Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Presidential Race Breakdown

Since I have nothing to do, I have broken down the presidential race into various tiers of candidates.

Serious- Romney, McCain, Pataki, Rudy
Flirting- Newt, Frist, Huckabee
Still Thinking- Tommy Thompson, James Gilmore
No Chance- Duncan Hunter, Tancredo, John Cox

Serious- Clinton, Kerry, Edwards, Biden
Flirting- Bayh, Richardson, Obama
Still Thinking- Gore, Vilsack
No Chance- Mike Gravel

Any comments or critiques are welcomed.


Stephen A. said...

Quite a pundit you are. Here's another view:

As a Mormon, Romney has no chance in the South, so he's out, whether you think that's fair or not. And no, it's not fair. (He's also pro-choice and anti-gun, which won't sell well here or elsewhere.)

McCain is in hot water with conservatives, since he voted with Ted Kennedy every time he could get a chance in the last six years.

Rudy and Pataki are simply too liberal.

Huckabee loves pardoning criminals (do your homework on that one) and Frist has been the worst Majority Leader ever.

Hunter is the biggest spender in Congress - on the GOP side, anyway. He's the problem, not the solution.

Tancredo is a one-issue, one-note candidate, if he runs at all.

I do have a dog in this fight - John Cox. He makes more sense than the rest of them combined. Don't be so dismissive. We need to elect a social and fiscal conservative this time, not another Big Government Conservative.

Mark said...

In most circuimstances I would agree with you on this issue about Mitt's faith, but not now. Its generally agree'd that the candidates Brian laid out here as "serious" are the truly serious ones. So that being said, you've laid out good points against McCain, Pataki and Rudy, all being way too liberal to ever be taken seriously to win the nomination. That leaves us with one Man who is truly the most conservative of them all, Mitt. Now granted his religion wont be well reveived in the south, I think when given the option between a very liberal Rudy G. versus a more conservative Mitt Romney, the south would be much quicker to dismiss religion.

The religion card is getting way too overplayed, and its almost to a revolting point now.

The Real Conservative said...

How about Gilmore?

Stephen A. said...

Mark, I agree the religion card is overplayed and it's not the only factor. But it is a factor to Southern Christians, and conservative Christians elsehwere. That can't be ignored as a factor.

And if all we had to choose from was between Mitt and Rudy, that would be an easy choice for Mitt. (Luckily, I don't believe the media hype that we are only allowed to have these two and John McCain to choose from.)

But Mitt has governed as a pro-choice liberal as Governor of Mass. He has promoted a socialized medicine scheme onto the state with the cooperation of the liberal legislature, and he has failed to grow any kind of Republican Party in the state, whiche meant it is now completely in the hands of the Democrats.

I'm sorry, but these facts make it hard for me to believe he's the one to lead and rebuild this party.

Stephen said...

Gilmore flirted with the idea of running in 2008, but it was reported about a week ago that his close associates say he's aiming for another run for gov. or perhaps senate in VA.