Friday, November 03, 2006

Rudy Preaches Compromise

Today, Rudy Giuliani addressed a town hall forum on leadership. The forum was sponsored by Victory New Hampshire. At the event was about 120 people and an additional 60 college students. The students were given complimentary tickets. Rudy stressed the importance of compromise. He said, "We have to figure out how to work together. Maybe it's a bad time to be talking about that, a few days before an election ... but the day after it's over, we've got to return to the spirit of 'We're all Americans.'" Mayor Giuliani also cited Ronald Reagan as his political hero. Moreover, Giuliani said that the the United States can not pull out of Iraq and praised the Patriot Act. He also mentioned that character was important during a time of crisis. After the town hall forum, Rudy attended a rally at Manchester City Hall. There was about 25 people there, almost all were either staff members of Jim Coburn or Jeb Bradley.

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Anonymous said...

Rudy has come to Michigan to campaign for a candidate for Governor who is a creationist.

I hope all you college students are impressed.