Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cox Plans NH Visit

Republican presidential underdog John Cox will be in the state this weekend. On Friday, Cox will speak at Café 324 in Manchester. Then on Saturday, Cox will greet patrons at Robie’s Country Store in Hooksett. Free food will be offered at both events.


Anonymous said...

This guy couldn't even win a county clerk race. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Cox is running for president? My buddy Phil works for a gas station down the road. He's thinking about running for Pres...thing is, I think he's more qualified than Cox.

Anonymous said...

Very idiotic posts, guys.

John stepped into that local race and a couple of others to help out the GOP in Cook County (Chicago) IL. As you know, conservative Repubs don't stand a chance in IL, the home of Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Dick Durbin, so it was a case of standing for Republican Principles.

You remember "principles" don't you? That's what NH state reps had before they were bribed by all those Romney/McCain PAC dollars during the election.

Maybe they'll wake up and remember why they are Republicans, and maybe you folks will, too.