Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bayh Staffers

Thanks to Rob from "Confessions of a Hoosier Democrat." Here is a list of all the Bayh staffers who worked in New Hampshire. Torey Collins was the only staffer who worked on an actual campaign.

Torey Collins – Paul Hodes – NH-2 Won
Nicole Miller - NH Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Seren Orgel - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Aliza Pain - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Nina Kauffman - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Morgan Pinnell - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Steven Randazzo - NH Senate Democratic Caucus
Lori Bryant - Committee to Elect House Democrats
Sarah Seipelt - Committee to Elect House Democrats
Danielle Serratore - New Hampshire Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Chester DiBari - Manchester City Democratic Committee
Maggie Leuzarder - Manchester City Democratic Committee
Scott Stephanou - Franklin City Democratic Committee
Beth Swickard - Nashua City Democratic Committee

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Rob said...

For those who didn't know the program...

Camp Bayh Full Immersion Program was a program that paid 50 interns $1000/mo + room/board and sent them out to campaigns across the country (ok ok, sent them to the early primary states) to work to get Democrats elected.

The breakdown supposedly was:

Iowa - 25
NH - 15
Indiana - 5
Nevada - 3
SC - 2

I think the actually breakdown differed a little, but...

After the election (actually starting today) the staffers attend a 'workshop' in Washington with Sen Bayh and the All America PAC staff which includes a 'job fair' to get them started on their new political career.

I had the opportunity to attend the shortened Camp Bayh this May and it was great. I wish I had the time/ability/income that would have allowed me to try to participate in the Full Immersion program. You can read some of their stories at the All America PAC website.