Thursday, January 10, 2008

NH Asks Primary Success

From the group NH Asks:

NH Asks program gave candidates a unique opportunity to take substantial and considered positions on important issues. Unlike town-hall meetings, debates and press conferences, candidates could take the time to offer well-considered and consistent answers. The candidates who answered all took full advantage of this opportunity, and where awarded “10-star” STR ratings as a result.

In addition to providing voters with more clarity on candidates’ positions, NH Asks also provided candidates with the opportunity to clarify sometimes contradictory and inconsistent positions to better prepare them for the campaign beyond NH. “We felt that this was an important example of the contribution made by the citizens of NH, who take their civic responsibility in the election process and the nation’s 1st primary very seriously.” Nathaniel Gurien said.

Check out our website: for access to the complete archive of newspaper ads, press releases, candidate answers and ratings, as well as comments from voters from NH and around the country.

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