Friday, August 10, 2007

Kucinich To Hold 'I-93 North Tour' and Seacoast Tour

On Wednesday, August 15th and Thursday August 16th, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be in New Hampshire. This upcoming visit is being billed has " Kucinich and Retail Politics in NH."
On Wednesday Kucinich will take on 'I-93 North Tour' and Thursday he will tour the Seacoast. Below is his public schedule:

Wednesday August 15th

'I-93 North Tour'

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 11:00 AM
Type of event: Press Conference – Notable residents of NH, including state legislators, endorse Dennis Kucinich for President
Location of the event: Manchester, Merrimack Restaurant 786 Elm St. across from Veterans Park
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: Following Press Conference – 12:00
Type of event: Meet and Greet
Location of the event: Red Arrow Restaurant 61 Lowell Street (8 blocks down Elm street) Thank waitress Michele Griffin for holding candidates accountable for their proposed Health Care plans, shake hands with Dennis. Say hello to patrons and owner / manager of diner. Meet people on Elm Street in Manchester as we walk from the press conference to the diner.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 2:00 PM
Type of event: Public awareness and the need for change; highlight Kucinich policies that would help change. Visit to Social Support Center. Community needs provided, communities strengthened, families helped.
Location of the event: Families in Transition, Manchester, 122 Market St 603-641-9441
Topics to be addressed: The growing problem of the homeless in America and to highlight the domino effect of poverty in America as the classes of rich and poor continues to grow further apart.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722
The Public is invited to meet Dennis and hear how his plans as president address affordable housing; reducing domestic violence; returning good jobs to NH; and health care HR 676 (would impact state, county, community budgets) etc.

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 3:30
Type of event: Meet and Greet
Location of the event: Concord Cooperative Market, 24 S. Main Street, Concord, NH • 603.225.6840
Topics to be addressed: Dennis can talk about a healthy life style to match a health care system (and answer bread and butter issue questions from resident voters in the Co-Op)
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Type of event: Press Conference
Location of the event: Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, on the campus of New Hampshire Technical College. Take Interstate 93 to exit 15E in Concord, 603 -271-7831
Topics to be addressed: Kucinich commitment to US Space programs and other efforts that keep US technology in the lead; that keep Americans safe and enjoying a high quality of life; Education; these are the types of issues he works for that demonstrate America has the capacity to reconnect with the heart of the world; an America which proceeds in the world optimistically and courageously. An America which understands that the world is interdependent, that it is inter-connected, and that what we do today impacts future generations.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722
Public welcome. Take exit 1 off of I-393. There are Planetarium signs marking the exit. Take a left off the exit headed towards the New Hampshire Technical College. Planetarium is located on the campus.

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 6:15 – 7:00
Type of event: Main Street Meet and Greet. Address crowd on Town Common prior to Concert in the Park on general campaign issues.
Location of the event: Plymouth NH
Topics to be addressed: Open. The people will decide.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 254-3722

Date of the event: Wednesday, August 15th
Time of the Event: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Time Scheduled for Kucinich 7:15 – 7:45
Type of event: Monthly meeting of Plymouth Area Democrats.
Location of the event: Plymouth Senior Center – 8 Depot St Plymouth, NH (603) 536-1204. Across the street (and down the little hill) from Town Common
Sponsor of the event and cell phone: Martha Richards 536-2279 Plymouth Area Democrats
Topics to be addressed: Dennis will address Area Democrats. Campaign topics, issues as they come up.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603-254-3722

Thursday, August 16th
Dennis on the Seacoast

Date of the event: Thursday, August 16th
Time of the Event: 10 AM – 11:30 AM
Type of event: Meet w/ Captain Jonathan Iverson 10-10:15
10:15 – 11:30 Meet with Paul O'Connor Metal Trades Council President at PNS and other Metal Trades representatives, walk to Union Hall and address union workers.
Location of the event: Portsmouth Navel Shipyard
Topics to be addressed: Dennis is going to show his support of the many civilian union members employed at the Shipyard who worked very hard to keep their jobs from being lost during the BRAC hearings, and to reconfirm his commitment to the Department of DEFENSE. And address other labor concerns.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 254-3722

Date of the event: Thursday, August 16th
Time of the Event: Music to start 12:00.
Time of the event for Kucinich: 12:30 – 1:00
Type of event: Public Town Hall meeting in the Town Park; an outdoor town hall meeting with Seacoast voters
Location of the event: Town Park across from Dover Kucinich campaign office – Intersection of Washington and Central streets in Downtown Dover.
Topics to be addressed: Opening remarks at the discretion of Kucinich. All questions will be answered.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254-3722

Date of the event: Thursday, August 16th
Time of the Event: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Type of event: Open House at Kucinich for President Campaign Headquarters in Dover, NH with Dennis Kucinich
Location of the event: Second floor 83 Dover Place – Corner of Washington and Central
Topics to be addressed: Meet with Congressman Kucinich one on one.
Campaign Coordinator: Chris Collier 603 254 3722


Anonymous said...

Stopping at Plymouth? Sounds like an I-93 Partway-North Tour. At least he makes it two-thirds of the way. Further, I believe, than any of the female Democrat candidates!

IrregardlessNH said...

This low-impact series of events are a poor use of 2 days of the candidate's limited and precious time. More wasted opportunity. The best candidate has the worst campaign organization. Do the math.

IrregardlessNH said...

Careful - your mediocrity is showing!

Alliison Greenwald - Exeter said...

I have to agree here with IrregardlessNH (that's a funny name, BTW). The media coverage of this 2-day visit will undoubtedly be low-impact. It's a shame, since I can't remember the last time Congressman Kucinich even visited NH (was it early June?). What's the problem with his campaign organization? All the other candidates get pretty good coverage, especially when they visit. Kucinich seems to have pretty good positions on many issues, but he really needs better exposure. I'd have to put responsibility for this failure at the feet of whoever's running his campaign here.

Anonymous said...

irregardlessnh is a mole working for another campaign.

IrregardlessNH said...

I didn't think lies & name-calling were hallmarks of the Kucinich campaign, Mr. Chris Collier. I just stumbled across your post and thought I'd make some truthful observations. I don't work for any campaign; why would you make accusations like that are so obviously based on ignorance? Please name the campaign that I work for.

You know what I think? I think my original observations were pretty right on, and you don't want to admit the truth. So much for changing the tone of our political dialogue. At the end of the day, you (communications/media) guys are all the same whichever campaign you work for - it's all about "spin". Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Chris Collier, irregardlessnh. Collier seems willing (unlike you) to use his real name.

You don't work for any campaign? What about that office of yours?

IrregardlessNH said...

There you go: Blame the media and tell your supporters that they're the victims of media bias. What's the word I'm looking for to describe that? Leadership - that's it! As long as you act like victims & losers, you'll always be treated that way. So long as the Kucinich campaign keeps feeling sorry for itself and blaming others for poor media coverage, they'll continue to walllow at 1%. It is a primary responsibility of the campaign organization to garner media attention, especially BTW the responsibility of the "communications/media director". It's easy to make excuses for mediocrity and failure; it's apparently difficult to take professional responsibilty for results. Look in the mirror for answers. If you and your colleagues were competent, your candidate would see a bump in his poll numbers after a well-run 2-day campaign swing. I guess all I was saying from the start is that Kucinich's schedule next week looks weak, and unlikely to have any significant effect on his current standing in NH. You think it's a strong and effective use of his time? I hope you're right. But compare it to the events & schedules of his opponents. What's your unbiased professional opinion?

IrregardlessNH said...

Hello Mr. (or Ms.) Anonymous. That's a French name, isn't it? Or is it Greek?

"Collier seems willing (unlike you) to use his real name."

I guess your first name is "Hypocrites", right? Just so I have this correct: Because you think I work in an "office", therefore I work for a candidate?

The closest I come to political campaigns is I really enjoy going to political events of all kinds (from both parties). I love the retail process we enjoy here in NH. So I follow campaigns with great interest as a hobby. But I haven't decided if and when to actively support any campaign.

It's interesting, for example, to observe the dichotomies of the current campaigns. Look at the differences between, say Congressman Kucinich & Senator Obama. Then compare their campaign organizations. The Congressman has a lot of good positions on issues, yet he can't get the word out. The Senator doesn't really have much of substance to say about anything, yet compare his support among voters. Kucinich could use more of what Obama's got. Why doesn't he have it? Well, when you put together campaign swings like the one upcoming for Kucinich, what do you expect? I went to a "small" Obama "town-hall meeting" a month ago - there had to be 1000+ people there. Why doesn't Kucinich draw those kind of crowds? The answer is obvious - mediocre campaign organization.

Honestly, I do think it'd be fun to join up with one or another campaigns soon. Maybe I will after the summer.

Anonymous said...

irregardlessnh - if you're so concerned, why haven't you volunteered with the NH Kucinich campaign?

treated like a stable-boy said...

irregardlessnh may be right! If only the NH Kucinich team had chosen a catchy name...well, things would be different, wouldn't they? The media would be crawling all over the candidate.

There's nothing quite like the stench of sour grapes that have turned into grapes of wrath.

A pity you were passed over for national leadership, Nathaniel...oops, I mean irregardless.

IrregardlessNH said...

OK, you're right. I retract everything I said in this thread. The upcoming campaign schedule is the best! I can already feel the electricity in the air. Another home-run for Team Dennis!