Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Clinton Promotes Plan To Curb Mortage Lending Abuses

Photo Is: ©Chris Fitzgerald/CandidatePhotos.com

From The Clinton Campaign:

With foreclosure rates continuing to skyrocket across the country, Senator Hillary Clinton in Derry, NH today laid out a plan to preserve the American dream of home ownership that would crack down on unscrupulous brokers, curb mortgage lending abuses, assist families facing foreclosure and expand affordable housing options.

“Today, we have a choice. We can look at the statistics, wring our hands, and continue to do nothing, or we can do what America has always done in times of difficulty: acknowledge that we face a real challenge, and confront it head-on with real solutions,” said Clinton. “I think the choice is clear. I think we need to act now, with smart, practical solutions to strengthen our housing and mortgage markets. If I were President, I would address abuses across the mortgage industry with a plan to curb unfair lending practices and hold brokers and lenders accountable, give families the support they need to avoid foreclosure, and increase the supply of affordable housing.”

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