Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tagg Romney: Cruising New Hampshire In The Mitt Mobile

If you mix together an upcoming primary, the oldest son of a presidential candidate and a large RV, you have the makings of a New Hampshire political event.

Over the course of three days, Tagg Romney traveled the Granite State in the "Mitt Mobile."

In an interview with "New Hampshire Presidential Watch," Mitt Romney’s oldest son said he came to New Hampshire because "this is an important state in the primary process."

"When I started out in January I would say 'I’m Tagg Romney, Mitt Romney’s oldest son,' most people didn’t know who Mitt Romney was. Now when I say that people say ‘oh you’re Tagg Romney, you look exactly like your father," he said.

Tagg told us that the "Mitt Mobile" was bought off of ebay

When asked what he likes most about New Hampshire, Tagg said "I like that people are paying attention and they want to get to know the candidates." He added, "on a personal level, I love the natural beauty of the state."

The former Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for the Los Angeles Dodgers admitted that he is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. However, he said the Dodgers "have got some young talent, but they need some veterans to teach the younger talents how to start behaving like major leaguers. If they can do then they’ve got some good young arms and can be a real contender."

The Mitt Mobile

Cosmo Interviews Tagg Romney. Photo Courtesy of The Romney Campaign.