Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NH Turns Blue

Jeb Bradley and Charlie Bass both lost their Congressional seats. Also, the Dems now control the Governorship, State Senate and Executive Council. This election shows that a party can not have a candidate on the top of the ticket that only garners 25% of the vote. A stronger candidate might not have saved Bass, but it would have saved Bradley and a couple of the state senators. The NH GOP is in disarray and in shock. Let the finger pointing begin!


Anonymous said...

Let us not point fingers, Cosmo. There was a clear effort made by Republicans to win, but they lost because of the ignorance of many American citizens (and probably illegals as well) who voted. We should not hold grudges against our own side, but rather have pity on those who voted for Democrats because they have been misled with the idea that "Americans want change." If you asked them what change most of them wanted, or why they want it, or how things will be changed, very few would know.
So Republicans lost due to lies and empty rhetoric of liberals to which their realistic honesty and sincerity just couldn't compare.

NHCitizen said...

To previous comment - thanks for the hackneyed and obtusely bigoted observations. They came just in time to full the hate-void in my life that has been left by the inevitable conclusion of election season attack ads. I especially appreciated the insinuation that the voters were too dumb to see through a not-so-cleverly orchestrated liberal ruse. How touching.

With such faith in our citizens and the democratic process, I’m as shocked as you that the GOP lost ground in New Hampshire. Don’t bother to look too closely at what the current party has done to national politics and their own conservative foundations - there certainly can’t be anything wrong there.

indie green said...

Cosmos and anonymous are both making excuses. Perhaps the democrats swept through the houses of the legislature because it was filled with out of touch, head-in-the-sand, pompous Republicans who haven't actually had to work 2 or 3 jobs at a time to keep their heads above water because of the student loans, the hospital bills (due to lack of affordable insurance) and the lack of a trust fund put most of us in the real world.

We are tired of our neighbors, friends, fellow business owners and our youth fighting in a 'war' that is based upon outright lies. Terror is an abstraction. One cannot wage a war on abstraction.

The current Bush administration is, in my opinion, more guilty of terrorizing the American public than the crazy muslim who hid out in the caves of Afganistan.

The Republicans have had a firm grip on this state for decades. Have your taxes gone down? Mine have increased several hundred percent in just the last 5 years. The schools are in bad shape, the roads are horrid, and public services are nearly nonexistent. My quality of life has lessened rather than improved. Thank god for the beauty of the mountains. And for this, it is time to let in some fresh air. Too bad we had to blow the doors off to get it in!