Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just The Facts

According to The Straight Talk American PAC, Senator John McCain has made the following contributions to Republicans.

Senator McCain's Totals for the 2006 Election Cycle

Total money raised: Approximately $10,506,866
Total money donated to campaigns: $1,448,848
Total events attended: 346
Total miles flown : 137,747 - enough miles to fly 5.29 times around the globe
Total direct mail pieces sent: 610,500
Total phone calls made: Approximately 11,864,581
Total emails sent : 792,377

"I have done what I can to promote the conservative cause and help hard-working candidates earn victories across our nation," Senator McCain said.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Total houses of Congress lost: 2.

All that brib... I mean FUNDING for candidates didn't work, since it is MESSAGE that wins elections, not slush funds from PACS.

His message is: Vote with Ted Kennedy all the time. Not very inspiring, even if it does earn him a lot of praise from the media.

McCain's quote is hillarious, since he's done little for the cause of conservative spending in Washington, or for advancing conservative social values. (Medicare Part D, NCLB, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc.)