Saturday, February 03, 2007

Biden Cancels Trip, Clinton Re-Schedules

Due to an expected Senate vote on Iraq, Joe Biden has cancelled his trip to New Hampshire. On Monday, Biden was going to visit UNH Durham and Dover. Also, Hillary Clinton has re-scheduled her trip. Mrs. Clinton will be in the state next weekend, February 9th-10th. Details will be posted when they become available.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's All About The Benjamins

Below are the latest campaign filings for presidential candidates.


Sen. Joe Biden (D-Delaware)
Total Raised: $878,470.19
Total Contributions: $855,110.36
Total Spent: $573,474.84
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $3,598,479.44

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York)
Senate:Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $11 million

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut)
Total Raised: $3,422,982.45
Total Contributions: $3,250,481.02
Total Spent: $353,031.31
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $4,925,913.07

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)
Total Raised: $11,088.22
Total Contributions: $11,088.22
Total Spent: $380.31
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $10,707.91

Total Raised: $1,948.92
Total Contributions: $1,860.00
Total Spent: $27,348.27
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $32,255.48

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois)
Total Raised: $105,280.82
Total Contributions: $98,157.80
Total Spent: $344,424.33
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $516,553.08

Tom Vilsack (D-Iowa)
Total Raised: $1,165,075.99
Total Contributions: $1,133,827.51
Contribs. from candidate: $2,100.00
Loans from candidate: $31,148.48
Total Spent: $769,113.13
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $395,962.86


Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas)
Filed a note with the FEC saying that they did not spend funds towards a presidential campaign in 2006, and therefore was not required to file a year-end report.

Total Raised: $49,084.63
Total Contributions: $46,996.62
Total Spent: $608,061.85
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $41,758.84

Rudy Giuliani (R-New York)
Total Raised: $1,406,563.00
Total Contributions: $1,306,563.00
Tranfers from other committees: $100,000.00
Total Spent: $392,031.38
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $1,014,531.62

Senate: Not available as of Thursday afternoon (Giuliani has an active Senate campaign account from his aborted 2000 Senate bid)

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-California)
Total Raised: $20.03
Total Contributions: $0
Total Spent: $22,371.68
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $53,379.37

Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona)
Total Raised: $1,711,053.23
Total Contributions: $660,385.80
Tranfers from other committees: $1,050,001.61
Total Spent: $1,238,598.99
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $472,454.24

Total Raised: $33,993.99
Total Contributions: $4,144.50
Total Spent: $1,128,022.95
Transfers to presidential committee: $1,050,000
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $20,033.06

Mitt Romney (R-Massachusetts)
Senate:(Romney has an active Senate campaign account from his failed 1994 Senate bid)
Total Raised: $0
Total Contributions: $0
Total Spent: $0
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $20,159.89
Debts owed (as of 12/31/06): $3,104,000

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado)
Total Raised: $5570.54
Total Contributions: $3,597.07
Total Spent: $153,479.07
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $189,092.12

Tommy Thompson (R-Wisconsin)
Total Raised: $500.00
Total Contributions: $500.00
Total Spent: $0
Cash on hand (as of 12/31/06): $500.00

Romney In The North Country

Yesterday, Mitt Romney made several campaign stops in the north country. Joining Mitt was his son Craig, who is pictured with his father. In fact, at the last stop Craig talked about his father's love for their home on Lake Winnipesaukee and Mitt's maintenance tasks around the house. Earlier in the day, Romney spoke at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. While there, Romney focused on the universal health care legislation he helped pass in Massachusetts.

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Cox Responds To Pittsfield

John Cox is making another trip to New Hampshire. Cox will be appearing at the Pittsfield Community Center on Saturday. A Cox press release said that Cox was responding "to the "Pittsfield Presidential Proclamation" appeal issued by local political activist Tom Adamson."

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kucinich's Visit

-8AM Begin media interviews.
-12-1PM Meet with Keene City Democrats & Cheshire County Democrats,
2 Eagle Court, Keene (behind Bagleworks)
Contact: Eileen Reardon at 603-355-2816, 603-852-2001 or
-afternoon Interviews
-7-8PM Meet with Mothers Uniting, Keene UU Church,
69 Washington St., Keene. Contact: Susan Hay at

-8AM Interviews
-12-1PM RiverRun Books, 20 Congress Street, Portsmouth. Contact Bill Pagum
-1:30-2:30PM Dover Public Library, 73 Locust Street - Meet with Strafford County Democrats. Contact: John Dow at
-3:30-5:00 Governor’s Inn in Rochester, 78 Wakefield Street, Rochester Contact: Pat Frisella 603-332-9732 or
-5-6PM Interviews
-6PM Private House Party.

Huckabee Planning Visit

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is making another planned visit to the state. The former Republican Arkansas Governor will be at Daniel Webster College on Friday February 9th.

Gilmore Back In The State...TODAY!!

"Republican Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore today at the State House Plaza at 9 a.m. speaking in support of CACR 1. That proposed constitutional amendment, which would mandate that marriage in New Hampshire is between a man and a woman, will be heard by the House Judiciary Committee at 10 a.m." -The Union Leader

This will be Jim Gilmore's second trip to New Hampshire.

New Obama Staff

Here are three new hires that Barack Obama has made to his New Hampshire staff.

-Deputy campaign director Mike Cuzzi
-1st Congressional District coordinator Jason Powell, Powell is another former Gephardt 2004 worker
-2nd Congressional District coordinator Katina Tsongas

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Edwards Urges Greater U.S. Involvement in World

Today former North Carolina Senator John Edwards visit Darthmouth College. At the town hall forum, with 500 people, he said that if president "he would spend the first 100 days visiting foreign countries in an attempt to improve the way those countries feel about the United States." In the speech he also wanted U.S. intervention in Darfur and withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. James Pindell made the observation that "This was Edwards second trip to the state in the month since he announced he was running for president. Those trips – first to Portsmouth, and Wednesday to Hanover – were to two of the most liberal pockets of the state." Perhaps Edwards is trying to stake out some liberal territory before Clinton or Obama can move in.

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Clinton: Maybe Next Weekend

The Union Leader is reporting that Hillary Clinton has scrubbed her upcoming New Hampshire trip. "Hillary Clinton has cancelled this weekend's long-awaited campaign trip to New Hampshire.
The Democratic presidential hopeful's national field director, Karen Hicks, said the trip was scrubbed because of the serious illness of former President Bill Clinton's step-father, Dick Kelley."

Pataki Steps Out of Race...For The Time Being

New York Governor George Pataki has decided not to run for president. Last night at a private dinner in Manchester, Pataki told supporters that it was ok to endorse other candidates. However, Pataki did leave the door open for a possible future run. He told the group that "he’s going to let the dust settle and see where we are in a few months.” Alicia Preston, Pataki's PAC spokeswoman told The Union Leader that "he [Pataki] was considering the possibility of running for President and he still is. But right now he is focusing on policy rather than politics.”

Romney's Schedule

Tomorrow, Mitt Romney will be in northern New Hampshire. A Romney press release stated: "Governor Romney will begin the trip to New Hampshire by delivering health care policy remarks at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center . The Romneys will then travel to a number of different stops to meet with local residents, visit with the Thomson Family, and tour the Isaacson Steel Plant. The Romneys will end their day in Shelburne at a reception with Gorham area residents." The Mittster's son, Craig, will join his father on the trip. Here are the details for the Romney trip:

9:15 a.m.
Romney at Health Care Policy Forum
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC)
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH

11:00 a.m.
Governor Romney and Craig Romney Meet with the Thomson Family
Mount Cube Farm
Rte. 25-A, RR 1, Box 226
Orford , NH

1:40 p.m.
Governor Romney and Craig Romney Meet with Local Residents
Lancaster Reception
Cabot Motor Inn
200 Portland Street
Lancaster , NH

3:00 p.m.
Governor Romney and Craig Romney to Drop by Lowe's General Store
Lowe's General Store
Route 2
Randolph , NH

3:35 p.m.
Governor Romney and Craig Romney Tour Steel Plant
Isaacson Structural Steel
40 Jericho Road
Berlin , NH

5:15 p.m.
Governor Romney and Craig Romney Visit with Local Residents
Gorham Area Reception
Town and Country Inn
Route 2
Shelburne , NH

McCain Gains In North Country

Courtesy of James "The Primary Source" Pindell:

"Senator John McCain's presidential exploratory committee announced Wednesday morning they have the support of one state senator and three state representatives from New Hampshire's North Country.

The announcement comes just one day before McCain's rival for the Republican presidential nomination, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, is scheduled to visit the area.

Those signing up include state senator John Gallus, of Berlin, and state representatives Fred King Sr., Eric Stohl, John Tholl,Jr., and Bill Remick.

McCain visited the North Country last fall where he did an event for Gallus."

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clinton: New Hampshire Take Part In My Conversation

Here is the first detail about Hillary Clinton's upcoming trip to New Hampshire. As reported yesterday, it is to Concord High School on Saturday.

Join Hillary Clinton in Concord

Saturday, February 3, 2007 at 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Concord High School
170 Warren Street
Concord, NH 03301
General Area: Multipurpose Room

She's not just starting a campaign; she's beginning a conversation. Take part in her first New Hampshire conversation.

Hillary for President Events

Clinton has also scheduled an invitation only meeting in Keene. However, there might be another gathering in Concord or a stop in Manchster to one of the American Legion halls. So far, only the Concord and Keene events have been confirmed.

For more information, check here:

Biden: You're The First To Know...I'm Running For President

I wanted you to be among the first to know. Tomorrow, I am filing the necessary papers to become a candidate for President of the United States and launching my official campaign website at .

You'll hear more about the launch of our campaign tomorrow, but I wanted to send you an early invitation to participate in a live audio webcast this Thursday at 8:00 PM ET. I hope you can join me as I discuss the upcoming campaign

Clinton To Keene

The AP is reporting that Hillary will be in Keen on Sunday. As I reported yesterday. The AP is quoting former Keene Mayor Pat Russell who said that Mrs. Clinton will "meet with about 100 Democrats Sunday at an invitation-only breakfast at the Historical Society of Cheshire County." The former Mayor also said that "she believes Clinton will be in Nashua on Saturday, the first day of her two-day visit."

Romney Gains in GOP Field

Here are the recent polling numbers for New Hampshire. The poll was conducted by SurveyUSA.

Rudy: 33%
McCain: 32%
Romney: 21%

Hillary: 40%
Obama: 25%
Edwards 23%

Monday, January 29, 2007

Clinton's Trip

Rumors are speculating has to where Hillary Clinton will be visiting. In case you have been sleeping under a log, Hillary Clinton, yes that Hillary Clinton, is running for president and will be in New Hampshire this upcoming weekend. As of right now, it appears that Hillary will visit Concord High School on Saturday and make another stop in Manchester. Also, on Sunday she will be visiting Keene. Kevin Landrigan is reporting that Clinton might also make a visit somewhere in the northern part of the state.

SEIU President To Visit New Hampshire

SEIU President Andy Stern is visiting New Hampshire this week. "Andy is coming to New Hampshire to talk to people there about the "pocketbook issues" that concern many Americans -- saving for retirement, paying for health care, and having a job and a paycheck that helps make ends meet."

-Concord: Wednesday 31, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM - Meet with SEIU Legislative Caucus
-Bedford: Wednesday 31, 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM - Walk in My Shoes
-Manchester: Wednesday 31, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM - Walk in My Shoes House Party

More information will be posted later.

Draft Obama Rally

The New Hampshire Draft Obama movement will be having a rally. The rally is titled "NH Draft Obama Citizens Rally & March for Hope." tThe March for Hope will be taking place on Saturday, February 3rd at Milly's Tavern in Manchester. For more details, e-mail:

Is Rudy's Staff Ready To Do Retail??

Is Rudy's staff ready to do retail politics in the Granite State. Here is an interesting post from Green Mountain Politics.

"Fair warning to the Giuliani campaign - New Hampshire is a small state where everyone knows everyone else. This is not New York City and we don't expect to be treated like we are in New York City.

And, if Katie Levinson wants to apologize for the way she behaved yesterday, it would be appropriate. Even if all I've got is a simple Blog and have never worked for The Terminator."

For more information, check out this post:

Keefe Joins Dodd

Former Kerry supporter and chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic party, Joe Keefe, has joined a presidential campaign. Keefe has decided to join Senator Chris Dodd's camp. This is the first significant hire for Dodd.

Rudy Hires Semprini Family

Rudy Giuliani has hired former GOP state chairman Wayne Semprini to lead his New Hampshire operations. On Saturday, Semprini introduced Rudy at the GOP convention. Also, last week Rudy announced that Wayne's son, Jeff, would lead Rudy's college-outreach effort. The Semprinis join David Tille and Chris Wood, who have already been hired.

Biden, Huckabee Joins Race

Senator Joe Biden and Governor Mike Huckabee are both forming presidential exploratory committees. Huckabee will seek the GOP nomination, while Biden will be fighting against Obama, Clinton and a host of other Dems. Biden will be in the state on February 5th and Huckabee is organizing another trip to the Granite State.

Edwards Happenings

Former North Carolina Senator and VP nominee, John Edwards, will be at Dartmouth College on Wednesday. Edwards and his wife Elizabeth will be holding a town hall forum at 2:30 in the Hopkins Center. Recently, Edwards hired James Katz to be his New Hampshire political director. Katz worked for the 2004 Edwards campaign.

Purdy Signs On With Clinton

"Concord-based Democratic strategist Liz Purdy has signed on to advise New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Purdy, who ran Lynch's first campaign and consulted on his re-election bid, "is a well-known, established commodity in the state," said Karen Hicks, Clinton's national field director.

Purdy will work out of New Hampshire and is helping to organize Clinton's visit here next weekend."-The Concord Monitor