Sunday, August 26, 2007

Edwards Critical of Democratic Congress

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards began the fourth day of his Granite State bus tour with a shot at the Democratic Congress.

Speaking before nearly 200 people at Manchester’s City Hall plaza, Edwards said that the Democrats in Congress should support a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq. He argued that the 2006 election was a “mandate for change” and that “Bush must be made to change course.”

Edwards even went has far as to argue that Democrats “should filibuster bills with no timetable (for withdrawal).”

Building upon his appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Edwards told the crowd that when General Petraeus submits his September report Americans must ask, “has Iraq made progress toward a political solution and how long will troops be deployed if there is no progress?”

He also laid out his Iraq policy that would pull out all combat troops out by nine months and immediately remove 50,000 troops.

In addition to Iraq, Edwards spend his stump speech arguing that the “system is rigged and broken” and in 2008 Americans must “decide whether to go backwards or forward.”