Friday, October 19, 2007

The Trifecta: Huckabee's Rising Stock

On the same day it was reported that Sam Brownback was dropping out of the presidential race, Mike Huckabee filed for the New Hampshire primary.

The Huckster also received the endorsement of former Seacoast Executive Councilor Ruth Griffin. Griffin is a close friend of President Bush and continues to be seen has an influential player.

Yet, we're not sure how much of a ground game Huckabee can develop, when his field staffers seem to be just waiting to join Jeb Bradley's campaign.


-With almost all of the Republican candidates pulling out, the Divided We Fail organization has decided to change the format of the upcoming forum. (Sioux City Journal)
-An Iowan blogger, who has endorsed Obama, asks "If HRC is at 50% in the national polls, as constantly hyped by her own campaign, shouldn't she get 50% in Iowa (or at least close!), where she has been campaigning for months and months and months?"

New Hampshire:

-According to The Union Leader, "Gardner plays it cagey on primary date."
-In taped phone call with a supporter, Ed Brown said "He swarmed us. I had the opportunity to stop Dutch, real quick and real brief. You know I'm really fast." (Concord Monitor)

South Carolina:

-"several students who serve as volunteers on Obama’s presidential campaign tell FITSNews that they were coerced into holding Clinton signs and standing behind State Sen. John Matthews, who unveiled Clinton’s higher education plan at a press conference."
-Thompson names S.C. steering committee

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