their caregiving responsibilities.

Biden To Use MA Dems "as primary nears"

This from CNN Political Ticker AM

Massachusetts House Majority Leader John Rogers and state Sen. Jim Timilty will join several other local officials at the State House in Boston Monday to announce they are backing Sen. Joe Biden for president.

An aide to the Delaware Democrat tells CNN they expect these officials to “be an instrumental part of our ground game in New Hampshire as the primary nears.”

Romney To Air "Not Fair" TV Ad

Mitt Romney will launch a new television ad in New Hampshire today. The ad called "Not Fair" highlights Romney's "commitment to lower taxes"

Script For "Not Fair" (TV:30):

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "It's not fair that you have to pay taxes when you earn your money, when you save your money and then when you die.

"That's why I'll kill the death tax once and for all and roll back tax rates across the board.

"And savings?

"When I'm President, for middle class Americans, the new tax rate on your interest, dividends, and capital gains will be absolutely zero.

"Want tax cuts that will grow our economy?

"Change begins with us.

"I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message."

Here is the ad:

Edwards Campaign Video Features New Hampshire Citizens

John Edwards campaign is using this video to launch their 1,100 volunteer shifts campaign. According to the campaign "There are 1,100 drug company lobbyists in DC so we want to drown them out with 1,100 Edwards volunteers talking about John's plans for universal health care."

The video features New Hampshire citizens and is titled, "The 1,100 New Hampshire Challenge."

Here is the video:

New Hampshire News Links for October 16th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links October 16th, 2007

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NEWS: States, feds duel over special ed testing; Local educators call exceptions they need too difficult to obtain

PEOPLE/CANDIDATES: US Senate, The Lynches, The Browns

POLITICAL COLUMNS: Chowder in the Morning

NH POLLS: Poll: Hunting, fishing, environment hand in hand

OP-ED: Editorials: A phony game / Malpractice law off to slow start / SCHIP opinion

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: The Field, Clinton, Edwards, Gore, Obama

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: The Field, Brownback, Giuliani, McCain, Paul, Romney, Tancredo, F. Thompson

FIRST PRIMARY: A wild first day for primary sign-ups

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: Clinton, Giuliani Hold Financial Leads; Democrats Again Outpace Republicans

OTHER NEWS AND VIEWS: A loophole could dim impact in proposed energy-saving bill

Monday, October 15, 2007

Huckabee To Visit NH for Three Days

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will be touring New Hampshire from Wednesday, October 17th until Friday, October 19th. Here is his schedule:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

12:15 p.m. ET – Manchester, NH – Speaks at the Primary Insight Presidential Candidate Forum. Devine Millimet, 111 Amherst Street. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

2:15 p.m. ET – Nashua, NH – Tours BAE Systems and meets with employees. 95 Canal Street. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

5:45 p.m. ET – Manchester, NH – Speaks at AARP-NH Divided We Fail Issues Forum. Executive Court Banquet Facility, 1199 South Mammoth Road. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

7:30 p.m. ET – Nashua, NH – Participates in live interview by Myron Kandel of The Initiative for Corporate Responsibility with live audience for broadcast by New Hampshire Public Television. Daniel Webster College, Collings Auditorium, 20 University Drive. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

7:30 a.m. ET – Rindge, NH – Speaks at Jaffrey Rindge Rotary. Franklin Pierce College, Hampshire Room in the Emily Flint Campus Center Building, 20 College Road. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

9:00 a.m. ET – Rindge, NH – Speaks at Franklin Pierce College. Pierce Hall, 20 College Road. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

11:00 a.m. ET – Peterborough, NH – Makes campaign stop at the Peterborough Diner. 10 Depot Square, Peterborough. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

4:00 p.m. ET – Concord, NH – Files candidacy papers at Secretary of State’s Office. State House, Room 204, North Main Street. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

4:45 p.m. ET – Concord, NH – Attends reception at Huckabee Campaign Office. 143 North Main Street, Suite 103. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

6:45 p.m. ET – Amherst, NH – Makes campaign stop at Republican Party Fundraising event at the home of Rep. Steve Stepanek. 1 Colonel Wilkins Road. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

Friday, October 19, 2007

8:00 a.m. ET – Bedford, NH – Speaks at Politics and Eggs event at the Bedford Village Inn, 2 Olde Bedford Way. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

10:00 a.m. ET – Concord, NH – Plays with Concord High School jazz band and speaks to students. 170 Warren Street. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

2:00 p.m. ET – Manchester, NH – Participates in WMUR Commitment 2008 Candidate CafĂ©. Merrimack Restaurant, 786 Elm Street. (Closed Press)

6:30 p.m. ET – Whitefield, NH – Speaks at The Androscoggin Valley Republican Committee Ronald Reagan Dinner. Mountain View Grand Resort, Mountain View Road. Contact: Debra Vanderbeek, Tel: 603-986-9145.

Spaulding, Douglas Counter Romney

Today, John McCain's New Hampshire campaign reacted to Mitt Romney's criticism of McCain's appearance with Governor John Lynch. The McCain campaign released statements from Peter Spaulding and Chuck Douglas.

Here are their statements:

U.S. Senator John McCain's New Hampshire Chair Peter Spaulding today issued the following statement regarding the Romney campaign's latest negative attack:

"John McCain learned from his political hero Ronald Reagan to extend his hand in friendship to members of the other political party. Obviously Mitt Romney never learned that lesson because he admitted he was never part of the Reagan Revolution, going so far as to reject the Reagan legacy and run to the left of Ted Kennedy. It is beyond the pale that Mitt Romney would attack a fellow Republican for showing common decency and respect for the sitting governor of the state in which he is campaigning. The voters of New Hampshire know there is a difference between working together to meet America's challenges -- as Ronald Reagan showed us -- and changing core positions for political gain as Mitt Romney has clearly done."

Senator John McCain's New Hampshire Vice Chair, former Congressman Chuck Douglas (R-NH), today issued the following statement:

"As a Republican who ran against liberal Democrat Dick Swett, I can assure you that in 1992 Republicans wrote checks to defeat him; and those Republicans weren't voting for Paul Tsongas that year either."

"Mitt Romney actively worked to defeat the Republican candidate trying to reclaim my old congressional seat. Therefore, I'm amazed that Romney would claim to represent the Republican wing of the Republican Party -- because when Romney had a chance to contribute to a New Hampshire Republican, he chose to fund a liberal New Hampshire Democrat instead."

"In the coming months, Republican primary voters must ask themselves which Republican candidate will restore trust in government and lead a united Republican Party. I know New Hampshire Republicans will find the common sense Republican values they are looking for in John McCain."

McCain Staffers

Here's a breakdown of the staff salaries of John McCain's highest paid New Hampshire staffers.

Michael Dennehy (NH Based McCai Consultant) $27, 153.82
James Burnett (Campaign Director) $23,159.96
Sarah Crawford (Deputy Campaign Director) $13,366.26

Clinton To Focus on Women Changing America

Hillary will spend Tuesday, October 16 in New Hampshire. Tuesday morning she will deliver a policy address in Manchester, NH. Later on Tuesday afternoon, Hillary will visit My Gym and a House Party in Bedford, NH followed by a “Women Changing America” town hall in Salem, NH .

Tuesday, October 16

10:30 a.m. EDT
Clinton Delivers Policy Address
72 Concord Street
Manchester, NH

2:30 p.m. EDT
Clinton Visits My Gym in Bedford, New Hampshire
126 South River Road
Bedford, NH 03110

3:30 p.m. EDT
Clinton Attends House Party in Bedford
Home of Dr. Mary McGowen
373 North Amherst
Bedford, NH

5:30 p.m. EDT
Clinton Attends a Women Changing America Town Hall
Salem High School
44 Geremonty Road
Salem, NH

Huckabee, Richardson To Visit FPU

Fitzwater Center welcomes two Candidates this week

Mike Huckabee will speak at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire at 9am on Thursday, October 18th.

On Sunday, October 21st, the action on the trail continues at Franklin Pierce, as they will host Governor Bill Richardson, as part of the Fitzwater Connections Series, connecting voters and students of the monadnock region with the candidates.

For more information please contact Steven Dodrill, Student Director of the Fitzwater Connections Program at 603-899-4169, or at

Dodd To Appear on The Exchange

Senator Chris Dodd will appear on NHPR's The Exchange this Friday, October 19, from 9-10 am.

Details at

Romney Campaign Director Slams McCain over Appearance With Lynch

Mitt Romney's New Hampshire Campaign Director released a statement criticizing John McCain's appearance with Governor John Lynch.

This weekend, Lynch greeted McCain at a Hopkinton town hall forum.

Lynch told the crowd that he has "enormous respect and admiration for Senator McCain and all that he has done for all of us all over the country if not all over the world."

The Arizona Senator said "I'm a great admirer of the Governor's." He added "America needs more of what you've done here in the State of New Hampshire."

Romney's campaign director, Jim Merrill, responded with a statement that said "Only John McCain would criticize a fellow Republican one day and then campaign with a Democrat the next."

On Saturday, McCain told a crowd of Republican activists that "As we all know when he (Romney) ran for office in Massachusetts being a Republican wasn't much of a priority for him."

Merrill added "But New Hampshire Republicans know all too well what Governor Lynch's vision for change has meant for New Hampshire. We need the conservative change in Washington that can only come from Governor Romney."

Dante Scala, political science professor at University of New Hampshire-Durham, said "whenever a front-runner responds to a challenger, it's a good day for the challenger."

As of this posting, John McCain's campaign had yet to respond.

Paul Debuts NH Radio Ad

Over the weekend, Ron Paul's campaign began airing radio ads in New Hampshire. The radio buy is $430,000 for four states: New Hamsphire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada. We don't have a number for the Granite State. But the current buy will have Paul on the air across NH for two weeks.

Here is the ad script:

Anncr: Who is Ron Paul, the candidate for President? He served his country as a flight surgeon after the Cuban Missile crisis.

As a young doctor, Ron Paul worked nights in the emergency room of an inner city hospital, taking care of everyone, whether they could pay or not.

As an OB-GYN, he has delivered over 4000 babies. As a doctor, Ron Paul knows our health care system needs real change--- where patients and doctors are in charge, not big corporations or government bureaucrats.

As a Congressman--- for over twenty years, Ron Paul knows our Constitution is there to protect our freedom and limit government in our lives.

Ron Paul has refused his congressional pension. He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch. He has never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget. People who know him call him the taxpayers’ best friend.

To learn more about this remarkable man, go to That’s Ron Paul
RP: I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.

McCain Uses Primary Date Debate To Raise Money

Arizona Senator John McCain is using the debate of a December primary, to raise money.

Last week, Portsmouth State Representative Jim Splaine wrote an op-ed piece that argued in favor of holding the New Hampshire primary in December.

Today, McCain issued a fundraising appeal that said, "The bottom line is: there is a possibility that New Hampshire may move up its "First in the Nation" primary from early January to early December. That's one full month earlier than anyone is currently planning on."

The letter urges supporters to donate money and states that "The most effective way we can prepare is to put 100% of our New Hampshire budget in the bank right now."

Kathy Sullivan Endorses Clinton

In a conference call with New Hampshire reporters, former New Hampshire Democractic Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Sullivan will serve as New Hampshire co-chair and said she is supporting Hillary because "she's the best person to be president."

"I'm not supporting Hillary because she's a woman, I'm supporting Hillary because she will make the best president and be the best democratic nominee," she added.

When asked about her endorsement, Sullivan joked "I am not really that important."

Dante Scala, professor at UNH-Durham, said that the Sullivan endorsement is important because she is "very well-connected." Yet, he cautioned that "it all depends on how active she (Sullivan) is."

Rudy's Staff Salaries

Here is a breakdown of staff salaries for Rudy Giuliani's New Hampshire campaign. These figures are what people earned from July through September 31st.

Jeff Grappone (Spokesperson) $7,141.52
Jenn Halloway (Executive Director) $23,564.94
Wayne Semprini (Chairman) $22, 327.80
David Tille (Political Director) $16,247.28

Manchester Office: $12,450
Portsmouth Office: $3,600

McCain Says He's A Lynch "Admirer"

Yesterday in Hopkinton, John McCain was joined by Governor John Lynch.

McCain said that he is a "great admirer of the Governor" and that "America needs more of what you’ve done here in the State of New Hampshire."

Lynch told the crowd that he has "enormous respect and admiration," for McCain.

Here is the C-SPAN video:

Huckabee To File for NH Primary

On Thursday, October 18th at 4pm Mike Huckabee will for the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

Afterwards, there will be a reception at Governor Huckabee's campaign office.

143 N. Main Street, Suite 103
Concord, NH

Obama Announces "Child Advocacy Task Force"

From The Obama Campaign:

Senator Barack Obama's New Hampshire campaign today announced the membership of our Child Advocacy Task Force. This diverse group of community leaders, educators, lifetime child advocates, development specialists, authors and policy and research experts will coordinate outreach and advise the campaign on issues affecting New Hampshire children and families.

Obama Child Advocacy Task Force

-Jack Lightfoot – Chair, Child Advocacy Task Force
-Ellen Shemitz – Attorney; Founder, New Hampshire Child Advocacy Network
-Paula Ferenc – Middle school special education teacher
-Dr. Bruce Mallory – Professor of early childhood and special education
-Ann McLane Kuster, Hopkinton – Member, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
-Kay Kenyon, M.Ed., – Special education teacher
-Sylvia Gale – Lifelong supporter of child advocacy issues
-James Miller – Psychology professor emeritus, Plymouth State University
-Angela Delyani-Hart – Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer
-Jeff Ladd – High school teacher
-Bernadette Melton Plante – CASA Supervisor
-Chris Mattise, M. Ed. – Creator, internationally renowned program "Hurt-Free Schools"
-Jonathan Baird – Attorney; Member, New Hampshire Child Advocacy Network Steering Committee
-Tracy Hahn-Burkett – Writer; Member, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Women's Lobby
-Gary Wall, M.S. – Social worker

Clinton To Announce "Major" NH Endorsement

On the eve of her 17th trip to to Granite State, Hillary Clinton's campaign will announce a "major New Hampshire endorsement."

The endorsement will take place during a conference call with reporters.

The Trifecta: McCain Inserts Himself Into GOP Contest

The battle for the Republican nomination went from a "police action" to a full-scale war. One one side we have the Romney camp who insists that he's a conservative, while Rudy's side argues he's the best general election candidate. This weekend, John McCain decided to large a two-front attack on Romney and Giuliani.

Campaigning in New Hampshire McCain, attacking Romney, said "As we all know, when he ran for office in Massachusetts, being a Republican wasn’t much of a priority for him." The Arizona Senator went on to criticize Giuliani's fiscal and social stances and said that he, McCain, is the candidate who represents "Republican wing of the Republican Party."


-Republican John Cox, joined Barack Obam, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton at the Sisters on Target banquet. (
-Trying to gain an edge of Hillary, Obama is building an campaign relying upon rural communities. (AP)

New Hampshire:

-Romney drops $134,000 in a week of advertising on WMUR. (GranitePr0f)
-The Clacker interviews Mark Halperin (Mark Halperin, Mr. Conventional Wisdom, Does 10 And 1/2.

South Carolina:

-John McCain's campaign is resurrected in the Palmetto state. (The State)
-S.C. Democratic chairwoman Carol Khare Fowler wants to move the Democratic primary from Jan. 29th to Jan. 22nd. (The State)

New Hampshire News Links for October 15th, 2007

New Hampshire News Links October 15th, 2007

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POLITICAL COLUMNS: Capital Beat, Fahey, Landrigan, Scala/Spiliotes, Chowder in the Morning

NH POLLS: THE CNN / WMUR Granite State Poll; Education Funding Most Important

Problem Facing NH, Lynch Approval Still High / Marist New Hampshire Presidential Primary Poll

OP-ED: Editorial: Insurance For Children Override the Bush Veto

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: Editorial: Insurance For Children Override the Bush Veto

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: The Field, Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Paul, Romney, F. Thompson

OTHER CANDIDATES: Independents, Bloomberg

FIRST PRIMARY: Shapiro: My letter to the most important man in American politics, In which I implore Bill Gardner to save the New Hampshire primary

GENERAL (NATIONAL) CAMPAIGN NEWS: Shapiro: My letter to the most important man in American politics, In which I implore Bill Gardner to save the New Hampshire primary

WAR: N.H. Army National Guard changes shoot for war readiness / Ex-Commander In Iraq Faults War Strategy; 'No End in Sight,' Says Retired General Sanchez

OTHER NEWS AND VIEWS: Getting Around Rules on Lobbying; Despite New Law, Firms Find Ways To Ply Politicians

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hillary To Deliver Policy Address, Followed By Town Hall Forum

On Tuesday, October 16th, Hillary Clinton will be in New Hampshire. Tuesday morning she will deliver a policy address in Manchester, NH followed by a town hall in Salem, NH.

Tuesday, October 16

10:30 a.m. EDT
Clinton Delivers Policy Address
72 Concord Street
Manchester, NH

5:30 p.m. EDT
Clinton Attends a Women Changing America Town Hall
Salem High School
44 Geremonty Road
Salem, NH

Tagg Romney: Cruising New Hampshire In The Mitt Mobile

If you mix together an upcoming primary, the oldest son of a presidential candidate and a large RV, you have the makings of a New Hampshire political event.

Over the course of three days, Tagg Romney traveled the Granite State in the "Mitt Mobile."

In an interview with "New Hampshire Presidential Watch," Mitt Romney’s oldest son said he came to New Hampshire because "this is an important state in the primary process."

"When I started out in January I would say 'I’m Tagg Romney, Mitt Romney’s oldest son,' most people didn’t know who Mitt Romney was. Now when I say that people say ‘oh you’re Tagg Romney, you look exactly like your father," he said.

Tagg told us that the "Mitt Mobile" was bought off of ebay

When asked what he likes most about New Hampshire, Tagg said "I like that people are paying attention and they want to get to know the candidates." He added, "on a personal level, I love the natural beauty of the state."

The former Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for the Los Angeles Dodgers admitted that he is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. However, he said the Dodgers "have got some young talent, but they need some veterans to teach the younger talents how to start behaving like major leaguers. If they can do then they’ve got some good young arms and can be a real contender."

The Mitt Mobile

Cosmo Interviews Tagg Romney. Photo Courtesy of The Romney Campaign.

Rudy: U.S. Prepared For Alien Invasion

At a town hall forum in Exeter, Rudy Giuiani faced perhaps one of the most interesting question question of the primary.

A young boy asked the former New York City Mayor, "If (there's) something living on another planet and it's bad and it comes over here, what would you do?"

"Of all the things that can happen in this world, we'll be prepared for that, yes we will. We'll be prepared for anything that happens," responded Rudy.

The AP has more: Giuliani: Preparedness key, even if aliens attack

Here's a clip of what an alien attack might look like:

Edwards Gains Endorsement of "Friends of the Earth Action"

From The Edwards Campaign:

Today at an announcement event in Dover, New Hampshire, Senator John Edwards won the endorsement of Friends of the Earth Action, one of the leading environmental groups in the country.

“John Edwards understands that we must accept responsibility for conserving natural resources and act with urgency to stop the crisis of global warming,” said Brent Blackwelder, president of Friends of the Earth Action. “He has led on this issue, with the best plan to halt global warming and protect the environment. He has the strength and courage to stand up to the big corporations that are abusing our planet. And he is the only top-tier candidate in this race who opposes new nuclear plants in the U.S. For these reasons, we trust John Edwards to work for a healthy environment and fight for the rights of regular people in our country and around the world.”

Rath Statement: Romney Will Use Line-Item Veto


“Mitt Romney successfully used the line-item veto more than 844 times to cut excess government spending while he was Governor. As President, he will fight to make sure Washington holds the line on spending and he’ll work to restore the line-item veto as a tool to cut excessive spending.

“There’s a fundamental difference between Governor Romney’s position and that of Mayor Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani was wrong to oppose the line item veto as mayor, which a Republican Congress put in place to bring fiscal discipline to Washington. By fighting the line item veto all the way to the Supreme Court, it calls into question Mayor Giuliani's commitment to reducing the burden of government on hard-working American families.”

Andy Card To Campaign For Joe Kenney

This news is not directly related to the primary, but it's an interesting tidbit.

On November 1st, former White House Chief-of-Staff Andy Card will be campaigning for State Senator Joe Kenney. Kenney is planning to run against Governor John Lynch.

Card will spend the morning in North Conway and move his way down to a reception in Manchester.

For more information, contact Casey Crane at

In previous engagements, Card has been the center of controversy. This summer Umass-Amherst students and faculty protested the presentation of an honorary degree to Card.

Marist College: Romney, Clinton Leading in NH

According to a Marist College Institute for Public Opinion poll, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney continue their lead in New Hampshire.

"Clinton had the support of 40 percent of those surveyed compared to 20 percent for Obama...
John Edwards was third (12 percent) and Bill Richardson fourth (7 percent)."

"On the Republican side, Mitt Romney held a slight edge over Rudy Giuliani (25 percent to 21 percent). John McCain was third (18 percent) and Fred Thompson fourth (10 percent)."

For more go here: Poll: Clinton has large lead in N.H.