Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Clark Influence in NH

Former General Wes Clark served as a key to the Dems wave in NH. Clark was the first to give Shea-Porter money and Shea-Porter was a volunteer for Clark in '04. Dana Houle, former Clark state director in Minnesota, was Hodes campaign manager.


Anonymous said...

I traveled from Northern Maine to New Hampshire to see Wes Clark and Carol Shea-Porter. What an incredible event...both of those were so authentic.

I'm just bursting that Carol won. Watching her that day, I kept thinking how much all of our country needed her. But at the time, she was still down in the polls. Wow! what a difference two weeks make. The grassroots of NH deserve all the kudos we have to offer.

Okay, now that Carol is going to Washington to serve, let's get a real leader in the WHouse. If ever there was someone made for these times, Wes Clark needs to be the one we listen to in 08.

Donna Z

B Lore said...

i would love to see the Dems 08 ticket be Clark/Obama. Hillary would make a great Sec'y of State.
I believe Clark is the most unbeatable candidate the Dems could put forth. I love Clinton but too many others don't. I think Obama is great but too little experience for too many. Eight years as VP would change that. After Allbright and Rice, the table is set for Hillary to run the State Dept. RFK Jr to head the EPA and Gore to head Energy. I say let's begin now to build a consensus for an entire unified government in 2008.
Why pit one against the other. I hope Wes Clark, after a nice rest, sets out not to simply run for president but to quietly gather the right people for the right positions and then run a unified team. The American public would be pleasantly shocked by such an approach and the GOP wouldn't have a chance. This is my hope and i look forward to your feedback.

Ron Esquerra said...

I have been a coordinator for Clark since 04' and I couldn't agree more that he is the best we have. Not since RFK senior has someone come along with such amazing potential to lead this nation. We should all feel ashamed if we do NOT make Wesley Clark our next President. We will have turned away a man that could very well become one of the greatest to ever serve in that office.

-Ron Esquerra

Anonymous said...

Wes Clark real leader with intelligence and can win a political/warfare scenerio. He has its called the Balkans. How can republicans with low IQs keep running this country and the world in a mess? We all need someone who can deliver results and accept accountability for those results. Clark for Pres!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course Clark was pretty much reviled by his superiors in the military, and was fired from his job in Europe.

His actions in Kosovo and Serbia in 1999 bordered on reckless at best, war crimes at worst. The Clinton spokesman had to defend his bombings of civilians every day as "mistakes" or "lies of the enemy." Usually they were neither.

We should be ashamed, alright. Ashamed to be considering a warmonger like this as president.

Anonymous said...

What???!! He brought a genocidal lunatic to his knees, restored order at a critical time in Europe (remember this is where WWI started!), and never lost a soldier. Compare that with, oh, say, Cheney, Rummy, and Bush in Iraq. Just because his superiors were intimidated by his intelligence and work ethic is no reason to attack him.