Monday, October 15, 2007

Paul Debuts NH Radio Ad

Over the weekend, Ron Paul's campaign began airing radio ads in New Hampshire. The radio buy is $430,000 for four states: New Hamsphire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada. We don't have a number for the Granite State. But the current buy will have Paul on the air across NH for two weeks.

Here is the ad script:

Anncr: Who is Ron Paul, the candidate for President? He served his country as a flight surgeon after the Cuban Missile crisis.

As a young doctor, Ron Paul worked nights in the emergency room of an inner city hospital, taking care of everyone, whether they could pay or not.

As an OB-GYN, he has delivered over 4000 babies. As a doctor, Ron Paul knows our health care system needs real change--- where patients and doctors are in charge, not big corporations or government bureaucrats.

As a Congressman--- for over twenty years, Ron Paul knows our Constitution is there to protect our freedom and limit government in our lives.

Ron Paul has refused his congressional pension. He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch. He has never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget. People who know him call him the taxpayers’ best friend.

To learn more about this remarkable man, go to That’s Ron Paul
RP: I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.

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Joe Schembrie said...

I wish they'd been more issues-oriented. You tell Republican voters that Ron Paul is anti-war, anti-illegal-immigration, and pro-life, and about a third of them will identify, which makes him the de facto front runner if only he could get his message out.

This radio ad is nice and all, but I just don't think too many voters are going to be saying, "Finally, an OBY/GYN is running for President!"