Monday, October 30, 2006

Hunter Goes Hunting

It was announced today House Armed Services Committee Chair Duncan Hunter (R-CA) plans to announce today that he is forming an exploratory committee to seek the Republican nomination for President in 2008. To consider his candidacy a long-shot, must be an understatement. The Duncan Hunter-John Cox debates should be pretty interesting.


Charlie said...

He may bring a new voice to the field, but I really don't seem him being a serious contender for the nomination.

Stephen A. said...

Snark aside, I also think a debate between Hunter and Cox would be interesting.

Hunter will have to defend his record of shoveling billions in pork to his district over 26 years, his sad 49% rating from the Club for Growth, and his "C" rating fromthe National Taxpayers Union.

Cox will have to defend being a founding member of the pro-capitalist Club for Growth, his social conservatism and his innovative fiscal plans.

Yes, that would be a great debate. It would also be a great debate between Cox and the other liberal social and fiscal Republicans. I hope we get to see it without the media telling us who the "legistimate" candidates are.