Saturday, October 20, 2007

Walking Across New Hampshire for Social Security Reform

An ostrich walks into a presidential campaign office…

This might sound like the beginning of a bad primary story or a John McCain joke. However, last Friday, an ostrich visited the presidential campaign offices in Manchester.

Wearing neon green t-shirt and an ostrich outfit, Evan Dent from the group “Students for Saving Social Security,” spend this week walking across New Hampshire. She began in Keene and will end in Portsmouth.

The group, a part of Secure Our Future, has over 300 campus chapters throughout the United States. Currently Dent, is joined by Executive Director Jo Jensen and the two attend various primary events advocating for changing the Social Security system.

Stopping for lunch at the Merrimack Restaurant, Dent ran into Senator Chris Dodd. The Connecticut Senator told Dent he thought what was doing was great and wished her the best of luck.

Walking down Elm St., Dent was greeted by cars honking and curious drivers. Along the way to Mitt Romney’s office, she was stopped by several people who asked about the ostrich outfit and Social Security reform.

At Romney’s office, the ostrich was welcomed by press secretary Craig Stevens and other Romney staffers. The staffers asked Dent about her experiences and the response she was receiving.

Unfortunately, the Romney office was the only office we had the time to visit, but we are told that the ostrich made it to all the offices she had targeted.

Why an ostrich outfit? Dent said, “the ostrich is telling presidential candidates to get their head out of the sand and fix the problem.”

The Ostrich Greeted By Romney Press Spokesman Craig Stevens

The Ostrich Walking Down Elm St.

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