Monday, October 30, 2006

Romney/Bush '08

This morning The Boston Herald claimed that Mitt Romney is considering Governor Jeb Bush, as a running mate. "There has been substantive talk between the two of them. Everyone in Florida is expecting an endorsement by Gov. Bush (of) Romney.” Also, Romney has been tapping some of Bush's top staffers and campaigned with Bush in Florida last week. You can already hear the 2008 Democrat Convention rallying cry: GOP-Back Into The Bushes!! If Jeb Bush is elected Vice-President in 2008 and serves eight years. It would mean that there would be a Bushie in the White House for 28 out of last 36 years.

GHW Bush: 1981-1993 (VP/POTUS)=12 years
GW 2001-2009 (POTUS)=8 years
JB 2009-2017 (VP)=8 years.
Jeb President 20017-2025?

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